Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 134

134. Men’s world

It’s not something big even if they say that it’s a 『Medical examination』
Boys go to an empty classroom on the first floor and the girls go to the gym, they measure your height and weight, then go to the X-ray.
That’s all. It won’t even take 30 minutes.
…If you remove the waiting time in the line.
You form a line in the corridor and wait for your turn…
You’ll leave your coat in the classroom so you’re on your T-shirt only.

「You see…it seems that they’re on guard assuming that we’d peek」

Hearing one of my classmate’s words, I look outside the window and saw Yamaguchi-sensei wandering around on his jersey.

「The teachers on counseling are patrolling everywhere」
「Aren’t the location of boys and girls completely far away?」
「It’s almost the west most and east most of the building」
「Even the X-ray, the boys are on the school building and the girls are in front of the gym」
「Yeah…it’s completely separate」
「No matter what you do, we can’t peep!」
「No…you must be an expert to do something about it?」
「What kind of expert?」
「At peeping?」
「Are you an idiot?」
「Well…recently, there are cameras with high performance」
「…It would be a big problem if the photos flowed in the internet and they discovered which school it is」
「Yeah…that won’t be a joke」
「Or rather, aren’t the male teachers much more probable to peep than us?」
「Well…there’s those kind of scandals recently」
「Idiots, if we peek, it’ll just end with suspension and reflection paper but…if a teacher was found peeing, they’ll get disciplinary discharge and they’ll be out forever」
「Yeah…It’s impossible for a『peeping teacher』to be reemployed」

I can’t say that I know that this school is filled with hidden cameras.

「But you see…I’d like to see one. The girls are stripping off right now right?」
「They won’t…It’s just 『body measurement』…they’ll still be in their underwear」
「Of course…aren’t we still wearing our underwear?」
「But, do they take off their bra when doing X-ray?」
「Is that so…really?」
「Look…there’s the wire in the bra」
「Eh…can high school students wear bra with a wire?」
「Well…you see…I wonder what’s the truth about it?」
「Hmm…that’s another unknown for us」
「…Female body is the last frontier」
「Or rather…that means that becoming an X-ray technician will make you able to see naked women as much as you want?」
「You’re right…this time will only be on the school’s medical exam」
「I’d like to become an x-ray technician」
「Idiot, there will be days where you shoot old ladies」
「No…as long as I can see naked high school girls for free all day, I am satisfied」
「Idiot…you can only see」
「Yeah…if you’re a doctor, you can touch more」
「I’d like that too…it’s touch all you can on an all girls’ school medical examination」
「You can flip girls’ nipple with a cold stethoscope!」
「Then, the girl twitches…」
「Yeah…looks good」
「…Should I work hard to become a doctor?」
「I’m fine being an x-ray technician…that’s way easier」
「Idiot, don’t underestimate X-ray!」
「Eh, something bad with X-ray?!」
「You don’t know? If your body takes in too much, it’ll be a big problem!」
「That’s right, your skin would turn green and your body would get muscular!」1
「There’s beam coming out of the eyes you know?」
「And missiles from your stomach…」
「Then your fart stinks!」
「And then fluorescent pink piss will come out of your body!」
「When you piss on a dark place…It’ll light up like a neon」

Isn’t that quite a big『Calamity』?

「You see…My uncle is a doctor in gynecology」
「…Ooh! I was waiting for that!」
「Isn’t that a pussy Disneyland?!」
「Furthermore…you can touch it and say 『I’ll palpate it』」
「You see. My uncle said that it’s actually quite hard when it becomes work」
「What’s hard?!…Isn’t it unlimited watch and touch?」
「Well you see…you’re looking at a body of a woman that’s already inseminated by other men」
「Oh…I see」
「…Now that you say that, it makes me wither a bit」
「You even have to look and touch on old ladies too…」
「No, my uncle once said…it’s a big damage to see a beautiful looking girl with a grotesque pussy」
「…I-I see」
「No…Isn’t that gap arousing?」
「Could it be that you’re a genius?」
「But you see…when you see that everyday, it won’t feel like that anymore」
「Yeah. You’re right」
「In the end…what kind of work can you see a woman’s naked body for all you want?!」
「Should it be an AV actor right?」
「The other day, I saw a book where the AV actor wrote 『you’ll be popular with women if you do this』」
「You read that?」
「No, it was in the house…I think it was my brother’s」
「That’s great but…what did you read?」
「Without omission…『It’s often said that women are ****, but it’s actually different. I’ve asked the girls around me』He wrote 『When you actually ask the girl around me, there’s actually a lot of them who wishes to be *** by men』it says」
「Isn’t that great?…It’s a result that it was examined properly」
「Because…That’s an AV actor. All the ladies around him are AV actresses」
「…Ah, I see」
「If you listen to the opinion who are comfortable with AV, it won’t be the opinion of the women in the world, right?」
「You’re right…that’s a bit biased」
「Actually, there’s a lot of strange things I’ve read…」
「I see…if you become an AV actor, you can only have sex with AV ladies」
「No, even if it’s an AV lady, I’ll do it as long as it’s a woman」
「Eh…You’ll fuck Higashiyama from the old writings?」
「Isn’t Higashiyama past fifty already?!」
「You said that you want to fuck women right?」
「Higashiyama isn’t a woman! She’s a trans!」
「…The criminal babble incomprehensible things」
「The hell’s that?!」

Seriously…if it’s all boys, they do silly talk
It helps me that my name is in this column…
Endou who’s name is ahead in the list is already inside the measurement room.
I’m in the last when it comes to the name order.
There’s no one behind Yoshida.
To amuse myself with a silly talk…Endou’s with eight people he’s not good with.

