Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1198. Fighting On / Two Endings



「 Well then, should we end this now? 」

The girl wearing a vivid pink karate uniform, the winner of last year’s tournament in her class, Monkey Mimi, goes up the ring.

The second round in the semifinals of the lightest class.

Monkey Mimi and Denji M-Ko’s fight is about to start.

「 Kuku, do you think that you can take me down easily? 」

Denji M-ko, who’s going to fight with her lower half wearing only a striped panty as a penalty for the previous round, grinned.

「 Yes, an opponent of your caliber can be quickly pinched and crushed. I’d look like a fool if I take you seriously 」

Monkey Mimi shows a daring smile.

「 I admit that your physical abilities are above average, but I don’t feel any martial arts sense from you. You’re just full of wicked thoughts 」

「 It’s evil 」

Denji M-ko replied. Monkey Mimi;

「 You’re an underground fighter, aren’t you? 」

Underground fighter?

「 I’ve heard of those. I heard that there are underground fighters from the Kansai who are betting targets. A modern-day fist-fighter that follows no rules. You came from there, right? 」

「 So what? 」

Denji M-ko admits it right away.

「 That’s a problem you see, those from underground should stay there. As for us people on the surface… 」

「 That’s because you don’t want the people on the surface to know that those from the underground are stronger than those on the surface, right? 」

Denji M-ko smiled.

「 Funny. You’re the one who had to sink down there because you’re weak, see? If you’re strong, then you won’t be a Yakuza’s playtoy 」

Monkey Mimi, flexes her shoulders and neck, preparing for the fight.

「 I said that it’s troublesome because it’s a pain in the ass. If people from the underground comes into the spotlight, then we have to take them down. Sorry, but you won’t be recovering from this one 」


「 A decent fighter like Robin Musk was injured because of people like you. I’ll make sure you never show your face to the public ever again 」

「 Try it if you can!! 」

The announcer speaks.

『 Round 1! 』


The gong roars.

「 Suaaaaaaaaa!!! 」

Monkey Mimi closes the gap between her and Denji M-ko

「 Hoyo! Hoyo! Hoyo!!! 」

Denji M-ko makes strange noises while making counter punches, but…

「 Slow, slow, too slow!!! 」

Monkey Mimi avoided them all.

「 See? Got you!! 」

Monkey Mimi’s grabbed Denji M-ko’s arm, but…

「 ?!!! 」

It was slippery, she didn’t grab M-ko’s arm.

「 Now!!! 」

On the contrary, Denji M-Ko went after Monkey Mimi’s head.

「 Kuh!! 」

Monkey Mimi guards from the kick somehow, but…

That kick was also slippery.

「 You’ve got something all over your body!! 」

Monkey Mimi took distance and shouted to M-Ko.

「 I have dry skin! What’s wrong with smearing myself with cream?! 」

「 What cream?! You’re using petroleum Jelly, weren’t you?!! 」

「 I don’t know about that!! 」

This time, Denji M-ko comes after Monkey Mimi

「 She has it all over her body. Apart from her foot 」

Kuromiya-san said.

「 Oh right, if her foot is also slippery, then she can’t brace 」

「 Far from bracing, she can’t stand on the mat 」

I see.

「 Shie Shie!! Shie! Shiekana! Baby!! 」

Denji M-ko gives Monkey Mimi a punch rush while making some strange noises.

Monkey Mimi’s on the defensive.


「 Mimi!! 」

Poron Karisman appears on the corner post on Mimi’s side.

「 Hair! her hair isn’t smeared with cream! 」

I see, if she makes her head sticky with cream, then…

If her hair flattens out and sticks to her hair, then it’ll make her look weird.

It would be exposed that her body’s slippery from the start.

There’s also the risk of getting the cream into your eyes.

「 That’s the best advice!! 」

Monkey Mimi dodged Denji M-ko’s punch, and then…

She grabs M-Ko’s hair with both hands.

「 Karate Homerun!!! 」

She tossed Denji m-ko’s body with all her strength.

「 Gyoeeeeeeeee?!! 」

Denji M-ko’s thrown off and fell on her back, but…

Her body’s slippery from cream, so she smoothly…

Slides across the mat and away.

「 Hoeee?!! 」

And then, she fell off the edge and out of the ring.

Monkey Mimi who was aiming for that;

「 Karate Wing!! 」

She jumped and stands on the corner post.

Then, facing Denji M-Ko below the ring;

「 Karate Torpedo!! 」

She dives straight to her.

「 Gueeeeee!!! 」

She crushes Denji M-ko with her whole body.

「 That’s enough!! Doctor!! 」

The referee stopped the match.

「 Oshaaaaaaaaaaa!!! 」

Monkey Mimi shouts loud in victory.

Then, she goes back to the ring alone.

「 Uooooooooh!!! 」

The spectators are excited.

「 As expected of Monkey! 」

「 Strong! You won’t lose! 」

Monkey Mimi raised her hand to respond to the audience, but…

「 Tsk, her slime got to me 」

She wipes the cream on her hand and legs with her karate hem.

