Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 130

130. We’re engaged!

「Then, we’ll be taking care of your 『slave』」

I handed the wristband attached to Mana’s collar to Margo-san.

「…I’ll tie the chain here」

There’s an iron loop attached to the pillar of the wall of the room…
Margo-san locks the wristband there.
Mana can’t reach it with her height.
Having an iron ring on that kind of place…surely…
Someone must’ve been restricted in this room before…

「I’ll take care of Mana-chan so don’t worry!」

Nei-san said.

「…But, Nei-san what about the medical examination?」

Nei-san’s a student of our school right?

「I’ll pass! I’ll pretend I’m not in school for today!」

Nei-san said laughingly.
There’s the matter about Cesario Viola too…
We must not recklessly increase Nei-san’s eyewitnesses.


I got surprised at Megu who speaks out from my back.

「Isn’t this displaying the inside of the school?!」

…I see
Megu doesn’t know Minaho-neesan’s monitoring system.

「Our school has been long used to look for prostitutes of 『Kuromori』…!」

Minaho-neesan explains to Megu.

「There are surveillance cameras and microphones hidden everywhere in the school. First…we investigate whether the marked girl has a suitable character to be a prostitute. Then, her family and friends… After the preliminary inspection, we go to the target…」

MInaho-neesan pushes a switch on the control panel.
The camera switches from one to another…
Classroom, corridor, stairs, shoe cabinet…even girl’s bathroom.
Outside the school building as well…the grounds, backyard, rooftop, the off-limits old school building too.

「…Is that so?」

Megu looks at the screen with a surprised face.

「When the school has been rebuilt five years ago, I prepared a thorough monitoring system. There’s also a defense system too」

Minaho-neesan smiles.

「I knew that this will become my base when I execute my 『revenge』to Shirasaka Sousuke…Shirasaka knows the structure of the mansion. Also, the mansion’s foundation is quite old so I can’t make absurd renovations」

This school building was made for that reason since the start.
If it’s the school…even if the crime syndicate Shirasaka has employed can be banned from entering…At worst, we can call the police.
Nei-san and the others knows that so they took refugee here last night.
A number of defense systems are hidden around this room.

「Now then…It’s about time I show up in the faculty’s office. I’m still a teacher」

Minaho-neesan goes up the stairs.

「Let’s shift the time for a bit…Yoshida-kun and Megumi, go up two minutes after me. We don’t want to be seen coming out of the room together」

I answered.

「…Then, see you at the classroom」

Minaho-neesan goes up the stairs laughing.

「There’s a small lamp on the door at the exit of the upper room. If that lamp turns green, you can go outside. That’s the sign that there’s no one in the corridor. The door is an auto-lock so you can leave it…」

Margo-san told us.

「When you’re coming in, knock on the door three times…we’ll check with the security camera and we’ll unlock it when the coast is clear」

This『Monitoring rom』can do anything…

「…You didn’t forget anything?」

Katsuko-nee asked us.
Today’s just 『Medical checkup』and 『Fire drill』…
I’m wearing a new underwear costing 840 yen…

「Do you have a handkerchief and pocket tissue?」


「…I don’t」
「I thought so…here」

Katsuko-nee handed me a white handkerchief and tissue.

「Thank you, Katsuko-nee」
「What about Megumi-chan?」
「I have it…Rather than that, Yoshi-kun!」

Megumi took out the green collar Tamayo-san handed her.

「Minaho-san told you about it yesterday right? About the choker allowed by the school regulations…!」

…Well, that’s true, but.

「Right…I think it would be safer to have Megumi-chan wear that」


「The current principal and the teachers from the old days are people who knows the relation of this school to 『Kuromori』 The collar is a proof of a student that they are women of 『Kuromori』…Those teachers would acknowledge Megumi-chan’s superiority. 」

…I see
When Minaho-neesan’s grandfather has the power of 『Kuromori』he has a lot of prostitutes attending this school.[
The『collar』…distinguishes the general student from women of『Kuromori』

「Even the teachers who don’t know 『Kuromori』were strictly ordered not to do anything with the women with collars. They all know that it’s a special student…so don’t worry」
「But…won’t the teachers misunderstand that Megu is a prostitute?」

That’s my worry.

