Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 169 : Father and Daughter.



「Father…Why are you talking about that now?」

Kudou-chan asks her father.

「Well you see…Michi-kun, you reached the 『Age to know the colors』」

The father answers while driving.

「Your age is about to reach the time where you separate from me…」

A serious face.


Kudou-chan mutters.

「I…during lunch time, 『Kuromori’s』Margo-sama has told me that my idea of fighting is no good…」

Oh…after lunch…
The fake right wing’s fight?…

「That’s when I realized that my fighting style is supported by father…」

That time, Margo-san pointed out that Kudou-chan wasn’t watching at the whole battle space.
I see…Kudou-chan usually fights alongside with her father…
It’s Kudou papa’s responsibility to see the entire battlefield…Kudou-chan can just freely fight as she want while supporting her father.

「…I know. I was watching over」

…As expected
He’s already with us at that time.

「I didn’t understand how much father helps me in my fights until it was pointed out…!」
「Yeah…but you already get it don’t you?」
「In the fight at the bathroom a while ago…Michi-kun’s position was good. In preparation for the assault of the separate unit, you were able to support me all the time but still stick to a perfect position to protect Kuromori-san. That’s a passing grade…!」
「…Thank you very much」

The father and daughter continue their talk.

「Therefore…Michi-kun, it’s about time you graduate from me」
「…That’s, father!」

Kudou-chan’s surprised.

「My 『Kudou style ancient martial arts』…is something I arranged according to my way of living to the end. Michi-kun, shouldn’t Michi-kun think about her own 『Kudou style』?」

The father tells his daughter.

「…My own?」
「Yeah…Michi-kun and I are different people. Our birth time is different, and the environment we grew up is different. And above all of it…Michi-kun is a woman. We’re different humans so we think differently. Our way of living should be different」

Kudou-chan listens to her father seriously.

「Then…Michi-kun need to have a different 『Kudou style martial arts』from me. The actions humans do represent all of their inside. Try looking…I’m wearing a silly dress and Michi-kun’s wearing a uniform of a prestigious girl’s scool. My clothes are sloppy and Michi-kun’s are firm. Even your hair is combed beautifully and smooth. Michi-kun and I are different in essential sense…!」

…The father and daughter are different.
…They have to separate beyond the difference.

「I thought of you as a kid until now so I’m okay with you imitating me. But…Michi-kun’s already an adult. You have to search your way and live it」
「…My road?」
「That’s right…Just like how I chose Kouzuki old man as my master…Michi-kun chose her own lord, right?」

Kudou-chan…looks down and answers.

「Yes…I think Misuzu-sama will be my lifetime master…!」

Kudou papa laughs.

「Then…we might become enemies someday you know…?」



Kouzuki『Kakka』…and Misuzu might confront…?
The two of them are already thinking of that possibility?!

「Father…please stop calling me 『Michi-kun』already」

Kudou-chan tells her father.

「I won’t be father’s 『Disciple』anymore…!」
「Then…you should stop calling me 『father』too」

The father…smiles lonely.

「No…father is father. No matter what happens…father is my father…!」

Kudou-chan replies.

「Kukuku…you’re really serious. You’re like Etsuko in that regard」

Kudou papa talks about his wife’s name…

「…Father, Mama-uesama…!」
「…Oops, that’s not something you have to say, Michi!」

The father interrupts his daughter’s words…

「…Do you know?」

Kudou papa doesn’t answer.
After a short pause…he speak up.

「Papa’s last advice…Michi, look for your own 『family』…!」


「『Lover』is fun…but, they won’t last long. 『Love』will definitely end. No matter how cute your feelings are, it’ll get old, worse, and rot someday」

『Love』…will end.

「But…『Family』won’t end. No matter how much time has passed…the『dead』family is『family』 In exchange, you can’t escape…once you become a『family』, that bond will be forever. You can’t just quit from being a 『family』」

『Family』…doesn’t stop.

「…I had a relationship with Etsuko since elementary school. We did various bad plays together…from bad friends, became lovers, then got married. I thought that she’s my 『family』but it seems that I’m different for her… Therefore, if the 『love』ends…I’m just a fired employee. You can’t do anything about that…」

『Love』and 『family』…

「But…but still, she’s『family』for me. I will take care of her for the rest of my life…even if she separates from me」

Kudou-chan mutters.

