Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1158. Erica and Marika’s First time / French Kiss



「 Okay, please look this way 」

Ruriko takes photos of our connection.

My penis doesn’t wither after just one ejaculation.

It remains buried inside Erica, still tense.

「 Erica 」

I pat Erica’s hair and grope her breasts.

Ruriko also takes photos of that.

A red collar on her neck, a black leather handcuff on her wrist, and a straw rope around her breasts.

The beauty whose virginity is just deflowered and a man’s semen poured on her womb.

Her eyes melt as her face looks worn out.

That Erica is so lovely.

「 Well then, it’s time to pull out 」

I said.

「 Ah, right. I want to stay together as one with Kuromori-sama, but we can’t let Marika-oneesama wait for that long 」

Erica said. Then she looked at her sister wearing only a panty.

Marika’s holding Erica’s hand for the whole time Erica’s deflowered.

「 Thank you very much. Marika-oneesama, it’s thanks to you that Erica felt reassured 」

Erica told her sister with a smile.

「 I-I see 」

Marika’s still confused.

「 It’s going to hurt when pulling out but endure it 」

「 Okay 」

Erica looked up at me.

I pull out my penis from Erica’s narrow vagina.

「 Uuuu 」

Oh, as expected. My penis is red from Erica’s virgin blood.

It’s not an amount I should worry about, but still…

「 Aaah! 」

My glans falls off from Erica’s entrance.

Then, my semen mixed with virgin blood drips from her slit.

「 Okay, stay still Erica-san 」

Ruriko takes photos of Erica with her legs spread out.

Yeah, I’m sure that in the photos, it will look like Erica’s raped violently.

「 Master, excuse me 」

Michi brings in a clean towel and kneels before me.

「 Let’s prepare for the next one 」

Yeah, this should be clean before deflowering Marika too.

「 Leave it to me 」

Saying that Michi gently wipes off the love nectar, semen, and virgin blood from my penis.

The warm and soft cloth touching my glans is pleasing.

「 Okay, that’s good enough 」

Ruriko’s satisfied with her photo session it seems.

「 Marika, take off the binds in Erica’s hands 」

It’s going to be painful to keep her hands tied up behind her head.

「 I can’t move right now 」

Michi’s still cleaning up my erect penis.

「 Oh, keep the collar and the rope there, take off just the cuffs 」

「 O-Okay 」

Marika removes the handcuffs on her younger sister’s wrist.

Ooh, Marika’s big breasts are swaying.

I’m going to grope and lick those later.

「 Master, it twitched just now 」

Michi said, seeing the reaction of my penis.

「 Thank you, Onee-sama 」

Erica, whose hands are free, tried to get up from the bed, but…

「 Ah, ouch 」

She presses her crotch and waist.

「 Don’t push yourself, I just tore your hymen 」

I said.

「 Yes. But I’m okay 」

Erica endures the pain and smiled at me.

「 Kudou-senpai’s right. That slight pain is the good part. It sinks in that Kuromori-sama violated me, and made me a woman 」

Erica gently caresses her abdomen.

「 Sex is amazing. I was worried about so many things earlier, and yet, it’s all blown away 」

Erica smiles.

「 I feel silly for worrying so much. Erica is actually Grandfather’s daughter, not Mother and Father’s child. That I have another mother, but I can’t tell them that. Somehow, I felt like I had no place in the house, that I couldn’t calm down no matter where I go, that my mind was always so uneasy, and yet… 」

She looked at me smiling.

「 But now, I feel like the fog is gone. Weird 」

「 It’s nothing weird. I remember that time too 」

Ruriko told Erica.

「 Before I became Onii-sama’s slave, I worried about a lot of things. Thinking about it now, I was so silly to worry about something I can’t do anything to help 」

Ruriko back then thinks that she has to carry the Kouzuki house, and so she was running around in circles.

「 But, after having sex with Onii-sama. Now, next to Onii-sama is the best place for me. After all, I’m a slave, and so I will only have sex with Onii-sama and no one else. To become naked, to serve, to receive semen in my womb. Having Onii-sama enjoy Ruriko’s body makes me happy 」

「 I can understand that Ruriko-sama 」

Erica nods.

「 Me too. I feel closer to Kuromori-sama than my parents or my late Grandfather. That all I need to do is serve him for the rest of my life, and I don’t feel afraid anymore! 」

「 It’s because it’s Onii-sama, that’s why you feel that way 」

「 Yes, I can understand that too. How Ruriko-sama treasures Kuromori-sama 」


「 It’s not like I’m someone special 」

I’m just an ordinary person. No, I would say that I’m inferior.

「 No, Onii-sama’s special. After all, we don’t just drown in sex 」

Ruriko said.

「 If we’re just captivated by the pleasures of sex, then we’ll want to have sex with other men. But we… 」

「 We only seek intercourse with Master 」

Michi said.

「 Ruriruri, Misuzu-sama, and I all fear men. But now that we’re serving Master, we’re able to interact with them normally. But… 」


「 We’re much more cautious of men who isn’t Master compared to before 」

「 We don’t trust anyone other than Onii-sama. We can only expose our minds and bodies to Onii-sama 」

「 I can understand that! 」

Erica says energetically.

「 That just means that you’re now a member of our family, Erica-imouto 」

Michi told Erica.

「 Yes, you’re right. I… 」

Erica touches her abdomen.

「 This pain is the proof that I’m Kuromori-sama’s slave, right? 」

Then, Erica looked at Marika.

「 Marika-oneesama, you’ll understand it soon! Once you have sex with Kuromori-sama, you’ll understand it right away 」

「 I-Is that so? 」

Marika looks uneasy.

「 You’ll understand it naturally once you experienced it, but if you don’t, you’ll never do 」

Michi told Marika.

