Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 119

119. A night for three

「…It’s here」

Minaho-neesan enters the car to an alley with bright neon lights.

「Eh…Isn’t this?」

Isn’t this the so-called love hotel alley?
There are suspicious lodging facilities lined up left and right…
『Lodging』and 『Rest』are shining brightly in the signboards…

「…Uwa! What’s this place?」

The middle school girl raises her voice from the backseat.
Minaho-neesan had made a call earlier saying「Can we stay over your hotel?」

「Minaho-san…could it be that the hotel we’re going to stay in…?!」

Minaho-neesan’s eye smiles at Megu…

「That’s right, It’s a love hotel…! I thought that it would be crowded because of the consecutive holidays but it’s rather not crowded」
「…It’s empty?」
「Look, there’s a lot lights saying vacant, don’t you think?」

…I see
There’s a lot of green ‘vacancy’ than the red ‘full occupancy’ on the hotels.

「Well, the holiday this year have tomorrow as a weekday…something like that」

I see…so that’s why it’s not crowded.

「Err…It seems here…!」

Minaho-neesan mutters while looking up the hotel signboards around the center area of the alley.

「Seriously…why name this building 『Hotel de Paris』」
「『Hotel De Paris』…?」
「It’s the best hotel in Monaco. Well, there are similar hotels in the world other than Monaco…She took the name from the hotel in Monaco. Yoshida-kun, you do know Monaco, don’t you?
「Uhm…Isn’t it where the F1 goes round and round?」

Minaho-neesan laughs.
Maika looks amazed.

「Onii-san…It’s not that they do F1 there everyday…!」

I surely thought that it was Monaco’s specialty…

「Maika went to Monaco before. During our family summer vacation. It was when I was nine. We didn’t stay in 『Hotel de Paris』though」

As expected of a rich lady…
Their family can travel abroad since the house is the director of an advertising agency.

「Then…Papa went to a state casino and never come back until morning. He just sleeps during morning and doesn’t take us anywhere. Then, Onee-chan was so angry that it became trouble. Mama seems to have given up from the start though…!」

Maika’s eyes turned teary while she is speaking.
She seems to be remembering her family.

「Hee! That’s amazing…Did Maika ride an airplane?」
「…Eh, Onii-san haven’t?」

Maika looks at me with a blank face.


Un…Never since I was born.

「Ah, but I’ve seen them. When I was in elementary, we went to an airport during a field trip. Jumbo, it was really a Jumbo!」
「…What is that!」

Maika laughs.
Her crying face turned to a smile in no time.
Seriously…Middle school girls change their expressions immediately.

「By the way, Minaho-san…It’s in China and yet why is the hotel named 『Paris』?」

I returned to the topic at hand.


Maika looks at me with a surprised face…

「Let me ask this Onii-san…do you know where Monaco is?」

Isn’t that obvious?

「China…If I recall, it’s close to Hongkong」

Maika and Megu looked at each other.
Megu whispers to me.

「Yoshi-kun…That’s Macau」


「…Isn’t Macau Monaco?」
「…Eh, why?」
「Look, Venezia and Venice are the same thing?」
「Could it be that Yoshi-kun is thinking that Monaco and Macau are the same place?」
「…It’s not?」

Maika looks at me with frightening eyes then spoke.

「…It’s completely different!」
「Eh? Well…aren’t they the one with Casinos and F1 races?」
「Yoshida-kun, Macau does F3」

Minaho-neesan taught me while smiling wryly.

「…What’s different with F1 and F3?」
「I think it’s the size of the car or the performance of the engine…I don’t know much about it either. The people who race wanting to improve stepping up to F1 are F3. Katsuko likes that so ask her」

…I-Is that so?
Speaking of which, she’s amazing on the bike…even when driving a car, she goes in an amazing speed.1 During my car sex with Misuzu…

「Seriously…Onii-san doesn’t know anything about it!」

Maika’s angry.