「Make them think like that. The teachers in our school knows that they can’t buy a 『Kuromori』prostitute with their wage…and if ever they make a hand on them, Ojou-sama would be demanding a very expensive compensation.
「…Money or life」

…The teachers who knows 『Kuromori』also knows the horrors of it

「Also…the girls who wear collars aren’t necessarily a prostitute. All the girls involved with 『Kuromori』are wearing a collar. I use to wear it in the past too」

Margo-san is a graduate of this school.

「But…Nei-san doesn’t have a collar?」

Margo-san answered my question.

「Nei also did before. But, Nei is a popular person in the school even if she doesn’t wear a collar now…the teachers and the students know that Nei is an untouchable existence」
「Ahahah…remember that I set the Kendo grounds on fire. Since then, I dyed my hair blonde and wore blue contacts. When I walk in the corridor, everyone avoids me…There’s no need for me to wear a collar this late…!」

About Nei-san’s incident…
I still haven’t heard anything about it.
Why did Nei-san set it on fire?…Why did she dye her black hair?

「There’s another girl who removed it before running on the election. It would be troublesome if the students mimic her and turned the collar into a fashion」

Margo-san is talking about Iwakura-san.

「Megumi-chan…keep in mind that teachers will have a strange reaction when they see your collar. Those teachers are people related to 『Kuromori』…」
「When the revenge on Shirasaka ends…all of them will be dealt with」

Margo-san and Katsuko-nee said…
Minaho-neesan is going to disband 『Kuromori』
She’s prepared to exile the people who knows the dark past of this school.

「…Yoshi-kun, please」

I put the collar on Megu.

「Megumi-chan will be the last woman to wear a collar」
「…You’re right」

The two ladies look at Megu’s green collar.

「…Good. It’s about time we go. Anything we forgot? None」

When I tell Megu that…Megu holds her hand out.

「…Let’s hold hands」

Oh…I forgot the most important one.


I hold Megu’s hands.
Megu’s hand feels cold…she’s nervous?

「Well then…We’ll be going」

Megu salutes everyone.「」

「…I’m going」
「Sure…take care」

Katsuko-nee answered as their representative.

「…I’ll leave Mana in your care」
「It’s okay to treat her like a『slave』?」

Margo-san looks at me.

「Yes…Please be strict on her. But, if she’s a good girl, then be kind with her.」
「Un…got it. You okay with it too, Nei?」

I look at Mana.

「Then, I’ll be gone for a bit…behave yourself, Mana」

The naked Mana tied to a chain looks at me with a complicated expression…

◇ ◇ ◇

「Eh…This is?」

Going up the stairs…we open the hidden door leading to the room

「That’s right…it’s the principal’s office. It’s connected to the room below」

Megu’s surprised.
Well of course.
The hidden garage from the staff parking lot, to the basement passage, to the monitor room…and to the principal’s office.
You won’t normally think that this school has such secrets.
On top of the door leading to the corridor…is the lamp Margo-san explained a while ago turning on.
It’s green light now.
There’s no one outside the corridor…

「Let’s go, Megu」

I opened the door and go outside.
When I closed the door…it was automatically locked.
High school corridor…
A familiar daily scenery.
I finally came back from the unusual world of yesterday.


Megu looks at me in worry.
We returned to our everyday life but…
Megu and I are different from yesterday already.
I feel a bit nervous meeting our classmates.

「…It’s okay Don’t worry」

I kissed Megu…
Megu smiled.

「There’s nothing to worry about…we’re together!」

We walk in the corridor holding hands.
Coming out of the principal’s office block without pedestrian…the third year classrooms are lined up.
…There’s a lot of students.
I look at the classroom’s clock.
The time is 8:17
It’s 13 minutes more before time.

「…Good morning!」

Megu suddenly cried out!
It was the captain of track and field…Takeshiba.

「G-Good morning!」

I also greeted her in panic.

「What’s wrong?…Did you came her just to report to me?」

Captain Takeshiba seems to have misunderstood that we, first years have come to the third year corridor just to report to her.
The report…As expected, it’s about yesterday.

「Y-Yes…I thought that I have to report to Captain first!」

The quick witted Megu immediately played along with Captain immediately.
Takeshiba-senpai knows that I came to meet Megu’s parents…

「Then…What happened? How were Yamamine’s parents?」

Captain Takeshiba asked curiously.
As expected…Captain is a girl too.