「By the way…Yoshida, in the end, what the hell was with earlier?」

One of them talks with me.

「That’s right…what’s with you being 『engaged』with Yamamine-chan!」
「…I can’t understand!」
「…I can’t accept it!」

Even if you say that…
I don’t know how to answer.

「Idiots, you’re not looking properly…!」

That was Tanaka
The one I ran across the train the other day…

「No matter how much you look at it, Yamamine-chan’s the one who’s madly in love with Yoshida!」


「Yamamine-chan said that she’s the one who made the approach…!」

Tanaka told everyone.

「…Now that you’ve said it」
「If you were approached by someone like her」
「Furthermore, she suddenly brings you to her parents, gave greetings saying 『we’re engaged』…! Yoshida, is that all true?」

Tanaka looks at my face.

「Yeah…it’s true, I went to Megu’s house and greeted her parents」

I answered honestly.

「Then the 『engagement』is also reported to the school」
「Furthermore, it was announced to the class…」
「That’s right. That would mean that no other girl will talk to Yoshida but Yamamine-chan. Everyone knows that you’re Yamamine’s 『fiance』after all」
「Women checks those kind of things every time」
「Whether Yoshida talks to another girl somewhere else…then Yamamine-chan’s friends will report to her…」
「『Yoshida-kun is talking to ****-chan happily just now』…They’ll say…!」
「They’ll tell the girl as well」
「『Yoshida-kun is Megumi’s fiance. Do you know?!』or something like that…!」
「Then…Yoshida-kun won’t be able to make contact with other girls」
「…Yamamine-chan has a lot of friends…she also has a network in the track and field so Yoshida-kun’s daily high school life will be monitored by the girls…!」
「Yeah…I got a sister so I know that feeling」
「…Is that so?」
「Look, it’s rare to have a girl who has a 『fiance』 They’d feel envious of her for a moment…then I think they’d meddle the two even further with a kind face」
「…Women are like that yeah」
「Then…Yamamine-chan won’t be able to talk to any other guy than Yoshida?」
「It’s fine anyway…Yamamine-chan’s madly in love with Yoshida」
「Rather…that’s Yamamine-chan’s plan isn’t it? It’s fine even if she comes to contact with other boys but she’d like to make Yoshida for herself only…!」
「『Cut the meat and break the bone』something like that?」2
「…How about that?」
「Rather『We die together』…right?」
「Well…actually, both of them can’t afford to have a free romantic high school life. It’s almost double suicide」
「Eh…It’s possible to break the『engagement』right?」
「Idiot, won’t you be scared to date someone who had a past of being 『engaged』even though one’s a high school student?!」
「Yeah…Yamamine-chan’s an amazing beauty, but thinking about it, it’s a bit」
「Even if she breaks up with Yoshida…no one will make a move on her」
「Yoshida will also be cut from other women as long as he’s in high school」
「Certainly…it’s like a double-suicide」

Megu and I have no choice but to remain married?
The other roads are closed?

「…When you think it like that Yamamine-chan is amazing」
「…Serious girls are a bit scary」
「Yeah…if a girl suddenly take me to their parents and tell to get 『engaged』…that’s not an ordinary…normally」
「Yeah…That’s seriously bad」
「Yamamine-chan has been prepared that much…!」

The men in the class looks at me with 『eyes of pity』…

「You’ll be monitored by the girls from now on…
And…if ever someone does something to Yoshida in the school, it’ll all reach Yamamine-chan’s ears」
「Yoshida no longer has a free school life!」

…Is that how it will be?
Nah, it doesn’t make any problems though

「Speaking of which, Yoshida. I heard that you also reported to Captain Takeshiba from the track and field?」

It has already been spread.

「Yeah…we did. It’s a senpai Megu has been indebt with after all」

I talked about this morning honestly

「Oh, you’re already dead…Yoshida, your life has already ended」
「Yeah…Takeshiba-senpai is a boss in the athletic clubs」


「…No, she said that she’ll support us」

Yeah…she’s not bad.
Captain Takeshiba is…

「That’s the problem…she gave her support」
「I’m sure that it has already reached the girls on athletic clubs」
「Well, Yamamine-chan will feel safe now」


「If ever a male senpai makes a move on Yamamine-chan…」
「The girls on the club won’t let that happen!」
「Yamamine-chan’s body will be completely protected…!」
「Or rather…She’s untouchable to other men?」
「…Well, that’s better for Yoshida though」
「But…That’s the same for you」


