Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1209. Lewd Photo Session / Everyone’s Fellatio



「 Speaking of which, Kuromiya Motoko-san made a call 」

Misuzu speaks while we’re walking the underground passage.

「 What did she say? 」

She went with us today to watch Edie in the martial arts tournament.

Then, we ate ramen together.

「 She said, “Please take care of me” 」

She smiled, turning to me.

「 What does that mean? 」

I asked.

「 What it means is that Kuromiya-san and her servant, Mikuriya-san both have determined to serve Master 」

I knew it.

Those two came with us to spectate…

「 After talking to Danna-sama closely, they felt that they can dedicate their life to Danna-sama 」

So that was actually a marriage interview?

「 Yoshi-kun 」

Megu grabs my arm.

「 No, but Kuromiya-san’s also a nobility, right? What about her successor? Motoko-san has to tie up to another family, right? 」

I asked. Misuzu;

「 Motoko-san has a big brother so the successor of Kuromiya house will be her brother. Although, while her brother is excellent, he doesn’t show any interest in inheriting the spearmanship of the Kuromiya house. He doesn’t train at all 」

So the future head doesn’t use spear at all.

「 Thus, Motoko-san seems to think that she should be the one to carry the torch as the master of the art 」

So Motoko-san will inherit the martial arts instead of the brother.

「 So, if Motoko-san marries another family, she will not be able to continue her practice. 」

Misuzu said.


「 Danna-sama, it’s because Motoko-san’s lineage would require her to be a wife of the head of another noble family 」

You mean?

「 If she becomes a wife of another family, then she will not be allowed to bring her spear. She will have bodyguards on her side. She will not be allowed to do anything dangerous, like training with her spear 」

I see.

If she marries and becomes a wife of the head of another noble family or something similar, she will have a big job of giving birth and raising the heir.

Wielding the spear she learned from her parent’s home will only trouble her in-laws and others.

I’ve seen what’s in the bag. That spear is long.

Without a dedicated mansion in one’s home, you can’t practice daily.

「 Therefore, Motoko-san has no intention of marrying at all 」

Misuzu said with a smile.

「 But, she wants to bear a child. Therefore, Ruri-tan and I talked to her asking if she’s interested in joining us 」

Misuzu and Ruriko, what did you tell her?

「 Motoko-san and her bodyguard, Mikuriya-san are both dignified and beautiful, and so we thought that Danna-sama may want them as concubines 」

「 Concubines, what? 」

I asked.

「 Yoshi-kun, he meant mistress 」

Megu whispered.


「 Yes, they will be officially recognized as concubines for the future 」

Kuromori Kou(me), is officially Misuzu’s fiance.

Meaning, Kuromori Kou will marry Misuzu, the successor of the Kouzuki house.

Then, Misuzu will be my legal wife, and then Kuromiya-san will be my mistress?

「 Oh, there’s no problem. Everyone knows that Kuromiya Motoko-san is a different case among the daughters of the nobility. If the Kouzuki house took custody of the two, Kuromiya house and the other families would be happy as it’s the best solution for them 」

「 They have troubles on how to deal with the young lady who’s too passionate about her spear 」

Michi said from behind.

If things go on, nobody among the nobility will take that combat young lady.

Kuromiya house finds Motoko-san to be beyond their control too.

「 Though a concubine, she will be a member of the Kouzuki house, so Motoko-san’s status won’t go down 」

Of the many noble families, Kouzuki, Kaan, and Kanou are the three great families with the most prestige.

However, Kanou house may have high family honor, but they don’t have assets currently.

「 Well, we’ll discuss the details with the Kuromiya house in the future 」

「 Misuzu-san, does that mean that everything’s settled already? 」

Megu asks.

「 No, Naturally, the final decision lies in Danna-sama’s hands. If Danna-sama doesn’t like it, then we don’t mind breaking off 」

So it’s up to me.

I recall Kuromiya-san who we encountered today.


Kuromiya-san and Mikuriya-san are both innocent women.

They have no interest in anything but martial arts.

But, they’re polite, and they have a gentle personality.

They smile all the time.

I can tell that they’re sheltered ladies.

True, she couldn’t live with an ordinary man.

She’s quite the young lady plus she wields a spear.

「 I’ll see them again and decide 」

I replied.

「 Today, I met them with the thought that they’re just Misuzu’s schoolmates. I can’t decide to accept them or not unless I talk to them again 」

「 Certainly. Then, we’ll prepare for another opportunity for an interview 」

Misuzu agreed.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Ah, Papa, welcome back desuno! 」

Agnes and the girls are in the reception hall on the second floor.

「 We’re taking photos right now 」

Yeah, Agnes, Luna, Koyomi-chan, and Yomi.

They’re wearing the sailor uniform for the school of young ladies.

Karen and Haiji are wearing the same uniform.

Yoshiko-san too, who returned as Ruriko’s attendant.

「 The uniforms have arrived so we made them wear them right away and took commemorative photos 」

Katsuko-nee says while holding a huge SLR camera.

Ruriko’s wearing her uniform too, but she’s also holding a camera and taking photos.

