Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1204. Fighting On / I have a Dream



「 I know that you girls have taken roots in Japan’s women’s martial arts and you’re doing your best so I appreciate your efforts 」

Margo-san talks to the main contestants of the super unlimited class in the ring.

「 But to be honest, you girls don’t have a dream. If this goes on, you’ll just end up in a boring women’s martial arts world who’s friendly with each other 」


『 Hmm. You speak so highly like that, do you have some kind of plan? 』

Poron asks Margo-san.

『 That’s right! We worked hard for years to build up this women’s martial arts world! We don’t need your complaints who’s a nobody 』

Dan Toushiko said.

『 Right. You have no career record so I’m not going to take you seriously 』

Remy Fujiwara said.

『 It’s all our hard work that we’ve done so far that some company have come forward to offer the 30 million prize yen for this seventh annual tournament 』

Rodulfo Seiko said.

The other three, Haiji 3L-ko, Remulia Maki, and Grace Marinka are silent.

That means that the four heavenly kings of the Japanese women’s martial arts world are Poron, Dan, Rodulfo, and Remy.

The other three probably don’t have the right to speak.

「 If you think that way, then I have nothing to say but that’s good for you 」

Margo-san smiled.

Actually, it’s Margo-san who looked for a company that would give the 30 million yen prize money


「 Committee chairman Edogawa-san, I know that we’re on the super unlimited class main event but can we stop the tournament? 」

Margo-san talked to the tournament office.

「 Hey, what are you talking about? 」

Remy Fujiwara’s surprised.

『 Sure, what change would you like? 』

The tournament sponsor, Edogawa, stands up from the table in front of the ring and speaks to the microphone.

「 I’m going to take all seven of them down. I don’t care if it’s a series of battles. If I win, then I’m the champion 」

Margo-san smiled.

「 Each one has five minutes and one round only. If I can’t knock them out or make them give up in five minutes, then it’s my loss. Can we change it to that rule? 」

Margo-san made it clear that she’ll defeat all seven of them within five minutes each.

「 Are you serious? 」

「 Hey, don’t speak of something ridiculous! 」

「 There’s no way they would change the rules to something that absurd!! 」

「 Stop this bullshit you lass 」

Rodulfo, Remy, Poron, and Dan said, but…

『 Very well. I understand. Let’s do it that way 』

Edogawa accepted Margo-san’s suggestion right away.

『 I want to watch you fight all seven of them too after all 』

◇ ◇ ◇

With that said, It’s Margo-san vs all seven of the participants.

If Margo-san’s defeated by any of the athletes, the remaining ones will continue with the tournament bracket.

「 I don’t know why it has come to this but if you want to try it then go ahead 」

「 Your stamina will never last fighting seven battles in a row 」

「 Hurry up and beat her down and we’ll go back to the tournament 」

「 You mind if I beat her up? 」

There are seven chairs out the ring and the four heavenly kings of women’s martial arts world tell each other.

The other three are silent.

Margo-san’s the only one on the ring.

「 Let’s start with the Kansai girl. She wants it to end as soon as possible 」

They tell Haijin 3L-ko.

「 You’ve got some nerve 」

Haijin 3L-ko, who wears a school cap and a schoolboy uniform stood up and went up the ring.

「 Well then, let’s begin. 」

『 Irregular Seven Match! Ready go! 』


The gong roars.

「 Deryayayayayayayaya!! 」

Haijin 3L-ko goes behind the referee while making some weird noises.

「 Deiyaa!! 」

What, he tossed the referee to Margo-san.

「 Kuh!! 」

As soon as Margo-san avoided the referee.

「 I got you!! 」

She sends her fist to Margo-san, but…

「 That’s unfortunate 」

Margo-san swatted her with a violent high kick.

「 Pugeracho!! 」

Haijin 3L-ko’s plopped down and fainted in one attack.

