Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 129

129. Onigiri and Miso Soup

Katsuko-nee’s car is a silver minivan I’ve never seen before.

「The green car can’t be used after yesterday’s event」

That car’s plate number has all been examined.
By the people Cesario Viola hired.

「That’s why I brought a spare car」

As usual, the rear window is smoked and the inside can’t be seen.

「Get all the luggage on the back」

Katsuko-nee opens the lock of the door…there’s a seat that’s turned to flat just like when I had car sex with Misuzu.

「You can lie down and sleep, it’ll take 20 minutes until school but, it’s better to sleep even for a few minutes?」

…I’m always thankful at Katsuko-nee’s consideration.
We pile up our baggage on the back of the car.

「My bag has the dress so Yoshi-kun can have it as a pillow」

Megu offered me a bag.

「There’s blanket there. If you feel cold then use that…」

There really is a blanket as Katsuko-nee said.

「…Katsuko-nee, can I cover Mana with a blanket?」

It must be cold for her to be naked all the time.

「She’s your 『slave』 Do what you want with her」

Katsuko-nee said and smiled…

「It would be troublesome if she gets colds…」

I wrapped the naked Mana with a blanket.
Mana’s still expressionless.

「Mana, become my dakimakura」

I took off the outer coat of my uniform.
Then, I lied down holdinog Mana.

「I’m going to sleep holding Mana!」

Megu lied down next to me and embraced Mana.
On top of Mana’s head, I see Megu’s face.


Megu smiles.

「What’s wrong?」

I don’t get why Megu is smiling.

「I just thought that it’s my first time lying down in school uniform and looking at Yoshi-kun’s face…!」

Even if you say that…It’s my first time as well.

「Yoshi-kun…so cute!」

No…there’s no way my face is cute.
The cute one should be the face Megu is making right now.
Mana looks sullen while being embraced by us.

「Stop flirting…we’re going!」

Katsuko-nee said from the driver’s seat.

「Ah…Where’s Tamayo-san?」

I raised my body and looked outside the car…

「She has returned to the office…Tamayo-neesan looks so sleepy」

Right…Tamayo-san has been observing us all this time.

「We’ll meet each other soon…say your gratitude next time」
「I guess you’re right.」

Then…our car come out of the hotel.
The flamboyance we saw in the love hotel district last night is like a lie in the morning.
Any of the hotels are in fact quite old buildings, some even have cracks on their concrete wall.
There’s a lot of garbage bags lines up in the dump site.
The cat walks bored ahead of that.
There’s two crows1 hanging on the electric wire.
The asphalt road has been patched multiple times.
The reality of the morning light erasing the dark night clarifies all of it.
The world under the sun…the『daily life』resumes.

「Yoshi-kun…we should sleep」

Megu called me anxiously.


I lied on the flat seat again.
The car shook greatly.
I’m sure that we’ve gone out of the hotel alley to the main street.

「…Mana, are you okay?」

When I asked her.
Mana doesn’t answer…
How can I make her open up?…
In the first place…It might be impossible for a 『slave』to open her heart.
…No, I should stop thinking deeply.
I closed my eyes.
Anyway…I’m sleepy.
My phone rang.


I took out my phone from the school uniform I threw out of my head.
…As expected.
…She’ll definitely call out at night and mornings.

『Good morning! Danna-sama!』

…Misuzu’s so energetic.

『Yes, Misuzu is in the toilet right now waiting for Danna-sama’s permission!』

Misuzu must be sitting on the toilet with her lower half naked.
Though I’m imagining a lewd situation…My body feels heavy, my dick won’t stand.

「Yoshi-kun, give it to me.」

Megu took the phone from me.

「…Hello, it’s Megumi.」 Sorry, Yoshi-kun feels very tired right now. Please let him take a rest for now」

No…If Megu says that, it’ll be counterproductive…

「Eh…Why is he so tired?…Well you see」

Look…Megu is making a tired face.

「Last night…Yoshi-kun has sex ten…no, 12 times」

Megu…y-you said something unnecessary!

「The breakdown is…three times in me…Mana?…Oh, Maika. She had seven rounds. Then, Katsuko-san and Nagisa-san had one each…」

That’s amazing…me
I might die already

「Eh…Ah, Katsuk-san and Nagisa-san came this morning. Nagisa-san had sex with Yoshi-kun once then came back immediately. Right now, we’re going to school in Katsuko-san’s car…yes. Err…Yoshi-kun, Misuzu-san wants to talk to you」

Megu…you’re going to return the phone to me this late?
…Geez, it can’t be helped.

『Danna-sama! Doing it 12 times overnight, do you intend to die?!』

I think so too.
Quite a lot.

