Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 15

15. Inside the car…

The shower’s faucet was closed.
The flow of the hot water stops.
Silence came to the shower room…

「…What should I do?…If I get pregnant…I’ll be troubled…I’ll get in trouble…!」

Shirasaka-san who accepted my semen in her womb spoke while crying.
I pulled out my penis from inside her.
White semen comes out gently…

「It’s not something troubling. Just give birth…!」

Sensei said something irresponsible calmly.

「…I don’t want to bear this person’s child!!!」

This person…That’s me.
For Shirasaka-san, I’m no longer an ordinary classmate…
Rapist, a criminal…Anyway, her enemy.
…The person who defiled her.

「…Then? He might be a good person if you try to go out with him though」

Sensei’s making fun of Shirasaka.

「I’m going out with Kenji!…I don’t want to bear a child of a man other than Kenji…!」

If you say that far…
Endou’s that much to you…

「Then, if you got pregnant with Yoshida-kun’s child you’re going to abort it? You’re cruel. You don’t think that abortion is murder on women’s point of view?」

Shirasaka-san fell silent from Sensei’s words.

「That’s right, do you know this? The probability of getting pregnant from rape is higher than having love sex. Female body ovulates instinctively when they’re surprised from a forced sex. Your womb will also do that…!」

Shirasaka-san covered her face and cried…
While she’s naked in the shower room…
Right now…Her thin waist is filled with my semen.

I…am already prepared.
To be together with Shirasaka-san all the time…
To make her mine…
…I have to impregnate Shirasaka-san.

I’ll make her bear my child and service me throughout my life. I’ll make her.
There’s nothing left for me but that…

There’s no way Shirasaka-san will ever come to like me.
In past, present, and even in future…
The possibility will always be zero.

「How long are you going to cry?…It’s done already, let’s eat breakfast already」

Sensei ignored the crying Shirasaka-san and made that suggestion.

「…Yoshida-kun, there’s a bath towel on the shelf over there so wipe Shirasaka-san」

I opened the shelf of the dressing room and took two big white bath towels.
I’m sure that this is a high class item, it feels so fluffy to touch…
I placed a bath towel over the shoulders of the crying Shirasaka-san.
Err…How should I wipe her?

「…Don’t touch me. I can wipe myself!」

Shirasaka-san glares at me…!

「…Shirasaka-san, I asked Yoshida-kun to wipe your body」

The devil smiled…

「…We still have an hour before seven o’clock」

Shirasaka-san bites her lip and surrenders…
She muttered without looking at my face.

「…Please wipe me up」

I toweled Shirasaka-san’s body while embracing her…
It absorbed all of the water…
I reconfirmed the softness of her chest on top of the towel…
I wiped her ass…and her crack…
Then her beautiful stomach, navel…and crotch…
Lastly, I let the towel slide to her thin legs…

Shirasaka-san silently…like a doll, let me do as I please.

Meanwhile…Sensei called out Katsuko-san from the extension phone in the room.
Within almost a minute, Katsuko-san came carrying breakfast on a big wagon…
Meals are put on a silver tray…
There’s clothes prepared under the wagon too.

「…Can…I put, on my clothes?!」

Shirasaka-san craves to wear something on her body while having a sorrowful expression.
She desperately tries to hide her body in the bath towel…

「…Not yet. You have to stay naked until the meal ends! Also, take off your towel. This room isn’t that cold even if you’re naked isn’t it?!」

Sensei’s cold blooded order…!
Certainly, the temperature here’s comfortable…

「…I don’t need breakfast. I’m not that hungry」

Looking down disappointedly, Shirasaka-san takes off her bath towel…

「…That’s no good. You didn’t eat much last night did you? It’ll be long before the lunch you know? It’s a problem if you fall down during classes. Eat even if you have to force yourself!」

Sensei persuades Shirasaka-san logically…


…Naked breakfast.
I’m also naked for some reason…
Shirasaka-san and I lined up in the bed.
Katsuko-san made the wagon a table…
Sensei and Katsuko-san stands in front of us like a prison guard and observed us taking a meal.
The contents of the meal is…bread and milk. Then, there’s a salad.
As expected Shirasaka-san doesn’t easily eat those food.

「…This morning’s meal doesn’t have any strange drugs. You have to go to school today. I won’t do something foolish like that」

That’s true but…Sensei lied a lot…

「I baked this bread! It’s delicious so please eat!」

Katsuko-san’s refreshing smile…
That face was deceiving her all this time…

Still, she resolved herself…Shirasaka-san tears off a small part of the bread and throw it to her mouth.


