Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 140

140. Negotiation 3

「The talk earlier was just to deliberately trick Mana, right?」

Mana looks at Margo.
Margo-san smiles wryly…

「We’re not trying to trick you…we’re just testing Mana-chan」

I see…they purposely say that Shirasaka Sousuke is in Gold Coast Australia to know Mana’s heart.
To test whether Mana will tell it to her grandfather and mother…
Of course, Gold coast is a fake information…
『Kuromori』always tests people…
They don’t trust people easily.
They will keep trying until they get convined.

「…We’ve already told Mr. Ichikawa yesterday that Shirasaka Sousuke is in Australia」

Margo-san grins.
In short…when that phone call started, Shirasaka Sousuke has already been taken out of Australia…?!

「Of course…we won’t tell you the truth in this place. Shirasaka Sousuke might still be in Australia…he might’ve been moved to a different place too. Which is it?!」

Mana answers Margo-san…

「But…It’s nowhere near Gold Coast?」
「…Well, that’s how it is」

Margo-san nodded at Mana.

「If Shirasaka house focuses on the Gold Coast…they’ll divide the staff and they will lack on other places. It’s just a disturbance information. In the first place, we’re not in trouble even if the disturbance doesn’t succeed…!」

If ever Shirasaka Sousuke is no longer in Australia…the Gold Coast is not a big problem anymore.
No, I don’t know.
Margo-san’s words might be a feint as well…

「Rather…it would be troublesome if they prevent his entry in Japan…!」

If they put a net on the airport…
They will know that Shirasaka Sousuke has returned either way…

「Let me tell you just in case…we’re not stupid enough to use direct flights from Australia. Direct flights from Australia tend to decline every year. If the number of flights is limited…it’ll be discovered fast won’t it?」

Margo-san tells Mana.

「…Via Incheon Airport?」
「I wonder? It might be Hong Kong…there’s a way to go via Shanghai too.」 In any case, there will be flights to Japan airport from China or Korea」

I see…once you get out of Japan…
From there to Japan airport…
If you do that…Shiraska house has to expand their observation to the airports all over the country…

「We’ve got a lot of options. Also, Kyouko-san is an expert on this kind of underground work…!」

Margo-san seems to trust Kyouko-san who’s her master from the bottom of her heart.
Or rather…Kyouko・Dothnomechey seems to really exists1
I’ve been doubting all of Margo-san’s words…that’s trouble.
I don’t know what’s real or fantasy anymore.2

『…Are there any more suggestions from Ichikawa-sama and Shirasaka house?』

Minaho-neesan faces old man Ichikawa and the two inside the principal’s office.

『Indeed…that’s all our proposals so far』

Old man Ichikawa answered while glaring at Minaho-neesan.

『…Certainly…I admit that our proposals weren’t so smart. Either way, it seems that you totally outwit us. However, you haven’t suppressed all the power in the underground society. If we give them money, there are surprisingly a lot of people who will do it…!』

Old man Ichikawa still threatens Minaho-neesan even this late.

『You’re right…we know that it’ll be disadvantageous for us if it takes time. Our funds are limited…」

Minaho-neesan answers laughingly.

『Indeed…at this current stage, we thought about our appearances and weren’t able to do the minimum. We never expected you people would oppose using money and work. I’ve understood that you’re a competent game player. You win the first round. But, the match is just starting…We won’t hold back anymore…!』

Old man Ichikawa says that but…I can see the impatience in his eyes.
His sweating around his neck.

「At such times…his talkativeness is a proof that he lost. Remember that…at any time, respond calmly, with short words, and quietly pressing and killing your emotions. You must not think 『Keep calm』 On the contrary, you will be impatient and talkative. You’re just going to tell unecessary words to the opponent…and you will let them know your psychological state. 『Short and quiet voice』…Just concentrate on those. Just like Minaho right now…」

Margo-san tells me.
Old Man Ichikawa continues to talk desperately while sweating inside the screen.

