Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1188. Short Story B / TV People Part 3



Yukino’s TV show broadcasts every Friday.

Eri and Rie are screening a sneak video in that show right now.

The contents are;

In the unpopulated corridor of the backstage areas in the TV station, Eri, Rie, and Mitama, wearing only their micro bikini are staring back at Ken and Gin, a male idol unit past their 30’s.

「 That’s amazing, we have such a clear shot of them and yet they don’t notice it at all 」

I muttered.

Neither the short-haired Ken nor the long-haired Gin notices the camera at all.

「 Kinuka’s recording, right? She said that she’s using some kind of Anjou arts, but… 」

「 Oh, if that’s the case, I contacted Kinuka-chan last night 」

Mana said.

「 Yes, she did something. Mitama-san was there to guide her 」

Ruriko declared.

「 It was an exercise where she sneaks around with a cardboard box over her head. 」

Mitama and Kinuka’s Master, Arisu said.

「 Cardboard box? 」

「 Yes. She said that hiding from the eyes of people that way and breaking into enemy territory is the Art of Tranquility 」


「 Anyway, they don’t notice her at all so that’s Kinuka-chan’s win! 」

Nei said with a smile.

We focused back on the video.

◇ ◇ ◇

『 I see. So these men are also entertainers 』

Mitama told the two male idols.

『 What did you say? I’m an artist! 』

『 We’re no entertainers 』

Ken and Gin glared at Mitama.

『 Sure, but you two also do variety shows, skits, and games 』

Rie said.

『 Don’t bullshit me, sure, we do some skits, but we’ve done more singing, drama, and hosting! 』

『 Yeah, we can do anything. We’re fundamentally different from the comedians who can only perform jokes. Well, I don’t think that you’ll understand something of this level 』

『 In show business, comedians are just dogs or worms 』

『 We can fire off those guys if our mood says so 』

That’s why they can order those female comedians earlier to pick a fight with Mitama.

『 We’re the winners in show business! Champions! Rulers! 』

『 The talent of death productions have their own shows…we’re different from random talents! 』

The idols said, but…

『 Sure, but you only got one show, don’t you? 』

Rie said.

『 Right, back then you had at least three shows on your name 』

『 Two variety, and one drama where one’s the leading character 』

『 But now, it’s just a single variety show 』

『 Hasn’t it been years since you stopped having leading roles? 』

The twins said with a smile.

『 When it comes to acting, you two have become too repetitive that the viewers must’ve become tired of watching you, right? 』

『 Really, you were popular even in movies, but when you reached past 30’s you went flat 』

『 Furthermore, you two have always been popular for being bad at singing 』

『 Right, when you ask who’s the worst idols, they respond that it’s Ken and Gin 』

『 When you were young, it seemed that you were famous because the office forced it but… 』

『 Recently, you two have become weird singers who perform end of year festival songs no one ever heard of 』

『 And now, you’re just showing up on variety shows, trying to catch your breath to keep up on television 』

『 Didn’t you even start gourmet reports and a bus trip? 』

『 Isn’t that what you call the “decline?” 』

『 Eri-chan, that’s just rude no matter how you say it. Even if their popularity has gone down and there’s no way for them to recover, that’s still too much 』

『 You’re right, Rie-chan, poor them to face the harsh reality that their career is almost over 』

Eri and Rie spray their insults.

『 H-Hey! You sure know how to tick people with your words 』

『 Shut the fuck up, if my fans hear what you said, you’ll be left half-dead 』

『 We still have our fan clubs! 』

『 We do a national tour every year! 』

Ken and Gin look at the twins with an annoyed face.


『 Aren’t the members of your fan club too old? 』

『 I think that their average age would be over the thirties 』

『 Furthermore, there are no more newcomers, right? 』

『 Oh, instead of improving the fan club every year, it seems that the members keep on decreasing 』

『 That whole country tour, back then, it’s on a huge assembly hall, but now… 』

『 Isn’t it downgrading to shabby venues every year? 』

『 Really, it’s hard for the older idols isn’t it? 』

They continue to fan the anger of the two.

