Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 173 : Intermission


I can hear『Kakka’s』laughing voice from the speaker…

『…Well fine. I will be on the hotel tomorrow as well. I have the resolution to stand as Cesario Viola’s target

…So he’s asking to bring Nei-san as a lure?
Nei-san speaks to Minaho-neesan.

「I’m fine, Sensei…if we can kill Mr. Viola with that…!」

Both her parents and her brother were killed by Cesario Viola…
Minaho-neesan looks at Nei-san…

「Got it…we’ll bring Nei tomorrow…」


「Everyone has to get ready. Also, we can’t hide here forever can we? If we can repel Cesario Viola with that…!」

It seems Minaho-neesan intends to gamble everything in the tomorrow’s trap in the hotel.

『Rest assurd…you will be guarded tomorrow. There’s nothing to worry…!』

This person talks like he’s just playing a game…
To be honest…I can’t trust him.

『Yamaoka’s『Kouzuki Security Service integrated security department』and…Kudou’s『Guard department』 I will know who’s the capable one here…!』

Even in this situation…
He’s making them compete on purpose…

『Anyway…I’m looking forward for tomorrow. I will contact the person in charge about the details on the 『deal』with Shirasaka house later. …Then』
「Yes…thank you, Kouzuki-sama」

Then…the call ends.

   ◇ ◇ ◇

「…Margo, Katsuko, your opinions?」

Minaho-neesan always listen to the opinion of the two when she’s hesitating.

「…To be honest, I think it’s a good idea if we can settle this in one go, but」

Margo-san’s expression is subtle…

「Kouzuki-san’s fighting power can’t be perfect at all…I think that they only have fifty percent chance on completely destroying Mr. Viola…」

…Is that so?

「But…as promised with Kouzuki-sama, we have to take Nei-sama tomorrow」

Katsuko-nee said.

「Kouzuki-sama thinks that this is just a game but…we know another person who thinks like that…!」

…Who’s that?

「Right…considering Mr. Viola’s personality, he’d rather be willing to play Kouzuki-sama’s game…!」

Minaho-neesan reached a conclusion.

「Rather…we can think that we’ll be safe here and until we arrive at the hotel tomorrow…!」

Katsuko-nee says…

「No…That’s not the case. Cesario Viola certainly loves playing games but…his aide thinks realistically」

Margo-san objects.

「I think that they will aim for attacking while we’re at a car before we arrive at the hotel…!」
「…It’s okay. That won’t happen」

Minaho-neesan tells Margo-san…

「Therefore…Kouzuki-sama purposely made the hotel event tomorrow a massive one. Surely…this information has already reached Cesario and others

They leaked information on purpose?
It’s already known that Cesario has contact with the underground syndicates in Japan.
Then…if Kouzuki-san releases information that he’ll mobilize all his power to the hotel tomorrow evening, waiting for Cesario Viola…
Viola will surely be informed…

「Making such a big challenge…Mr. Viola has no choice but to get on it. Rather, he can’t allow anyone to make a move on us before the game begins… I think they’re working out a plan on how to capture Nei with only a few pieces in plan…!」

Viola’s purpose, 『Nei-san』is definitely there…
Viola will want to play the『game』correctly…

「…You got me」

Margo-san mutters.

「Viola will think about his own capture strategy…Kouzuki-san has the 『security』and『guard』have separate plans on repelling…」

Several speculations collide with each other.

「…We, we have to think a strategy that’s above that」

Margo-san looks at Katsuko-nee.

「Katsuko-san…do you know how many stories the hotel have?」
「Please wait for a moment…」

Katsuko-nee looked it up.

「…Forty-two floors above ground and five floors underground」

Margo-san thinks over.

「…Minaho. When the report from Kouzuki-san’s representative comes, tomorrow night, ask to hand over the keys on the fifteenth floor to the twentieth floor to us」

…From 15th to 20th floor?

「…Let’s turn off all the lights on the guest rooms…then don’t tell the people in Kouzuki-san’s place where Nei is staying in. Then, let’s move rooms from time to time…」
「Why…?…are upper floors bad? What about the top floor?」

When I ask, Margo-san…

「This isn’t a bad game…the princess being on the top floor is quite…」

Oh, I see.
There’s no need to purposely tell where we are…

「Also…we have to think about escape too. If you use the stairs, won’t your limit be the 20th floor?」

…I see.

