Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 172 : Ripple of the events


「Here’s the collection of my materials. There will be a copy distributed to the journalist around here so…please, see it with your own eyes」

Saying that, Kaionji-san sat down.

「…Eh, I’m very sorry but we’re about to end the conference soon」

The speaker declares the end of the conference.

「…Please wait a moment!」
「…Shirasaka-san, please make a comment about the case given just now!」
「…Is the kidnapping and murder of the girl true?!」
「…Hey, reply!」
「…Are you running, hey!」

Shirasaka Moritsugu escapes his seat from the screams of the reporters…
The news program changes from the press conference back to studio.

「…Eh, even I don’t know what’s going on. We’ll be arranging our information…」

The announcer desperately tries to smooth over the place…
Shirasaka Moritsugu who’s the head of Shirasaka family has『proclaimed innocence』to cover up the criminal relative of his…you can only see it as him escaping from the famous journalist telling the truth.

「The net has a great reaction…they’ve gotten outrageous when they accessed about Naomi-san」

Margo-san said.

「Let’s upload to more video sites. Nei-sama and Kudou-sama, please lead them」

Katsuko-nee gives out instructions.

「Leave it to me!」
「Certainly sir!」

Once again, the fight in the internet begins…

「Ah…they came now」

Katsuko-nee mutters.

「What did…?」

I asked…

「Shirasaka family seems to have hired a professional on internet. They’re desperately deleting the videos we’re uploading…!」
「They’re already here too~! They’re defending the Shirasaka family with a frightful force!」
「Same here, it’s writing as the 『second self』…!」

I don’t get it but…
Anyway, it seems that the battle in the net seems to continue.

「But, since this evening…we’ve been building up the image that Shirasaka Sousuke is a bad human. They can’t easily change the public opinion in the internet that easily」

Margo-san analyzes.


Nei-san suddenly laughs.

「What’s wrong?」
「You see, Yo-chan…there’s one guy who stick to me too much who’s writing his opinion defending the Shirasaka family…!」

Nei-san laughs.

「Then, I wrote pretending to be that guy.」 『Leader, what should we do? Whatever we write, their opinions don’t change』…!」

Did the professional opponents fell into our hands?…

「Yay…they ran away! It’s my win~!」

Nei-san’s happy but…
I don’t get the internet world.1

「I stand up in the enemy’s Shirasaka Sousuke support thread and thoroughly damaged him…!」

Why are you a fundamentally 『painful child』…

「Yup…as I thought. This is an advantageous situation. Naomi-san’s videos are spreading. When it comes to this, the people employed by Shirasaka house won’t be able to erase it…!」

Margo-san seems to be convinced on victory.

The date changed…May 2, 00:03.
All of the television stations have an urgent news coming up.

『Shizuoka prefectural police department discovers a skeleton buried in a villa owned by Shirasaka Sousuke』

Twelve years after her death…
Naomi-san was finally dug up from the earth.
The remains were discovered just as Kaionji-san’s distributed reports say…
The press began to report all the details of the case at once.
There’s nothing that relates to the existence of the prostitution organization『Kuromori』
Twelve years ago…the pedophile pervert Shirasaka Sousuke has abducted Yuzuki Naomi (Age 12) on her way home then confined her.
After she was raped, Shirasaka Sousuke forced her to prostitution.
When Naomi-san got pregnant…she got killed…
Shirasaka Sousuke buried her in the villa he owns…
That was the scenario drawn by Minaho-neesan…

「…I buried Naomi there. With my own hands.」

Minaho-neesan mutters…

「I also had a body that can’t take in customers anymore. Ordered by Shirasaka, Naomi was to be buried by the underlings of a gang…so I came with them」

…Minaho, nee-san

「It wasn’t easy…I gave them fellatio multiple times along the way…I butter up those thugs…so they brought her to Shirasaka’s villa. Shirasaka’s instruction was to 『Bury her int he mountains of Shizuoka』but…『It’s troublesome to carry her in the mountains isn’t it?』,『I hate how Shirasaka-san always acts bossy. We should bury her under Shirasaka-san’s villa instead?』I instigated those thugs little by little… I didn’t say that the corpse was my sister」

That is the day where her revenge has began.

