Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 128

128. Final attempt

My penis is still erect. Is this the effect of the energy drug Katsuko-nee gave me?
One more…I have to complete ten ejaculations at any cost.


Katsuko-nee takes out a bottle with a lime green liquid just like how doraemon takes out a secret tool.

「…What is that?」

When I asked her…

「When we take on old men…there are a lot who can’t get erect, or those who can’t release semen easily. Therefore…we have this kind of special medicine」

Katsuko-nee removed the lid of the bottle.

「…You see. You paint this on the penis.」

Katsuko-nee pours the liquid to her own hand.
Then applied it on my penis.
I felt chill for a moment.
Then…the stimulation spreads to my entire penis.
Somehow…it feels like when your head is being washed by tonic shampoo.

「…How is it?」

Katsuko-nee smiles.

「Somehow… My dick feels cold」
「Isn’t that right? I’ll make Mana-chan’s pussy wet as well」

Katsuko-nee puts medicine on her own fingers and touches Mana’s vagina.


Mana groans…

「…Endure it for a while. It’ll feel better immediately」

Katsuko-nee smiles at Mana gently.
She’s putting the medicine on Mana’s slit.

「This also has an effect of curing the sore places…!」

Just like how my penis stings from having too much sex, I think Mana’s vagina is also in big trouble.
It isn’t so welcome to use a place that became a wound.1

「Look…it’s gotten hot doesn’t it?」

My penis that was just tingling earlier…is now feeling hot.
My erection has reached the maximum again…!

「Well, doping has it’s qualities but…they’re just a last resort.」

Katsuko-nee puts her finger inside Mana’s vagina…
She thrusts the medicine deep inside Mana.


Mana’s pant…she’s feeling it.

「Ufufu…It’ll feel even better」

Katsuko-nee took out a pink colored tool.
There’s an electric cord sticking to it…that’s?

「You see…You put this in the anus. It’s an anal rotor!」

Mana’s afraid.

「It’s okay…It’ll only feel good」

Katsuko-nee…applies the lime green medicine on the pink rotor…and then…

「It’s going in…!」

It was pushed inside Mana’s anus…


Mana also feels the tingling sensation inside her anus…!
Katsuko-nee smiles suspiciously to me.

「Now…Come inside Mana!」

My hot penis will go inside Mana…!


Mana raised a scream!

…Nnnnnnn! Uu?!
Mana’s inside has her love nectar and the green medicine mixed…it feels strange.
Even if I don’t swing my waist, my whole penis is being stimulated by small bubbles…
It’s as if my erect penis is poking carbonated water…
In addition, Mana’s narrow vagina clamps my penis…!

「Okay…Then, switch!」

Katsuko-nee has turned on the switch of the rotor pushed in Mana’s anus!


Mana raises a groan!
The small vibrations in Mana’s ass is being transmitted to my penis!
…What’s this?
I-It feels good!
My waist moves on it’s own.
Even though I was so tired already…!
There’s no way I can’t move my waist!

「…Hyaaaaaaan! Aaaaah! aaaaaaah!」

Mana screams while tears spill like rain…!

「…Mana-chan is quite a top-heavy girl isn’t she? She’s always calm, observing other people…and she’s the type that wants to make her own standpoint to be the dominant one」

Katsuko-nee mutters from the side while we’re having violent sex.

「There’s no choice for girls like her but to make her fall to the bodily pleasure…!」

Katsuko-nee stimulates Mana’s sunken nipples by turning her fingers around it…!

「Remember it with your body…You are a woman…female…an animal. A woman’s body accepts a man…throw away your reason…become a beast…!」

Katsuko-nee whispers at Mana’s ears like magic words.

「…Iyaaaaaan! Iyaaaaaaan! This…isn’t me…!」

Mana is violently puzzled by the unusual happening on her body!

「No…That is Mana. Take a look at the ceiling. Mana…you’re very happy」

Megu whispers at Mana from the other side.
Mana opens her eyes.
Looking up at the ceiling…Mana is being raped again…!