I took a bite too…Delicious.
I noticed that my body requests nourishment the moment I ate a mouthful…
So I was this hungry…!
The big shock from yesterday continues so my sense of hunger seems to be paralyzed.
I ate the meal greedily…
I gulped down the milk…
When she saw my state, Shirasaka-san also began to eat normally.
Naked…on top of bed…Shirasaka-san’s eating a meal…

Yuzuki-sensei looks at our state satisfied.
It’s like an expression of an owner in the middle of feeding a pet…

「…That’s fine. We should be heading to school soon. Suit up」

6:20…We finally got our permission after our meal.
Furthermore, because the school starts at 8: 30, I think that it’s a bit too early.
The school right now has only the members of the athletic clubs having their morning training…?!
「…First, this is your underwear」

Katsuko-san handed me the brief and shirt that was washed.

「Shirasaka-san’s panties are already no good so I’ve prepared this…」

That’s a light blue silk panty.
A flashy laced bra and panty…
I can understand that it’s a high quality article even just by looking at it.

「…You can have that. I prepared a correct size by looking at your physical checkup data. Even if you return that, Katsuko and I can’t wear that…!」1

Is everything according to Sensei’s Keikaku?2
Shirasaka-san stood up and took the panty…
She must be embarrassed…She turned her ass at me and wore it….

「…You can’t, do it where Yoshida-kun can see it!」

Her back trembled…
Shiraskaa-san timidly turned towards me…and wore her panty in front of me…
Ooh…her pubic hair is covered with a thin cloth…
However, Shirasaka-san in panties gives off a different charm from when she’s naked!
Next, she wore her bra…
This bra is a back hook…
Shirasaka-san bent forward…
And her jiggly breasts is pulled by gravity…!
She holds to the extension of the bra, placed her hands to her back…and hooked it up!
The pink nipples are hidden!
And yet…the figure of a girl in bra is beautiful…
How lovely she is…Shirasaka-san!!
Shirasaka-san’s wearing a light-blue silk underwear…!
The high quality underwear emphasized Shirasaka-san’s beautiful proportion even more!
The chest and crotch covered with silk cloth…and it’s contrast with white and thin waist and long glossy legs is beautiful.
As expected…She’s a beauty!

「…I’ve also prepared a new school blouse」

Katsuko-san handed a white blouse to Shirasaka-san…
Furthermore, she put on a clean washed skirt…
Tied up a pink ribbon around her neck…
She wore the jacket of her uniform.

It’s the usual Shirasaka-san.
The Shirasaka-san in uniform I’m looking at everyday.

…Did I really just embrace this person for this whole past night?
…Did I ejaculate inside this body a lot of times?

Right now, the beautiful girl in front of me…If someone told me that 『She’s completely a virgin』, I would believe it.
It’s clear she’s pure and clean.
I can’t think of nothing but a pure virgin…

「…Okay, let’s dry up your wet hair!」

Katsuko-san said and took out a dryer.

「I’ll…do it myself」

Shirasaka-san was ignored.

「Just leave it to me!」

Saying that, Katsuko-san combed Shirasaka-san’s hair and dried it up…
The glossy hair of a beautiful girl…

I was just looking at that spectacle…
I’m just fascinated by Shirasaka-san…

I thought once again that I really like her…!
◇ ◇ ◇

After we finished wearing our uniform, we went to the entrance hall of the mansion…

Shirasaka-san’s walking is strange?
She’s somewhat pigeon toed…She’s walking totteringly as if her waist is in pain…?!

「Shirasaka-san, it seems that your crotch is still in in pain?! It can’t be helped, you lost your virginity from from forced sex after all…That’ll feel like that for two to three days!」

Sensei spoke laughingly…
Shirasaka-san glared at Sensei.

At the entrance gall, the butler, Morishita was waiting…

「…Good morning Ojou-sama. The car has been prepared」

The butler bowed respectfully…

「Thanks, Morishita…oh, what do you have there?」

Looking at it, there’s one school bag on top of the chair at the side of the entrance.
I left my bag inside sensei’s car so…This is the bag Shirasaka-san brought to the mansion.
If I recall it correctly, it was left behind the dining room…

「…T-That’s my bag!!」

Shirasaka-san ran to the bag with unsteady steps…
She took her phone inside it.
She turned on the phone and looked at the incoming.