「It was dusk. The thugs and I dug a hole…the wound in my stomach still hurts but I desperately scooped with the shovel. Then…Naomi who’s wrapped in a huge vinyl sheet was put in the hole… Her body was completely stiff. Naomi was wrapped in the vinyl naked so she won’t be identified…I want to see her face but…the thugs would be suspicious if I looked at her and cried so I didn’t. I still regret that even now」

The sixteen year old girl buries the corpse of her thirteen year old sister.

「There’s a small white flower blooming in the vicinity…I picked it up and offered it to Naomi’s remains. Since her hands were coming out of the vinyl sheet…I had her grip the plate with the name of Shirasaka Sousuke carved in it. Then I put on the soil. I buried Naomi. When I finished burying her, it was completely nighttime…」

Then…twelve years have passed.


Megu…shouts in a loud voice.

「Please also leak out my mother’s videos!」
「…Keiko-san’s videos too?」

Minaho-neesan’s surprised.

「My mother doesn’t have anyone but me. Please release the videos of Mother kidnapped by Shirasaka Sousuke, raped, and killed on the internet!」


「If I recall…those who killed two and above will have a death penalty in Japan, right?」

Hearing Megu’s words…
Yukino who’s limped out got startled.

「You…do you intend to kill my Papa!?」

Megu and Yukino…the sisters glare at each other…

「…If I can turn it to death penalty then I will put him to the sentence!」

Megu shouts!

「That’s bullshit! Why does Papa have to be sentenced to death!」

Yukino shouts!

「He killed my mother!」

Megu shouts at Yukino with a rough voice!
Minaho-neesan speaks to Megu…

「…We can’t Megumi. I won’t leak Keiko-san’s videos…!」

Megu’s surprised.

「…I can’t let the women who belong to the former 『Kuromori』have a useless worry…!」

Minaho-neesan said clearly…

「It’s Naomi so they will allow it…everyone knows that she’s my little sister. That’s why…they will understand that this is Yuzuki Minaho’s personal revenge…」

Personal revenge

「There are those among the retired『women』I can’t contact anymore. I think they want to completely forget about their prostitute past. Even the people who I know their locations…there’s hardly anyone that knows Megumi is with me right now. Have you considered what will they think if I let out Keiko-san’s videos among those people…?」

Everyone will misunderstand that their videos might also be leaked?!
That Minaho-neesan could chase Shirasaka Sousuke…she’ll indiscriminately use videos of『women』who were treasured by 『Kuromori』…

「That’s why I won’t let out anything else but Naomi’s. Also, we have to thoroughly hide anything that suggest the existence of『Kuromori』…!」

That is Minaho-neesan’s pride as the manager of 『Kuromori』

「Also…I don’t want to give Shirasaka Sousuke a death sentence…!」

Minaho-neesan looks up at the monitor.
The news turned to 『Special news report』…and they continue to report the incident.
The screen reflects Shirasaka Sousuke’s face grinning portrait photo, where did they get that?

「I’d like Shirasaka to live the remainder of his life in suffering…! Smeared in humiliation and disgrace…I want him to keep living miserably bathing in the eyes of hatred of people…!」

   ◇ ◇ ◇

「…Kaionji-sensei, Thank you very much」

Katsuko-nee calls Kaionji-san as thanks.

『No, in the end, I got a scoop so I’m the one who should say thanks』

Kaionji-san’s voice flows from the speaker of the room.
Katsuko-nee seems to have connected the phone to the aux of the room.

「Please wait for a moment…I will be sending the phone to Ojou-sama」

Katsuko-nee hands the phone to Minaho-neesan.