「 Master, the preparations are ready 」

She finished doing maintenance on my penis.

「 Yeah, Marika, come here 」

I beckoned Marika to the bed

◇ ◇ ◇

「 U-Uhm 」

Marika sits on the bed and hides her big breasts with her arms.

「 What? 」

「 A-Am I going to have the same thing as Erica-san? 」

Oh, the collar, handcuffs, and rope.

「 No, I won’t do the same to Marika 」

Marika doesn’t have the same preference As Erica.

If you ask me, she’s got a normal disposition.

I don’t think she’s like Erica who read all the porno that her Grandfather left behind.

「 For Marika, we’ll do with the regular one 」

I mean, if I try to have sex with her normally.

It’ll look like I’m assaulting Marika since she looks docile and obedient.

「 No, if possible, I also, uhm, I want to be tied up too 」

Huh, Marika?

「 And then, I’ll close my eyes, so please violate me as you please, Kuromori-sama 」

Marika said, looking downwards.

Oh, so that’s it.

「 No, can’t do that. I won’t get anything from that kind of sex 」

I said.

「 You won’t get any experience from your first-time sex with that. 」 It will remain as a painful memory and nothing else 」

If you close your eyes, then you just wait for the man to violate you.

「 That’s not it. What I want is for both of us to enjoy sex. And for that reason, we need to be looking at each other while we have sex, so we can see how each other feels 」

Marika looks at me with a frightened face.

「 If not, you can’t bring a mutual trust relationship…If you’re having sex with someone you trust, even rape can be fun 」

「 Yes, it’s fun 」

Ruriko smiled at Marika.

「 I don’t understand 」

Marika replies with a confused look.

「 That’s natural. You won’t understand something you are yet to experience 」

I tell Marika with a smile.

「 Okay, come here 」

I also sat down on the bed, next to Marika.

Then, I embraced Marika’s body.

「 Kuu! 」

Marika’s body turned stiff in fear as I embrace her.

「 Here, don’t be afraid, take a deep breath 」

I gently pat Marika’s long hair and back while embracing her.

「 Take a deep slow breath, breathe together with me 」

It’s important in sex that you match your breath with your partner.

No, even in the male-female, and family relationship.

「 Haaaaaa, fuuuuu 」

Yeah, after some repeated deep breaths…

Marika’s body is less stiff now.

「 Good, look at me 」

Marika looked at my face.

「 T-Too close 」

「 That’s good. We can’t kiss unless we’re this close, right? 」

「 That’s true, but… 」

Then, Erica;

「 Don’t be afraid, Marika-oneesama 」

She approached me, then…

「 Kissing is easy! 」

She kissed me on the lips.

「 Ahn~ It tastes like lemon, why? 」

Erica says in surprise;

「 That’s because Erica-imouto now holds feelings of affection towards Master 」

「 Kisses turn sour when you start to fall in love 」

Michi and Ruriko told Erica.

「 I see. Kufufu! 」

Erica happily strokes her lips.

「 Now, Marika too 」

「 O-Okay 」

Marika closed her eyes and turned stiff.

「 Eii! 」

My finger touched Marika’s lips for a moment 1

「 ?!!! 」

Marika opened her eyes in surprise.

I then piled my lips on Marika’s.

「 Hmmmmm?!!! 」

We kept our lips together for five seconds and then I let go.

「 I-I was kissed? 」

Marika mutters, then I kissed her again.

「 !!! 」

Not a long kiss.

I just gave her multiple short kisses.

Repeating it lightly like a small bird.

Kissing her cheeks, nose, and even forehead.

「 So, are you used to it now? 」

「 Y-Yes 」

「 I see 」

I touch Marika’s cheeks with mine.

「 Yep, you girls are sisters 」

「 What? 」

「 You have the same skin texture as Erica 」

「 Is that so? 」

「 Yeah, it’s smooth, yet, mellow 」

Also, she’s sweating easily just like Erica.

Marika’s also getting aroused. Her skin’s starting to sweat.

「 Marika 」

I kissed her again

This time, I put in my tongue.

「 Hmm?! 」

Marika winced for a moment but she accepted it.

I entwine my tongue with Marika.

「 Hafuu 」

I let go of her lips and she took a deep breath.

「 I feel like Kuromori-sama’s eating me up 」

Marika speaks her impressions.

「 Yeah, and I’ll eat you up more 」

I smiled.

「 I’m a little scared, but… 」


「 It’s not as scary as I imagined 」

She looked at me in the eye and said.

「 So, will you keep your eyes open and watch? 」

「 Yes, I think I can. I’ll open my eyes, and Kuromori-sama… 」

「 Yeah, do that. I’ll look at Marika too 」

「 Yes 」

This time, I gave her a long kiss.

It’s to remove the stiffness of her lips.

Marika’s lips are soft.


「 What’s wrong? 」

「 No, I just want to sniff Marika 」

The smell of the sweat on her nape.

「 I-It’s embarrassing 」

「 You also smell just like Erica 」

The milky scent of a girl.

「 But, the smell of your hair is different 」

I sniffed Marika’s long black hair.

「 I think it’s because we use different shampoos 」

Marika replies bashfully.

「 Yeah, I thought so too 」

I mean, there’s no other reason why these would smell different.

「 But, it smells good. Both of you 」

I said.

「 Well then, let’s lie down on the bed 」

I’m not forcing her down but I’ll make Marika do it voluntarily.

「 Y-Yes 」

Marika replies nervously.

Then, she slowly lied down where her sister lied earlier.

She lays down her body.

For me to violate her.

「 Yes, that’s beautiful. Marika 」

I looked at Marika’s body from above and said.


  1. It says Erica, but Marika’s the one surprised, so yeah