「It’s fine…It’s cute for Yoshida-kun to be ignorant on somethings」

Minaho-neesan said while laughing.

「Maika-san and Megumi too…teach Yoshida-kun a lot of things…Yoshida-kun never had someone to talk with all this time…」

Megu responded to Minaho-neesan immediatley.

「Eh…Onii-san doesn’t have friends?2

If I recall…friends I can talk lightheartedly are in the boy’s school in the mountain.
I don’t know where my elementary friends are…

「You have me right now! Misuzu-san and the others as well」

Megu shouted.

「Therefore, it’s fine! Yoshi-kun won’t be alone!」

Somehow, I feel like she’s praising me while making a fool of me…
Maika…is looking at me with the face not knowing what’s going on.
Well…I think there will be an opportunity to talk about myself someday.

「Then…Let’s go with this 『Hotel de Paris』that doesn’t live up to it’s name」

Minaho-neesan enters the car to the parking lot of the hotel.
In front of the parking lot of the love hotel, there’s a vinyl sheet cut like bamboo screen hang down from above.
Passing trough the vinyl sheet…it feels like we’re passing through a waterfall, the car enters the parking lot.
A third of the parking lot is filled

「This is Maika’s first time entering a love hotel」
「…Even I’m the same」
「…Even me」

Megu said bashfully.

「Let’s get off the car. Bring all of the luggage」

Following Minaho-neesan…We got off the car.
A signboard on the wall says 『Hotel Reception/Front Desk→』
We go towards that direction…

「Not there, Yoshida-kun…!」


「But…They say this is the front Desk?」
「There’s no way you can go in a love hotel in your school uniform you know? There’s a middle schoolgirl too. If you bump into other guests at the front desk, what will you do?」

While Minaho-neesan says that…she’s observing whether someone would enter from outside the parking lot.
…I see
We stopped outside the hotel…was to not let someone see us enter the hotel, and to know the timing when there’s no person inside…

「Anyway…Come this way. I was told that there’s a staff entrance at the other side of the building…!」

Carrying our luggage…we follow Minaho-neesan
Certainly…There’s a staff entrance.
Minaho-neesan pushed the intercom


I can hear a voice of a high spirited woman.

『…Ah, Minaho-chi. I’m opening it』

…There must be a surveillance camera.
Minaho-neesan didn’t even say a word.
Or rather…This voice…
I feel like I’ve heard this before…
The staff entrance opened immediately.

「Ooh…I was waiting for you guys!」

Appearing from inside is…Tamayo-san?
A former member of the mansion…?!

「Now now, come in…!」

We were led to an office.
Though there’s a fluorescent lamp, it’s still a dim office.
There’s a normal bureau and cashbox.
…Time card too
The interior was a reception desk of the hotel.
There’s one old woman sitting in there…

「…This is Tamayo-san’s hotel?」

Megu asks decisively…

「That’s right. This is my side business…Or rather, my job?」


「I don’t earn that much by working as a stylist on the day. Then, I bought this with the money Minaho-chi has given me during my retirement. This is usually the time to leave this to the part timers. Today’s a free days so there’s no one but me and my mother. That was perfect timing…!」

The old lady sitting in the reception desk turned to us and bowed.

「…I thank you for taking care of Tamayo」

She thanked Minaho-neesan…

「No…I’m the one who’s helped by Tamayo-san a lot. I even intruded suddenly today…」

…I see.
Tamayo-san…was deceived by Shirasaka Sousuke and was made a prostitute of the mansion.
Then…She was able to meet her mother again after retiring…
They’re living together now.

「By the way, Minaho-chi…Who’s that girl?」

Tamayo-san looks at Maika.
Maika was…

「H-Hello…I’m Shirasaka Maika!」

Tamayo-san got surprised.

「That’s right…She’s Shirasaka Sousuke’s daughter」
「Eh…Are you sure with this Minaho-chi?」

Tamayo-san looks at Minaho-neesan.