「yes…We’re engaged!」

Megu declared boldly.


As expected, even Captain got surprised by it.

「Yes…Yoshi-kun has talked to my parents about wanting to marry me…then, he received the blessing of my parents!」

Megu reports while blushing.
Certainly…if you summarize what happened in the Yamamine house, you can say it that way…

「I-I see, that’s great!」

Captain seems completely puzzled.

「T-The ceremony will be after the graduation. Please attend, captain!
「G-Got it, Yamamine…!」

But…The two of them are too loud.
The third years have gathered in no time.

「…What what? Engaged?」
「Look, it’s them…the ones in the track and field yesterday」
「Oh…The first years who announced their relationship?」
「Uwa, the girl’s cute!」
「Well, she’s engaged…!」

As expected…the event yesterday spread in the school already.

「…Eh, Yamamine-chan. Are you really engaged?」

A senpai in glasses shows up from behind Captain Takeshiba, she looks familiar.
Perhaps, another third year from the track and field.

「Yes, Takabayashi-senpai, we’re engaged! Yoshi-kun also bought me a ring!!!」

Megu who’s tension has risen to the top as she’s surrounded by the third years, shows her ring to the seniors.
Oooooh! the shouts of joy can be heard from the third years.

「…Amazing, they’re really engaged!」
「This guy seems to have gone to the girl’s house and greeted her parents…!」
「Eh…He seriously got the parent’s blessing?」
「It’s the so called lovers assuming marriage?」
「Like I said…They’re saying that they’re『engaged』!」
「…Isn’t that amazing!」
「…Isn’t that bad?」
「Or rather, that’s so cute!」

The third years makes a racket.
Aren’t the people increasing steadily?
There’s more than thirty people here…all are women seniors.

「I get that you’re engaged but…isn’t it bad to wear a ring in the school?」

The glasses Takabayashi-senpai told Megu.

「That’s an engagement ring?」
「Uwaa! I’m jelly!」
「I also want a ring from my boyfriend!」
「Un…I don’t want to get engaged but I want just a ring!」

The female seniors are talking by themselves.

「…It’s fine if it’s just an engagement ring! It’s written in the school rules!」

Megu shouted!
She’s almost desperate!

「…Eh? Let’s see?」

Some of the schoolgirls opened their handbook.

「…Ah, it’s there. It’s written in small letters!」
「True!…It says that you can wear engagement rings!」
「Eh…Why is that in the school rules?」
「Well, it must’ve happened before…engaged students.」
「Haa…I see」

The third year ladies were all impressed.
Captain Takeshiba talked to us.

「…I understand that you two were serious. You processed it logically and even got the permission to be engaged from the parents. I will support you two. Just tell me if someone complains about you guys and I will rush and punish them!」

Captain Takeshiba smiles.
She’s truly a person with a motto 『Track and field is martial arts』

「…Thank you very much, Captain!」

Megu bows her head.

「If the school regulations allow it then I’ll allow your engagement ring. But, remove that during club activities…it would be a problem if you lose it」
「Keep it in your purse along with your valuables…I’ll do the talking to our colleagues」
「…Thank you very much」

Megu’s the only one doing the talking.
I’m not saying anything…

「U-Uhm…T-Thank you…!」

Gu, gudagudadaaa…!
I can’t think of words to say…!

「He’s blushing!」
「So cute!」

Being laughed by female seniors…is quite embarrassing.

「Was it Yoshida-kun?…I’ll entrust you Yamamine!」

I bowed my head to Captain Takeshiba…

◇ ◇ ◇

「…Excuse me…excuse me…!」

Megu and I escape from the third years’ encirclement while holding hands…

「Aaahn! I was so nervous! It was so embarrassing!」

When we were alone…Megu talked to me.

「Same…I don’t even know what I should say」
「Sorry that I had to do all the talking…」
「It’s fine…I wasn’t able to say anything but 『Thank you』…」

I really fell into panic.
What will happen if we reached our class.
There’s a track and field girl from our class…
It would be much more of a fuss than those third years…

「Yoshi-kun…Are you anxious?」

Megu looks at my face and asks.

