Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 165 : Yaa! Yaa! Yaa!



Now then…I go back to the car in a hurry after seeing Misuzu off.
Before I noticed, there are around 20 guards in uniforms mobilized to send away the curious onlookers around the building.
These people in their uniforms must be people form Kouzuki security service.
The employees are carrying the man working under Cesario Viola beaten by Kudou-chan and the one knocked out by Kudou papa by mistake to a big van with a badge of the company.
Worried about Yukino, I look at the back of Minaho-neesan’s car.
The half-naked Yukino under the blanket…she’s lip for some reason…?

「Mana…what’s wrong with Yukino?」

When I ask, Mana laughs…

「She seems to be making a noise so Mana knocked her out!」

The stun gun in Mana’s hand sparks…!
Mana…is merciless to Yukino as ever…

「…Katsuko, drive this car…I’ll drive that car」

Minaho-neesan calls Katsuko-nee.

「Megumi…come to this car. Monitor Yukino-san with Mana-san!」

Megu sits on Yukino’s side to sandwich her on the back seat of the car.

「Yoshida-kun and Kudou-san will be moving along with my car…Kudou-san’s father will be coming here…!」
「No…I have my Vespa」

Minaho-neesan glares at Kudou papa.

「We have something to talk about」

The people inside the two cars have shuffled…
The first car has Katsuko-nee driving, Mana, Megu, Yukino.
The second car has Minaho-neesan driving, Kudou-chan, Kudou papa, and me.
Minaho-neesan speaks at the same time we board the car.

「…Kudou-san. For the time being, could you talk about what you know about the situation of Kouzuki Security service…?!」

Minaho-neesan said while turning on something on the car’s dashboard.
Perhaps it’s a microphone.
The conversation inside this car will be listened to by Katsuko-nee on the other car and Margo-san who’s protecting Nei-san at school.

「Un…you see」

Before Kudou papa begins to speak, Minaho-neesan interrupts.

「Not you…I’m asking Kudou-san」
…I’m also a Kudou though. Or rather, I’m the patriarch of Kudou family!」

Patriarch…your family’s almost broken already though…

「I’m saying that I’m not asking you…」

Minaho-neesan glares at Kudou-papa then he shrinks.

「…Michi-kun, explain to everyone」

Kudou-chan begins her explanation…

「Kouzuki security service’s investigation has stated that…the American criminal Cesario Viola and his allies seems to have landed to Central Centair airport via china the day before yesterday」

Un…I heard that from the head chief earlier.

「The five of them used false passports. The names are 『Paul McCartney』, 『John Lennon』, 『George Harrison』『Stuart_Sutcliffe』、『Pete_Best』」

…False names?

「Among these, the person named 『George Harrison』is very similar to Lorenzaccio Bandini who’s regarded as one of Cesario Viola’s right hand, so it’s concluded that these five people are Cesario Viola’s party…」

They only know one?

「…Cesario Viola and his allies have a hobby of disguising so…even FBI doesn’t have a precise photo of them. Lorenzaccio is the only connection to Viola outside the organization…and he’s the only one who’s face is known」

Minaho-neesan explains.

「Yes…the surveillance images taken from the airport this time are valuable materials to know their faces…」
「…No, it’s possible that Mr. Viola wasn’t among them」


「Focusing the attention on the five people at Centrair airport, he might’ve come to Japan separately.」
「…Why do you think so?」

Minaho-neesan answers Kudou-chan’s question.

「You’ll understand it from the fake names…Mr. Viola is a person who likes to make fool of others」

…Fake names

「Kudou-chan…can you say it once again?」

Hearing my request…

「Yes…『Paul McCartney』、『John Lennon』、『George Harrison』、『Stuart Sutcliffe』、『Pete Best』」

I don’t get it at all.

「…and who’s the guy Kudou-san knocked out earlier?」
「The last, 『Pete Best』」
「…As expected」

Minaho-neesan smiles.

「Uhm…Minaho-neesan, explain it in a way I understand」
「Yeah…I also ask that!」

Kudou papa and I ask Minaho-neesan.



「Mr. Viola used the Beatle’s members name as fake names. They’re making a fool of us in a way we would understand」

Even if you say that…
I’m not that detailed about Beatles.1

「I see! I get it! Paul and George…but who’s Stuart and Pete…?」

Kudou papa…you don’t get it do you?

「The initial members of Beatles went to Hamburg for their play」

Minaho-neesan answers.

「Sutcliffe and Pete Best are members who couldn’t make it to the major debut as Beatles」

…There’s that kind of person?

「Sutcliffe left early. But, Beatles is a five man band…Pete Best didn’t suit the other members and was dismissed」

…In short.

「The man who has a fake name 『Pete』that was knocked down by Kudou-san…he’s only the smallest member among Viola’s allies」

Is this the 『He’s the weakest among the four Devas』or『He’s a disgrace to us』on manga?