『 The winner of the second semi-finals match for the 48kg weight class is Monkey Mimi!! She will be fighting against Edie Sexton for finals after the semi-finals of the 58kg class 』

The announcer’s voice echoes in the hall.

「 If they go for the deciding match right away, Monkey-san would be at a disadvantage since she just fought 」

Nei said.

「 That said, the matches are piled up, so she can’t take a lot of rest 」

Kuromiya-san said.

「 Other than the last class, the finals will be included in the middle of the next class match 」

Monkey-san has to take a shower and change her karate clothing since the slime from Denji M-ko’s body got stuck on her.

It’s going to help if she has some free time before finals.

◇ ◇ ◇

『 Coming right after would be the semifinals of the 54kg weight class 』

The announcer said.

「 It’s Aneue’s turn 」

Michi mutters.

Oh, the TV staff comes in front of the ring.

Michi’s sister Kudou Haruka, is quite popular as the last year’s high school karate champion.

Today, a TV documentary’s doing an interview on her.

『 Well then, all 54kg class participants, enter!! 』

Just like with Edie earlier, the 54kg class also appears one after another from the entrance.

「 Huh, compared to the lightest class, these girls are normal 」

There’s no masked female wrestler or a pink karate clothing athlete here.

They’re wearing karate uniform or judo uniform, normal ones.

「 I think that the class earlier was just weird? 」

Megu said.

Yeah, probably that.

Oh, there are also athletes wearing European Fujiwara clothing.

Remy Fujiwara sure has a lot of athletes.

「 Ah, it’s Aneue 」

Kudou Haruka enters wearing a white karate uniform.

『 She has no blind spots! The queen of high school women’s karate! Kudou Haruka from team Kuromori!! 』

Haruka waved her hand to the audience as she’s introduced.

「 Oooooh!!! 」

The boys cheered.

「 If you look at her from this distance, she’s quite the beauty, but you know… 」

Nei smiled wryly.

「 Yeah, she’s Michi’s sister so she is beautiful for sure, but yeah 」

I agreed with her.

「 But you know… 」

「 Yeah, you’re right about that Yo-chan 」

Kudou Haruka’s an unfortunate girl.

「 Kuromori-sama!! 」

Kuromiya-san speaks to me.

「 Behind Kudou Haruka-san, two people 」


Just like Denji M-ko from the class earlier…

Women wearing schoolboy delinquent leader appear.

『 The second assassin from the world of underground martial arts! You’ll be amazed by what you see! Genjin L-Ko, from the Kansai Gachi Toraichi clan!! 』

Earlier, it was Denji M-ko, now it’s Genjin L-ko.

「 The purpose of Kansai Gachi Toraichi clan is to harass us, so the contestants here would destroy our team player’s on the ring, but… 」

Nei said.

Michi and Kudou-papa already eliminated all the Kansai Yakuza men who entered the audience in the hall.

What’s left are the Kansai Gachi Toraichi clan who won the preliminaries and selected to participate in the main tournament.

「 But, in the previous class, the athlete lost before she could fight with Edie 」

Megu said.

「 That was unexpected, I think? Denji M-ko was determined to beat Monkey Mimi-san 」

Nei said, but since one is already down, the people from the Gachi Toraichi clan would likely do something reckless.

『 That’s the eight names that will be fighting in the 54kg class tournament!! 』

The announcer lined up the athletes below the ring and said.


「 Objection!!! 」

A small shadow appears on the ring!!!

She stands on the corner post of the ring…

「 Stealth Kinuka appears! 」

Kinuka, wearing a black veil on her face.

「 Ooh! It’s Stealth Kinuka!!! 」

「 For real?! 」

Kinuka already appeared on Yukino’s TV show before.

「 Genjin L-ko! Ready yourself!!! 」

Kinuka points at Genjin L-ko from the corner post.

「 ?!! 」

Genjin L-ko’s confused with the sudden intruder.

「 You are my parent’s enemy! Ready yourself!! 」

「 W-What? 」

「 When I say enemy, then you are enemy! I think you are! I’m sure you are! You probably are! Anyway, ready yourself!! 」

Kinuka just brushes it off in one go.

「 Take this! Stealth Meteor Kick!! 」

Then, Kinuka jumps from the corner post, then…

She kicks Genjin L-ko.

「 Muu!! 」

Genjin L-ko guards herself with both arms.

Kinuka jumped on her arm and goes back up to the air.

「 Stealth Rolling Crash!! 」

This time, she spins herself and went after L-ko’s back of the head.

「 Just Meet!! 」

She gave her an axe kick.

「 Migiiiii!!! 」

Genjin L-ko…

「 N-No, I’m not an enemy 」

She mutters, then fainted on the spot.

「 Justice wins!! 」

Kinuka in her black veil poses for victory.


「 Coming in like the wind and kicking down the evil. Where will Stealth Kinuka go?! Stealth Kinuka is a woman of integrity!!! 」

She narrates some weird stuff about herself.

「 Farewell! Everyone!! 」

Stealth Kinuka runs away like the wind.


The venue fell silent.


「 Oh, I see. If you put on a disguise, then that’s good enough! 」

Kuromiya-san’s bodyguard, Mikuriya Kurumi-san said.