「…I’ll settle it with that Yamaoka bastard without fail. He made fun of my 『Kudou style』 But, I’ll kick the asses of those who underestimate me! That’s the way I lived…!」

I speak up.

「…Kudou-chan, be my family…!」

…Kudou-chan’s surprised.

「I…Misuzu, Megu, Mana…Minaho-neesan, Katsuko-neesan, Nagisa, Nei-san, and even Margo-san…I’ve decided to make them my 『family』 Those people are important to me like 『family』」

I look straight at Kudou-chan.

「Therefore…I want Kudou-chan to be Misuzu and my 『family』 Not just as Misuzu’s vassal…but a member of our『family』」


「Please let me think for a while about that offer」

Kudou papa laughs then speaks to Minaho-neesan…

「That’s nice, young people are really direct at anything. Don’t you think so…Kuromori-san?」

Minaho-neesan ignores Kudou papa then looks at Kudou-chan.

「It’s about time…we arrive at the 『house』 Go and observe our 『family』as you want… And if Kudou-san liked it…then join our『family』1 Nobody will force you…!」

As our『head』…Minaho-neesan told Kudou-chan.

「Yes…I will take a look」

Kudou-chan replies seriously…

「Hmm…it’s about time」

We can see our school beyond the windshield.

「Kudou-san…it’s okay to let us off here. Thank you very much」

Kudou papa stopped the car.
The van with 『Kudou detective agency』also stops…

「…As expected, you won’t invite me to your castle」

Kudou papa snorts.

「Yes. We don’t let men inside our castle…!」

Minaho-neesan answers.

「…Hey hey, what about this boy?」

To that question, Minaho-neesan…

「Yoshida-kun’s our precious『family』so he’s an exception」

Kudou papa smiles wryly.

「Well, that’s fine…I’ll entrust Michi to you. She’s a bit hardheaded but I think she’s a good woman…!」
「Yes…I’ll take care of her」

Kudou papa opens the driver seat door then goes out.

「We’ll continue to watch outside the school site tonight…we’ll be intercepting the soldiers of Cesario Viola and Shirasaka family by ourselves…!」
「…I will leave it to you. I do trust Kudou-san」

Minaho-neesan laughs then tells Kudou papa.

「…Stop with the flattery. I’m weak to those」

Saying that, he closed the door
Then he heads back to his van without looking back.


Kudou-chan leaks her voice while looking at her father’s back from inside the car.
Just now…the father has let go of his daughter.
The daughter has to be independent from now on.
…To find her new『family』

「Tony, open it already! We’ll be camping in this car tonight!」
「Eh, please spare me from that…boss!」
「How’s Noma?」
「…It’s already passed working hours so I think she’s going back home」
「Call her back…we’ll be monitoring here until morning!」
「Eh? Seriously!?!」
「Stop complaining…go to the convenience store and buy some milk and bean jam bun!」
「No…let’s buy something more delicious, boss?!」
「Shut up shut up shut up! It’s obvious that it’s milk and bean jam bun when you’re camping!」

While listening to those voices…
Minaho-neesan goes to the driver seat.

「…Let’s go」

Kudou-chan nods.
Our car begins to run.
Kudou papa’s figure gradually goes smaller.

「Father has told me to find my own『Kudou style』…」

Kudou-chan’s lonely.

「I have no idea what I should do. Since childhood…I’ve believed father’s teachings, that’s how I lived so far…」


「But still…looking at Kudou-chan’s father’s way…Have you ever thought 『Even though we can fix this』?」

Kudou-chan’s startled when I asked her.

「How about changing it from those points first?」

Kudou-chan nods.

「There’s something I’ve always thought」

The light returns in Kudou-chan’s eyes.

「Father…shouts the name of the skills his enemy craft…but that has the risk of biting his tongue. Therefore…how about shouting the name of the skill after the enemy has done the technique…」

Is it absolute that you have to shout the name of the technique?

