Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 171 : Full body blow!


「…The Australian rape case victim responded to the negotiations with the lawyer hired by Shirasaka family」

Margo-san…tells us while continuing to eat curry.

「Yeah…after the appeal to police withdrawal, Shirasaka’s sin in Australia will disappear immediately」

…He’ll be released by the police?

「Of course…the victims’ respond in the court is our instruction」

In Australia…Margo-san’s mater, Kyouko・Dothnomechey is moving behind the scenes.

「…Why did you let them settle it in the court at this stage?」

Megu asks Margo-san.

「Well, isn’t that obvious? If we leave him alone…Shirasaka Sousuke will be under investigation in Australia, be subject to Australian court and serve in Australian prison」

…I see.
Since he raped a local girl in Australia…
Obviously, he’ll be judged by the local judiciary.

「Minaho wants to make Shirasaka Sousuke fall to hell by her own hands…!」

I see…The topic on the internet changed from Shirasaka’s rape case abroad to the entertainment world scandal.
If Shirasaka comes back to Japan…he’ll be aimed by the eyes of hatred from all Japan.

「Also…it’s a『trap』for the Shirasaka head family」

Margo-san grins.

「Yeah…well, look forward to the press conference」

Then…Katsuko-nee raised her face from the laptop.

「Ojou-sama! It’s done! Everything’s prepared!」

Minaho-san looked back.

「…What about Kaionji-sensei?」
「I’ve sent the outline of the report. When will we contact the police?」
「…You can do it at 10 o’clock. Do it at the same time the press conference starts」
「Yes…I’ll mail both the Tokyo police and Shisuoka police!」

What will they tell the police?

「Well done…Katsuko, take a rest. Take a meal before it gets cold…!」
「What about Ojou-sama」
「I…don’t want to eat anything tonight…」
「Should I prepare supplements?」
「Yeah…please. I can’t afford to fall down on the last moment…!」

Minaho-neesan’s eyes are shining brightly.
A twelve year『revenge』?…
Today…it’ll come to reality.

「Nei and Kudou-san, take turns in resting…you have to get active by 10 o’clock…!」

Nei-san and Michi continues to guide the public opinion in the internet as usual…

「…I can go later, Mii-chan, go and eat first!」
「…Consent acknowledged no Sukezaemon!」

Just what kind of character are you playing on the internet…

「It’s 『Ruson Sukezaemon』and 『Berodashi Chonma』and 『Ono’s Little Sister’s elder sister』are the three names I’m performing right now」

Michi, reports with confidence.

「Is that so, that’s tough. Here, curry and rice」

Megu smiles then handed Michi the meal

「I’m indebt to you…!1

Staying in her samurai language for some reason…Michi kept eating.

「Haa…My shoulders are stiff」

Katsuko-nee comes over.

「Hey…massage my breasts~」

Katsuko-nee said while looking at me.

「No…you said that your shoulders are stiff right? What does the breast have to do with this?!」
「My breasts are heavy so my shoulders get stiff…!2

Katsuko-nee approaches me…1

「Or rather…I just want you to touch me」

…Can’t be helped.
I massage Katsuko-nee’s breasts on top of her clothes…
It’s really big.
What’s with this volume?

「Hey…did you know that it feels good to have sex when you’re tired?」

Katsuko-nee whispers in my ears…

「Love me tonight okay!」


「No…I want to be loved by you. Isn’t that fine? Dear…!」
「…Yeah, got it」

I also whisper in Katsuko-nee’s ear.

「Hey, what are you whispering?!」

Mana’s glaring at us.

「Ah, Mana-chan can join in too. I’m in the mood to make love with a small girl!」

The long asleep sexual beast seems to have woken up.

「…What are you talking about?」

Megu asks me.

「Err…Katsuko-nee wants to have sex with me tonight」

I answered honestly.

「Is that so?…Katsuko-san did a lot it seems. Got it…I can do it tomorrow morning」


「Didn’t we promise to have sex in the school building? But, I’m scared at the school at night so let’s just do it before others come to school…!」

Megu seems to be completely motivated.

「Got it…promise」

I just accept everything.
I kiss Megu…!

「Ah, me too, Onii-chan!」

Mana clings to me…so I give her too.

「I want it too」

Katsuko-nee too…!

「Yo-chan, what are you doing! Come here and give us food!」

Nei-san shouts.
Go towards Nei-san in front of her PC…


Nei-san turned to me.
Then, I kissed her softly…

「…I can finally see Yo-chan’s face up close」

Nei-san whispers to me…

「It was lonely being alone…geez!」

I embrace Nei-san’s body.


Nei-san coil her hands to my back.
We kissed once again.

   ◇ ◇ ◇

…Ten o’clock.

