Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 168 : Zapping News



We go back to the bathroom we came from…
Kudou papa is already there.
The men in black suit knocked down are gagged…and carried outside.

「…Hey, help me out」

He glared at me…

「What are we going to do to these guys?」

When I ask him…

「No way we would burn them to death…as a matter of fact, we’ll have them turned to 『arsonists』…」


「…Shirasaka house went to Shirasaka Sousuke’s other house to destroy the evidence…Kuromori-san wants that kind of scenario, don’t you?」

Kudou papa said while looking at Minaho-neesan.

「…It is as you say.」
「…right. That’s why help me out. Boy!」

Minaho-neesan nodded…
I help out carrying the remaining men along with Kudou-chan.
We arranged the men outside the huge hole.
The perimeter is surrounded by traffic cones.

「Then…we’ll just leave these guys here」

Kudou papa puts a big card on the men…
What’s written on the cards…

…『These are the arsonists -Z』

「…What’s Z?」

When I asked him…

「…Japan’s best man」
「…It’s okay if you don’t know. Stay quiet about it」


「Whatever father does has a meaning…there’s nothing we should worry about」

Kudou-chan said
…Well fine.
…I won’t understand it even if he explains it either way.

「…Kuromori-san. Have you accomplished your objective?」

Coming out to the road without pedestrians…Kudou papa asks Minaho-neesan.

「Thanks to you…I’ve taken what we need」

Minaho-neesan looks at the discs she brought.

「I’ll leave you to burn everything afterwards」

Kudou papa smiles.


Then…the two subordinates guarding outside…

「Tony, get in the car…Noma, stay here and clean up」
「Eh…I’m drawing the short end of the stick again?」

Noma-san complains.

「Don’t complain…having a woman discovering first makes a strong impression!」

Kudou papa shouts.

「…Roger, boss」

Noma-san reluctantly accepts the order.

「Kudou-san…I feel sorry to ask but…」

Minaho-neesan speaks to Kudou papa with cold eyes.

「Can you please drive our car…?」

Once again…her eyes goes to the disc.

「I’ve got something to do. I’d like not to spend time」

Kudou papa grins.

「…Roger. Tony, you drive the Titan boy…okay?
「…Okay boss!」

We get in the car…
Kudou papa on the driver seat…
Minaho-neesan on the passenger seat…she opens her laptop immediately.
She must be sending the data contained in the disc to Katsuko-neesan in the school’s monitoring room.
…The time…it’s 5 o’clock soon.
Kudou-chan and I are on the rear seat.

「…Let’s go!」

Kudou papa’ advanced the car around 20 meters.
The van with 『Kudou detective agency』written on it is following…
Noma-san…she’s crouching close to the wall with her ears blocked.

「…Now then」

Kudou papa took out the remote switch from his pocket.

「…Bites the dust!」1


The upper floor of Shirasaka’s alternate residence…exploded at that moment!!!

「…Next, fire!」

Kudou papa presses the second switch…2
The lower floor is set on fire like a gas stove exploding.

「Yeah…I’ll leave the rest to Noma, let’s go run away!!!」

The car suddenly starts!!!

◇ ◇ ◇

「…What? That’s easy」

Kudou papa says while driving.

「I’ve turned off the fire alarm and gas sensor in the mansion. Then…I opened the gas valve on each room on the upper floor…!」

…The rooms are filled with gas?

「The current building’s temperature is controlled by an air conditioner…basically, the room is made to be sealed up. On top of that…there were many rooms that were soundproof for their intended purpose. If you open the gas valve for at least fifteen minutes…It’ll pent up in the room」
「Then…you started the ignition with the remote control?」

When I ask…Kudou papa…

「……DA BOMB!」3


「Kuromori-san said that she prefer it to be flashy, didn’t she?」

The gas explosion is flashy.

「However…if it’s just explosion, there’s the fear that the fire will disappear after the blast. That’s why I set another fire device to set off fire normally on the lower floor」
「That’s why it has two stages?」

Iguzakutori he said…
That means 『It is as you say』isn’t it?…

「Katsuko’s contacting the media right away. 『Shirasaka house has set Shirasaka Sousuke’s sex party venue to remove evidence』…」

Minaho-neesan said while looking at the screen.
They must be communicating by email.