「Y-Yeah…isn’t that great? Changing those kind of things…I think it’ll say that Kudou-chan’s original 『Kudou Style』」

But still…I think that’ll be her first step.
That’s why…I affirm it.
I have to push her back…
And maybe, someday she’ll stop shouting the name of techniques her enemy does…
That would really help out a lot

「…Yoshida-sama, I’ve got a request」

Kudou-chan looks at me.

「Please call me『Michi2』from now on」

She said bashfully.


A replacement of her father…?!

「No, not 『Michi-kun』…I want Yoshida-sama to call me only 『Michi』」

Her big eyes look up at me.

「Father’s the only one who can call me 『Michi-kun』」

…Is that so?
As expected, she’s lonely…
About parting with her father…

「Got it, Michi. In exchange, I’ve got a favor to ask…」
「What is it, Yoshida-sama?」

Michi takes a stance.

「Could you stop calling me 『Yoshida-sama』 We’re『allies』 I feel itchy when you add『sama』…!」

Michi smiles when I say that.

「Got it…Yoshida!」


「Uhm…as you requested, I’ve removed the『sama』…but is that not what you mean?」

Well fine.
I’m also calling her Michi…

「I don’t mind it…best regards, Michi」
「Same here, my best regards…Yoshida!」

Although she’s younger…
This small and cute girl calling me without any suffix…
Yeah…that has a different charm.
That itself has the worth.

「…We somehow arrived safely」

Then our car finally arrived at school.
Just like earlier, we got from the front entrance.
Of course, Minaho-neesan’s face is known by the guards so they let us through without saying anything.
The sky’s colored red sunset…
The time is 5:52PM.

「The news will continue at six o’clock and the national broadcast news will be at seven o’clock. We still have to launch an attack」

Minaho-neesan has stopped the car in the parking space nearest to the school building.
We get off the car and head to the principal’s office.

◇ ◇ ◇

「…Oh, welcome back!」

Nei-san welcomes us from the monitor room under the principal’s office.
Nei-san…Michi still doesn’t know about her.

「Nei-san…this is Misuzu’s guard…」
「I know, Kudou Michi-san, right?」
「I’ve watched over the fight on the baseball club during lunch」

Ah…the hidden cameras.
She’s watching from this room.
But, Nei-san’s way of speaking…
It seems that Michi ha gone to the baseball game and fought with the other team.

「I also know…You’re Natou Nei-sama, aren’t you…?!」

Michi also has seen the members of『Kuromori』from her father’s research file.

「That’s right, I’m Nei-asn! Err…Can I call you Mii-chan?」
「Yes…please call me as you want」
「How does Yo-chan call you?」

Nei-san looks at me then laughs.

「…What? I can’t hear it!」

Before entering the principal’s office, she was listening to my conversation with Michi on the corridor…


Nei-san stares at me.

「T-That’s…that’s what I asked from Yoshida…!!」
「…Yoshida? You’re not using a suffix」

…The hornet’s nest is disturbed!

「Nei…if you have time to do that then write even more」

Margo-san who’s in front of the laptop scolds Nei-san…

「Yoshida-kun…I’d like you to help out is possible」

Eh…on what?
Looking at them…it’s not just Margo-san and Katsuko-nee, Megu’s also facing a laptop.

「Yoshi-kun, there’s various reddits on the net…write some information…!」3


「『It seems that Shirasaka Sousuke have raped other idols』or『That idol was raped』…the contents doesn’t matter, we’re just posting to sensationalize Shirasaka’s crimes. Then after writing, paste the address of the video site」

…Video site?
Katsuko-nee speaks ahead…

「Video sharing sites all over the world…Margo-sama and I are uploading Shirasaka Sousuke’s rape videos! It’s videos of idols that were famous before. We’ll lead the people to there…!」

Oh…those Minaho-neesan mentioned that were paid a huge sum of money to have it uploaded.
Shirasaka’s idol rape videos are uploaded gradually.
Everyone will watch in curiosity…
Then…they’ll know the person named Shirasaka Sousuke.
…As a rape demon.

「It’ll take a while for the officials of Shirasaka family to erase the video…then we’ll upload it to another site. Then, we’ll spread that link. It’ll be a chase」

Margo-san said with a laugh.