『 W-What do you know!? 』

『 We’re Ken and Gin! We’re in this industry even before you were born! 』

Eri and Rie are 13.

If these two male idols have been performing ever since their mid-teens…

Then, they sure are.

『 You’ve been here long enough, so what? 』

『 Doesn’t that just mean that you’ve grown old and became the “uncle” now? 』

The twins smiled.

『 In our age, Ken and Gin are already “uncles” to us, and yet, you still misunderstand yourselves as a talent who calls themselves idols 』

『 I mean, looking at the real thing, you guys aren’t even cool 』

『 Right, you don’t even have the idol aura…you’re just stinky old men 』

The twins’ onslaught made the male idols;

『 Y-Y-You bastards, don’t call us that! 』

『 We’re not old men! We’re just in our 34!! 』

They shouted.

『 If you’re 34 already then you’re too old for my eyes 』

『 Quite the dirty old man 』

『 Really, not cool at all 』

『 You keep pretending to be young, disgusting 』

『 If you’re 34 already then put on some suit and necktie, and your hair should be side parted 』

『 Especially Gin-san, what’s with that hair? That long hair of yours is filthy 』

These twin beauties say all they want to say.

『 What about you! 』

『 T-That’s right, look at yourselves! 』

Ken and Gin try to counterattack.

『 You girls are doing that whatever kind of show that is every week 』

『 What’s with that boring show? 』

『 You’re just wasting reception!! 』

『 Not that we know anything about it 』

Rie said.

『 It’s Yukino-san’s show, with no sponsor, and no commercials, it’s already been incomprehensible from the start 』

『 Right, it’s that kind of show that says “If you don’t want to watch it, then don’t” 』

『 No protests. Even the BPO is ignoring us 』

It sure is an absurd broadcast.

『 That’s not what I’m talking about! 』

『 T-That’s right, that’s not the problem! 』

Even so, Yukino’s show continues for more than six months…

It just means that there’s some kind of influence from the other side.

A fearsome power that not even TV stations nor government agencies related to broadcasting can control.

Ken and Gin don’t even know what’s Yukino’s show are for.

『 I mean, w-what the hell. What’s with your lewd clothes! 』

That’s why they start attacking Eri and Rie as an individual instead.

『 Yes. I’ve always thought that your outfit is out of character 』

『 To be honest, it’s disgusting. Are you girls trying to gather pedophiles? 』

『 I mean, are you stupid? Braindead? Is your head only filled with porn? 』

Still, these men…

They’re already past their 30s and yet, they dumbed themselves down to fighting girls who are in middle school level.

『 Oh, yeah, I remember that. You girls aren’t virgins anymore 』

Ken said.

『 Oh, now that you mentioned it. I heard that one too 』

Gin also changed the force of argument.

『 Hmm. So what if we’re no longer virgins? 』

『 It’s not like we’re hiding that anyway 』

Eri and Rie replied calmly.

『 What’s with that. You girls are still in middle school and yet you’re fucking already? 』

『 You know how to move your hips? The taste of semen too 』

『 You’re fucking every day, don’t you? 』

『 You girls are much more filthy! 』

『 You girls stink of sperm 』

I don’t like these two.

『 What was that? You girls are showing up on a pregnant high-school girl’s show? 』

『 Oh, that girl’s the daughter of a criminal, what’s her name? 』

『 Yukino, Shirasaka Yukino 』

『 Oh yeah, that ugly woman 』

The men mocked Yukino and laughed.

『 Seriously, what a stupid woman 』

『 She was raped and impregnated because of her scum father, wasn’t she? 』

『 She probably was a slut from the start. She’s her father’s daughter after all 』

Shirasaka Sousuke’s misdeeds are well known.

He used his status as the head of an advertising agency to get his clutches on women.

Kidnapping, confining and raping many women.

And some of them have already died.

