Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 142

142. To scold

I embrace the naked crying Mana.


Finally…Mana loses everything.
Her house, family, and her friends…
She can no longer go back on being Shirasaka Maika.

「…It’s okay…everything will be all right」

I’ve comforted Mana so many times since yesterday.
Every time I do…Mana betrays me in her heart.
She has been thinking about escaping in her mind…she’s always been acting.
Getting conceited when Megu and I pamper Mana…she took a familiar and impolite attitude to Minaho-neesan and Tamayo-san.
But…Mana cannot betray me anymore.
Mana doesn’t have anything but me.

「Now…it’s about time the upper room opens」

Margo-san looks at the monitor.
The state in the principal’s office is reflected on the big screen on the wall.

『…Kakka, how was it?』

Minaho-neesan says quietly.

『Umu…it was a spectacular show.』 It was a bit wasteful that it’s just a side show…!』

The voice from the speaker says so.
Mana’s sorrowful breakup…is a 『Show』

『…That was the man you have mention?』


『Yes…That is right』

Minaho-neesan answers…

『I see, he’s certainly an interesting one…however…!』

『Kakka』…what does he think about me and Misuzu?
He says『But』…as expected, he’ll object.
…I get that.
I’m just a commoner…
No…I’m even lower than a commoner.
I’m a child abandoned by my parents…
And…I belong the underworld group 『Kuromori』…
I’ll never be a match for Misuzu who’s a member of Kouzuki house…
Above all…I have multiple 『women』
Even Kouzuki『Kakka』…must’ve hate giving his granddaughter to such a man.
On top of that…Misuzu has a fiance 『Kakka』has decided
I love Misuzu.
I don’t want to part with Misuzu.

『Kakka…let us talk about that matter on another occasion…』

Minaho-neesan said.

『Umu…certainly, this isn’t a talk these people should hear』

…That’s right.
The room still has old man Ichikawa and Shirasaka house’s lawyer.
This isn’t something that should be talked in front of them.
The match hasn’t been finished yet.
Actually, until the news about Shirasaka Sousuke’s crime in Australia flows…
Until the return of Shirasaka Sousuke himself…and the revenge is accomplished.
『Kuromori』and Shirasaka house’s fight is still not finished…
It’s just a mere passage right now.

『Tomorrow night…will you come to the Konpeki-style family’s dance presentation?』

『Kakka’s』voice said.

『Yes…we will be making a visit』
『Of course I will be going too…Minaho-kun. Should we talk about the details at that time?』

…The national theater?
They’re going to talk about Misuzu and my future?


Minaho-neesan bows to the voice.

『Now then…Ichikawa-kun』

『Kakka』…calls out old man Ichikawa.


Mr. Ichikawa who’s struck dumb from the declaration of breakup by Mana, hurries to correct his posture.

『What should we do about you after this…?』

Old man Ichikawa looks like he has grown ten years in just a minute.

『…I will follow all of Kakka’s instructions』

Mr. Ichikawa surrenders brokenheartedly.

『A good decision. Well then, please prepare a press conference matching the news at 5 o’clock…!』
『…Press conference?』

Mr. Ichikawa looks up the speaker where the voice comes from.

『That is right…You didn’t know anything about Shirasaka Sousuke’s evildoings. You don’t, however…you will take responsibility for the situation that has occurred as his father-in-law and will go down from your seat as company’s representative…that will be the content. It’s a retirement interview』

Kouzuki『Kakka’s』words…made Mr. Ichikawa tremble.

『…Is there no other way?』
『…If you do that, you will suffer minimal damage. If you cut your stomach yourself…the people and mass media won’t need to blame you. Anyway, it’s about time for you to retire. I think it’s a good time for that…!』

Misuzu’s grandfather is this kind of person.
He is far higher than old man Ichikawa or Shirasaka house…
He must be the most influential person in Japan…

『As for your daughter. Show in the press conference and say that you’ll refrain yourself from your food critic work. Hold yourself for a while. If it cools down, you may be able to work as a food critic again…if you are lucky.』

Mana’s mother looked at Mr. Ichikawa…

『We will do as Kouzuki-sama says…we don’t have any other paths to take』

Mana’s mother begins to cry…
She’s much more sad about losing her work than losing Mana?

『Now then…Shirasaka lawyer…Ichikawa-kun and her will do as I say, but…what about Shirasaka house?』

『Kakka』…turns towards the Shirasaka lawyer.