「 I know that she has a lot of dark tools at her disposal, and she also has poisoned tips so I wanted to take her down first 」

Margo-san kicks the legs of the unconscious Haijin 3L-ko and something like a thick nail rolled out.

「 See? 」

Margo-san smiles wryly as her opponents stare at her from below the ring.

「 Next, Remulia-san. Come here 」

「 Oh yeah 」

Remulia Maki, the female sumo wrestler enters, replacing Haijin 3L-ko, who got carried out on a stretcher.

『 Second match, Ready Go! 』


「 Haiyaaaa!! 」

As soon as the gong rang, Remulia tackles Margo-san in a sumo wrestling style, but…

「 There you go!! 」

Margo-san ducked the tackle and went behind Remulia Maki.

「 !!! 」

She grabbed Remulia Maki’s waist and threw her back.

She’s a heavy-looking sumo wrestler but she carried her and threw her back easily.

It’s a belly-to-back suplex.

She slams Remulia on the back of her head where she can’t defend herself.

「 Gebi!! 」

Remulia Maki collapsed on the mat, unconscious.

「 Next one. Remy-san, want to do it? 」

「 You bastard

Margo-san’s taking down the biggest names in women’s martial arts one by one.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 N-No way, this is… 」

Seeing the devastation on the mat, Dan Toushiko can’t help but butter.

Margo-san defeated Remy Fujiwara who uses Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu using a pinning technique.

Remy couldn’t take the initiative at all.

As soon as she got locked, Remy tapped the mat and gave up.

「 Haa, haa, haa 」

While Remy’s breathing painfully, Margo-san isn’t even sweating.

「 Next, Dan-san 」

「 Dammit 」

Command Sambo’s Dan Toushiko’s huge body is tossed down to the mat multiple times.

It’s like watching a kindergarten fight a judo expert, that’s the overwhelming difference in skills.

「 Kuh, gaaaa!!! 」

Margo-san holds Dan’s body and pinned her right arm.

「 I-I give up! It’s my loss 」

Dan Toushiko accepted her defeat.

「 What’s with her? 」

「 She’s absurdly strong 」

「 She wasn’t this strong during the preliminaries, right? 」

「 She’s hiding this much power? 」

The spectators are in a strange mood.

The athletes they’re cheering on are defeated easily.

Still, everyone’s watching Margo-san as she displays her amazing fighting power.

「 Rodulfo Seiko-san, come 」

「 Tsk 」

Rodulfo Seiko uses her successive kicks and punches on Margo-san.


「 Slow, too slow 」

Margo-san didn’t take a single hit from Seiko’s attack and countered her with a kick to the other side.

「 Auu! 」

From there, Margo-san pinned her down and clamped on her neck.

「 Uguguuuuu 」

Rodulfo Seiko also tapped the mat.

「 Hey, even Rodulfo Seiko lost to her 」

「 Rodulfo-sama lost? 」

「 Five of them are already out? 」

「 Is she not worn out from fighting five in succession? 」

The audience is now watching to see how far Margo-san can keep on winning.

「 I’ll go ahead 」

Poron Karisman told the wrestler Grace Marinka.

「 Go ahead 」

Grace Marinka looked up at Margo-san up the ring and replied.

「 I won’t lose like this 」

Poron said while watching Rodulfo’s neck clamped, with a frustrated look.

「 I guess I have to admit, you’re strong as hell 」

「 It could be that you girls are just weak 」

Margo-san said to provoke Poron.

「 I’m going all out!! 」

Poron’s fight turned to a fierce battle of blows.

However, Poron’s punches and kicks never hit Margo-san, but…

Margo-san repeatedly hit Poron with many shots.

「 Agu!! 」

As soon as Margo-san’s punched stopped Poron’s movement.

She gave a sharp kick to Poron’s head and that decided the fight.

「 Even Poron lost? 」

「 What’s with that woman? 」

「 T-Too strong 」

Only one left for Margo-san to defeat

「 Last, Grace-san 」

「 Okay 」

Margo-san and Grace Marinka talked while Poron’s carried away.

