Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1175. And now, A bright Morning / Morning Sex with Marika



「 Everyone’s…ahn, so kind 」

We swapped places, Marika’s lying down on the bed facing up, and now, I’m licking Marika’s breasts.

We’re both naked already.

「 I’ve always been alone, so I’m so happy. Uuu 」

Marika’s in trauma because of her mother’s past as a former prostitute. Thus, she mentioned that she never had any close friends in her life.

She’s always been alone with her mother.

「 The elder sisters are all beautiful, and the younger sisters are all cute, and they’re all kind to me. Ahn~ 」

「 Marika, you’re our family too now 」

I say while licking the tip of her nipple.

Marika’s breasts have some amazing volume.

「 Yes, please take care of me. I thought that I wouldn’t even get to marry 」

Marika looked at me and said.

「 And so, I thought of becoming a music teacher in a school, and work together with a lot of children, but…ahn! 」

Marika’s body trembles from the stimulation of my tongue.

「 Is it okay for me to bear Kuromori-sama’s child? 」

「 Yeah, bear my child. I mean, I’ll make sure you do 」

I got up and prepare for insertion.

「 Ah, wait. I’ll lick it again before putting it in 」

Marika blushed and said.

「 I heard that if I lick it, it slides in more smoothly and it goes in much easier 」

No, Marika, you’re easy to get wet like your sister, Erica.

There’s no need to smear my glans with saliva, it’ll go in smoothly.

But still, if she says she wants to lick it, then I’ll let her

「 Then, please do 」

I stick my erect penis in front of Marika, who’s lying down.

The base of my penis is pressed in Marika’s cleavage.

Somehow, this looks like she’s fellating while giving me a paizuri.

I can feel Marika’s soft and warm skin with my balls.

「 Then, excuse me 」

Marika stretched out her tongue and licked my glans.

She looks up at me happily while licking.

「 Ufu, Kuromori-sama’s making such a face. Does my tongue feel good? 」

「 Yeah, it’s great. Marika 」

She smears the glans with her saliva.

「 Then, I’m putting it in, Marika 」

「 Yes 」

Marika spreads her legs and welcomes me for our second sex.

The tip is captured at Marika’s entrance.


Marika’s slit opens up for my glans and the love nectar from the inside wets my penis.

I continue pushing in my hips.

「 Ngu 」

I hold Marika’s shoulders.

It’s to make sure she doesn’t get up from the bed.

「 Aaah, it’s coming in 」

My penis goes inside the pussy that just lost its virginity last night.

「 Hmmm, guuu, aaaah! 」

「 Does it hurt, Marika? 」

「 I’m okay, compared to yesterday 」

But it’s just half of it.

「 Endure this okay? 」

「 Aaaaaah!! 」


I’m inside Marika up to the root.

「 Haa, haa, haa, haa 」

Marika leaks out hot sighs.

I’m squashing Marika’s huge breasts with my chest.

「 It’s inevitable until you get used to it, you endure the first times, but it’ll feel good soon, soon you’ll want to do it every day with Papa 」

Agnes, who’s lying down on the bed, watching us have sex, said with a smile.

「 Yes, that. Well, it depends on your constitution, but it’ll surely feel good soon, so look forward to it! 」

Nei said. Watching us.

「 Yes, I’ll endure for now 」

Marika says while sweating on her forehead.

「 Dear, you need to finish sooner. You don’t have much time 」

Nagisa, who’s doing her make-up on the mirror said.


We only have 20 minutes to begin with.

If it’s the usual wake-up time, then I’d hurry and take a shower and go to the bakery.

Ai and the girls already did all the work last night.

So I can’t get late this time.

「 Marika, let’s do it all in one go 」

「 Yes, please do! Aaaah!! 」

I started to piston.

Marika’s body sways along with my movement.

Her huge breasts shake indecently.

But still, her hips are tightly slender.

「 Aaah, afuuaaaa, uuuu, aaaah, Kuromori-sama!! 」

「 Yes, you can moan louder when having sex. That’s what we do 」

Agnes said.

「 But, when doing it outside, you can’t be loud 」

「 Yes, aah, yes, I understand. Aaaahn! 」

Marika moans.

「 Jasmine, I think you have a tendency to keep things bottled up, so when you have sex with Yo-chan, you’d better let it all out. Let it all out! 」

「 Yes, yes! Aaaaahn! Ahaaa!!! 」

I go on a spurt.

So I can ejaculate inside Marika the first thing in the morning.

「 Aaaaah, aaaaah, aaaaaah, kuaaaaa, aaaah, iiii… 」


「 Everyone’s watching. I…I’m having sex with Kuromori-sama!!! Aaaaah! It makes me shiver! Aaahn! Aaah! 」

She gets wet easily, and she trusts me, so her body isn’t getting stiff.