『Uhm…I’m not in a position to respond to anything. I will come back home and will consult Moritsugu-sama…!』
『…I don’t mind if it’s just your opinion. Do you think that Moritsugu-kun will agree to this?』

…The lawyer.

『…No. Moritsugu-sama won’t agree to this situation.』
『Of course…He’s quite stubborn after all. You can say that he’s persistent…!』

『Kakka』comments on the head of Shirasaka house, Shirasaka Moritsugu…

『…However, as I have said earlier…the news about Shirasaka Sousuke will reach the media and it would be a hot item at 5 o’clock news. That would exclude Shirasaka house’s newspaper and television stations. From now on, you cannot escape the other newspaper and television companies…that decision won’t be overturned』

I see…the press will be contacted at 3 o’clock and the television news at 5 o’clock.
Shirasaka house has the room to continue their work until that time.

『This will become a big scandal of Shirasaka family who is taking the lead in media. There are a lot of people in mass media who dislikes the domination of Shirasaka family. You will be beaten up thoroughly. In addition, I will let it happen that way…』
『…P-Please wait. Moritsugu-sama will be making contact with Kouzuki-sama…please discuss this subject with Moritsugu-sama by all means…』

『Kakka』interrupts the Shirasaka lawyer from speaking.

『…Why do I have to discuss with the likes of a newspaper boss?』

For Mr. Kouzuki…Shirasaka house and the newspaper company controlled by Shirasaka family is nothing big.

『But…Shirasaka house will collapse with this』
『…It can’t be helped that it will collapse. If the news won’t be reported by the other mass media controlled by Shirasaka family…that would be misappropriation of media. Or, if you can’t report the shame of your relative…it’s inevitable to collapse, isn’t that correct?』
『…Kouzuki-sama, are you suggesting that you are favoring that Shirasaka family be gone from the newspaper and television?』

The lawyer still clings to him.

『…The only one collapsing will be Shirasaka house. Shirasaka house has earned profit from running newspaper and television stations…it doesn’t mean that the newspaper and television stations have flourished thanks to the Shirasaka family? Just because the Shirasaka family collapses, it won’t mean that the newspaper and television stations will disappear. If you’d like, shall I introduce a good asignee?』

『Kakka』…intends to take over the newspaper and television stations from Shirasaka family…

『I think that it would be better to reduce the number of newspaper companies and television stations in Japan…Oh, Shirasaka-kun’s pro baseball team is different』


『Of course…Shirasaka-kun has made too much moves that prioritizes the interests of his team so I think that the popularity of pro baseball has declined in Japan. Shirasaka Moritsugu is the type of person that would leave it soon. As a business owner…a baseball team owner』

That is a declaration of war to the Shirasaka family.

『Now…Let’s start the game. Play ball. Can can just insist that the arrest of Shirasaka Sousuke in Australia is a false alarm, a misidentified arrest to those media only you control. But…We have Ichikawa-kun. Even if Shirasaka Sousuke’s wife and father-in-law admits of his crime in a press conference…will you continue denying it? This will be interesting… I’m looking forward on Mr. Moritsugu’s movement. Either way, I’d like him to confront me thoroughly… I haven’t played this kind of game for a while…!』

『Kakka’s』words has stunned the Shirasaka lawyer.

『…It will be noon before long. You should be going. A cruel game about double-dealing, stealing a march, betrayal, slaughter, anything. Shirasaka Moritsugu-kun will have fun and enjoying this kind of game as much as I do…!』

The voice of 『Kakka』coming from the speaker is laughing…

『Ichikawa-kun…Well, it’s possible that you will make a call with Shirasaka-kun after this but…I don’t mind even if you betray me. As long as you’re prepared for a retaliation…』

Mr. Ichikawa…

『P-Please don’t be absurd. I merely obey Kouzuki-sama’s instructions. I won’t make a call with Moritsugu-kun…My daughter as well』
『…I’m really thankful if you do. Well, I’m expecting it』

Mr. Ichikawa rubs his forehead on the floor…

『Then…dismissed. Are you fine with that…Minaho-kun?』
『Yes…Thank you for the troubles. Kakka』

Minaho-neesan bows her head to the voice too.

『You have proven that you are sincere and competent human for these past 12 years. I highly evaluate your talent…By the way』


『…You do intend to close the brothel by all means?』


『That is my dream』
『…That’s regrettable. I thought that you can rebuild Kuromori tower…』
『I don’t have such power』
『…Well fine…Let’s talk about it tomorrow. It will be a consultation about you and your organization』
『…Yes, Kakka』

Mr. Kouzuki wants Minaho-neesan to continue the brothel.
And…She intends to intervene with the future of 『Kuromori』as well.