『 That woman’s got a big belly now. I’m sure that she’s still fucking the guy that got his hands on her, right? 』

『 Her relationship with that Snatch is suspicious too 』

『 I think she’s still selling her body for pregnant sex, right? 』

『 I mean, she won’t be able to continue her primetime program forever unless she does that 』

They say whatever they want to Yukino, who’s not there.

『 Sorry, but we haven’t known Yukino-san for that long 』

『 We just met a while ago 』

Eri and Rie said.

These girls started living in our mansion since the fall so their relationship with Yukino is new.

It wasn’t until they started appearing on TV together that they started talking to Yukino more.

『 But you see, we know that Yukino-san is a woman with a clear and straightforward personality 』

『 She’s not a bad girl at all 』

Eri and Rie’s eyes show seriousness.

『 Don’t be stupid! She’s Shirasaka Sousuke’s daughter 』

『 A daughter of a criminal is obviously also a criminal! 』


『 Hmm, I see 』

Mitama who had been listening to the exchange of the twins and the male idols speak up.

『 I can understand it now 』

Mitama said.

『 W-What? Either way, you’re just a slut too 』

『 I’m not a pedophile, so… 』

『 Yeah, if it’s you…you have a good body 』

『 Hey, let’s fuck. Either way, you’re in here for sex, right? 』

『 Nono, I think the right one to say is that “you like getting fucked” 』

『 Let us fuck you too 』

『 We’re not going to screw up and get you pregnant 』

『 I’ll make sure you moan and wheeze 』

The men laughed vulgarly, Mitama;

『 I’m not that intimate with Shirasaka Yukino either. I just recently found out about the case of her father six months ago 』

She speaks calmly.

『 However, there’s one interesting fact I found out. Shirasaka Yukino’s late father was friends with a certain crime syndicate 』

『 W-What about it? 』

Ken asked Mitama.

『 That crime syndicate is connected with Death Star Productions, which you belong to, right? No, from what I heard, the actual owner of Death Star Productions is a member of that organization 』

『 W-What are you talking about? 』

『 Don’t talk nonsense 』

Ken and Gin’s expressions show unrest.

『 Shirasaka Sousuke’s death caused that organization to cripple. And the people who are currently airing our show were the same dark forces that drove Shirasaka Sousuke to his death 』

Mitama smiled.

『 In other words, the people who run your entertainment company are as good as enemies from our side. And now, Shirasaka Yukino’s TV show is getting a lot of viewership. It’s not fun for the management of an entertainment company 』

Oh, I see the situation now.

『 However, you clearly have no chance of winning when you go against them toe-to-toe. Not only the TV station, but also the competent ministries, and even politicians allow the show to continue, not doing anything about it. If you pick a fight, you might end up like Shirasaka Sousuke 』

Yes, the fact that Yukino’s show is still ongoing is a message itself.

That this country has this dark force.

『 That’s why your boss did this cowardly tactic. Instead of directly attacking us, you’ll harass us repeatedly and steadily instead 』

『 That’s right, for example, when you find someone who appears in Yukino-san’s show, like us, then pick a fight using someone in a weaker status 』

『 Or complaining and badmouthing like how you two are doing it 』

Eri and Rie stared at Ken and Gin.

『 Anyway, it’s all just harassment…the performers and staff in your show that’s recording at the same time as our show, on the same floor, are all harassers 』

『 Like, hiding all the toilet paper in the restrooms 』

『 Or like the trash cans in front of our studio with garbage and kicking it 』

『 Approaching and whispering insults 』

『 It sure is the height of vulgarity 』

So that’s what they’ve been doing.