『Listen…you should think about this very carefully…If Shirasaka-kun and I seriously make a move, this situation can easily be reversed. We are in a position where we can benefit the underground society for a long time. We can bear the shame and ask help from political and business circles. We also have a close relationship with Mass media and judiciary industry…!』

Compared to that…Minaho-neesan’s having a cool face.

『Yes…you’re righty. Therefore, I acted thinking that the match will only be for 12 hours…!』

Minaho-neesan smiled coldy…!
To me…
I can see the game is already done.

『…Well fine. Then, let’s hear your proposal. How will you return Maika and Sousuke-kun to us? Let me hear your conditions…how much do you want? What should we do? We’ll follow it depending on your request. You can even make me talk to Shirasaka-kun…!』

But still…Old Man Ichikawa tries to rule this place by somehow looking from above.

『Ufufu…we’re not offering a single condition…!』

Minaho-neesan’s cold words…
Startled old man Ichikawa…!!!

『…Then…The negotiations break down and we’ll rush to the second round?!』


『Ahahahaha…There’s no second round!…This will be the last time I will talk with Ichikawa-sama…!』
『…W-What do you mean by that?!!!!!』

Old man Ichikawa shouted in a loud voice!!!
Minaho-neesan answered calmly.

『We don’t intend to negotiate with Ichikawa-sama nor Shirasaka house since the beginning…!』
『…What…did you say!?』
『I just needed the 12 hours to negotiate with another person…!』

Minaho-neesan stands up and heads to the machine next to the principal’s office desk.
That’s like a broadcast machine for notifying the whole school.
A microphone is coming out of the machine.
Minaho-neesan pushed the switch…
And talked to the microphone…

『…It is as you see. Kakka3

Then…I hear a dignified voice of an old man
from the big speaker inside the principal’s office…!

『…It seems that Ichikawa-kun and Shirasaka house has no capability to clean themselves… !』

W-Who’s this voice…?!4
I feel a strong will that’s likely to control people with his voice alone.

『…I’ve been listening since the beginning…!』

Old man Ichikawa got irritates from the low voice.

『…Who is this person eavesdropping from us? knowing that I am Ichikawa Shinichiro and you have been rude…!』

The voice answered from the speaker.

『I do not think this is rude. The way you have responded after summoned to this situation is the one rude to the world…!』

Old man Ichikawa raises a voice entrusted to anger…!

『Who are you…reveal yourself…!』

The voice answered.

『…Ichikawa-kun, It’s me5 Kouzuki Shigetaka…!』

Misuzu’s grandfather?!

『…Didn’t I say 『Kakka』 eariler?』

Minaho-neesan laughs at old man Ichikawa…
I look at Margo-san.

「…Kouzuki-san was appointed as an ambassador of Japan in UK when he was young. In Japan, we give ambassadors a title of 『Kakka』 That’s why…even now, Kouzuki-san is called 『Kakka』by his close friends…!」

I-Is that so?
A historically noble family from before Meiji era…a big shot in the political and economic world…a former UK ambassador…
Isn’t he an extremely powerful person…!

『…I-Is this really 『Kakka』?!』

Mr. Ichikawa turned pale immediately…

『Ichikawa-kun…do you remember when you were young…when I told you that imagination and inspiration is what business owners need?』

The voice from the speaker says

『Y-Yes…I remember…!』
『Your imagination and inspiration seems to be completely inferior to Minaho-kun who’s right there…!!』

Mana’s mother look at old man Ichikawa.

『…Father, is this true?』

Mr. Ichikawa…

『…There’s no doubt. This is Kouzuki-sensei』

The Shirasaka lawyer behind also turned pale…
Does Misuzu’s grandfather hold power that’s beyond old man Ichikawa and Shirasaka house…?!

『Ichikawa-kun…Minaho-kun should’ve told you enough information. But…you were too fixated about your house’s honor that you missed something important…』

The voice from the speaker criticizes old man Ichikawa.


Old man Ichikawa opens his mouth absentmindedly…
He looks like he doesn’t get it.