「 Oh Kou, you finally returned 」

「 Welcome back, Kuromori-sama 」

Mariko and Erica have returned. Of course, they’re wearing sailor uniforms too.

Michi’s also wearing her usual uniform.

All the girls who go to the school for the young ladies in the family are gathered in the room.

「 Oh, it’s Saturday today 」

Erica’s sister, Marika, should be staying over from the boarding house to here.

「 Yes, Marika-oneesama is on the lower floor 」

「 Nagisa and Ai-chan are playing with her. Megumi-chan, can you help them out below? 」

Katsuko-nee tells Megu.

「 Oh, okay 」

Megu seems to have figured it out that we’re here to talk about something only with the girls who attend the school for the young ladies.

「 I’ll change to my uniform immediately 」

Misuzu went with Megu and left the room.

「 Still…this sure is a spectacle 」

It’s an old-fashioned uniform but the color is calm and elegant.

Their skirt is long.

Speaking of which, I didn’t see a single student in that school wearing skirts that are short like the current style.

Maybe it’s because it’s a traditional school that’s hard to enter without lineage and assets.

Elementary, Agnes, Erica, Middle School, Mariko, and Yoshiko, from high school.

The details are slightly different but the uniform design is basically the same.

「 I’d like to take photos of us in this uniform, or should I say that I want to leak photos of this group to the girls at school 」

Mariko says while taking a selfie.

「 Misuzu-sama, Ruriko-sama, and the star of middle school, Erica-san. If there is a photo of Agnes-san getting along with the celebrities in our school, I think that will make all the students notice them from the start, right? 」

Yeah, although the young ladies of the nobility have already met them in advance during the party…

Most of the students in that school don’t know about Agnes and the girls.

「 Oh, Mariko-oneesama, you’re also a senior that the middle schoolers yearn for 」

Erica said.

「 You’re beautiful, and the fact that you’re not afraid to compete with the young ladies is wonderful 」

Mariko’s mother is from the Kanou house, while her father’s home, Torii house is wealthy, but they’re not nobility.

「 I was just reckless. It’s embarrassing because I was pushing myself too hard 」

Mariko said.

「 Oh well. You should get in the photo too 」

Katsuko-nee told Mariko and Erica.

「 Yes 」

「 Dear, watch from over there 」

「 Sure 」

I sat down near the wall of the room.

「 Sorry to keep you waiting 」

Misuzu returned wearing her sailor uniform.

Then, Michi finally joined the photo session group.

As a guard, she only wants to be photographed together with Misuzu.

「 Ruriko-chan, join in too, now that everyone’s here, let’s take a group photo. Then, we’ll take individual snapshots of everyone getting along 」

Katsuko-nee expresses her photography plans.

First, take a photo of everyone on the antique couch.

The elementary girls who are transferring schools sat on chairs then Misuzu and Ruriko are on both sides.

Michi stands behind Misuzu.

Yoshiko-san stands behind Ruriko.

Mariko, Erica, Yomi, Karen sit at the back of the couch.

Oh, Haiji also stands next to Mariko like a bodyguard.

The students in Misuzu’s school still think that Haiji is still Mariko’s bodyguard.

「 Okay, smile. Agnes-chan, your expression is too stiff 」

「 Just face Nii-san and smile 」

Luna gave advice.

So, I hurriedly went and stood behind Katsuko-nee who’s holding the camera.

「 Papa!! 」

Agnes gives me a lovely smile.

Katsuko-nee took a photo right away.

Then, she took a few more photos…

「 Okay, we’re taking a quick break. We have sweets and drinks over there, so you can take what you want 」

So we’re taking photos of them getting along

「 Ah, don’t spill them to your uniform! Don’t get them dirty okay? 」

「 Okay desuno! 」

Katsuko-nee said. Agnes replied brightly.

Then, the free photo session time began.

Of course, Katsuko-nee’s walking around and taking photos, but…

Ruriko, Mariko, and Erica also take photos of each other using their cameras and phones.

This mansion has various antique furniture so the presence of the cute girls makes it a picture in itself. They get along and they fit in the lense.

Yeah, that looks fun.


Agnes, Luna, and Koyomi-chan aren’t parting from each other.

As for Karen, she’s with team Arisu recently, and they’re not here. She seems to feel a bit out of place.

Erica’s calling her out but…

Yomi’s also a bit drawn back.

「 Here, Onii-sama 」

Ruriko brings me drinks.

「 Thanks 」

「 Though it’s new uniform, Agnes-chan and the girls are in their sixth grade so they’ll only wear that uniform for six months…but… 」

Oh yeah, it’s already October.

Next April, they will be entering middle school, so we’ll have to buy another sailor uniform for them.

「 The memory of wearing the elementary uniform will be important for Agnes-chan, so… 」

Agnes who never attended school before, so six months will be her only time in elementary school.

I hope that the memory of wearing the same school uniform as Luna, Koyomi-chan, and the girls will be engraved inside Agnes.

「 Ruriko-sama, please join us 」

Erica calls Ruriko.

「 Yes, I’ll be there 」

Ruriko goes back to the girls.