『 We’re just new here, but I’m sure that Yukino-san’s been receiving all this harassment for longer 』

『 Like for half a year 』


『 I-I don’t know anything about that! 』

『 You girls are just putting on a charade! 』

Ken and Gin shouted, but…

『 Oh well. Even if your office gives orders, it’ll only end up with harassment 』

『 But you see, Eri-chan, these people called us sluts 』

『 Yes, that’s unforgivable, Rie-chan 』

『 We’re not virgins anymore but you see, we’re loyal sex slaves of our master 』

『 Yes. We don’t lick nor put in any dicks other than Master. 』

『 Only Master can cum inside us 』

『 We’re not having sex with anyone but Master 』

『 And so, if you call us sluts, won’t that be an insult to our Master, not ourselves? 』

『 That’s correct! Rie-chan! 』

The twins nod at each other.

『 I also feel that I can’t tolerate these people 』

Mitama said.

『 Well yeah, but don’t kill them Mitama-chan 』

『 Yeah, but you can trample their balls! 』

Hey, Rie, Eri.

『 Acknowledged 』

Mitama holds the sword that’s still in the sheath.

『 Hey, wait for a second! If anything happens to us, Death Pro won’t remain quiet 』

『 That’s right! We’re valuable assets to them! 』

『 No arguments!!! 』

Mitama runs.

『 Iyaaa!! Toooo!!! 』

She pinpoints Ken and Gin’s nether regions.

『 Gyieeeee!!! 』

『 Gyooeeee!!! 』

The two idols in their 30’s press their crotch and writhe in agony.

They even peed themselves.

『 Anjou Arts secret technique, Testicle Big Bang Progress 』


『 I didn’t hit them hard enough to crush them, but your testicles will swell up and you’ll urinate blood for the next few days. At worst, your testicles will enlarge to the size of a basketball 』

The men are flapping on the floor like dying cockroaches, getting smeared in their own piss.

『 Gueeeee!!! 』

『 Guhyooeeee!! 』

Oh, that’s something I don’t want to get hit like a man.

『 I’ll say it just in case, there’s a warm mineral spring on the west side near the Ulauna Volcano that can somehow magically cure swollen testicles 』

『 Is that true, Mitama-san? 』

『 Where’s the Ulauna volcano? 』

Eri and Rie ask.

『 Probably Mexico 』


『 Or, they say that if you spend seven days and seven nights in the crater of Kanon island, then you’ll be revived 』

『 Mitama-san, is that even real? 』

『 Where is that Kanon Island? 』

『 I think it’s in the Mediterranean Sea 』


『 Anyways, I’m talking to the other guys hiding in the dressing room 』

『 When you try to harass us again… 』

『 We’ll never go easy again, and cut you off 』

Eri, Rie, and Mitama told everyone on the floor.

『 Kinuka, retreat! 』

Mitama turned to Kinuka who’s holding the camera and shouted.

『 Yes! Onee-sama! 』

Kinuka’s hand threw some ball.



As the screen becomes filled with white fumes, the video ended.

◇ ◇ ◇

Inside Yukino’s studio.

Francie, the gay talent, speaks up.

『 Yukino-chan. Was that true? 』

He looks at Yukino with a gloomy face.

『 Were those people on the other studios harassing you? 』

Yukino didn’t reply.

『 Speaking of which, Yukino never goes out whenever she goes inside the studio 』

Snatch, the comedian said.

『 Is that because of them harassing you? 』


『 Well yeah, they talk a lot of insults whenever I go to the toilet. Back then, I was wearing a bikini, right? Back then, when I’m walking along the corridor, they touch my butt. A lot of them tell me “Let me fuck you.” “You’re already pregnant, so let’s fuck raw,” and the likes 』

『 Who told you that?! I’ll beat them up! 』

Snatch tries to leave his seat, but…

『 Stop it! Nevermind that, I don’t care anyway 』

Yukino said.

『 Why did you not tell us about the harassments Yukino-chan 』

Francie asks Yukino.

『 Well… 』

Yukino hesitates.

『 Because she didn’t want to cause trouble to Snatch-san and Francie-san 』

Eri replies instead of Yukino.

『 Us? 』

『 Don’t want to cause trouble? 』

Snatch and Francie is surprised.