「…It’s about time.」

Minaho-neesan takes out a pocket television from the car’s dashboard
…She turned it on.
The five o’clock news is just starting.

「…It seems that the television stations affiliated with Shirasaka’s newspaper company has been removed it from the top news」

But…the news on other stations…
All of them are reporting the news about 『A Japanese arrested as suspect for serial rape cases in Australia』
The man named Shirasaka Sousuke…including his detailed career…
Of course…about Shirasaka Sousuke being a member of a family owning a big newspaper company.

『…We’ve got a scoop for our program!』

The announcer speaks in front of the camera of the news program of a television station that’s antagonizing the Shirasaka family the most.

『We found some people related to the suspect Shirasaka putting pressure to the family of the victim Australian girl to make them withdraw the damage report to the police』

The female announcer next to him continues.

『The victim’s family has taken hidden video about the said negotiation…』

Then a rough video was shown.
In an Australian home…the the parents of that house are talking to the men in suit in English.
Subtitles are displayed below.

『…If you follow our instructions, we’ll send you the money』
『…Won’t the lady shame herself when it comes to the court?』

「This kind of things should be monopolized by only one television station…」

Returning to her laptop work once again…Minaho-neesan speaks.

「…Since the other television stations and news organizations will feel frustrated, they will work harder to get scoops. If you share information equally…it’ll destroy the motivation of the journalists on site…」

…I see.
Minaho-neesan has the full control over the press.

「At this kind of time…what do you think will be the move of Shirasaka head family?」

Minaho-neesan sends me a glance.

「Err…I don’t know…!」

I answered.
This feels like a lesson.

「…They purposely reveal big politician or famous celebrities’ scandals. Then, they’ll try to erase the news about Shirasaka Sousuke…」

…No way
Minaho-neesan’s hand changes the TV channel to Shirasaka house’s channel.
…What’s there.

『…Shiina-san, what is the truth?!』
『…Are you admitting that you’re two-timing?』

The subtitle on the screen says…

『Actor Shigeru Shiina…is a two timer?! Who does he really like??!』

…What the hell?

『…Who do you love, Nanami-san or Hinata-san』
『…Please answer!』
『…I’m sorry for causing trouble for everyone…!』

Is that their top news at five o’clock?
Shouldn’t that be on the entertainment corner later?

「With them idling this much…they’re troubled by the speed of information coming from our side」

Minaho-neesan…analyzes then laughs.

「Politician graft…a bribery scandal of a big company…if it’s not a news that won’t be a big social problem, Shirasaka Sousuke’s news won’t be blown off」
「…Why are they revealing such an unknown actor’s scandal like this?」

To my question…Minaho-neesan.

「…In the mass media…there are a lot of people calling themselves『Ally of justice』 People that think that they are the『right』」


「Do you think these kind of people would cooperate when the top of the news company orders them to hush the criminal case news report? They’re being ordered to not report about the crime the relative of the company owner…but rather, there will be a lot of them who’ll rebel」

It’s not the big-name politician or a famous artist’s scandal they desire…
They don’t care about an actor’s trivial news…

「Also…people in the press are living surrounded by a lot of ties. There’s no way they would throw the pipe away with big politicians and famous celebrities for this worthless thing. Once they make a mistake, their life as a press will end」

To reduce the scandal news of the relative…you have to uncover the scandals of politicians or celebrities whom you’re normally intimate with.
…You’ll lose credibility.

「Whatever happen, those who will try to save the face of Shirasaka family…are only people from Shirasaka family. The people in the company aren’t that loyal to Shirasaka family. Shirasaka family is a house that rise after the war after all…」

Minaho-neesan laughs happily…

「And…we’ll be taking our next steps too」

Minaho-neesan changes the channel.
In the other station…
They’re immediately reporting the news of the explosion and fire incident on Shirasaka’s other house…!