「…Kenji, as expected」

Shirasaka-san muttered sadly…
She promised to call Endou last night…

…Tsk, she’s going 「Kenji, Kenji, Kenji」everywhere!

「…Let’s go, Shirasaka-san!」

Sensei urged Shirasaka-san with a strong tone…
When the butler opened the big door entrance, Sensei’s car has already stopped in the front…

Board in the car…
Sensei’s taking the driver seat just like yesterday. The two of us are in the rear seats.
However, the second row seat is folded this morning so I sat down on the third row.
Shirasaka-san places her body towards the window tightly to be separate from me as much as possible…
…I’m quite hated.

The sound of engine…Kyurururun, totototototo…!
The car started…
We went from the residence to the national highway…
I mostly understand the location of Sensei’s house.
The school is closer than I thought…it’s just several minutes distance when you ride a car.
While Yuzuki-sensei is driving, she talks to Shirasaka-san over the rearview mirror…

「…What do you think Shirasaka-san? How does it feel to lose your virginity? It hurts? Harsh? Sorrowful?」
「…I don’t think that’s something you talk to people!」
「I want to hear your honest impression!…What are you feeling right now?!」

The eyes of Sensei under the black glasses through the mirror is cold.

「…It feels the worst…I want to die!」

Sensei laughed.

「You can’t die, Shirasaka-san. If you die selfishly, I’ll reveal everything to the public…the video of Endou-kun’s violence, your virginity loss video, everything! Oh, should I rather exhibit on the world using the internet? Endou-kun might follow you from the shock!」
「…Sensei, that’s unfair!」

I think it’s too harsh than unfair.

「…That’s right. I’m unfair. What’s wrong with being unfair? I’m living, I have to enjoy my life!」
「I’m not living to amuse Sensei!」
「Oh, didn’t you know? Every human living are all existing for my amusement」

Uwaa…『All of humanity』That’s something big.

「…But, you two are much more interesting than the other children. Yoshida-kun and you…makes me have so much fun right now. It’s a solid feeling!」
「…Please spare me already. I beg of you!」

Un…Well, anyone would hate when they’re told 「Fun, solid」…
Or rather, I’m also one of the people concerned…
As expected, I feel I’m not fully satisfied with it…

「Now then, what should I do?!…It’s about seven o’clock, the promised time…」

That’s right…Yesterday, Sensei promised Shirasaka-san 「Until Seven tomorrow morning」…
I don’t think this person sticks to her agreement however…

I can see the school building from a distance…
…We’re about to reach the school.

「…Shirasaka-san, you see…I, I’m the same age as you when I lost my virginity too. My thoughts when I had my first sex…『Oh, When am I going to die?』 You see, I believed that women can live forever unless you lose your virginity. It’s strange isn’t it? But, I believed it…yet, I lost my virginity…It’s foolish isn’t it?」

Sensei’s eyes is dark…It’s filled with madness…

「…As a woman who lost her virginity from being raped by a man, I had a trauma with sex. I feel fear from sex and I can’t have sex with someone I love. There’s a lot of people who lived their life without being able to experience the pleasure of having sex. On that respect…you’re lucky」

…Eh? What do you mean?

「…For you, no matter how bad you are in sex, there’s a partner who’ll forcibly rape you…」

Her eyes looks at me through the mirror…

「…You’re in good luck!」

With that said…I can have sex with Shirasaka-san from now on…?
Can I embrace her?

「…I don’t want that. I don’t want to do it with Yoshida-kun again!」

She said it with a straight face…!

「…Oh? Why?」

Sensei’s laughing…she’s having a mocking face.
This demon’s enjoying it!

「…Because…I hate him…someone like Yoshida-kun…!」

Shirasaka-san looked down…however, she said it clearly

「…Hmm, what do you know about him?」

…That’s right. We don’t know anything about each other yet.
Nothing has began with me and Shirasaka-san!!!

「…I don’t want to know. Nothing about Yoshida-kun!!!」

You’re going to refuse me that far!

「…Oh? Is that so?」

The car…entered the high school site.
We run towards the side of the baseball club’s ground…
Eh? I didn’t notice it yesterday but the parking lot of the teaching staff goes this way…?!
Sensei…you’re going this way on purpose…?!!!

「…Well, it looks like the baseball club kids are energetic. They’re even practicing this early in the morning!」

At the ground…The baseball club members are doing a base running!
…I can see Endou too!!!