『 You know, those are from Death Pro. Their head is from the Yakuza

『 Yukino-san endured it all because she doesn’t want it to affect Snatch-san’s and Francie-san’s work 』

『 Yukino-san and we are not actual entertainers, and the only show we appear on is this one, and so from their point of view, they can cause as much trouble as they want with us, but… 』

『 Snatch-san has a proper office that you belong to, and Francie-san has other media work. That’s why they couldn’t harass Snatch-san and Francie-san, even if they’re ordered by the higher-ups in the office 』

The twins explained.

『 As long as I don’t speak up, they won’t target Snatch and Francie 』

Yukino said.

『 I mean, Snatch and Francie are popular now too, right? If they move poorly, it can turn into a fight with other agencies, or Francie can write an article about them, and that’s trouble. They’re just entertainers too 』

What does that mean?

『 The people over there, the higher-ups, meaning, the Yakuza in the management of Death Pro probably ordered them to harass anyone involved in Yukino’s show, but 』

『 The people who do the harassment don’t want to make a move on Snatch-san Francie-san, and the staff in the station 』

『 You know, things can go round and round and they can get fired 』

『 It’s trouble if Snatch-san or Francie-san meet with the staff at the other shows 』

『 That’s why they focused their harassment only on Yukino-san 』

『 And they’re quite sly at it 』

The twins explained.

『 But, if ever I asked for Snatch or Francie’s help, and then you tried to talk to those people, trying to stop the harassments 』


『 The other side will also be involving Snatch and Francie’s work, won’t they? But, they’re a big agency called Death Pro…So if I caused trouble in Snatch and Francie’s work, then I’d feel bad 』

『 Is that why you kept quiet, Yukino? 』

『 You endured it all alone? 』

Snatch and Francie looked at Yukino.

『 And then, just recently, we started coming to the show too 』

『 Just like Yukino-san, we’re not related to show business 』

『 To those people, the number of people they can harass has increased, but… 』

『 But, we thought that it’s weird because it is. Yukino-san had been telling us not to leave the studio 』

『 You know, isn’t it normal for someone to spectate here and there when you come to a TV station? 』

『 True. So we got curious why Yukino-san would say that 』

『 There’s someone with that specialty in our house after all 』

Eri and Rie probably asked Tsukiko.

To read Yukino’s mind.

『 Then, we found out that Yukino-san’s been harassed ever since 』

『 So, Mitama-san went and punished them 』

The twins said.

『 Yukino-san is our ally 』

Mitama told Yukino.

『 I’ll never forgive those who try to do despicable things to my allies 』

Mitama looked at the camera and declared bravely.

『 Yes. We know that it’s not just Ken and Gin, but also the other people who have been harassing Yukino-san 』

『 You can’t help but do it because of the orders from above, but… There won’t be a next time 』

The twins also declared.

『 If you do that again, it won’t be just the Testicular Big Bang Progress that will hit you 』

Mitama said.

『 I’m going to use Anjou Art’s ruthless fist “Testicle Bombing Mekemeke Sky Crazy Fist!” 』

Oh, I think she means cutting off their dicks.

『 Don’t worry Yukino-san, we’ll be protecting you from now on! 』

『 No more weird people approaching you. And so, you can be at peace in your childbirth 』

The twins told Yukino.

『 You girls… 』

Yukino’s in tears.

『 It’s okay to cry you know, we’re like family already 』

『 Yes, that, family 』

『 Please leave your safety to me 』

『 !!! 』

Eri and Rie, Mitama, and the black-veiled Kinuka told Yukino.

『 Thank you…thank you 』

Tears spilled from Yukino’s eyes.

◇ ◇ ◇

Seeing that situation on the TV…

I looked for Shou-neechan in the room.

『 Shou-neechan, do you know which Yakuza is the real manager of Death Star Production? 』

「 Yes, of course, 」

「 Then, make them pay 」

The bill is for making a move on us.

「 Roger that, Kouzuki SS will act in retaliation 」

Shou-neechan took her phone and started working immediately.