「…I…This is me…!」

Mana’s vagina is changing from the repeated violent pistons…!
Inside Mana’s vagina…the depths and the entrance…is strangling me individually.
Aah…My waist is moving on it’s own.
I can’t stop piercing Mana!
Is this the effect of the medicine again?
My penis is unbearably hot till the root…!
It’s being squeezed to the root like a warm rubber…
Nevertheless, my glans feel cool…!
Erect to the maximum…it’s knocking on Mana’s uterus multiple times…!
The pleasure…it’s stacking…It’s about to let out soon…!

「…Agyaaaaaaaa! Akaaaaaa! aaaaaaa!」

Mana is panting like a small beast!
She’s completely attacked by the pleasure…She’s being sucked up…!
…Drowning…sinking…she’s losing her head with it.

「…Myaaaaaaaa! Nyaaaaaaaa!」

Mana pants like a small beast’s cry…!
…You’re very cute!
…aaaah, Mana!


My tenth ejaculation…!
Becoming a single lump, it gushes inside Mana’s womb instantly!


Mana’s body became an arc from receiving the hot liquid!!


…Mana exclaims!

「When you use this drug…The stimulation when the semen is poured to the womb makes the best feeling. The deepest part of your stomach feels tingling…whoever it may be, they’ll become nothing but a female…!」



Mana’s body convulsed multiple times!
She clamps my penis every time she does…she’s trying to wring out my semen to the last drop.
Her uterus is wriggling as if it wants to gulp down my semen…


I relaxed on top of Mana’s body and kissed her lips again and again.
Mana is still light-headed.

「If you experience this, you can’t do anything but be addicted to sex…Mana-chan」

Katsuko-nee’s voice can’t reach Mana who’s absentminded.

「…I want to have sex like this too」

Megu mutters.

「Megumi-chan…do your best to make it happen without using medicine. This is doping in the end so it’s no good with your body」
「Is that so?」
「If you enjoy sex properly, you will reach that immediately. If the two of you take it a step at a time, you’ll learn more about sex…okay?」

I get on top of Mana while I’m sweating hard.
For some reason…I want to laugh with all the air in my lungs.

「…Nfufufu, ahahaa, ahaahhahaha!」

Mana regains consciousness from my laughter.

「We did it Mana! That’s the tenth! Mana don’t need to be whipped anymore!」

Somehow…I feel I’ve unlocked an achievement.
Anyway…I’ve done it.

「Mana-chan, in the end, how many times did you make him ejaculate on that ten times?」

Katsuko-nee asks Megu.

「…Six times」
「Being violated six times on the night you lose virginity or being whipped by Ojou-sama 20 times, there’s not much difference I think…」

Katsuko-nee said…

「But…We did it! We were able to keep our promise with Minaho-neesan! Mana, we did it…we’re amazing, you did well…Mana…!」

My laughter changed to tears.
I’m crying.
My scalding tears fall into Mana’s naked chest…!


Mana looks up at me with a surprised face.
We still have our genitals connected.

「…Mana, what are you?」

Megu asks Mana

「…I’m Mana. Onii-chan’s slave」

She repeats her words again…!

「Yoshi-kun is praising the 『slave』Mana. You did well…!」

I embraced Mana.
Pat her head.
Rubbed our cheeks together.

「That’s right!…You did well! You worked hard, Mana!」

…I’m just happy.
At just about everything right onw!
Mana is looking at me with a puzzled face.

「…Don’t make that kind of face, Mana」

I kiss Mana.
Kissed her repeatedly.
Mana just accepts my kiss.

「You worked hard…You’re amazing…Mana!」

My tears smear Mana’s cheeks.


Mana’s just in blank surprise.

◇ ◇ ◇

「Now, take a shower and get going」

Katsuko-nee told Megu and I

「…What about Mana?」
「Mana-chan doesn’t need to go to school right? You two need to go to school…!」

I look at the clock…7:03

「We have ten minutes! Yoshi-kun, hurry!」

Megu pulls and takes me to the bathroom !
Then…the chain on the wristband is sticking to Mana’s collar, so Mana followed as well「」

「It’s okay, come with us Mana!」

The three of us go to the bathroom while I carry Mana.