「 I think I can have a bit of fun with you, but 」

「 I thought so too 」

Grace replied expressionlessly.

『 Seventh round! Ready Go! 』


「 Deyayayayaya!! 」

「 !!!! 」

Grace’s fight became a wrestling match.

They grapple, pitch, lock each other.

They continued their offense and defense.

「 Hey, she might do it 」

「 She’s been fighting for seven continuous battles after all 」

「 Grace Marinka’s still at full stamina so she might have a chance to win 」

「 Her stamina should be running out now 」

The spectators are expecting Margo-san to lose, but…

「 Uuugh 」

After three minutes.

The fight eventually settled with Margo-san’s triangle grip.

「 G-Give up 」

Grace Marinka admitted loss.

◇ ◇ ◇

Margo-san defeated all seven of them.

「 Well then, can we say I won the super unlimited class now? 」

Margo-san asked the losers from above the ring.

Apart from Haijin 3L-ko who got carried to the sickbay, Remulia and Poron all regained their consciousness and look up at Margo-san.

「 There’s no other choice, we accept it 」

Dan Toushiko said.

「 If you’re going this far, then I’m obliged to accept the loss 」

Remy Fujiwara said.

「 You fought so much and yet you still have the energy 」

Poron is surprised by Margo-san’s stamina.

「 You’re the strongest, I admit 」

Rodulfo Seiko said.

「 If that’s what everyone says 」

Remulia Maki doesn’t have any objections.

「 You’re strong 」

Grace Marinka said that and nothing else.


「 Of course. My objective is to dominate America after all 」

She said loudly.

The six women below the ring looked up at Margo-san.

「 I know that it’s important for women’s martial arts to take root in Japan but still, I’m going to aim for the world. The bigger the dream the better, don’t you think? 」

Margo-san smiled.

「 America’s women’s martial arts? 」

「 But, I heard that women’s martial arts shows aren’t that popular in the US? 」

Remy Fujiwara and Rodulfo Seiko said.

「 It depends on how you do it. Its martial arts business is much more successful than Japan. If I succeed in America, then I can sell my content in the world 」

Margo-san said.

「 It won’t be that easy 」

Remy Fujiwara said.

「 That’s right, we’ve entered American tournaments too. We lost to American women athletes multiple times 」

Rodulfo Seiko complained.

「 I also lost to an American. But, America’s a country that’s focused on men so they’re hardly interested in women tournament 」

Poron said.

「 Yes, that’s why I’m going to fight in men’s MMA in America 」


「 Y-You’re fighting men? 」

Dan Toushiko’s surprised.

「 Also, the champion in the men’s class are accomplished fighters in their own right. I’ve already started negotiating with a few of them. I will fight men and win as a woman 」

Margo-san said it stunned the six women.

「 I don’t know about you but I took up martial arts because I want to be stronger than men. There’s no meaning in my flight if I don’t beat men 」

Margo-san made it clear.

「 I’m a woman and I will bear the men athletes in a male-dominated America. Again and again, until they admit defeat 」

Margo-san said and the hall venue fell silent.

「 I-Is that why you’re that strong? You’re training to beat men? 」

Grace Marinka said.

「 Yes. My goals are different than yours! My purpose is different. My senses are different. My dreams are different!!! 」

These women are just trying to live within the narrow world of the Japanese women’s martial arts world.

Margo-san is getting ready to move to the US to fight male fighters.

That’s the difference.

「 I see. Then I can’t win against that 」

Dan Toushiko said.

「 I used to think that I wanted to be stronger than men, but… 」

「 You’re right, we got so focused on what we have in front of me that I forgot that dream 」

Rodulfo-san said.

「 For now, I’m going to take the title of the “Strongest Woman in Japan” in America 」

Margo-san told the six women under the ring.