『…We’re at the scene! The house is burning really hot!』

The video from the helicopter…
I can see the mansion we were from a while ago sending black smoke up.

『Eh, this just came in…the owner of this house is said to be the man working for the advertising agency which is the suspect for the serial rape in Australia from the earlier report. It seems that they have destroyed the evidence before the police could start the investigation…!』

The news about Shirasaka Sousuke is repeatedly covered on the same news time period.

「That mansion has Shirasaka Sousuke holding sex parties…if the journalist is related to public entertainment, they will all know. Up until now, they were affraid of Shirasaka’s advertising agency and the head family so nobody reported it. But…as long as Shirasaka has been reported as a criminal…!」

…Everyone’s closed mouths will open.
Shirasaka’s wrongdoing will be told to the people all at once.
Minaho-neesan changes the channel again.
It’s also reported cases in Australia.

『…Seriously, he’s an unforgivable criminal. A Japanese having serial rape cases overseas…he’s a shame to the country. An enemy of Japan」

A well known commentator is getting angry at Shirasaka.

『This man named Shirasaka Sousuke is a director of a major advertising agency…he had some bad reputations in the past…』
『About that matter, I would like to ask Maruyama-san from the entertainment desk…Maruyama-san』
『No you see…I thought that this would happen someday…!』
『Is…what she said』
『You see, this man named Shirasaka Sousuke…is a relative of the boss of a certain newspaper company…he had a very bad rumors from the entertainment world since long ago…!』
『Err…could you show the image of the fire site just now?』
『Shirasaka used this building…gathering young entertainers and female entertainer candidates, then hold a suspicious party…That’s what I know from a long time ago』
『Then…is it possible that this suspect have caused rape cases here in Japan as well…?』
『I think so too…he looks like a man who can’t endure it while traveling in Australia. Won’t you imagine that there are similar cases in Japan…?』
『So that’s why the suspect’s owned house is burning right now?』
『I’ve heard that there are a lot involved in organized crime groups participate in Shirasaka’s party…you can only think of this as destruction of evidence in this timing』

The reporter said with a serious look.

「I hate this entertainer but…I’ll give him a bonus. 30 million…no, 40 million yen」

Minaho-neesan said.

「Did you make arrangements with this reporter in advance too?」
「…No way. I’ve mailed each entertainment reporter at stage this afternoon. 『When a member of Shirasaka clan who’s the major newspaper company raises a scandal, I want you to beat them thoroughly. I’ll pay for the troubles』」
「But…that’s an unknown mail, isn’t it?」
「But still…if the arrest of Shirasaka Sousuke actually turns to news and the press makes it a big deal…you know it’ll gain momentun don’t you? Those kind of people knows the atmosphere of the place」

And…they’re labelling Shirasaka the 『bad guy』even more…

「Rather…by having anonymous emails coming in first, you know that this incident isn’t an accident but someone’s plan. Therefore, they’ll take on the momentum」

…Minaho-neesan looks at my face.

「Next will be the 9 o’clock news」


「This isn’t the end…tonight, until 11 o’clock news, we’ll give out little pieces of information about Shirasaka Sousuke’s evildoing… The people of Japan will pay attention to Shirasaka Sousuke…and hate him from the bottom of their hearts…!」

◇ ◇ ◇

The mobile TV news continues.
One one television station is the entertainment reporter talking about the sex parties at Shirasaka Sousuke’s other house…
The other stations lifted the ban on that news.
Various entertainment reporters cover the hearsay and speculations, and talk about Shirasaka Sousuke’s evildoings…

『…I’ve heard that an actress appearing in a commercial who’s taken care by the suspect was assaulted by him on the Cebu Island』
『…It seems that the entertainment office have regular talent in the making offered to the party』
『…It seems that there’s already college rape cases…the rumors of forcibly rubbing Shirasaka clan’s power…』

Each of the stations are jumbled…they’re reporting that Shirasaka Sousuke is a 『Villain without help』
Only the television station of Shirasaka family…
Is for some reason talking about the 『Sweets report forming a line』…

『…We’re in the building owned by Mr. Shirasaka Sousuke that’s burning down』

Finally…the relay car seems to have arrived at the location.