「…It can’t be helped. Yoshida-kun made her his 『woman』」

…That’s how it is

「And Minaho-chi agrees with that?」
「…My objective is Shirasaka Sousuke. I don’t care about the form as long as he suffers」
「…I see. NTRing3 her beloved daughter might be okay then」

NTRing her daughter?

「Either way…he thinks that his daughters are his property. You should show him this child and Yukino having sex…!」

Tamayo-san said hatefully.


Maika still doesn’t know that Yukino’s been violated already…!

「Right…I want Yukino-san to fall on our trap sooner…!」

Minaho-neesan said out loud in purpose…
Tamayo-san notices it.

「…You’re right The order’s wrong, having the little sister go before the elder」

…Were they able to fool her?
Maika’s strangely clever.

「Oh right…Megumi-chan, let me give you something good!」

Saying that, Tamayo-san opens a locker behind her and looks up for something.

「Err…Ah, found it」

…That is.
A new collar-shaped leather chocker.
There’s Metallic-green and gold in the box.

「You used the collar your mother used before didn’t you? Megumi-chan should have hers. This isn’t something that is passed to someone…」

I think it’s not good for Megu to take her mother’s collar.
Megu won’t become a prostitute.
I’ll never allow it…

「This is the latest one…There are metal fillings here, look. Then you connect the leash here.」

When I asked, Tamayo-san.

「The cord or chains used to tie the dog is a leash! Oh right, I think there’s a leash in here as well!」

Tamayo-san took out a long thin chain from the locker…
Metal fixing on one side…and on the other side is a handle that can be held like a phone strap.
It’s really like a chains for a dog walk.

「Then…What color would you like Megumi-chan?」
「I’ll take the green」

Megumi answered immediately.

「Mother has green before but I’ll pick a different shade」

Tamayo-san handed Megu metallic green…

「Here you go!」
「Thank you very much…I’ll treasure it」
「This is for you!」

The leash chain was handed to me.


Maika looks with wistful eyes from the side…

「Can Maika have the remaining collar?」
「Eh, you want it?」

Tamayo-san looks at Maika.

「Yes…Maika is also Onii-san’s 『Woman』」

Tamayo-san glances at me…

「Hmm, it seems you haven’t trained her properly?」
「Well, doesn’t matter…Then, I’ll give the gold one to this young lady…!」
「Thank you very much!」

Megu has the metallic green…
And Maika was handed a gold collar…

「Then…I’ll leave them to you」

Minaho-neesan tells Tamayo-san…

「Eh! Minaho-san won’t stay together with us?」


「I’m in charge of everything…I have to return to the mansion. There might be some reports on Ichikawa-san and the head of Shirasaka house…If I’m not there, Margo and others cannot cope with it…」

As the representative of 『Kuromori』Minaho-neesan is the one talking to different parties…

「I’ll let Katsuko pick you up tomorrow at 6:30. They’ll take you to school after…Okay?」
「Got it…Take care Minaho-neesan」
「I’ll leave the girls to you…!」

I will be alone tonight protecting Megu and Maika.

「Tamayo…please. I’m going to return this debt…!」
「What are you saying?…aren’t we like 『Sisters』? Minaho-chi’s revenge is our revenge…!」

Tamayo-san smiles at Minaho-neesan.

「Could it be that you’re another one of those who experienced cruelty from Papa?」

Maika instinctively asked such a question.

「…That’s right. I was made to experience hell on earth. Ten years ago. Your father took the ten years which a woman is on her prime and the time where she should be spending happily…!」

Maika’s trembles in surprise…!

「It’s not just me…don’t forget that there are dozens of women like that. There’s a lot who died too…!」

It’s not Minaho-neesan and her little sister, and Megu’s mother…

「Minaho-chi’s not the only one who’d abandon her life thinking of tearing your father limb by limb. I have a mother and child so I cannot cooperate though. I cannot die now…」


「I won’t die for it anymore too」

Minaho-san mutters.