Shirasaka family, owner of a news company…also have a television station.
They should be broadcasting news by 10 o’clock if it was the usual but…
Today, they just put out the opening title then immediately switched to the press conference room screen.
The chairperson of the interview isn’t the usual caster of the usual news show…
It’s the greatest announcer director in the TV station…

「My…Shirasaka Moritsugu is there」

Katsuko-nee said.
True…at the center of the table in the screen.
Mr. Shirasaka Moritsugu, the head of Shirasaka family, and the chairman of the newspaper company is sitting.
His face always come out when the pro baseball gets in trouble so even I know his face.
His alias is 『Sakamori』
Age…early 70’s.
Pure white hair and golden glasses.
He’s having good meals? His skin looks glossy.
Alias…『Silver Hair demon』
Other aliases…『Japan’s representative on elderly causing troubles』『King of the Aged』『The boss of elders』

「It’s basically 『I want to get out』since it’s a 『pain in the neck』if his own opinion won’t pass through…he won’t be satisfied unless he turns over the situation with his own hand…!」

Minaho-neesan explained so…

「…Then, we will start the conference. You can ask the questions later. Then, first…Chairman Shirasaka Moritsugu has something to report to everyone」

The announcer in sight took the first shot.

「…Shirasaka here」

Mr. Shirasaka Moritsugu twists his mouth in displeasure then began to talk.

「Right now, my nephew…Shirasaka Sousuke seems to have very dishonorable rumors coming out about him. However, this are all just groundless rumors filled with malice…first, I would like you all to recognize that…」

『Sakamori』…seems to intend to completely deny the doubt in Shirasaka Sousuke.

「I will speak in behalf of Shirasaka family. This are all a conspiracy by someone in order to trample Shirasaka Sousuke and the Shirasaka family’s honor. Mr. Shirasaka Sousuke and us are innocent…I swear to god that we’re not involved in the illegal acts as the rumors say」

He said something big again.

「First…the case of Shirasaka Sousuke’s arrest in Australia…just earlier, the Australian family who complained about Shirasaka Sousuke has withdrawn their complaint. Shirasaka Sousuke was falsely accused and despite not committing any sin…he was arrested by mistake. A misidentified arrest. The case of possession of child pornography has a different suspect…it has nothing to do with him」

…So that’s what you came up?

「Currently, we’re sending a protest against the Australian police. Also, we are prepared to sui those Australians who caused an unjustified appeal to Shirasaka Sousuke. No…the local people might not be the wrong here. This incident were planned to damage Shirasaka Sousuke and Shirasaka family’s honor. It means that you people were caught in their plans. This is outrageous! I’m very furious!」

『Sakamori』reveals an unpleasant expression.

「If you continue your unpleasant reports about Shirasaka Sousuke and us, we will have to respond. Television stations, radio, newspaper, and of course, the reporters and commentators as well, if you want to make an appeal then please do! If you people will make an unjustified attack to Shirasaka house, we will fight with determination. We’ll return it 10,000 fold so wait for us!」

The press conference room quiets down.

「…That’s all from me」

『Sakamori』tells the reporters as he scowl at them.

「Then, we will begin our question and answer session. If you have any question then please raise your hands…please state your name and affliation」

Several people raises their hands.

「Eh, I’m *** from Saito TV. Shirasaka Sousuke seems to have rumors about having shameless acts with celebrities apart from his Australian case…」

Another person takes the microphone instead of 『Sakamori』

「…I’m Ohata, the legal adviser of Shirasaka family. There is a report about Mr. Shirasaka Sousuke having sexual relationship with specific people from entertainment…or that he’s sponsoring some sexual parties…that is all not true. Mr. Shirasaka Sousuke has nothing to do with any of those」

The old lawyer completely denied it…

「However…there are a number of sexual images with a person that seems to be Shirasaka Sousuke released on the internet. Among them, I heard that there’s a person who seemed to be a minor being treated violently…」

The reporter still clings to it.

「Eh, It would be troublesome to say 『thought to be』and 『can be seen』based on speculations. I don’t know what kind of videos are flowing but…Do you have a firm evidence that will confirm that the person in the video is Shirasaka Sousuke」
「That…you can see it in the video. The person in it looks very similar to Mr. Shirasaka Sousuke」
「Saying that it’s similar isn’t a proof that it’s the person himself…!」

The old lawyer turned it down.

「I am convinced that someone that looks very much like M.r Shirasaka Sousuke commits this shameless videos then cowardly traps Mr. Shirasaka Sousuke to the crimes…」
「No, in one of our data collection, one of the women in the leaked videos has already retired in the entertainment industry…if the video is real, she can testify that the man in the video who used violence on her is Mr. Shirasaka Sousuke on his young days」
「I don’t know what you intend to say but that is not true. It’s impossible to prove that the person in the video is Mr. Shirasaka Sousuke by just her testimony. You don’t know if someone paid her to say that」

Un…he intends to deny it with all his strength.

「** From Osaki Newspaper. A part of the report says that Mr. Shirasaka Sousuke has a relationship with a crime syndicate, is that true?」
「I don’t understand the『Part of the report』, please give me the name of the company that made such a report. I will make a proper response」

The reporter fell silent from the words of the lawyer.
…In the end.
The incident in Australia is a false charge. A mistaken arrest. Shirasaka Sousuke is innocent so the appeal was withdrawn.
The leaked videos related to the entertainment industry doesn’t reflect Shirasaka Sousuke. You should show evidence that it’s Shirasaka Sousuke
If there’re other suspicions…I will appeal that’s just ridiculous.
It seems that’s what the Shirasaka house wants to push.