Shirasaka-san’s eyes caught Endou…
Not me…Endou
Tears gently suspend on Shirasaka-san’s eyes…

You like Endou that much!!!

「…Oh well, Shirasaka-san. You really thought that I’d allow you to speak the name of your lover, didn’t you?!」

Yuzuki-sensei stopped the car on the shadow of the tree on the side…

There’s a bush of grass so we can’t be seen immediately from the ground…
Though, we can see the baseball club’s exercise scene from inside the car…

「…W-What are you intending to do?!」

Shirasaka-san asks Sensei in surprise.
Sensei turned around from the driver’s seat and smiles at the two of us…!

「Not me, the two of you are going to do it…!」
「…There’s still 18 minutes until 7:00!」
「…Could it be!」
「…That’s right. Your guess is on point…Shirasaka-san, you’re going to have car sex with Yoshida-kun here. You haven’t done Car sex yet, do you?」

The color of blood on Shirasaka-san’s face changed…

「…I can’t do that!」

That’s right…to have sex while watching Endou-kun practicing.
It was a video last night but this time, we’re closer!
The car’s around thirty meters away from Endou!
If Shirasaka-san shouts asking for help, Endou will be able to hear it clearly…!!

「…Then, why don’t you ask for Endou-kun’s help? Try shouting with 『Help me』with a loud voice…In exchange, Endou-kun and everyone in the baseball club will see your embarrassing photos, you don’t don’t you?!」

Sensei takes a transparent folder with the pictures out from the dashboard of the car…
That’s the photos from last night…
The naked Shirasaka-san being violated by me…!

「…You coward! Maniacs!!!」

Shirasaka-san curses Sensei as tears collect in her eye…!

「Say anything!」

Sensei pushed some kind of button…!
Then, the seat Shirasaka-san and I’m sitting reclined by itself…!
The rear seat became flat!
I see…to make the car sex easier, Sensei brought this big minivan!!3!

「…You want to do it don’t you, Yoshida-kun? Car sex with Shirasaka-san?! Don’t you want to embrace Shirasaka-san in her uniform?!」

…Right now, I want to make a mess of Shirasaka-san here.
…I want to humiliate her.
…I want to violate her and ejaculate with all my might!!!

「…Why don’t you just do just do what you like?!!!!」

The despaired Shirasaka-san lied down on the seat in powerlessness…
Tears shed like rain.

「…That’s wrong, Shirasaka-san. You’re going to have sex with Yoshida-kun. You have to prepare yourself!」
「…Open your blouse, raise your bra and show your own nipples to Yoshida-kun」

Shiraska-san looked at me…
She’s’ looking at me with eyes of great resentment…

「…Hurry up!」

Shiraska-san’s white finger…is taking off the buttons of her blouse while trembling…
The light blue bra that I saw a while ago…
The trembling fingers tucked up her bra…!
Poron, the beautiful breasts comes out…!
Her pink nipples…!

「…15 minutes more. Yoshida-kun, indulge yourself as much as you want!」

…I attacked Shiraska-san!
I buried my face in her chest…!!
I lick her nipples…lick…suck!
I feel the softness of her breasts though my cheeks!!
…I can’t endure it anymore!!
I took off my belt and lowered my pants…!
My erection is on the maximum!
I lowered my brief and my penis jumped out!


Shirasaka-san saw my dark red penis and screamed…!

「…Shirasaka-san, get on all fours. Turn your face towards the ground. Get violated like a dog while you’re watching the baseball club’s practice!!」
「…Hurry up!」

Hurried by Sensei…Shirasaka-san made a dog pose…!
I raised Shiraska-san’s skirt…!
Just like her bra, the light-blue silk panty that’s wrapping up her ass comes out…!

「…Now, copulate!!」

I pulled down the silk panties…!
Shirasaka-san’s anus and lewd lower lip…!
I pressed my penis there…!


The moment my hot penis touched her…Shirasaka-san’s body trembled!
Just like that, I pushed in quickly!
The viscous liquid from the morning shower remained so my penis quickly got buried to the root…!

「…S-Stooop…I-It hurts…take it out, save me Kenjiiii…!!!」

On the other side of the car window, Shiraska-san’s asking for help from Endou who’s in the ground!!
Even though she’s completely connected with me…It’s Endou’s name again…!!!


I pierce Shirasaka-san badly…!
Shiraska-san’s insides is hot…it’s tightening…it’s twining all over!!!
The feeling of Shirasaka-san’s folds.
…Feels good!
…It feels good!
…It feels good!
Shirasaka-san’s small and moist meat pot is tightening with penis!
The suspension of the car shakes because of my intense movement…!
If someone else looks at it, anyone will understand that someone’s doing a car sex!