「Perhaps…there won’t be any great information even if you interrogate that man」

…A shame.

「…Uhm. What’s the fake name of the person Kudou-san…the father…knocked out?」
「The one father let go is…『Paul McCartney』」

Kudou papa tells us.

「…Don’t say 『Let go』that much I feel like losing my position」
「Father has no position since the beginning」
「Guh…It hurts the most when Michi-kun says that」

Papa gets depressed.

「Perhaps…『Paul』and 『John』are two-cup signs of Viola’s execution force…Romeo Montague and Guiliano Genca. 『Sutcliffe』is something I don’t know but…if he came to Japan with Viola, he would be 『Sutcliffe』but…I’m not certain」

Minaho-nesan mutters.

「I got it!…We should just look for a foreigner who arrived at Japan with a name of 『Ringo』? Aren’t I intelligent?!」

Kudou papa shouts.

「Father…even if there’s that person…I surely think that it’s not Viola himself…!」
「Eh, why?! Michi-kun…Look, 『Paul』『John』『George』Won’t the end be 『Ringo』?!」
「Do you think Cesario Viola would purposely do something that obviuous…?」

Kudou papa was silenced by just one line.

「Even if it’s a trap, I think that we can puzzle over it even for a bit…Only father would be fooled by something that straight…!」
「Papa is a straightforward and innocent man…That’s what Mama liked about me that’s why we married…!」

…Your wife is cheating though
Instead of cheating…they’re planning to divorce and remarry so they’re already serious.

「Minaho-neesan…what are we going to do from now on?」

The plan is to go to Shirasaka Sousuke’s second house to burn it though.

「…We’ll go back for the time being. Mr. Viola’s fighting group is moving, it’s dangerous to bring Megumi and Mana-san. Anyway, let’s bring those girls to a safe place…then we’ll have to reorganize the members and resume action」

I think so too

「But…the possibility of the media smelling out Shirasaka’s second house…」

That’s what I’m worried about.
The first report has already been distributed to the media.
Maybe…the press is already gathering at Shirasaka house we went just a while ago.
In that case…even the other house.

「That’s what I’m worried about too」

Minaho-neesan’s expression was dark…

「I think that perhaps there are a lot of people even in mass media that knows Shirasaka’s other house. Shirasaka has been crazy calling out entertainers there…」

It would be bad if we don’t hurry as expected.
But…if this continues.
We will be attacked by Mr. Viola’s men.

「Nevertheless…the girl’s safety is the top priority. Anyway, let’s go back」

Minaho-neesan decided…

「Got it…I think Minaho-neesan’s judgement is correct」

Minaho-neesan looks at Kudou papa

「By the way…」
「Is that…chief Yamaoka a trustworthy person?」

Minaho-neesan’s question…

「Isn’t he trustworthy?」Kudou papa says.
「Can’t be trusted」…Kudou-chan.
They answer at the same time.

「Why…can’t you trust him?」
「I ask you the same…Why do you trust him?」
「Well…he’s the chief you know?! That alone will make you feel you can rely on him!」
「That alone won’t make him trustworthy」

Kudou-chan answered flatly…

「…I believe Kudou-san’s words. It’s better if we don’t show the cards to Yamaoka-buchou」
「Yes…I think that’s better」

Minaho-neesan looks at me.

「Yoshida-kun, what do you think?」


「I agree with Kudou-chan’s opinion. That Yamaoka seems to be reliable but…I feel I can’t trust that person」

My intuition says so.

「…There are those guys who feel like that at school. The student council president…or the club president of the athletic club. They are the people standing with charisma…but they’re people that only has charisma」
「…Only has charisma?」

Kudou-chan looks at me.

「They look serious, they speak decently, they have the skills…they’re charismatic. And yet…if something big happens in their post…they can’t deal with the responsibility and they will be the one to escape first」

…There’s quite a lot of them.
Those kind of people.

「It’s not that they don’t have the disposition but…they simply don’t want to get in trouble, they will throw all the decision to other guys. But still, they are charismatic so even if they abandon the responsibility they will accuse someone else and rise to another position again…」

Yeah…like Liu Bei Gentoku2

「Really…your eyes are accurate」

Minaho-neesan smiles at me…

「That observation power and insight will be a strong weapon if polished」

I just said what I thought though…

「…That’s surprising」

Kudou-chan looks at me…

「I thought that Yoshida-sama just absentmindedly listen to Misuzu-sama’s words and just nod」
「Won’t I just be a fool with that?」
「Because…Yoshida-sama has always been answering Misuzu-sama’s wishes all this time. I have never seen you refuse even once…」
「Well…I’ll do it as long as I can. But, I won’t do anything Misuzu wishes…I also scold Misuzu」
「…Yoshida-sama had?」
「Yeah…Misuzu is already my 『family』」

I feel surprised when I said it.
…That’s right.
Misuzu’s my 『family』

「We’re『family』…I’ll do as told unless I cannot do it. But…it’s not just for Misuzu. Megu, Mana…Minaho-neesan are my 『family』 Just like Misuzu…if they tell me something, I’ll do it…」

I won’t have any hesitation.