『…Here’s a statement from the witness of the incident』

Then…she appears on the screen.

『Err, I…was just walking down the road, then there was suddenly a booom! I was surprised!!』

For some reason…Noma-san is talking in a cute child tone…

『Then…the house suddenly flares up, then five, no, I think six men came out of that hole over there』
『…Did these people say something?』
『Yes…they said that they did well…and that they have perfectly destroyed the evidence』
『…Then, where are those people?』
『Then…suddenly, a man in red clothes appeared…waiit! He shouted…then he beat up the men in black』
『…A-A man in red clothes?』
『Yes…it’s a man wearing a red patch all over his body and a Z stamped on the forehead of the red helmet』
『Then that red person knocked down the arsonists?』
『Then, he settled the case. Yoyoyoi, yoyoi, yoyoyoi, yoi! It all ends well!…he said, then he left riding a horse!』
『Yes…a horse…!』
『…………。 』
『He’s playing a guitar while riding the horse…then he left!』
『…………。 』
『Is there anything strange with what I said?』
『Err…you seem to be confused from the shock of the explosion. From the site, it’s confirmed that five or six men in black clothes were taken to the police. Perhaps, those are the culprit of the arson case but…we don’t know the details yet. Back to studio』

The video goes back to studio.

「Hmm, Noma-kun, not bad. I’d like her to play dumb a bit more though. Don’t say a man in red appeared but three people wearing red blue pink tights appearing with a huge Tomohawk…」

Kudou papa…comments.

「…Why are you always fooling around?」

I asked for better or for worse.

「Fooling around?…Who?」

Kudou papa looks at me through the rear mirror.

「…It’s better to be fooling around. That one goes well」

Kudou papa said while laughing.

「But…aren’t you actually a serious person? Kudou style seems to be actually strong…!」
「…It’s been strong since the start. Kudou style ancient martial arts」

Kudou-chan says from the side.

「Then why does all of it look like a prank? Aren’t you just showing it to be weak on purpose…?!」

Hearing what I say…Kudou papa.

「Boy…we’re not athletes!」


「Advertising it like『I’m strong』『Kudou style is the best』…is what you want?!」


「It’s better to make them think 『He’s weak』『He’s just a careless one』in our kind of business」

…I see
…So that’s why!

「Long ago…really long ago. Back when I was a young boy, when I really thought about entering the world of 『Kudou style』…!」

Kudou papa speaks casually while driving.

「I’ve met across an old man. When I show him the Kudou style techniques, I was praised saying 『This is amazing, you’ll have a big future』…Then he said『How about you help with my work?』」

Kudou papa keeps looking forward.

「Then…I went downhill, got involved with job related to Yakuza…my role was decided to be abandoned from the beginning. It was too late when I noticed it…I’ve beaten up a lot of Yakuza then got taken by the police. Of course, the old man from the beginning didn’t come to help me. I was assumed to be a foolish boy who picked a fight with Yakuza without support…」

Kudou chan listens to her father’s story seriously.
It seems to be his first time hearing this story.

「Anyway, I was released from the police as I was still a Minor…Etsuko came as my guarantor. She’s two years older than me so she’s already over 20 years old. Then… Etsuko told me」
「…What did Mama-uesama say?」
「She said…『Are you an idiot? Believing such an old man』… Etsuko was there when I displayed my skills to that old man too. 『Didn’t you know that he’s not that trustworthy the first time you saw his face?』…can’t endure that」

Kudou papa sighed.

「That’s right…when I first saw him, I certainly thought『He’s so fishy, I can’t trust him』 I should’ve felt that but when he said …『This is amazing, you’ll have a big future』…my eyes got dazzled. It’s my first time being praised for my skills. I felt happy from those words…that I got blind thinking…『This person accepted me, he’s absolutely a good person』 I was a fool. I was seriously a brat back then…」

Kudou-chan listens to her father.