『…Minaho-kun, please explain』
『…Yes, Kakka』

Minaho-neesan turned to Mr. Ichikawa and the two.

『I’ve clearly told Ichikawa-sama yesterday during the phone call… Mr. Shirasaka Sousuke has betrayed us…and tried to hand over our customer list to crime syndicates…!』

Minaho-neesan smiles.

『W-Well, I know that…That’s why you’re trying to kill Sousuke-kun, right?!』

Mr. Ichikawa answers Minaho-neesan like that…!

『As expected…you do not understand anything. Mr. Shirasaka Sousuke didn’t betray just us people of Kuromori brothel…!』

The voice from the speaker continues from what Minaho-neesan said…

『Have you not thought that Shirasaka Sousuke using the Kuromori brothel is a betrayal to the customers…?』

Old man…is trembling intensely.

『…Kuromori brothel…was founded by Minaho-kun’s grandfather shortly after the war. It was a refined brothel which targets the leading figures in Japan political and financial circle and high-ranking US military officers. The women in the mansion weren’t only young and beautiful, they’re holding deep education and elegant character…they always prepare the best dishes and music』

Kouzuki 『Kakka』…knows the best times of 『Kuromori tower』
He was a guest of the mansion at those times.

『From the time of defeat to the high economic growth, Kuromori tower is a social gathering place for representatives of Japan…it is a status to enter and exit the mansion. It’s not just for embracing a woman. There were a lot of people attending the Kuromori tower to associate with the high class people. Some regular member must’ve taken you there while you were still young?』

Old man Ichikawa…answers while trembling.

『Y-Yes…. I-I was taken by Mr. Sugiuchi who was the president Sakizaki about twice. But…it has nothing to do with the prostitutes!』
『No wonder…it would’ve been impossible to buy a woman from Kuromori with your salary back then. There’s also a rule where a guest’s visitor can’t buy a prostitute. But still…there was a worth on just going, is that correct?』
『…Y-Yes. Certainly, I’ve talked to a lot of well known people』

That is the original high class brothel『Kuromori tower』Minaho-neesan’s grandfather has made.
It’s not just selling women…it’s also a social gathering where there are high class prostitutes.

『The people who were regulars of Kuromori tower are mostly retiring from active service. There are many of them who are already dead. But…the child and grandchildren would inherit the parent’s business and knows that there are many cores of political and business world…!』

The voice on the speaker answers calmly…

『…All of the former regular customer’s names are written in the Kuromori contact list. With photographs too. Kuromori tower was a secret club membership system. What do you think would happen if such a list falls into the hands of crime syndicates because of a little scoundrel like Shirasaka Sousuke?!』

…I-I see
The crime syndicates may blackmail the former customer based on the list…!

『It won’t be interesting to threaten the fathers and grandfathers who went to the prostitution mansion before, is that correct? However, there are people like me who’s a former regular and still in active service. It would be troublesome…to have such a list flow on crime syndicates. It’s a serious annoyance…!』

Shirasaka Sousuke’s betrayal…
Is a betrayal against all of the guests who visited 『Kuromori tower』before…!

「When Minaho’s father and Shirasaka Sousuke took hold of the mansion with a coup d’etat…all of the customer information so far was taken by the manager, Morimoto Shirasaka banished Morimoto-san, however…it was actually the opposite」

Margo-san explains.

「When Minaho became the owner of the mansion, and she recalled Morimoto-san, it was after Kyouko-san’s dispatched by Kouzuki-san…they handed over the old list of clients to Shirasaka’s hands. Well, Shirasaka Sousuke is just a fool who wants to satisfy his perverted nature so he didn’t notice the importance of the customer list…」

So that’s why when he told the crime syndicates 「I will make a new prostitution organization for you so bring the customer list of 『Kuromori』」he followed without questions…

「The contact list that Minaho’s father took to Australia is a false information…!」

I see…so that’s how it is…!!!!