「Well, a lot of things happened…about Mana…Maika」
『…What do you mean?』
「I’ll explain the details later…I promised Minaho-neesan that I have to do intravaginal ejaculation 10 times overnight or Mana would be beaten by a whip」
『But…it’s 12 times right? It exceeded by two numbers!』
「That’s…I already did it 2 times before the promise…!」
『…What about Katsuko-sama and Nagisa-sama coming over?』
「I’ve worn out after my seventh so the two came to help. Uhm…They used an energy medicine」
『Please call Misuzu at those times too!』


『I don’t mind if it’s midnight! I’ll use any means to rush there!…Misuzu doesn’t want to be left in the dark while Danna-sama is having troubles!』

Every one of my 『women』…are kind to me.
…I’m really thankful.

『I will rub Danna-sama’s stomach later. If you’re tired, then we’ll taka a nap together…!』
「Yeah…Thanks, Misuzu」

I can hear water flowing on the other side of the call.

「Misuzu…Are you peeing?」
『Yes, Danna-sama…Misuzu is peeing while Danna-sama is listening…!』

Misuzu does her usual peeing in the morning.

『I want to live together with Danna-sama soon. Then, you can watch me pee everyday instead of just by call…』

When we live together, that’s going to happen every day…?!
I’m in trouble.

『Danna-sama, you will be in school until lunch?…I will visit you there later』

Oh right.

「Misuzu…when you’re going to come, call Katsuko-nee and she’ll come to get you. A lot of things happened so it’s dangerous going to the mansion…!」
『What happened?』

…I see.
Yesterday, most of the things happened after parting with Misuzu…
Misuzu doesn’t know anything yet.

「…I’ll explain the details later but, it has become serious」

I can’t talk about the head of Shirasaka house’s investigation, the American criminal chasing Nei-san and the hired syndicate.

「I’ll call Misuzu-sama later. I’ll tell you the details when I do…!」

Katsuko-nee speaks from the driver’s seat.

「Misuzu…Katsuko-nee will call you later she said. Ask her about the details by then. We can’t speak so much as we’re moving」
『Got it…I will be waiting for Katsuko-sama’s call』

For the time being…It seems that she understands.

『But, I will definitely visit by lunch…please wait for me』
「Yeah…let’s eat lunch together」

…Speaking of which, we haven’t eaten breakfast yet.
I’m hungry.
I’ll buy bread in the store when I arrive at school.
I have to buy Megu and Mana’s share too…
Katsuko-nee needs her share too…

『Yes…Then, later. By the way, Danna-sama…!』
『Please don’t do anything unreasonable like doing it 12 times overnight』
『I will protest against Yuzuki-sama and Megumi-san later…I won’t let that happen to my beloved Danna-sama!』
「No…This is what I agreed on. Minaho-neesan and Megu didn’t do anything bad」
「It’s fine…Sorry for overdoing it. I’m sorry for making Misuzu worry」
「I won’t do that anymore」
『Yes…Misuzu doesn’t mind doing only half of it when she stays overnight』


『…Please love me six times overnight』


「Sure…got it」

…I can’t say anything else.
Even Misuzu is inexperienced…
She must be thinking that I have the composure to do six times.
Then…I have to do my best.

『I love you, Danna-sama…Then, later』
「I love you too…Misuzu」

…The call ends.
The drowsiness overcomes me in a dash.

「Sorry, Yoshi-kun…I’ve said something unnecessary」

Megu apologized to me.

「It’s okay. It’s better not to keep it a secret to Misuzu. If she discovers it later, she’ll get angry…!」

I put down my phone and lied down.
I embraced Mana’s body.
Mana is looking at me.

「…What’s wrong Mana? It’s cold?」


「Why did you not say that it’s my fault?」

She said with a small voice.

「I should be taking responsibility on everything Mana does. That’s my duty as Mana’s 『master』 Minaho-neesan ordered me so I can learn that…」
「On the contrary…Mana would be punished for my sins. That’s why I can’t fail anymore」

I caress Mana’s face.

「I won’t pamper you anymore, I’ll be harsh…that is because I don’t want to see Mana be hit by a whip」

I embraced Mana’s small and soft body.

「I’m going to sleep for a bit…good night, Mana」

Inside the shaking car…
I closed my eyes

◇ ◇ ◇

「…We’re here」

Hearing Katsuko-nee’s voice, I opened my eyes.
The car has already arrived at the personnel parking lot.
We entered the secret shutter…

「Eh, why here?」

Megu doesn’t know the secret passage.

「There’s a secret underground passage from the school building」

I told Megu

「Our school interior has been remodeled by Minaho-neesan in various ways I’m sure that Megu would be surprised」

The hidden cameras or the microphones.