「Thank you for the troubles, Kaionji-sama…The reward will be transferred to your account」
『No…I just told Katsuko-kun just now…this case is something delicious I have obtained…rewards are unnecessary』
「I won’t let that…!」
「Instead of money…could you let me publish this case as a book?」

Naomi-san’s death and Shirasaka Sousuke’s crime will become a book.

『I have already taken offers from several companies…』

Minaho-neesan thinks for a moment.

「Understood…I will leave the decision to you. However, I will be deciding the contents…』
『I know…this event also has Kouzuki『Kakka』involved in it, right?』

Kaionjo-san seems to have seen the background of the incident.

「Yes…I’m taking his cooperation」

Minaho-neesan affirms it.

『Kouzuki『Kakka’s』aim is to deprive Shirasaka family of their newspaper company, isn’t it? No, it’s him so he might be also aiming at rebuilding the baseball world at once』
「We do not know Kouzuki-sama’s thoughts…I’m just filled with my own personal 『revenge』…!」
『Hmm…well, let’s leave it to that. Although I feel sorry to hurry…Could you make a report with a bit more of your『facts』in this case and send it tomorrow?』

Kaionji-san said…

『Actually, I am invited to a variety show tomorrow…I’d like to know the outline before that. After all, this incident seems to be a scoop that I secretly gathered and caught. I will hand the report you will have from you and hand it over to other media…that was the instruction. If I only know so foew about the incident, I can’t go to the variety show, won’t I?』
「I will make it by tomorrow morning and send it」

Minaho-neesan answers.

「By the way, Minaho-kun…」

Kaionji-san changes the subject.

『『Kuromori』…won’t reopen anymore…?!』
「…We’re not in a situation where we can answer」
『…I see. True. 『Kakka』and I…liked the 『Kuromori tower』before that Shirasaka house’s brat enters. It was completely ruined by that bastard…at that time, it was us, the regular customer’s responsibility for not stopping that man at those times. I think it’s inexcusable…!』
「That’s…it is not something to worry about」
『When『Kakka』has selected you…I think that the 『Kuromori』has regained a bit of it’s radiance from the past. If you didn’t find prostitutes with charm and talent like Nagisa-kun and Katsuko-kun…I think that I’ll never stretch my legs to come to 『Kuromori』again』
「…Thank you very much」
『Therefore…now that we’re able to completely eliminate Shirasaka Sousuke…it would be a pleasure to revive『Kuromori tower』under your arms…!』
「We haven’t decided our future plans yet…however」

Minaho-neesan speaks.

「I think I’ll completely cut ties from this world…!」


『That’s regrettable…however, that might not be inexcusable』
「Yes…I myself is a woman who’s originally not suited to managing the prostitution mansion…」

Minaho-neesan answers.

   ◇ ◇ ◇

『It was a very interesting show. I enjoyed it very much…Minaho-kun』

The call that was taken last was from Kouzuki『Kakka』

『Your production is wonderful. As expected…you have the talent』

『Kakka’s』low voice flows from the speaker.

「That is because Kouzuki-sama has cooperated…the one who appealed the Shizuoka police to hasten their excavation of the corpse was Kouzuki-sama, isn’t it…?」
『Yeah…That kind of suspense is boring so I had it develop faster…』

『Kakka』declares that Minaho-neesan’s 『revenge』is『suspense』…

『However, that was brilliant…Mr. Shirasaka Moritsugu just entered the Jounan women’s medical college earlier. The top of the mass media is imitating the politician feeling bad and sent to hospital, that is outrageous』

Even though nothing’s wrong…he flew to the hospital because he was afraid of the media chasing him.
Well, that would be a big annoyance to the other patients.
It’s also inexcusable for him to use the hospital room for that reason…

『At most…it has gotten easier thanks to that. There’s a coup in Shirasaka house happening in the gap Mr. Shirasaka Moritsugu is hospitalized. Mr. Moritsugu’s on a downfall. I recommend a guy without popularity to be the next head of the family. If this continues, we can divide the Shirasaka family and let it decline』

『Kakka』speaks the plan smoothly…
Yukino’s listening in blank surprise.