『Then, everyone…spend a fun afternoon…!』

Then…『Kakka’s』voice stopped.
Minaho-neesan speaks first…

『…Katsuko…please send Ichikawa-sama back. I will be taking a look down there』

Katsuko-nee answers.

◇ ◇ ◇

We’re watching the situation at the lower room.

「…What will happen to us?」

When I say that absentmindedly…

「There’s no helping even if we think about it now…Don’t mind it!」

Is what Nei-san answered.

「But…aren’t you worried?」
「But…there’s nothing we can do right? Just leave it to Sensei. That’s why she’s our leader!」
「I know that, but…」
「At this times, we just have to let Sensei do the small worries and we should just smile. That’s all we can do!」

Nei-san said while smiling…
That’s right…it is as Nei-san says.
Coming this far…this isn’t on the level we can do anything.
What we can only do is to not let Minaho-neesan worry…

「…Hey, Mana. Isn’t it about time for you to calm down?」

I talk to Mana who I’ve been hugging all this time.

「…Y-Yeah. Onii-chan」

Mana’s still unsettled, but…she’s calmer than a while ago.

「There’s a bathroom back there so…Yo-chan and Mana-chan, go and take a bath」

Nei-san said.
This monitoring room has been made so one can barricade anytime.

「I think Katsun’s going to come back soon…Then, Mana will help me and Katsun make lunch!」

Nei-san is really kind.


Mana replied.

「…Mana, go ahead and take hot bath」

I ordered Mana

「…Yes , Onii-chan」

Mana…answered me 『Slave』-like
「Ah, I’ll guide you around」

Nei-san sticks with Mana.
I wore my underwear and pants then go to Margo-san.
Margo-san is already investigating something on the computer.

「…What do you want to talk about?」

Margo-san smiles at me.

「Uhm…I’d like to hear Margo-san’s opinion on why Mana’s grandfather and the two are in such a horrible state」

…That’s right.
Minaho-neesan cut off all the routes of cooperators in the underground society…
Even though they’re in a situation where they don’t have anything, why can’t they break their arrogant attitude?
They thought they can make us submit with just a verbal promise amounting 40 million yen.
Above all…They’re completely negligent of Mana’s safety.
Those people are on top of a big company…
I thought people in those position are more careful and reliable.

「…Mr. Ichikawa was a obotchan1 of a good house. Since the beginning」

Margo-san answers.

「He joined the advertising company that his father founded…and he was a director in the company when he entered thirties. It was a literal elite life」
「Is elite bad?」
「It doesn’t matter if you were an elite, but…he became an adult that’s not scolded by people」

Scolded by people?

「This is what the priest on the facility said…『People become impossible to be scolded by others when they grow up』 That is why you have to be scolded with affection while you are young…and you must not forget that experience」

You have to be scolded with affection?

「You do know the difference of『Telling someone off』from『Scolding someone』2?」
「Ah…Yes. Telling someone off is about getting mad and yelling emotionally…to scold someone is thinking about the other side, preaching and talking about the subject, is that right?」

I…think that way.

「Well, you’re right. …When I was a child…the adults gather and drink at night in the Indian settlement. Then, badmouthing about the people not there will begin. 『He’s useless』or 『He doesn’t get the work』 They speak precisely and accurately about when and what behavior is wrong at all times. I was listening from the side and I was wondering why don’t they tell them directly」
「…Not tell them directly?」
「Hmm…there are those who speaks out complains when there’s a fight, but…it’s not a bad idea to call one out and say 『You’re bad at this, so you better fix it』」

You should just tell the person if there’s something that you think is bad.

「You see…That’s the adult society」

Margo-san smiles.

「Scolding someone is something you never do in the adult world as long as there’s no affection or fellowship to the other party. If you say something unnecessary, you’ll just be in trouble with the other party. It’s stupid to poke your nose on all of the troublesome things. It just invites unnecessary troubles. Therefore people don’t like that. Even though they think it’s better to correct it, everyone just shuts themselves up. Even if it’s a direct boss, as long as you don’t suffer direct damage from that person…don’t tell the person himself, endure it. Then just backstab that person on tables with alcohol…」

…Is that how it is?