「Yoshi-kun, Megu will wash you…!」

Sweat, semen, love nectar…anyway, Megu flushes the stinky smell from my body…
Meanwhile, I removed the chain on Megu’s collar.
I heard from Katsuko-nee that it’s okay as the collar is waterproof.
No…I know that I should better take off the collar.
This collar takes time to remove so I have to give up now.

「I’m going to wash your head…!」

It feels refreshing.
Un…The hot water passes through between my hair.

「I don’t have time to dry my hair too but…I can’t go to the medical exam with this smell」

This time, I showered Megu’s head with hot water!
Putting body soap in the sponge…
I washed Megu’s body and Megu washed ine.
There’s no lewd feelings already.
We don’t have time so we bath desperately.
Then…rinsing the shampoo…

「I feel sorry for Mana but I’ll just wash you off with hot water」

Sadly, we don’t have time to wash with soap.
I shower Mana’s body while Megu is foaming my head.
Mana just stay still obediently.
The naked body of a 14 year old girl with a collar and a chain fixed at her.
Somehow, it feels like I’m really bathing a pet dog.

I wash her in a hurry and rinsed her in a hurry.
Katsuko-nee has brought our towel and change of clothes in the changing room.
Katsuko-nee has already changed to her former suit.

「Ah, my uniform is in the back」

We go to the room while Megu wipes her body…

「Hurry up and wipe your body!」

Being told by Katsuko-nee, I wipe my body in a dash…!
There’s only two towel so Mana’s just in blank amazement while wet.

「Yoshi-kun, here’s the underwear we bought yesterday!」

Megu comes back from the changing room.

「Thanks…Megu…Hey, Mana!」

After finishing wiping my body…I passed it to Mana.
Mana begins to wipe her body timidly.

「…Yoshi-kun, put this on!」

Megu presents me her new underwear.
…Oh right, we had that promise.


First…her panty.
I put it on her both legs.

「…What’s wrong?」
「I just feel regrettable that Megu’s cute breast would be hidden」

I will carve this pink nipple in my memory before it’s too late.

「…Idiot. If Yoshi-kun wants to see it, I can take off my clothes anytime…!」

Megu said bashfully.

「…I’ll put on Yoshi-kun’s underwear too」

Megu puts on my new underwear.
Megu squats in front of me.
My penis is in front of her.


Megu talks to my penis…then kissed the glans.
Then put on my underwear.

「Un…as expected of an 840 yen. The feeling when you wear it is different」

While we’re talking, Katsuko-nee…

「Do that later. Hurry up and put on your clothes!」

But…When I try to wear my shirt.
I can’t wear it as Mana’s chain is there!

「Remove the wristband temporarily., I’ll watch over Mana-chan.」

Err…what’s the PIN?
The band came off.
I handed it to Katsuko-bee.

「I’ve brought you a new t-shirt」

Katsuko-nee handed me the t-shirt in exchange.
I wore it immediately.

「Here’s your socks」

As expected of Katsuko-nee, she has everything ready.
Megu took out the clothes from the bag she took from her house.
We get dressed in an amazing speed…
We’re in our uniform in no time…
Megu’s head still has the towel.

「…We don’t have time to dry it, do we?」

Megu asks Katsuko-nee.

「Do it after arriving at school. We’ll set it beatifuly. For now, you can just wind it with your towel
「But…we don’t have a place to set hair in school」
「It’s okay…we have a room for that. There’s a dryer too」

…I see
Megu doesn’t know the principal’s office yet.

「Minaho-neesan has a secret room」
「But…We can’t go to school while I have a towel in my head」
「That’s no problem too. We have a secret passage. If you get on the car, no one can see us from the outside…!」

Un…Anyway, we’ll do somehow.
Mana’s still naked!

「Katsuko-nee, Mana needs to wear clothes too…!」

When I say that in a hurry, Katsuko-nee…



「…She’s a 『slave』so she’s okay being naked!」

Katsuko-nee smiled.

◇ ◇ ◇

Taking all our luggage…we go to the love hotel’s corridor.
Speaking of which, we didn’t eat the snacks at all.
Well fine…someone will eat it if we put it in the secret room under the principal’s office.
…Maybe Nei-san.
Is Nei-san okay?