「I’m fine…we have to overcome this with the two of us…!」

Megu grips my hand.
The two of us head to the classroom as one.
『Year 1 Class 2』…our classroom.

「…Let’s go, Megu」

We open the room after two counts…!
Almost 80 percent of the students are gathered in the classroom.
…Yukino’s not here.
…Endou too.
The first year baseball club members are preparing for today’s practice game today so they’ll arrive at the classroom on the last minute.
I wonder what happened to Yukino…


Megu looks at me.
Should I announce it before someone else says something…?
That means…as expected, it’s not a『declaration of relationship』but 『announcement of engagement』
How should I talk about it…
I hesitated for a moment

「…Huuuh?! What’s wrong, Yamamine-san?!」

Suddenly…one of the students call out to Megu.

「Really?…Yamamine-san has become beautiful!」

The eyes of the class has concentrated on Megu in no time.

「Did you change your hairstyle?…No, it’s not on that level! Somehow, she feels fundamentally beautiful…?!」

The men also makes a noise.
Captain Takeshiba saw Megu’s look after she had her hair cut by Yuuka-san yesterday so she’s not so surprised.
Most of the third years earlier don’t know the previous Megu…
But…our class.
This is their first time seeing Megu become this beautiful…!

「Or rather…Why is Yamamine-san holding Yoshida-kun’s hand?」

The gaze that were surprised at Megu’s transformation…moved to Megu’s hand when they heard that.
…How should I explain this?

「Well you see…Megumi and Yoshida-kun were going out since yesterday!」

Before we were able to say anything…those words suddenly came out.
This voice…as expected.
Ogino-san from the track and field…!


The shock runs in the classroom…!

「And to top that…Megumi was the one who confessed!」

Ah…That was what Megu reported to the track and field club…
It was turned to that setting…!


One of the boys raised a loud voice!

「Yamamine-san…what’s good about Yoshida-kun…?!」

I think so too.
Megu’s gathering all the gazes…
Everyone’s waiting for Megu’s answer…
For some reason, no one’s looking at me.

「Err…Yoshi-kun is…」

One of the boys whispered while Megu is in the middle of talking.

「Well, it’s Yoshida」
「You don’t say!」
「…That’s right, the problem is why Yamamine-chan calling Yoshida 『Yoshi-kun』!」

One of the boys spoke.

「Yamamine-chan and Yoshida are going out」

The boys took 1500 damage!!

「…As expected, is that so?」
「…Of course, normally」
「…But, it’s Yoshida」
「…Yeah, it’s Yoshida」
「You won’t chose him normally do you?」
「…No way, normally」
「…Could it be that Yoshida-kun is tricking her?」
「Can you be tricked by Yoshida, normally?」
「That’s surprising from a serious type of girl like Yamamine-chan…」
「What can you say about that! Yamamine-saaan?!!!」

Megu seems to be offended by the selfish words of the men.
She shouted in a clear voice!

「Yoshi-kun is a decent, sincere, and a kind person!…Also, he’s cute…!」

Megu…you’re saying that in this case?

「No…It must be cute in Yamamine-chan’s eyes」
「You must be blind?」
「…They say that love is blind」
「Or rather, in the first place, why is Yamamine-san Yoshida’s lover?! Isn’t that strange! That’s definitely strange!」

Yup…I can understand your feelings very well.
Even I am thinking that this must be a dream!

「It’s definitely not strange!」

Megu is angry at the boy’s words!

「I love Yoshi-kun! I’ve decided to marry Yoshi-kun!」

A ripple spreads in the classroom.1

「…Y-Yamamine-san, marriage?」
「…Yesterday, Yoshida-kun came to greet Megumi’s parents, right?」

Ogino-san asked megu.

「Yes…Yoshi-kun told my mother and father『Please give me your daughter』!」

Megu’s head up doesn’t stop…!

「Yoshida…you did that?!」
「…T-Then, what did Megumi’s parents say?」

Megu answers the men’s question.

「They gave him their blessings!」

Now that it comes to this…it can’t be helped.
I take Megu’s hand wearing the engagement ring and showed it to everyone in the class.

「…This is the engagement ring」

After my mutter…Megu spoke in a loud voice.

「We’re engaged!」

The year 1 class 2 fell into an unexpected panic!!!


  1. Hamon!