Her mind and body have opened, accepting me.

「 Marika, here I go 」

The desire to ejaculate rises from within me.

「 Yes, please do! Aaah! You can cum inside Marika…as much as you want!!! 」

Marika’s wet eyes look up at me.


「 Uuuuu!! 」


「 Aaaah, I can feel it! Aaaaah! Aaaaaaah! 」

Marika feels the white liquid spreading in her womb.

「 Uuuuuu, uuuuuu 」

I swing my hips further and pour in my second and third.

The tensed-up tip rubs into Marika’s uterus, and it feels good.

「 Aaaah, aaaah, it’s warm. Kuromori-sama 」

And then, I fell on top of Marika’s voluptuous breasts.

「 Haa, haa, haa, haa 」

「 Marika-chan, did you get a lot? 」

Agnes asks.

「 Yes, I think 」

Marika replies.

「 At times like that, you have to pat Papa’s head and say “There, there” 」

「 Ah, I see 」

Marika reached out her hand and pats my head and back.

「 There, there, Ufufu 」


「 Kuromori-sama’s so cute 」

She looked at me and smiled.

「 Now that you can see that, Jasmine-chan, you’re now Yo-chan’s woman too! 」

Nei said.

「 He’s so kind in sex. He doesn’t treat women as tools for pleasure. Furthermore, he does his best to cherish, to love you 」

Nagisa, who’s done doing her make-up, said and looked at us.

「 I thought that men are scary beings 」

Marika said.

「 They are. In fact, he’s an exception. When you’re with him, you’ll feel that ordinary men are much scarier than before 」

「 Yo-chan has no evil in him. Ordinary men would send you a lewd glance or look down at women, and you’ll become more sensitive to that now 」

「 But, it’s okay. Agnes has Papa! 」

Nei, Nagisa, and Agnes said in turns.


「 I see. I don’t mind having only Kuromori-sama as my man for the rest of my life either 」

She said and kissed me on the cheeks.


『 Papapapapaan~ Onii-chan, it’s time to wake up! Good Morning! 』

My alarm clock started ringing.

My alarm clock has everyone in the family record and it rings in random.

Today, it’s Mana’s recording.

「 Okay, get up and the day’s starting 」

Nagisa said. I got up from Marika’s body.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Last night, I received some scrubbing so… 」

This morning, Marika’s washing my body.

Agnes and Nei are being considerate of Marika, so they used another bathroom.

I also washed Marika’s crotch from the love nectar and semen.

Also, her nipples that’s sticky from my saliva.

「 We don’t have time so let’s hurry 」

「 Yes, Kuromori-sama! 」

The two of us left the bathroom and wipe each other’s wet bodies with a bath towel.

「 Yoshi-kun’s change of clothes and Marika-san’s clothes are here 」

Megu comes over.

Megu’s got her morning training so she’s already wearing her school uniform.

「 Marika-san, I prepared underwear for your size so use it 」

「 T-Thank you 」

She should wear a fresh new one in the morning instead of the underwear she had yesterday.

「 Don’t mind it. It’s all girls in this house so there’s a lot in reserve. The panty is my fit, but for the bra 」

Megu’s a slender model shape, so her breasts are not that big.

She’s at the same age as Marika however.

「 Katsuko-oneesan and Nagisa-oneesan’s bra are too big and too mature, and so I brought the same ones for Nei-oneesan and Yomi-chan 」

Nei’s breasts are huge, and Yomi’s got an established reputation for having loli tits.

Marika’s in that area.

「 Then I will be borrowing them 」

Oh, it’s on Nei’s size.

「 It’ll take at least an hour to reach Marika-san’s dorm by car 」

Megu said while we’re wearing clothes.

「 Who’s sending her? 」

「 Reika-oneesan, but Margo-oneesan’s coming too 」

Rei-chan and Margo-san?

「 Why two? 」

Normally, only one will come.

「 I don’t know. That’s all I heard just now 」

Megu said.

「 Everyone’s waiting for you two in the dining room so let’s go 」

◇ ◇ ◇

I go to the dining room with Megu and Marika.

Rei-chan and Margo-san are already done eating, and they’re drinking after-meal tea.

Margo-san’s wearing her usual stylish black pantsuit, but…

Rei-chan’s wearing the flashy commanding officer uniform from Kouzuki SS>

It’s the one she wears when fighting Kyouko-san on TV.

「 You’re going wearing that? 」

I asked.

「 Yes 」

Rei-chan replied with a smile.