「But…the effect is already coming out. The internet world is on a small festical. Other than Katsuko and Margo, there are people mirroring the videos too…!」

Minaho-neesan said while looking at her own laptop.

「Anyway…let’s continue this work steadily until seven o’clock」

As soon as Minaho-neesan says taht…

「Ah…Access denied!」

Megu tells Margo-san

「Then, use that laptop and change to another line…」

It seems that there are multiple lines passing through.

「Uhm…I’m not good with computers」
「Oh…Yoshida-kun don’t use it normally, right…!」

Minaho-neesan smiles at me.

「What about Kudou-san…?」

Margo-san looks at Michi.

「I’m literate…!」
「Then, try using that computer」
「…Got it!」

Michi joins the computer front.

「What should I do?」

Katsuko-nee looks up at me.

「In that case, help out preparing dinner」


「Mana-chan’s doing her best in the kitchen by herself…!」

I see…letting her write badmouth to her father in the internet is quite…
Katsuko-nee paid regards to it and removed her from this job.
Although, Megu keeps on typing calmly…

「Ahn! Another access denied! What’s going on!」

Megu shouts in confusion!

「Hmm, Megumi-chan can rest. Thank you…could you go with Yoshida-kun to help Mana-chan?」

Margo-san tells Megu.


Megu wants to cooperate in staging Shirasaka that much.

「It feels pitiful to let Mana prepare dinner alone…go with Yoshida-kun」

Margo-san said kindly.

「Yes…understood. Yoshi-kun, let’s go」

Megu holds my hand…

「Huh…where’s Yukino?」

Speaking of which…where is she?

「Yukino’s there」

Megu points out.
Is on the place where Mana was tied up this morning.
As expected, she’s wearing a collar…
It’s connected to iron chains.
Still wearing her tattered uniform…
Her breasts are exposed.
And she’s just looking at the screen absentmindedly.
The multiple monitors in the room are displaying videos from television stations being broadcasted.
Majority of the news stations are continuing their report about 『Shirasaka Sousuke』again.
Only the Shirasaka family station is displaying about 『feature shops where you can eat a large serving for 500 yen』
Minaho-neesan increases the volume of the voice of the station that’s doing a follow-up report.

『…Indeed, this Shirasaka Sousuke is a parasite and a villain in the entertainment world. For example, from what I’ve heard…!』

The commentator is speaking passionately.
The sex videos of Shirasaka’s entertainers flow out steadily…
That has become a hot topic on the internet right now.4
Those related to entertainment business have reported Shirasaka’s wrongdoings so far…
Right now…it’s a『festival』time.

『Iyaa, that’s unforgivable! That’s absolutely unforgivable! This kind of guy…!』

Hearing that there’s a festival, even the hot blooded sports caster came in running.
It’s already the first news.
The news about the consecutive rape charges in Australia vanishing.
The current topic…is concentrated on using the Shirasaka’s family name and his position as the head of a major advertising agency, and 『Shirasaka Sousuke』who tricked entertainers and idols to rape them.

「There’s also information we weren’t writing coming out…like the list of entertainers participating in Shirasaka’s sex party…」

Minaho-neesan told us the situation in the internet.
…We have the momentum.
The air right now is『You can beat up the man named Shirasaka Sousuke』…
Various people who kept silent for a long time has began to reveal their grudge to the internet.
Among them are former celebrities that were raped by Shirasaka.
Their family…friend.
The lover of those who were raped…

「Interesting…there’s people who are writing about bribery and tax evasion of Shirasaka Sousuke too」

I see…even the people who have a grudge against Shirasaka.
They’re starting to talk about Shirasaka’s crimes.
This outrageous momentum…
The man named Shirasaka Sousuke becomes the enemy of Japan.

「That’s all lies…Papa!」

Yukino…leaks out a voice of despair.

「Now then…how long can Shirasaka house hold this」

Minaho-neesan laughs coldly.

「It’s about time the flames of hatred burn from Shirasaka Sousuke to the individuals of Shirasaka family itself…!」


  1. Kuromori = Mafia
  2. Katakana, just like how Kudou papa calls her most of the time until this chapter
  3. it’s actually a bulletin board but I thought that reddit will do
  4. It’s basically a dark fappening