『Even for newspaper companies…they probably won’t let the people of Shirasaka family be the director the same way until now. The new representative will put under my tone. With this, that newspaper will become mine…Thank you, Minaho-kun. It is all thanks to you』

Just as Kaionji-san says…Mr. Kouzuki’s aim was the newspaper company.

『In regards to this, I want to thank you…what do you wish?』


「Kouzuki-sama has already given his help to me」
『…About Cesario Viola’s case?』

Minaho-neesan answered calmly.

「You have already sent Kudou-san as support to us」

The image from the surveillance camera…
It’s reflecting Kudou papa outside the school…
Kudou papa’s subordinate, Toni-san, has stopped the minivan in the backline of the baseball club ground.
It was the place where we took lunch.
Ah…I see Noma-san.
She was able to join up safely.
Kudou-papa, building a bonfire at that place…
He’s making barbecue on the bonfire.
Is that okay to put fire on that place?
Oh…a policeman in bicycle came.
Uwa…he’s angry.
Kudou-papa’s seriously apologizing.

『You don’t need to think about Cesario Viola. I won’t allow such an evil criminal come to Japan. He will be exterminated by all means even if I have to mobilize all the organizations I have…!』


「Kudou-san, isn’t with Kouzuki Security Service, is he?」

Minaho-neesan asks『Kakka』

『For the time being, I have three groups underground and two people are already died on duty. He’s quite a formidable enemy』

…Two people were killed?
I see…『Kakka’s』other groups are in war.
That is so Viola and others won’t appear in front of us…

『…Then, about tomorrow. As planned…I will call Shirasaka house and Ichikawa-kun to『make a deal』 Even if it isn’t Mr. Moritsugu in Shirasaka family…it’ll be a new head. They will be making a deal with my agency and you without informing Mr. Moritsugu and his aides. There won’t be any stage for the people in Shirasak clan appealing for Mr. Moritsugu’s fall』

If a man of power like Kouzuki『Kakka』makes a deal with them…they can’t overturn the fact somehow.
On the contrary, if Shirasaka Moritsugu makes a remark「I don’t know this so this promise is ineffective」…He’ll be put to shame by『Kakka』
No…『Kakka』will ignore Mr. Moritsugu, then call to make a deal with the next head of Shirasaka family…
As long as『Kakka』accepts that person…Mr. Moritsugu will have a difficulty reinstated.

『However…the venue will be changed from, the first scheduled National Theater』

Kakka said.

『I can’t invite Cesario Viola on the long awaited Konpeki style symposium. The leaders of government and financial circle of Japan will be gathering there. The security is perfect but I can’t possibly risk of those children be exposed to danger』

If they make an attack at that place, it’ll be a problem.

『Therefore…the venue will be on the capital hotel』

…Capital Hotel?

『After the presentation…how about 9PM?』

Minaho-neesan answers.

「…You plan to lure Viola to the capital hotel」
『…As expected of Minaho-kun. It helps me that you understand it quickly』


『We’ve already prepared the hotel side. Tomorrow night, I will be renting the hotel. The whole hotel is owned by me though…!』


『…That’s where I want to make a consultation』

Minaho-neesan interrupts 『Kakka’s』words

「…It’s Nei?」


『That’s right. A good『trap』needs a suitable『bait』…!』

…I see
If Nei-san appears…
Cesario Viola will definitely come.
The danger naturally reaches Nei-san…!

『I’d like to see her face at least once too…your secret child…the face of the girl who had the famous American criminal chase to Japan…!』
「Kuzuki-sama…I feel sorry to say but」

Minaho-neesan said.

「Nei isn’t a product of『Kuromori』at all…!」


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