『After Shirasaka Sousuke took over Kuromori mansion…the former luxury brothel has completely disappeared. It has turned to a childish…worthless…a vulgar prostitution organization. I was very disappointed in those days. I loved the world with the influence of the old Kuromori tower』

『Kakka』continues to talk.

『…However…I gave up on thinking that it will change at that time. In the It was the prime age of bubble economy, it was the era that raised Japan. The regulars including me have not stepped on Kuromori mansion since then…!』

The 『Kuromori tower』that was taken over by Shirasaka Sousuke…kidnapping women, confining, raping…turning them to a prostitute, 『Kuromori』has fallen to a vicious crime organization…

『But…that was 12 years ago. We were called for help by the women of Kuromori mansion. Yes…there were still prostitutes whom we patronized before in that mansion. When I heard the terrible experience of the women in the mansion…I felt pity on them. I thought that I want to help them even a little』

That is the time when Minaho-neesan’s sister was killed…?

『Of course…It’s impossible for a man in the surface world be involved in the management of a prostitution mansion. But, I want to regain the light of the old Kuromori Mansion…I selected Minaho-kun here to become the operator opposing Shirasaka Sousuke…!』

The voice…『Kakka』keeps speaking.

『Minaho-kun, you have met our expectations. You have worked hard to regain the atmosphere of the destroyed Kuromori tower bit by bit for twelve years. The prostitutes you have found and polished have exceptional talents. I am deeply impressed by your past efforts…!』
『…Thank you very much. Kakka…!』

Minaho-neesan bows..

『…Compared to that…what is this failure of a human, Shirasaka Sousuke doing?』
『I-I’m very sorry…!』

The Shirasaka lawyer apologizes to 『Kakka』on behalf of the house…!

『I should’ve intervened thoroughly twelve years ago in this case. Shirasaka Sousuke was really close with the son of Kuromori-san who passed away. I wasn’t able to dispose of Shirasaka Sousuke as I feel compassion on Kuromori-san’s son. As a result…Minaho-kun had suffered a lot. I apologize for that』
『No…Kakka. I was just a little girl at that time…Without the cooperation of Kyouko-san who’s sent by Kakka and Morimoto-san who knows the old Kuromori, I won’t be able to go against my father and Shirasaka Sousuke. I always want to appreciate my gratitude from Kakka’s help…!』

Old man Ichikawa and the two were stunned by the connection of 『Kakka』and Minaho-neesan.

『Now then…Ichikawa-kun, about the future…!』

『Kakka』talks to them.

『Y-yes…What is it?』

Old man Ichikawa is completely frightened.

『I have talked to the former regulars of Kuromori, Kyogoku-san and Ohara-kun…also Godai-kun in Kobe…』

Mr. Ichikawa trembles every time he hears a name.
I don’t know them but…They must be powerful people in the financial and political world of Japan.

『We all decided to accept Minaho-kun’s proposal…!』

…Minaho-neesan’s proposal!?
…I see
Minaho-neesan has been negotiating with Kouzuki-san and others, the old customers…!
The twelve hours…the purpose of that time…!

『…The news about Shirasaka Sousuke arrested by the local police of Australia will flow to the mass media by 3:00 this afternoon』

Shirasaka Sousuke is arrested by the Australian police?!

『…The charge is serial rape of women in Australia, manufacturing underage porn and selling it. The 5 o’clock news from each and every station will feature the arrest of Shirasaka Sousuke…!』


「This is not a made up story…Shirasaka Sousuke has actually raped three Australian high school students three years ago. Then he sold the videos and photos to his friends. That’s the charge of the Australian police this time…!」

Margo-san said.
Far from Japan…a news of a ridiculous sex crime committed on a different country was announced by a top news…
Shirasaka Sousuke’s social status will be completely lost.
No…the influence will reach his clan.
On top of that…Shirasaka house is a famous noble family…
I-It’ll become a big problem6

『…We don’t know what the newspaper company and TV station of Shirasaka-kun will do…please circulate this news thoroughly to other news organizations. That will happen. Carry this order without exceptions. You can’t overturn this anymore』