「I thought that I can already die when I finish my revenge on Shirasaka Sousuke… Katsuko and Margo are independent women…I think Nei’s problem can be entrusted to Margo to solve. I can leave Yukiyo and Agnes’ future to Katsuko…To be honest, I intend to stab Shirasaka house…!」


「We’re going to bury a member of Shirasaka clan in darkness…so the other side won’t consent unless at least one dies on this side as well…」

Minaho-neesan intended to die all this time…?!

「But…I can no longer die now. I have made my indispensable 『Sisters』 I cannot die until Yoshida-kun and Megumi grows up and becomes independent. 4 I have the duty to protect these children…!」

For Minaho-neesan…
Nagisa-san is already independent…
Katsuko-nee and Margo-san are adults with enough power to be independent…
Nei-san, Iwakura-kaichou, and Agnes…they can be entrusted to everyone.
And…Megu and I are still treated like a child.
Wait…What about Misuzu and Maika?
They’re not relatives for Minaho-neesan?

「Yoshida-kun, don’t make that kind of face…I respect your 『women』 But…I don’t treat them as my relative」

Maika’s trembling.

「Maika-san…don’t ever let go on your hold on Yoshida-kun. If ever you try to betray us…I will be pushing you to the lowest circle of hell…!」


「I don’t trust you yet as much as you don’t trust me yet」

…Minaho-neesan was listening to our conversation from the supermarket a while ago?
Did she attach a wiretap somewhere?

「You’re connected to me through 『Yoshida-kun』 If you remove that connection, I intend to return to my original revenge plan」

Maika snuggles to Megu.

「You can’t depend on Megumi…If Megumi has to chose between you or Yoshida-kun, she’ll choose Yoshida-kun. Megumi has become Yoshida-kun’s 『woman』from the bottom of her heart. The bond of a 『man』and a 『woman』cannot be destroyed by showing your tears… !」

Lastly…Minaho-neesan looks at me.

「…Yoshida-kun. Think of this as your last chance.」
「Make Maika-san completely your 『woman』by tomorrow morning. Calm down the shaking of Maika-san’s heart. If not…She’ll always be not an ally but not an enemy either, she’ll become indecisive…!」

Minaho-neesan sees through the blur of Maika’s heart.
The hesitation, impatience…and fear.

「Megumi…Help Yoshida-kun. If you really want to make Maika-san your 『Sister』…then don’t be kind to her…!
「…You’re right, Minaho-san」


「I might’ve been gentle with Maika-chan thinking that she’s still a child」

…Is that so?
…No, I think it is.
I also have been handling Maika like I’m touching a swell before I noticed it…

「…Then, spend the night with the three of you…!」

Minaho-neesan handed us our homework until morning…

◇ ◇ ◇

「…Well, you probably shouldn’t worry about it that much?」

After Minaho-neesan left…Tamayo-san spoke.

「Maika-chan was it?…Did you already have sex with him?」
「Err…2 rape and one normal sex…」

Maika’s completely shrunken herself…

「Uwa…you’re not going easy as ever. She was a virgin isn’t she?」

Tamayo-san looks at me…

「Err…Well, a lot happened」
「Then, what’s left is the frequency. Have lots of sex and have your body be compatible with each other」
「If your bodies are compatible then you’ll go together forever. If not then you’ll separate…it would also fail if you try to mix forcibly. And if you don’t make it clear…!」

Tamayo-san thought for a moment then frankly spoke.

「Then…What about Megumi-chan/」
「What’s your compatibility with him?」
「Err…I like having sex with Yoshi-kun」
「…Does it still hurt?」
「Well, it still does but…It makes me feel good when it hurts…」
「Oh, you’re a bit of an M」
「…Hmm I don’t know about that」
「Well, whether it’s an S or an M, he’ll surely respond to it. Megumi-chan shouldn’t be embarrassed of her fetish and expose it」

We’ve completely become focused on Tamayo-san’s questioning…

「Well…Megumi-chan shouldn’t need to worry about it that much. We’ve seen your first sex after all…!」

Being told like that…it feels so embarrassing that I want to die.