「Since then…I felt indebt to Etsuko. She’s amazing. Her blood doesn’t rise to her head immediately like me…she’s always looking at things calmly」

That wife is cheating right now though.
That person’s betraying you.

「Well…afterwards, there were a lot of stupid things happened…and I encountered pain multiple times…Etsuko helps me each time… In the end, I got to know Kouzuki-san…and I’m being indebt to Kouzuki-san for 26 years. Kouzuki-san is amazing. I never knew a man as bad as him. But…to be honest. Kouzuki-san doesn’t hide that he’s a bad guy. That’s what’s really amazing…!」

That’s Misuzu’s grandfather.

「The genuine rascals on the world are thinking that 『I’m the good guy』even though he’s bad at nature. Intending to do something good while entrapping other people calmly」

…I feel like I know that.

「Kouzuki-san is different. That person knows that he’s the bad guy. And, he never hides that. He’s a fair person. I’m no match against that old man. That’s what I really think…」

Kudou papa said.

「Therefore…I’ve gotten involved with that old man so I can be fair」


「You see…when I make a mistake, I think I should bear the responsibility. That’s why I’ll never become Kouzuki old man’s subordinate. Therefore I’d rather die than be a regular employee…!」
「Uhm…what about the annual salary」
「That’s a lie…in reality, I’m contracted with Kouzuki-san for each individual case. 『Kudou Detective Agency』and Kouzuki-san’s one on one contract」

…That’s his pride.

「I do get that but…even so, why are you always fooling around?」
「Well…you, there’s no other ways. Kouzuki security service people, including Kouzuki old man aren’t all my friends. They can be my enemy anytime. Would you show your hands to your enemy?!」
「…I won’t」
「Right?…Rather, it saves me that they misunderstand me. In various ways…」

Well…I get that but

「But…it’s a bit overkill」

Kudou papa sends me a glance

「Boy…how many do you think are in the 『Guard Department』that’s under me?…」


「…Tony-san and Noma-san…No, there are others too」

The guy who’s chasing Viola’s subordinate that escaped the rehearsal building
Besides, the prior investigations that happened…I don’t think it’s done by just three poeple

「That’s right…There’s another phantom man in the 『guard department』」

Kudou papa said while putting on airs.

「…There’s more than one, aren’t there?」

I answered.
I saw Kudou-chan communicating with that person a while ago.

「…You know it, boy」

Kudou papa said happily.

「I’m also playing the role of connecting the troops of the underground 『Kouzuki security service.』 The members underground never shows their faces to those on the surface. I’m the only point of contact. Therefore…I go in and out of the security service HQ」

…I see.

「But…that said, I can’t be thought of an ally of the surface security service. I have to be the irregular…『troublemaker』for them. Else, they’ll misunderstand my permutation in human relations in the security service and they’ll order me around…」

Then…that’s why he’s fooling around on purpose…

「Of course…I have no choice but to be underestimated by those guys if I do that. But…if a bastard underestimates me too much, I’ll definitely kick his ass. Just like the newbie I knocked out with my devil chop…」

Was that a punishment?

「But, that said…do you have to show that you’re always fooling around even in front of your wife, son and first daughter?」

Even after coming back home when the work ends…

「It can’t be helped…you have to continue this for 24 hours, that’s what it means from the start. Can you even show a serious face only in front of your family?…Also, they’re regular employees of Kouzuki security service…」

Kudou papa laughs casually.

「…It can’t be helped. I can’t recommend my way of living to them」

Then…he speaks to Kudou-chan.

「Even Michi-kun, you can abandon this Papa of yours and live on a stable life there and be happy」


「No…I’m a practitioner of 『Kudou style』」
「I respect father’s way of living.」

Hearing his daughter’s words…Kudou papa.

「Kuuuu…you’re making me cry. Michi-kun. Hey, boy!」
「…Ah, Yes?」

Why me?

「That’s why…I leave Michi-kun to you」
「You’re aiming for Michi-kun’s virginity aren’t you?」


「Michi-kun…Are you sure with this guy?」


「Then…it can’t be helped…!」


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