「 I’m sure that it’ll create an uproar. Fujimiya Reika-san has a lot of fans in our school 」

Ever since Rei-chan appeared on TV, her imposing beauty and her skills made her famous.

「 That’s great. They should make a fuss, the students in your school will find out that Reika-san’s your relative 」

Margo-san said with a smile.

「 When that happens, there won’t be suspicions when you go out of your dorm and visit your ‘relative’s house’ every weekend, right? 」


Marika who had been living inconspicuously around people is thought to be a fatherless family, but…

If she suddenly started staying outside the dorm every week, some students will wonder that it’s strange.

「 You see, using grand fireworks is a better way of deceiving 」

The shock that the famous Rei-chan is a relative of Marika can blow off any of the suspicions.

「 You’re now my family so there’s no mistake in that 」

Rei-chan smiled at Marika.

「 I’m going too. I was going to meet up with an event sponsor in martial arts. Therefore, we’re going in my Maserati 」

Margo-san said.

「 I’ve investigated it earlier, Marika-san’s dorm is just right in front of your school gate, right 」

「 Yes, that’s right 」

「 Then, I’ll give you a ride until there 」

Marika’s school is an all girl’s school. Apart from the music department, there’s also an art study there.

If Marika appears in an Italian high-class sports car with Rei-chan and Margo-san.

「 I’m going to be troubled 」

「 It’s no trouble. Marika-san, wait, was it Jasmine? Jasmine-chan’s friend will get an autograph, right, Reika-san? 」

Margo-san looked at Rei-chan.

「 Of course. I’ll greet the girls in the school saying “please take care of my little sister” as it’s for my precious sister 」

「 If it’s just Reika-san, then there could be girls that will get jealous of Jasmine-chan, well, I don’t think there will be, but still, there’s a chance that girls might want to harass Jasmine-chan. However, if I’m with you too, then the image won’t be just Jasmine-chan and Reika-san. So if it’s the three of us, I don’t think there will be girls with weird imaginations 」

「 Weird imagination? 」

Megu asks.

「 It’s an all-girls school so they might think that Jasmine-chan and Reika-san have some kind of special relationship. Like, Reika-san sending over Jasmine-chan via car 」

Margo-san said.

Oh, there could be girls that say that Rei-chan and Marika are lesbians.

「 But you know, if I’m there, those kinds of imagination will go away. There’s three of us after all

I see. If Rei-chan and Margo-san are with Marika.

Furthermore, Margo-san’s a blonde-haired, blue-eyed American, and she has the same trained tall body as Rei-chan…

The students in Marika’s school would think that Margo-san is a staff of Kouzuki SS.

「 With that said, Margo-san’s coming with us 」

Rei-chan said.


「 I-I’m sorry. You did it all for me. Thank you 」

She bows her head to the two in tears.

「 Don’t mind it, go eat your breakfast. Then we’ll depart right away 」

Margo-san said, and Erica brings over bacon and eggs in a tray from the kitchen.

「 Marika-oneesama, Erica brought Onee-sama’s breakfast. Ruriko-sama taught me how to make it, but… 」

Erica said embarrassed.

Ruriko comes out of the kitchen too.

「 I feel lonely that I can’t meet Onee-sama until the weekend, so at least… 」

「 Thank you, Erica-san 」

Marika’s in tears.

「 Megumi-chan, hop on us on your way to the rear entrance to school 」

Margo-san told Megu.

「 Thank you 」


「 Morning! 」

「 Good Morning Everyone 」

Nagisa and Haiji come in.

Oh right, Haiji’s going to the flower market with Nagisa.

「 Nagisa-oneesama, Haiji-san, would you like bread for breakfast? 」

Ruriko asks in front of the kitchen.

「 Yes please 」

「 Ah, I’ll help out too 」

Haiji goes to the kitchen.

Rei-chan and Margo-san’s sending Marika to the dorm, and Megu to her morning practice.

Nagisa and Haiji are going to the flower market this morning.

The six of them are going to leave the mansion the earliest.

「 Marika, I’ve got a job to do so I can’t send you off, but 」

「 Yes, Kuromori-sama 」

「 Just call me if you need anything. Even if it’s not me, you can ask everyone for advice 」

「 Yes 」

「 Yeah, I’m looking forward to your return this weekend 」

I embraced Marika and kissed her.

「 Yoshi-kun, me too 」

I also kissed Megu.

「 I’ll go to school first, see you later 」

「 Yeah 」

「 You should hurry up too. Isn’t Ai-chan waiting for you? 」

Nagisa said.

「 Oh right. Well then, Margo-san, Rei-chan, take care of Marika. Haiji, take care of Nagisa’s security. Megu, take care! 」

I told everyone and went to the bakery.

I had no time to eat breakfast.