Either way, these girls will be attending the same school so having some time to get along is a good thing.


Kuromiya Motoko-san and Mikuriya Kurumi-san will be joining this group….

Nono, let’s not think about that for now.

「 Katsuko-chan, can we do that now? 」

Agnes asks Katsuko-nee.

「 Yes, It’s okay now 」

What is it?

「 Papa, come over here 」

Agnes calls me.

「 Papa, let’s take photos together 」

「 We’re going to take photos exclusive to the family 」

Katsuko-nee smiled.

「 Mariko-san, don’t take photos with your phone 」

Ruriko warned.

It’s okay to leak the photos of the girls getting along, but…

If I’m in the photograph too, it’s going to create some problems.

It gives a bad impression, that they’d ask who that guy is.

「 Okay, Papa, sit down over here 」

Agnes made me sit in the middle of the couch.

Then, they took another group photo, but with me.


「 Then, take out your penis Papa! 」


「 Agnes want to take photos sucking Papa’s penis while wearing these clothes 」


To Agnes, having sex with me is the foundation of her daily life.

「 Go ahead, it’s about time to take photos like that 」

Katsuko-nee said.

「 You know these girls won’t let it end just with an ordinary photo session, right? 」


「 Okay, Papa, let’s take them off 」

Agnes lowers my pants and pulls my penis.

「 Eeh, Agnes will make it big 」

The half-foreign beauty wearing an elegant sailor uniform licks my glans.


My dick grows big.

「 Luna, let’s do it together 」

「 O-Okay, excuse me Nii-san 」

Agnes comes from the right and Luna’s on the left. these two girls are giving me double fellatio.

「 My, that’s wonderful, Onii-sama 」

Ruriko took her favorite camera and took photos

「 Erica-san, let’s go with Kou’s face 」

「 Yes, Mariko-oneesama 」

Mariko licks my ears.

Erica kisses my lips.

Four beauties attack me at the same time.

Then, Agnes…

「 Koyomi-chan, would you like to try licking it? 」

She calls Koyomi-chan

「 Hey, Agnes…Koyomi-chan isn’t… 」

Koyomi-chan’s growth is late so she hasn’t done it with me yet.

「 No, I’ll lick it 」


「 I’ll serve even with just licking 」

The petite girl said and approached my crotch.

「 Copy how I lick it 」

Luna, her cousin shows an example to Koyomi-chan.

She licks my erect penis like it’s a candy bar.

「 I’ll try it 」

Koyomi-chan’s trembling, her small tongue goes to my glans.

Pecho, pecho, she licked it.

「 You’re doing well, Koyomi-chan! 」

Agnes said with a smile.

「 Koyomi-chan’s chest is starting to puff so I think she’s about ready to have sex with Papa soon 」

Agnes and the girls bathe together every day.

「 Agnes, you’re not the one to decide that 」

I tell Agnes while I get fellated.

「 Koyomi-chan will decide when she’s ready, and I’m ready to wait for years for that 」

I tell Koyomi-chan.

「 That’s right, the puff in your chest doesn’t relate to your readiness in sex 」

Michi said sullenly.

Yeah, Michi can have sex despite having a flat chest.

On the other hand, Koyomi-chan who’s puffing just a bit doesn’t have to hurry.

「 Please wait for a little longer 」

Koyomi-chan looked up at me and said.

「 I want to give it properly to Kuromori-san 」


「 Kuromori-san won’t be able to enjoy this immature body 」

I’m scared of damaging Koyomi-chan’s body if I forced her.

And this girl has the Miko power, she can read my mind.


「 Karen-sama, do you want to join us and lick Kuromori-san’s penis? 」

She also read my thoughts about doing something with Karen so she doesn’t feel alone.

「 I… 」

Karen hesitated, but…

「 Karen-chan, let’s lick Papa’s penis together! 」

Agnes smiled at Karen.

「 Karen-chan, it will be Agnes’ first time in school so I’ll need Karen-chan to teach me various things in school. So please take care of me 」

She bows her head to Karen.

「 Agnes-san? 」

「 But in exchange, Agnes will teach you a lot in sex with Papa 」

Agnes said with a smile.

「 Papa’s making a face of pleasure when you lick it here 」

Then, she rubs the back of my glans with her finger.

「 Look, try licking it Karen-chan 」


「 Excuse me 」

She said, then crawled her tongue where Agnes pointed.

「 Karen, that’s great 」

I said.

「 Karen-chan, is Papa’s penis delicious? 」

Agnes asks cheerfully.

「 Yes, it’s delicious 」

Karen replies bashfully.

「 Katsuko-chan, uhm 」

Agnes speaks to Katsuko-nee while fidgeting.

Katsuko-nee’s taking photos of Karen and Koyomi-chan fellating.

「 Take off your uniform, since it might get dirty 」

「 Okay desuno! 」

Agnes took off her sailor uniform.


「 Okay, I’ll take the uniform you undressed 」

Ruriko took the sailor uniform and folded it.

Agnes took off her underwear and got naked.

「 Papa, this time, let’s take photos of Papa’s penis inside Agnes!! 」