「Okay, get off the car and bring what’s only needed for today. Leave anything else in the car afterwards」

When Katsuko-nee said that…Megu sorts her luggage.
I take Mana and got off the car.
I stretched myself.
When I was about to wear my school uniform…Mana helped me.

「Mana is Onii-chan’s 『slave』」

Mana said expressionlessly.

「This way」

Lead by Katsuko-nee…we walked in the underground.
Though it seems to be cold…we left Mana’s blanket in the car.
Minaho-neesan won’t agree with it if she doesn’t go naked.
Before long…we reached the basement of the school building.

「Above this is the secret room」

We arrived in the monitor room under the principal’s office.
Going up the stairs…Nei-san was there.

「Morning! Breakfast’s ready!」

…Nei-san has her usual smile.

「I’m glad…you seem fine」

I feel relieved when I see that smile.
Nei-san is the one I’m most worried about.

「Un…I’ve been here since last night! The school has a much better defense system than the mansion!」
「Eh…didn’t you say that you were in the mansion last night?」

Margo-san appears before me who’s surprised.

「That was a lie. Nei-san told Yoshida-kun a lie on purpose」


「The naked girl over there might try to escape from Yoshida-kun…and talk about that information」

Margo-san looks at Mana with cold eyes.
Really…Everyone’s was cautious and don’t trust Mana.
I look at Mana.

「Mana…greet everyone」

Mana has learned enough from Tamayo-san.
She kneels on the floor naked.

「Nice to meet you…I’m Yoshida Manatsu Please call me Mana. I’ve become Onii-chan’s 『slave』」

Margo-san speaks to Mana who fling herself to the ground.

「What, you can do it if you try…I thought that you’re beyond help yesterday」

As expected…She was angry at Mana.

「Yo-chan, I heard it from Sensei but…Mana-chan’s a 『rape slave』now?」

Nei-san…well you see.

「…Yes, that’s right」

Mana answered before me.

「Mana-chan…raise your head」

Mana looks at Nei-san.
Nei-san smiles.

「If Mana-chan becomes a good girl…I think you’ll be promoted from 『rape slave』to 『sex slave』 If you become even more of a good girl, then you’ll become a normal 『slave』 Then you see…If Mana-chan becomes a really good girl, Yo-chan is a kind man so Mana-chan would become a 『little sister slave』」
「What’s the difference?」

Mana asks.
Yeah…I don’t get it too.

「…What does Mana-chan think?」
Nei-san answered.

「Yo-chan won’t change forever. Even now, Yo-chan is abysmal kind to Mana-chan…He’ll treasure Mana-chan from now till forever」

I’m kind to Mana?
I raped her and slapped her ass…
Put a collar on her neck and pulled her around naked…

「That’s why…What’s left is for Mana-chan to accept Yo-chan. If you accept Yo-chan…Mana-chan will become happy!」

Nei-san smile…and Mana looks up at Nei-san’s face expressionlessly.

「…Rather than that, you guys are hungry aren’t you? There’s Onigiri and miso soup ready, let’s eat」

Nei-san said.

「Err…What time is it right now?」

I feel uneasy about the time.
We’re already at school.

「…It’s 8:05」

Minaho-neesan comes down from the stairs.
Our school starts at 8:30…we still have time.

「Ah…Mana, greetings」

Mana kneels in front of Minaho-neesan…

「I don’t need it…I heard her greeting on Nei and Margo」

Minaho-nesan smiles.

「Rather than that…You did well, Yoshida-kun. You fulfilled your promise with me」
「…It’s thanks to Megu, Katsuko-nee and Nagisa-san’s help」

Yeah…I think it’s impossible for me to finish it without everyone’s help.

「I feel regrettable that I can’t whip mana-san though」

Minaho-neesan takes out a whip from the table.

「Mana-san…take a look. This is my whip」

A whip covered in fat leather shines black.
Minaho-neesan swing it with her full strength…!
A sound cutting air, then…a sharp slapping sound on the table!
If you were hit by that…your skin would certainly come off.

「If ever you betray us…I’ll hit you with this. Okay?」

Minaho-neesan told Mana.

「Sensei…instead of that…food, food, foood~!」

Nei-san’s wearing an apron on top of her uniform, she brings a dish filled with Onigiri.
Margo-san brought the miso soup pot.

「Hey hey, Yo-chan and Megu-chan should eat!」

To be honest…I’m thankful.


Then, when I took one…
I look at Mana and thought for a moment.

「…Yo-chan…here you go, a plate. This line is salmon, this line is katsuobushi, and this one has a salmon roe」

Nei-san said then winked at me.
I put all kinds on the plate…I wonder if three of them would suffice?
Then, I poured miso soup into the bowl…and carried it to Mana.

「…Eat. That’s an order」

Mana looks at me.

「Eat, Mana…it’s an order」

Mana looks at her hand.
Her hands were stained when she kneeled on the ground.