『Kakka’s』voice sounds like a sentence of a judge…

『Shirasaka-kun is widely known to be an owner of a baseball team and a newspaper company to the world. His nephew, an elite businessman working for a major advertising agency was arrested for committing a crime that can only be described as a national disgrace. This will become a very big scandal…!』

…His serial rape in Australia and manufacturing and sale of child pornography…
It can’t be helped if that’s called as a national disgrace…
The entire Japanese people will look at Shirasaka Sousuke with white eyes…
And, his family too…

『P-Please wait…that would mean Shirasaka house’s collapse!』

The Shirasaka lawyer pleads to the voice on the speaker!

『…It is you people to blame for not dealing the pest Shirasaka Sousuke inside you. Let me tell you, I am very angry about this situation. It’s not just me…Kyogoku-san, Ohara-kun, and Godai-kun as well…the people who went to the old Kuromori tower are completely angry. They obviously want the Shirasaka house to pay a penalty to some level…!』

『Kakka』said with a strong voice…

『…Ichikawa-kun, you’re the same』

Old man Ichikawa crumbles on the floor.

『…Retire. Your daughter’s marriage partner committed a crime. Naturally, you are responsible for it too』

Old man Ichikawa howls while holding his head on the floor…!

『…Father, what will happen from now on?! What will happen to me!?』

Mana’s mother rants hysterically…!

『…It’s no good. There’s no human who survived after making Kakka angry』

Old man Ichikawa looks at his daughter with eyes of despair.

『Both of us are done…we’ll be a family of disgrace in Japan…!』

Mr. Ichikawa will have to retire from the position of company representative.
Mana’s mother cannot do any showy work of food critic.
From now on…they can’t live on a place with sunlight to escape from the eyes of public.

『…It is inevitable…this is a reward for your treachery against us…!』

『Kakka’s』voice…pushed away old man Ichikawa.

『P-Please…At least give us time to consult the clan!』

The Shirasaka lawyer begs desperately…

『You also are repetitious』


『Ichikawa-kun have said it earlier right?…You’re the existence that’s leading the mass media of this country, you have a lot of acquaintances in the surface and the underground world, right? If you are dissatisfied with our decision, do something with your own power! There’s more than three house before the arrest of Shirasaka Sousuke’s arrest news is delivered…!』
『We can’t do anything within three hours!』

The lawyer complains half-crying.

『If it was Minaho-kun…she can reverse the situation within three hours. That’s the difference between you and her』
『Are you saying that we’re inferior to a prostitute?!』

Mana’s mother screams…!

『You and her are similar…if she’s filthy for being a prostitute, are you not as dirty as her who’s having an affair with a man other than her husband? Our difference as a human is that you people were arrogant…and left the villain Shirasaka Sousuke run loose』

The voice said.
Oh…Minaho-neesan has showed all of the material of Shirasaka Sousuke to 『Kakka』
Of course she knows about Mana’s mother’s affair too.

『That is all about the punishment we will be giving to Shirasaka Sousuke』

Mr. Ichikawa, Mana’s mother, and the Shirasaka lawyer are just in blank surprise.

「…I’ve lost my place to come back home」

Mana who’s been watching the situation on the monitor has said quietly.

「I can’t go back home anymore…no. My house will disappear soon. Because of Papa…」


「If everyone knows that I’m a daughter of a person who had a serial rape in a foreign country…I can’t go to school anymore. I can’t go anywhere anymore…!」

Mana shivers.

「…I’ll lose everything…!」

Mana’s frightened.

「Eh, what are you saying? That’s not the case!」

Nei-san brightly talks to Mana.


Mana looks at Nei-san with a surprised face.

「Mana-chan has Yo-chan!」

Mana looks at me.

「Mana-chan, as long as you’re Yo-chan’s 『slave』…Mana-chan will be my 『little sister』!」

Nei-san grins.

「That’s right…you’re already Yoshida Mana aren’t you? You’re no longer Shirasaka Maika…!」

Megu tells Mana with a smile.