「If you treat Yamamine-chan like a bastard…you’ll be burned to the ground by other girls…!」
「You’ll sieza in front of the captain of the athletic club」
「Yeah…You’ll be preached and be forced to do something…!」
「Like a hundred laps on the ground…」
「That’s great if it ends like that」
「Maybe making you kneel naked in front of Yamamine-chan and all the students…」
「Yeah…that’s possible」
「Rather…I want that instead」

Somehow… it has become amazing
Is that how 『engagement』approved by school is?
Well…it can’t be helped.
I’ll just accept whatever it is in silence.
I decided to be Megu’s 『fiance』by my own will

「Still…thinking about it」
「Yeah…being Yamamine-chan’s 『fiance』」
「I feel jealous, pity…I don’t get it at all」

I feel very happy though…
But, everyone’s face is so gloomy…

「…To be honest, I feel jealous that you got a woman but」
「…Greeting the parents or announcing that you’re officially 『engaged』」
「…It’s impossible for me.」
「…Same, I can’t」
「…I can’t imagine it for a bit」

Everyone looks at my face.

「Yoshida’s high school life has ended with this. From now on, he’s going to be monitored by his 『bride』and 『other girls』」
「Yeah…specially when his 『bride』is his classmate」

I only think of it as fun though…
We can be together

「…But you see」
「Why Yoshida?!」
「…You’re right」
「Why did Yamamine-chan pick Yoshida…that’s what I don’t understand?!
「Why is she so madly in love with you?
「…What the hell is that?

The boys asked me.

「Sorry…Even I don’t know」

I answered honestly.

「Of course…that means we won’t know it too」
「There’s no way Yoshida will know it」

…The hell’s that?
The『medical exam』door opens
Endou came out from inside.
Endou seems to have finished his measurements.
He noticed me and glared at me.

「…Yoshida, remember this. I’ll never forgive you」

Endou says that, threatening me.

「Endou…what can you do?

I answered Endou calmly…


Endou’s about to hit me!
I know that Endou’s body hurts that he’s walking funnily.
I look at Endou’s movement calmly…
…I dodged his blow.
Endou then fell to the ground.

「…What are you doing?」

I spoke to Endou on the floor with cold eyes.


Endou shouted out loud!
A middle aged male teaches comes out from the room.

「What’s with the noise?!」

I answered.

「Ah…he fell on his own. That’s all」
「…Is that true?」

The teacher looks at us.

「Ah, yes, Endou slipped by himself」
「It’s not a big problem」

The boys in the class said so.

「Endou too, you must’ve a game with the baseball club right?…Isn’t that bad if you fall and get yourself injured?」

Tanaka asked Endou.

「…Dammit! Remember this!」

Endou goes to the X-ray furiously.

「…I don’t get it. but. I feel like I’ve solved something」

I told the male teacher.

「I see…Well, it’s great if it’s nothing.

Saying that, the teacher returns to his classroom.

「…You’ve changed」

Tanaka tells me.

「Yeah…it feels like you’re settled down」
「Even if Endou was angry, you’re not panicking at all…」
「Are you not scared of him?」


「No…I know that there’s someone scarier than Endou…」

I won’t flinched from Endou anymore.
I have to be able to deal with it calmly and smoothly anytime.
If not…
I will cause inconvenience as a member of Kuromori

「People scarier than Endou…」

…No, yousee.
I didn’t say anything about that.

「As expected, you changed…Yoshida」
「It’s true that men change when he gets a woman」
「…Somehow, it feels happy and sad」

I should better stop clearing the misunderstanding…
I can’t explain about Cesario Viola to them…

「But…if you had sex with Yamamine-chan, report to us!」
「Somehow, treat us something」
「Canned juice will do!」
「As long as you treat us properly…okay?!」

I counted the number of classmates I have here
There’s eight people who are talking to me but…
There’s twelve or thirteen people who’s listening to the situation.
Yeah…with this.
The money I have right now won’t be enough…
I don’t need to treat the delinquents and Endou’s former followers…

「Let’s buy after coming back from the X-ray…!」

I told my classmates.

「Eh…What does that mean?」

Tanaka looked at me…

「I can do at least one juice for everyone…」

Hearing my words…
My classmates…

「Ah…I thought that Yamamine-chan has become suddenly beautiful but…」
「I can see her sparkling somehow…」
「…Could that be」
「…She has become an adult woman?」
「Yeah…Well, they said that they’re 『engaged』…」
「Yamamine-chan…is an extremely serious girl, right…!」

The boys sighed.

「That’s why we’re 『engaged』 Megu and I」

I said clearly.

「I promise to everyone…I’ll definitely make Megu happy!」

Tanaka looks at me.

「…You’re going to give to for each」

Tanaka grins.

「If you do, we’ll forgive you…right?!」

Tanaka tells the men.

「…It can’t be helped」
「…Don’t make Yamamine-chan cry」
「…Invite us on your wedding ceremony…you bastard」

The boys said then laughed.

「Got it…I’ll get two for each…!」

I smiled to everyone.


  1. Looks like someone’s angry
  2. 「『肉を切らせて、骨を断つ』ですか」