「Yoshi-kun, here, wet towel」

Megu handed me a wet towel.
I wiped Mana’s hand with the wet towel.


Mana muttered.

「It’s okay now?…eat」

Mana took one Onigiri on her mouth.

「…Are three enough? Or want me to bring you more?」
「…It’s okay」

Mana answers.

「Here, I’ve brought Yoshi-kun’s share」

Megu has brought a plate filled with Onigiri.


I sit next to Mana and began to eat.

「Here, have some miso soup!」

Nei-san handed me a bowl…
I drink a mouthful.
The warm miso soup soaks in my tired body.

「Nei made this Miso soup…and Maru-chan made this Onigiri」

Nei-san said.

「I can do at least gripping the rice…but to be honest, I don’t know how to season the miso soup」

Margo-san said while eating Onigiri.

「Speaking of which…earlier, you said about Nei-san telling a lie on our call last night」

I asked Margo-san.

「Could it be that my talk with Margo-san too?」
「Yeah…It’s truth with lies. It’s true that there’s six houses around the mansion, but it was a lie that all of them are connected to an escape passage. It’s true that I’m registered to be living on one of the houses there…but the western painter Hama-san who’s living on the back of the house isn’t true. Actually, Isasaka-sensei, a novelist lives there」
「…That’s also a lie」

Margo-san grins.

「Actually, it was a real estate agent, Hanasawa-san? Or a salary man named Anago-san…Or it might be Nakajima-kun who always come to invite to play baseball…!」
「Look…It’s all lies」

Geez, I can’t do anything but smile wryly.

「It just means that I can’t tell you right now…!」

…I see.
Mana isn’t the only one who must not know about the truth.
Mana’s grandfather…Until the negotiation with Ichikawa old man ends, we don’t know what will happen.
I shouldn’t learn information unneeded as much as possible.
Even Megu and I are possible to get caught by the enemy and interrogated.

「It’s not I’m saying a suitable lie. People change the content of what they speak even by a bit. When you do, you can know where you heard it from」

Margo-san said.
I see…That’s how it is.
Margo-san is coping practically and thoroughly…

「Megumi-chan…stay like that」

Katsuko-nee brought a spray, hair dryer and brush without taking even a bite.

「I’ll style your hair right now…!」
「Ah, I’ll do it myself…please eat!」
「I can do it after you go to your classrooms…」

Saying that, Katsuko-nee wets Megu’s hair with a sprayer…!

「I’ll make you cute that everyone in your class would get surprised!」

Katsuko-nee brushes Megu’s hair…!

「If you want…I can even give you a thin make up!」

Nei-san took out a pouch with her cosmetics.

「No…make up is a bit」
「Just let me…I’ll give you a natural make up that they won’t be able to tell that you did make-up. In the first place, they will never think that the honor student Megu-chan doing make up so it’s fine」

Everyone in the class thinks that Megu is a serious girl.

「But…uhm, I…!
「Just eat the Onigiri and let me do it!」
「You better fix her eyebrows while you’re at it」
「Katsun, I agree with that! Err…」
「It’s fine, it’s fine!」
「That’s right, leave this to Katsun and I!」

…Fifteen minutes alter.
An unexpected beauty was born!

「…I know that Megumi-chan has a good foundation」
「…Un…if you change her hairstyle and give her a bit of make-up, I’m sure that she’ll become cute!」

The two who played with Megu are the ones most surprised.

「Megumi-chan…you’re very beautiful…!」

Margo-san is in wonder.
I’ve never imagined that she’ll become this much of a beauty…

「…Yoshi-kun, how is it?」

Megu haven’t looked in the mirror yet.

「You’re amazingly cute…!」

Megu smiles at me.「」

「…I’m glad. Yoshi-kun praised me!」

Katsuko-nee brought a hand mirror.

「Here you go Megumi-chan」

Megu looks in the mirror…

「…This is me/」

Megu is surprised at her own transformation.

「Megumi…looks just like Keiko…」

Minaho-nesan told Megu.

「Because of Yukino-san’s obstruction…and being a child of a reserve house, Yamamine, your beauty was concealed…!」

…That’s right.
The real Megu is this beautiful.

「Yo-chan, this is a big trouble」

Nei-san told me.

「Eh, why?」

Nei-san looks amazed.

「Yo-chan…you don’t get it? Yo-chan has to behave as Megu-chan’s 『fiance』from now on. Inside this school…!」

The girls in track and field has heard the declaration of our relationship.
Rather than that…They know that I went to Yamamine house…!
That talk…
Should normally spread to the class already.
Well…our class have a girl from track and field.

「…Be prepared, Yoshida-kun!」

Minaho-neesan smiled at me…


  1. Two crows = Attempted murder