「The two of you are like stray dogs. You’re having sex like animals…!」

Sensei looks at our sex while laughing…!

「Nooooo!…Stoop!…This isn’t me…this isn’t mee!」

Shirasaka-san’s denying the reality that she’s being violated.

「Noooo!…This isn’t meeeee!…This is sooo…wrooong…! Help me Kenjiiii, help meeee!!!!!」

Shirasaka-san is looking at Endou who’s practicing with the baseball club at a distance…!
He’s having an earnest face while taking the coach’s advice…!
Not knowing that his lover is being violated near him…!


…You’re still going to call Endou’s name?!
I made my waist movement’s even more intense!!
Every time I pierce her, the feeling of Yukono’s ass feels wonderful!
Puripuri, the feeling of her skin!!
Every time I move my waist with an intense piston, it’s making a a banging noise!
The car’s shaking!
That shaking is made from sex!

「…I-It feels good!…S-Shirasaka-san’s body is the best!」
「…Stop this already! I don’t want this! It feels gross! Kenji, save mee!」

While my penis fucks her thick pot, I stretch my hand through her side and massaged Yukino’s breasts!4
The feeling of her breasts when it’s pulled by gravity on all fours position is different. I pinched her nipples with my thumb and forefinger!

「…Iyaaaaan! Don’t do this!」

Sensei laughs…!

「…Shirasaka-san, you’re connected with Yoshida-kun! You’re having sex…you understand?!」
「…I don’t want to understand it…I don’t want this…this is a dram…if this is a dream, wake me up…!5
「Sorry to disappoint you. But this isn’t a dream. Accept Reality…Shirasaka-san, who’s the one violating you right now?」

Shirasaka-san doesn’t answer…She’s gritting her teeth and enduring the pain!

「…Answer! Who’s the man you’re having sex right now? If you don’t, I’ll be calling Endou-kun here!! I’ll show him how you’re being ravished like a dog!」

The female teacher torments Shirasaka-san’s heart!
I scoop even deeper to violate her body!!!

「…Hora, answer already! Who’s the one you’re having sex right now?!!!」

Shirasaka-san continues to be violated while on all fours!!!

「…Uuuu…Y-Yoshida-kun…It’s Yoshida-kuuun!!」
「What? I can’t hear it well? Speak out in a louder voice, make it clear!!」
「Y-Yoshida-kun is…I-I’m being ravished by Yoshida-kuuuuun…I’m being violated…Nooo…Don’t rape meee…Yoshida-kuuuuun stooooop!!!」

Shirasaka-san calls out my name while crying…!
Not Endou…but my name!!!
Inside her, my penis swells greatly!
The car shakes even further!
I’m about to reach my limit

「Uoooo…S-Shirasaka-san…I-I’m cumming! I’m going to cum inside Shirasaka-san again!!!」
「…Nooo, stooop! Don’t cum anymore!!」
「Uuu! …Here we go, here we go, Cumming, cummin! Yukinooooooooooooo!!!」
「You can’t!! Stop! Yoshida-kuuuun!!!」

Shirasaka-san is screaming my name…!
AT that moment…I ejaulated inside her womb intensely!!!

「I-It’s coming…It’s coming in again…the hot stuff is…aaaaa…!」

…My penis pulsates intensely inside Shirasaka-san’s vagina!!
…I’m sending in my semen like a pump!

「…Ufufu, a lot of it is coming out!…Who’s semen is flowing inside Shirasaka-san’s womb? Hora, answer!」

Shirasaka-san answered cryingly Sensei’s question!

「Uuuu…Uuu…Uuu…Yoshida-kun’s…Yoshida-kun’s semen is coming inside me…Nooo…Don’t make me say it…It’s still coming in…a child…I don’t want a child…Bakaa…bakaaa!」

Shirasaka-san’s bursting into tears while still connected to me…
She buried her face to the seat while still on all fours and sobs…
She’s not looking at Endou anymore…
She’s not calling Endou’s name anymore…

Shirasaka-san’s sheds tears while semen pours inside her womb!


  1. We’ve got better ass than you -Katsuko and Yuzuki-sensei
  2. Keikaku means plan
  3. What the hell, Big-Mini
  4. He now starts to call her Yukino instead of Shirasaka-san

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