「In Maika-san’s case…Well, just have sex right away multiple times. After all, you don’t have any other way but this…!」

Being told that, Tamayo-san handed us the room key.

「…Here you go, the room is 402」
「T-Thank you very much」

I took the key.

「If you get hungry, just call the operator and we will deliver meals. You can take a look at the menu in the room」
「While we’re at it, we’ll give you our hotel card…if you show this card, we’ll give you a 20% discount. No, we’ll make you a 『Special member』and we’ll cut the price to half…!」


「Having sex in the mansion feels like someone else is watching you somewhere? You can use our hotel anytime you want!」


「When you come with Megumi-chan, Maika-chan…and the young lady of Kouzuki from yesterday, I’ll definitely give you a discount. I’ll tell my part timers about it. Oh, you can’t use it when coming with Katsuko-chan or Nagisa-chan. Those girls have to pay the regular fee…!」

「Here!」Tamayo-san handed me the card.
I accepted it…

「…Thank you」
「Oh right…Next time you come here, don’t go wearing your school uniform. Change your clothes and make sure that the uniform won’t be seen from top. Megumi-chan and the others too…!」


「Then…Enjoy the 『Night』with the three of you…!」

Tamayo-san smiled.

「Have some good sex. Then worry about everything else tomorrow!」

◇ ◇ ◇

We took the elevator from an unpopular corridor.
The three of us get in.
We’re going to spend the night with the three of us?

「Tamayo-san’s really nice」

Megu muttered.

「She believes that it will go well with Yoshi-kun and Maika-chan…That’s why she included Maika-chan’s name when she handed the card」

I think so too.
But…Maika’s not energetic.
She’s looking down, leaning on the elevator wall…
…We arrived at the fourth floor.
We get off the elevator…

「Err…Where is room 402?」
「It’s there, Onii-san…」

Looking at the location Maika points at…
The 402nd room door’s lights blink.
…It’s to prevent us from making a mistake on the room.
I opened the door.

「…Come in」

Maika and Megu enters the room first…
I entered last and closed locked the door.
Anyway…we’re able to escape top a secret room.
I sighed…

「Wow, this is amazing…!」

Inside the room…is a big bed in the center
Then, there’s a small table and a sofa.
It’s really a room for just sex.
The back has a bathroom and restroom too…
But well…It feels strange but there’s no strange furnitures.
But still, Maika’s making a fuss…
The sides and the ceiling of the bed are all filled with mirrors.

「With this…it’s completely visible when you have sex on top of the bed」

I don’t get what Maika means by 『Completely visible』but…
You can completely understand the state of the sex when looking in the mirror.

「We’re going to have sex in such place…!」

Maika…looks a bit nervous.
Well…It’s her first time in a love hotel.
Furthermore…there’s three of us.

「Yoshi-kun…there’s no need to be nervous」

Megu whispers on my ears…
Eh…I’m nervous?

「…It’s our first time in such an adult place so I get that you’re nervous but」

Ahahahahaha…I’m nervous.

「I’m going to warm up the bath first!」

Megu said cheerfully.

「Ah, agreed! Maika wants to enter the bath!」

Maika lowers her waist to the sofa.
As expected…we’re tired in various ways?

「Maika-chan, can you serve tea?」

Megu told maika.
In this case, this means pouring the tea we bought in the supermarket to paper cups

「Un, got it」

Maika opens the plastic bag…
I wanted to make a phone call before it’s too late.
I took out the new phone given to me a while ago but…

「…Onii-san, who are you going to call?」

Maika asks me while pouring the tea.

「N…Nei-san first」

I’m worried about Nei-san who’s in the mansion…

Is Nei-san okay…?!


  1. Katsuko has A++ Riding Skills, yeah, and that riding too. heh
  2. I do! I have my high school friends! We’re still a circle!
  3. Stealing
  4. Oh, so that’s why….