「If you don’t like being pointed at your back because of your father, just enroll to another middle school with the name Yoshida Mana!…Should I ask Sensei?」

Nei-san says that, but…

「No…I will be the one to ask Minaho-neesan about that」

Nei-san smiled at me when I say that.

「You’re right…Yo-chan should be the one to ask…!」

Mana’s looking at us with a surprised face.

「Why can Onii-chan say that calmly?」

Mana…let’s out her emotions…

「I have lost my place to come back home!」

…While she shivers.
Err…what should I say?

「We’re all the same if that’s the case!」

Nei-san smiled at Mana.


Mana was shocked by the smile.

「I haven’t told Mana-chan about it yet, right…My parents were killed in US. My twin brother and I were kidnapped after that…then my brother was killed too. Then, when finally escaped from the criminal…, I was sold as a slave to a bad woman…that’s when Sensei took me. You see, I had a time when I was the slave just like Mana-chan!」

Nei-san said with a smile.

「I was born in an American-Indian settlement. I was raped by two men when I was 12. My father sold me. Then, I shot the men with a gun…it was a legitimate self-defense. Afterwards, I was sent to a facility…But, I wasn’t able to make friends as I’m a woman who killed her rapists. I met Minaho during my rough times」

Margo-san smiles at Mana.

「I’m the same…I’ve lost home too」

Megu follows.

「You know about me don’t you?…I was on the verge of being made a prostitute by Shirasaka-san. I can’t go back to Shirasaka house nor Yamamine house…」

Megu smiles kindly to Mana.

「You also know about Minaho and Katsuko-san don’t you?…Both of them were turned prostiututes by Shirasaka Sousuke…unable to see the parent’s funeral. After all, they don’t have a place to return to」
「Mana-chan, we’re the same!」


「We’re finally the same… Mana!」


「…I’m the same?!」

Mana mutters.

「That’s right. And, we have Yoshi-kun…!」

…Is it okay for me to be here?
I still have a house to come back to.
The my sleeping sofa with no lights.
I’m different from everyone who really lost their home. 7

「As long as Yoshida-kun accepts Mana-chan…I will accept Mana-chan too」

Margo-san says.

「Yeah…as long as Yo-chan loves Mana, I will also love Mana-chan too!」


「I intend to be Yoshida Megumi from the bottom of my heart already. That’s why if Yoshi-kun says that Mana is his 『Little sister』I will accept you as my『little sister』too」


「Sensei and Katsun thinks the same too…it’s all up to Mana-chan afterwards!」

Nei-san tells Mana.

「Depending on me?」

Mana looks at me…

「Yeah…You can go back to your mother and grandfather in the upper room too…Mana」

I tell Mana…

「Onii-chan…please violate me in front of Mama and Ojii-chan…!」


「I’m planned to be violated in front of grandfather…right?」

Mana asks Margo-san.

「Yeah…that’s in our revenge plan」

She admits it’s existence in the plan honestly.

「I have been raped by Onii-chan multiple times unknown to Mama and Grandfather…」

Mana said sadly.
Yeah…I’ve raped Mana twelve times already including yesterday’s virgin rape…

「If Mama and Ojii-chan still accepts me even when they see me raped by Onii-chan…I will return to Shirasaka house」

Mana’s face is serious.

「I’m okay living being talked behind my back forever…I will do my best living with Mama and Ojii-chan. But…if ever…!」


「Mama and Ojii-chan sees me as dirty after seeing me raped…!」

Mana’s eyes have tears stocked up.

「I’m okay living as Onii-chan’s 『slave』forever. I’ll live as a 『slave』…!!!」


  1. Yeah, that’s the first one I’d doubt that it’s an April fools prank because of her name
  2. Caught in the landslide
  3. Kakka isn’t HeartUnderBlade’s laugh but it means “Your honor”, I will use Kakka since I consider it as a name, it’s hard to TL the calls for people if it always changes in this novel, just let it be
  4. Big brother!?
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