「It’s completely a Shirasaka house’s way」

Minaho-neesan mutters.

「They think that they can deceive everyone with the power of Shirasaka house’s power…!」

『Sakamori』is sitting on the center of the table in the screen…
He’s staring at the reporters with mocking eyes.
He’ll never allow anyone to dishonor Shirasaka family…
He’ll crush them thoroughly and expell them from the press…

「…Can I ask a question?」

One person…a gray elderly man raised his hand.
A white mustache…fat old man
He looks Santa Claus.

「…Go on」

The chairman allows that person…

「I came here as the representative of *** newspaper today. I’m Kaionji」

That person is Kaionji-san?


At that moment…Minaho-neesan issues an order!

「…Got it」

The three moves their hand to the keyboard immediately.

「Why is a famous journalist like you appearing in such a conference?」

『Sakamori』speaks to Kaionji-san himself.

「In the end, no incident has hapened. My nephew is innocent. What happened today is just a 『fuss』 I don’t think there’s no news worth having here…!」
「…Is that so?」

Kaionji-san speaks to 『Sakamori』

「I think this incident is just the tip of the iceberg…」

Then…he takes out a file from the bag.

「In my data collection…I found Mr. Shirasaka Sousuke commiting a murder case…!」

Kaionji-san makes a sensational remark from the start.
The surroundings becomes noisy immediately.

「Youuuu! What do you mean, saying something as ridiculous as such?!」

『Sakamori』lost his temper.
He yelled at Kaionji-san loudly.

「Thirteen years ago…in Kanagawa prefecture, a 12 year old girl was kidnaped. This person was kidnaped, confined, raped, prostituted, killed and disposed by Mr. Shiraska Sousuke」

Kaionji-san speaks calmly.

「…W-Where’s the evidence!」

『Sakamori’s』roar echoes in the hall.

「The proof will be dug up by the Shizuoka prefectural police」

…Dug up?

「A person involved with Mr. Shirasaka Sousuke that time gave me an in-depth report. The same thing has already been sent to the Tokyo police and Shizuoka police. The name of the victim is Yuzuki Naomi-san」

…Yuzuki Naomi?
…It’s Minaho-neesan dead sister.

「It’s written in the report that Mr. Shirasaka Sousuke has buried the girl in Shirasaka’s family lot in Shizuoka prefecture. The location is specific…!」

Kaionji-san said.

「Before long…the corpse will be discovered by the police. I think it’s already white bones but…her hand is holding a stainless steel plate. The person who wrote this report confesses that the metal plate has Naomi-san’s name and Mr. Shirasaka Sousuke’s name engraved in the metal plate」

I look at Minaho-neesan.
Minaho-neesan stands gallantly…
She’s staring at the screen quietly.
For this twelve years…
You’ve been waiting for this day to come…

「…It’s fabricated! That’s ridiculous!!!」


「What kind of fabrication can you do on a corpse that’s buried under the soil for 12 years!」

Kaionji-san shouts back…

「Well…let’s just wait for the police announcement silently. The excavation by the police should prove that Naomi-san’s body has been holding Mr. Shirasaka Sousuke’s name for 12 years…!」

At that time…
Margo-san…Katsuko-nee…and Nei-san’s hands are…
Leaking Naomi-san’s images in the internet.
Before she was kidnapped…a photo of a cute girl.
The videos and photos when Shirasaka Sousuke raped her out of her virginity.
The 12 years old girl got pregnant, and her stomach got bit.
And the photo when she died.
The photo of her body buried in the soil.

「…My late mother has issued a『Missing notice』about Naomi to the police 」


「In short…she『disappeared』 There’s no death report anywhere. No…they can’t let out!!!」


「I…I buried Naomi with my own hands. In Shirasaka Sousuke’s villa in Shizuoka. I also carved the stainless plate…」


「I swore…I swore that I will definitely avenge her!!!」


「I use the materials left in『Kuromori』for my 『revenge』for Naomi! Naomi died after all…! There’s a lot of people living normally…have a family. But…Naomi and mother are no longer in this world. I’m the only one living in my family. That’s why…I made『Naomi’s death』my last trump card…!!!」

Hold Minaho-neesan’s hand.


Minaho-neesan looked at me.

「…It’s okay. We’ll be with Minaho-neesan for always」

…That’s right.

「We…we are Minaho-neesan’s 『family』…!」

Minaho-neesan looks at my face…

「…Thank you」

Then she smiled.

「…Now then, we’re at the crucial moment. For us, and for Shirasaka house too」

Minaho-neesan stares at 『Sakamori』in the screen again…

「The Australian rape case…maybe a national disgrace but the concern of the whole world is thin. The entertainment world scandal gathers a lot of people’s attention but that’s all. But…kidnaping, rape, confinement, and murder of a 12 years old girl…!」

Minaho-neesan’s eyes sparkle…!

「…That’s absolutely unforgivable!」


  1. Michi is speaking in Samurai language, ask your local weeabo
  2. Here comes the classic huge tit problems