「Hurry up…it would be embarrassing to be seen by other guests, right?」

Katsuko-nee pushes me from behind.
We have a naked middle school girl with us.
After changing into my school uniform, I put the wristband again.
Mana’s wearing only socks and shoes.
Other than that…she’s naked only with a collar.
The 『宝』tatoo is shining in her belly.
Even thou I washed her off…my white semen drips from her thighs.
Somehow…we got out to the parking lot without meeting anyone.
Then…Tamayo-san is waiting there.

「Ufufu…looking good. A chained collar…and even a tattoo」

Tamayo-san looks at Mana with a smile.

「That’s great that you became a 『slave』 I was seriously angry last night…」

Tamayo-san was a person who experience cruelty from Shirasaka.
As expected…she was angry at Mana’s overly-familiar attitutde.

「I’ve been watching you all this time…You’re properly 『disciplined』 If you didn’t turn proper, I intended to slap you with a whip…!」

This person was also a member who participated in Yukino’s wedding dress rape.

「Mana…greet Tamayo-san. You have to say 『Nice to meet you』…!」


「…Nice to meet you. I’m Mana. Onii-chan’s 『slave』…!」

The naked Mana greets Tamayo-san with a sorrowful face.

「…Your head is too high」

Hearing Tamayo-san, Mana…
Kneels naked in the parking lot’s asphalt.

「…I’m Mana. Onii-chan’s slave」

Tamayo-san presents her shoes to Mana’s face.

「…Kiss my shoes」

Mana applies her lip to the shoe.

「I will overlook you as long as you’re his 『slave』 But if ever I see you being conceited like last night…I’ll kill you」

Tamayo-san said calmly…

「I hate you and your sister. You two really have the same character as Shirasaka. Even though you’re stupid, your pride is too high that you’re making fool of other…I hate girls like you」

Mana trembled from Tamayo-san’s spech.

「Tamayo-san…She’s no longer Shirasaka Maika. She’s my 『slave』, Yoshida Mana」

I told Tamayo-san.

「I’ll agree with that for now. Train her properly…if she accomplishes her role as a 『slave』magnificently, I will overlook her from now on」
「Yes…I’ll do my best」
「Don’t pamper her…This kind of idiot will grow conceited if you do」
「…Got it」

Katsuko-nee speaks to Tamayo-san.

「Please tell the other ladies that this girl has become a 『slave』 We don’t mind you showing the video from yesterday」
「Yeah, I’ve already sent to everyone the video of her being raped in the mansion’s courtyard. Everyone’s gladly watching Shiraska’s daughter being violated」

…I see.
They really are born with grudge against Shirasaka Sousuke.

「The spanking last night was very great…do you think that would make everyone consent for the moment?」

Minaho-neesan has Tamayo-san…and the former prostitutes of the mansion are cooperators of revenge.
Normally…she has to respect the wishes of these people.


Tamayo-san turned to Megu.

「I’m also Shirasaka Sousuke’s daughter. Should I be a 『slave』as well?」

Tamayo-san replies to Megu who has an earnest expression.

「I have seen Megumi-chan’s state while this girl’s being 『disciplined』 You look like Minaho-chi from time to time」

Megu resembles Minaho-neesan?
Megu has a puzzled look in her face.

「…Megumi-chan, you belong to our side…」

Tamayo-san declared.

「You also had your life twisted by Shirasaka Sousuke…and unable to hope for a normal happiness. Megumi-chan is like us…an avenger. The revenge side, not the other side」

…The people of revenge side.

「But you see…We want Megumi-chan to do a different revenge from us」

Tamayo-san gently pats Megu’s cheeks.

「You are the youngest 『sister』from us 『women of the mansion』 Shirasaka has put a curse of 『never happy』on us…break that curse and become happy with the person you love…!」

Tamayo-san looks at me gently.

「Your future is full of difficulties…prepare yourself. Whatever happens, do all you can to be happy…!」
「…Yes, understood」

I answered with a strong determination…


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