「Ichikawa-san has entered the company as the son of the top…He’s still young to be a director…a president, right/ THere has never been an adult to scold Ichikawa-san like his parents」
「Then…Why did it become like earlier?」
「Ichikawa-san knew that Mana-chan has been taken hostage and Shirasaka Sousuke is bound by us…Why do you think he thought and acted everything all on his own?」
「…Err, I don’t understand」
「Ichikawa-san have consulted various people…his employees, subordinates, his own lawyers, the big people in the crime organizations he depends on…I can grasp the general people he contacts」

…Is that so?

「But…Those people don’t listen to Ichikawa-san kindly. They only have a business relationship to the end. It’s not about how they deal with the situation…how should I say it, Ichikawa-san speaks when he gets in a good mood. Then, he strayed off…」

…I-I see.

「Nobody must’ve told him that『Make the rescue of your grandchild as your top priority, take a modest approach and don’t throw everything』 Since Ichikawa-san thinks that we’re only a lump of prostitutes, he got angry about us doing what we want, so he’ll say… 『They’re not a big deal, let’s just threaten them a bit』 If it’s not just one or two…Ichikawa-san will gradually be convinced『that’s how it is』…」

So he came here without any defense but their arrogance?

「Even if he was worried about Mana-chan in the beginning, when the people around him say 『They won’t make a move on the hostage』or 『They should be afraid of Ichikawa-san’s power』he’ll stop worrying and think that it’s okay. Well, that is Minaho’s strategy though…」
「Yesterday…when Mana-chan called Ichikawa-san…we ate dinner at the hotel and aimed to relax a little. Mana-chan’s voice was bright at that time so Ichikawa-san had the wrong judgement that there’s nothing to worry about Mana-chan…」

…I see

「But…In the end, the people around him. They didn’t say anything against Ichikawa-san’s mood, there was no one to tell Ichikawa-san that it’s a a severe assessment of situation even if it would make Ichikawa-san angry」
「Is that how it is?」
「Yeah…But still, if he has experienced being scolded properly by someone, this won’t happen. He will have the person who scolded himself in his heart. He’ll ask himself,『What will that person tell me at such times』 That’s why, he’ll never make a naive judgement…Ichikawa-san don’t have that person in his heart. In short…He didn’t experience being scolded by someone with affection」

Margo-san said.

「Margo-san…who’s the person in your heart?」

Margo-san smiled.

「In my case…the pastor in the facility, Kyouko-san…also, Minaho and Katsuko-san」
「…That many?」
「Yeah…I’m somewhat an obstinate girl in the old days so I was often scolded by everyone. I’m grateful about it now. If ever I’m in some trouble, I always thgink. What will the priest say at this case? What about Kyouko-san? What about Minaho?…I ask. I sometimes make tough choices for myself. But…I can jump into hardships with courage. The people in me boosts my courage…!」

Margo-san smiles bashfully.

「Won’t the people in your heart have conflict?」

I asked my doubt.

「Well…the priest is sensible, and Kyouko-san is an underground person…it often happens that if I think what they will say about this situation, their opinions are completely opposite. At such times, I will chose the best action I think…well, usually I would tell the priest 『Sorry』…I’m a woman in a criminal organization」

Obliged to chose the unethical choice…

「But…What’s important is that you have someone like that in your heart. Someone who you can consult…someone who doesn’t pamper you, corrects you strictly…someone you can trust」

…For me.
…Is there a person like that?
…I don’t know.

「…The hot water’s ready. Onii-chan」

Mana comes over.

「Yeah, I’m going…Margo-san, thank you for teaching me a lot」

I thanked her.

「I don’t mind it…Look, Mana-chan is waiting」

I go to the bathroom.

◇ ◇ ◇

When I go to the bathroom…Huh, it’s not Mana but Megu…?
Megu’s already naked.

「…Where’s Nei-san?」
「Nei-san went to the kitchen. She said that she’ll prepare lunch…」

I know that, but…
Why is Megu naked here?

「…From now on, Us sisters will be making Yoshi-kun clean!」

Megu said and took off my pants.

「…Wait, Megu?」
「I won’t allow you to be along with Mana in the bath…!」

Megu says that she intruded the bathroom because of jealousy…
In truth, she’s worried about Mana…

「Ah…As expected」

Megu said when she took out my underwear and saw my half-erect cock.

「Mana…come over here and take a look」

Mana who’s observing the temperature of the bath water…has come pitter-patter

「…What’s wrong?」

As expected…she’s slightly unenergetic.