「I am a member of 『Kuromori』but…I’m a member of the 『family』Minaho-neesan leads. I think so…」

Minaho-neesan looks at me.

「Right…I’m offering Yoshida-kun a residence and meals but…I’m not paying him salary. I’m giving him 『pocket money』for helping out with my work but…there’s no labor contract between me and him. I’m not an employer or a boss…to tell the truth, I thought of putting you in protection along with Megumi and Mana-san but we’re short in hands now…so I had Yoshida-kun help out…」

Un…I don’t have any contract with Minaho-neesan right now.
In her revenge…even the fight with Mr. Viola…
I’m just doing it selfishly…

「…For Yoshida-sama, Misuzu-sama and the members of 『Kuromori』are 『family』…!」

Kudou-chan mutters.
If possible…I’d like to welcome her to the 『family』
Hearing her conversation with her mother earlier…
I know that this girl’s heart is hurt.
This girl has a family but…that’s not functioning well now.

「Now then…it’s about time we move. Kudou-san, please get off the car」

Minaho-neesan looks at Kudou papa.

「I’m just talking to the father…!」

Kudou papa…

「Yeah, got it…I have my Vespa. You want to be followed by the Vespa?」


「Unfortunately…my hideout forbids men.」 Kudou-san can’t come in…」

Kudou papa got startled.

「Eh…What about this guy? Isn’t he a guy? He has balls with him doesn’t he?」

He points at me…
Yes…I have my balls attached to me.

「Yoshida-kun is our 『family』…were you listening to us earlier?」

Minaho-neesan sneers at Kudou papa.

「…Father, get off」

Even his daughter is being harsh to him.

「…Okay, okay, fine! I’m going to follow after you guys then!」

Kudou papa took out his phone.

「…Hello! Noma, bring the 『Titan Boy』here right now」

It must be hiding somewhere near.
A white van approaches us then stopped.
A pair of young man and woman comes down from the driver seat.
One is a thin lady wearing glasses.
The other is a plump man.

「Yup…it’s this!」

Kudou papa gets off the car and goes to the other van.
The body of the van has a 『Kudou Detective office』written on it
T-This is standing out too much.

「Those two are father’s assistant」


「Yes…Noma-san and Tanii-san. Father only has those two under him…」

Of course…even his daughter, Kudou-chan isn’t under him…

「Tony, get my Vespa on 『Titan Boy』!」

Kuodu papa orders his subordinate.

「…It’s not Tony, it’s Tanii」

The plump guy shouts.

「That’s just the same…TonyTanii!」
「Tanii Kentarou! It’s not Tony!」
「You’re already Tony from the day you became my subordinate!」

Kudou papa hits his subordinate…

「Noma! Noma Mikako!」
「You’re 『Noma Jean』! That’s your code name!」


「Then…I will also make a codename for Kudou-san!」

Noma-san screams in anger…!

「No you see…I was waiting for that independence, my team…!」

Kudou papa smiles happily
Noma-san screams while pointing to Kudou papa!

「…『Arawashi Shidanchou』!」3

Kudou papa twitched!

「From now on…you’re『Arawashi Shidanchou』」

Hearing that…Kudou papa

「Noma-kun…That…can it be not 『Arawashi Shidanchou』?」
「That’s right, Noma-san…I like 『Ankoku Daishougun』better」4

The plump Tony says so.

「No…both of them are rejected」

Kudou papa feels down.

「By the way…isn’t 『Ankoku Daishougun』a New Year’s special after the final episode…?」
「…Of course!」

…I don’t get what they’re talking about.

「I propose 『Pachinko Daimyou』5…!」

Kudou papa loses his temper!

「Isn’t all of it a 『evil monster』!」
「Eh…Kudou-san, you were the type that wants to be a hero?」

Kudou papa gets deppressed from that one blow…

「…Just shove the Vespa inside the 『Titan Boy』already Then, we’ll be following that car」

Noma-san and Tony-kun salutes to Kudou papa.

「By the way…why is the van’s name 『Titan boy』?」

Noma-san asks Kudou papa.

「…You don’t have to mind that!」

Kudou papa answered strongly.


  1. I had to wiki the names but I do like Beatles’ music
  2. Can also be read as Ryuubi Gentoku
  3. Eagle Claw Division Chief
  4. Dark General
  5. Pachinko, feudal lord