「Katsuko-san’s energy drink is too strong so Yoshi-kun can’t be satisfied after ejaculating inside Mana once, right?」

Megu smiles at me with a horny face.

「Megu and Mana…who will you take?」


「Should I have to let it out now?…I feel like I have to let out even more after this for today…」

It’s not just feeling.
It’s almost definite…
Misuzu will be coming over after this…
It’s normal to have sex if Misuzu comes over too.

「Megu wants it right now」


「…What about Mana?」

Megu looks at Mana.


Mana remembers her public sex in front of her grandfather and mother a while ago.
She’s making a gloomy face.

「Is that so?…Then Megu will be taking it!」

Megu pulls down my underwear…
Then puts my penis inside her mouth…3
…Chupa, chupa, chupa

「Look…Mana, even though you did it a while ago, you didn’t clean it at all. There are still semen remaining in Yoshi-kun’s penis…!」

Megu said and sucks the tip of my glans…sucking out the semen in the urethra.

「Okay…It’s clean now」

Megu smiles.

「…Mana, I will take all your work if you don’t want to do it!」

Megu tells Mana while caressing my penis.


Mana’s puzzled.

「…You’re Yoshi-kun’s what?」

Megu asks Mana while rubbing her cute breasts to me.

「I’m…Onii-chan’s 『slave』」

Megu answers.

「…Then, do your work as a『Slave』 A useless child who can’t become a 『slave』will be kicked out by me. Someone like that is only a nuisance for Yoshi-kun …!」

She really intends to be Mana’s 『elder sister』
She intents do 『scold』Mana with affection.


Mana speaks to megu.

「That’s right…I’m Mana’s Onee-chan. If Mana-chan can’t do her『slave』work properly then Onee-chan will be Yoshi-kun’s 『slave』with you. I don’t intend to help Mana. If Mana is inefficient, Onee-chan will take all of the 『slave’s』work. If you’re useless, you’ll be kicked out…you do know that much don’t you?」
「…Yes, I understand」

That’s right…Everyone in the lower room spoke to Mana before the negotiation with Mr. Ichikawa.
Mana will be accepted by 『Kuromori』as long as she’s related to me.
Megu adds further conditions now
If she’s useless for me…Mana will be kicked out…and.
Mana must not get herself spoiled but to act by by herself.


Mana looks at me.

「What is it Mana?」
「Mana will wash Onii-chan’s feet」


「Un…Mana wants to wash your feet…」

Mana makes me sit down on the bathroom chair.
She kneels before me…
She pours hot water on my feet and applied soap on it…
She’s washing my feet with both hands…
Between each fingers…carefully…

「…H-How is it?」

Mana looks up at me.

「…Does it feel good?」

…Isn’t this?
Yesterday…after I raped Mana for the first time…
The thing I did to Mana in the bathroom…?

「…Onii-chan, you see, I」

Mana speaks.

「I…don’t know what I should do to make Onii-chan pleased…」

Her small thin fingers washes my toes carefully.

「I feel happy having an Onii-chan…」


「Mana is an idiot so I can only start from this but…is this okay?」

Mana looks up at me with moist eyes.

「…Yeah, I’m happy too…Mana」

Seeing that…Megu kneels before me.

「Mana…just that much is no good」

Megu reaches for my other foot Mana isn’t washing…

「We’re Yoshi-kun’s 『slave』… so you have to think about what you should do to please Yoshi-kun before thinking about your own happiness…!」4

Megu says and licks my toes.
She’s making her tongue crawl on each finger.

「…Yoshi-kun, does it feel good?」
「…Yeah, it does」

Mana’s startled…she wash the soap away from my feet with hot water and made her tongue crawl on my toes too.

「…L-like this?」

Mana’s doing her whole best on sucking my toes.

「Yeah. Both of you…I will lick your toes after this…」

I said happily.

「…M-Maika doesn’t need it」

Mana shook her head and said, Megu…

「Yoshi-kun is saying that he wants to do it…『slaves』should let Yoshi-kun do whatever he wants, right?」

She scolds Mana.

「Y-Yes. I understand. Later…please…lick…Mana’s foot a lot. Onii-chan…!」

Mana’s learning how to be a 『Little sister slave』little by little…
Megu is watching over Mana with warm eyes.
Having such a kind sister.
Mana…will surely be a good girl.
I’m sure of that.


  1. Young master
  2. Both of them actually are roughly translated as scold
  3. Goddammit Megu, He’ll get ED if you continue
  4. Remember this line, just remember this, make this your password or anything, just remember this