「The other side is a small group but they’re an elite unit. If we’re on the upper floor, they can just come by using elevators. In that case, there’s no need to use a high location on purpose?」

To confuse the enemy, it’s better to stay on the floor below or in the middle.

「Also…Just like in Manga, it’s a trouble if they attack from the rooftop using parachutes or helicopters」

When I say that…

「Yo-chan…you can’t do that in reality you know?」

Nei-san looks at me with an amazed face.

「…Tokyo night has the night lights bright. You’ll be seen immediately if you get off via parachute. Capital hotel is at the center of the city too…」

I-I see…

「Also, Yo-chan…supposed they get down via parachute and they can’t get down to the hotel due to the wind, what will they do?」

If they got thrown by the wind and dropped on a different place…they’ll look like idiots.

「In case of Helicopters…there’s no heliport in that hotel. If they land by force, they’ll open up a hole on the top floor of the hotel」

Katsuko-nee also criticizes.

「Then…they should just jump while hovering?」

I just try to say it for better of for worse.

「If you jump like that…even if you can hold down the top of the building, you can’t get inside」


「Then…how about hanging a rope and kicking the window on the lower floor invading there…」
「That’s 45 floors above ground you know? There’s no special forces under Viola that can do something like that」

Margo-san turned it down flatly.

「In any case, approach of any helicopters and airplanes will be checked by Kouzuki-sama’s guard. There’s a specialist prepared for that」

…I see.
…That Yamaoka-san won’t miss that kind of thing.

「…Right. There’s an airship chartered under the name of Kouzuki security service」

Katsuko-nee searches information from the internet.

「Advertising airship…they intend to fly the airship over the hotel all night long tomorrow. If they do that, helicopters and planes can’t approach it…even if you jump out forcibly, you’re completely exposed to the people watching in the airship」

It seems that they have started a lot of things already.

「…Margo, anything else to demand on the other side?」

Minaho-neesan asks.

「I can’t think of anything for now…I will be examining the blueprint and materials of the hotel. However…」
「To be honest…I don’t think I will leave Nei’s side tomorrow…I think there’s a limit to guarding alone… I want a wild card」

Margo-san said.

「…Got it, I’ll arrange a last resort」

Minaho-neesan answers.

「Kudou-san’s father…I think we can trust him. At least, regarding the case of Cesario Viola…」
「Right…I will say hello tomorrow」

Margo-san looks at Kudou papa in the monitor.
Kudou papa starts a bonfire again.

「By the way, Minaho…it’s about Kouzuki-san」

Margo-san changes the topic…

「Kouzuki-san seriously wants to put『Kuromori』under his own control, right? What would you do?」

I feel that it’s like that after hearing the phone talk a while ago but.
…Kouzuki『Kakka』seriously think of that?

「Well…the『Kuromori』right now is a 『bad property』where Shirasaka Sousuke is… Shirasaka’s family is behind it, Shirasaka Sousuke has a collection with the entertainment and crime worlds. For KOuzuki-san, I think it’s not a property that’s taken forcibly」

…I see
If it includes Shirasaka Sousuke, it could get reversed…

「Also…with this『Kuromori』will be completely eliminating Shirasaka Sousuke. Kouzuki-san recognizes Minaho’s talent…that person’s wish is the reconstruction of the old『Kuromori tower』 Or rather…he just want a brothel that suits his taste I think…」

Margo-san analyzes…

「I don’t intend to work under Kouzuki-sama. I don’t want to sell『Kuromori』to Kouzuki-sama…」

Minaho-neesan answers.

「We’re an independent organization…Kouzuki-sama and others are『guests』 I don’t intend to change that principle. 『Guest』isn’t a 『Master』 If we can’t transact in equal terms…the prostitutes will be oppressed again…」

Just like the days when Shirasaka Sousuke had the full power over『Kuromori』…
He torments the prostitutes and exploits them.

「In that case…we have to think of some coutermeasures」
「Rather than that…we should capture Cesario Viola’s head by ourselves…!」

Margo-san said.

「If Kouzuki-san’s subordinate kills Cesario Viola…that will be another『debt』towards Kouzuki-san. Using that as a shield…Kouzuki-san can demand control over『Kuromori』」


「…Right. Kouzuki-sama is aiming for a two birds in one stone result. Having fun with the destruction game with the criminal Cesario Viola…he intends to take over『Kuromori』…!」

For that sake…He’ll fight Mr. Viola on stage…!

「Yare yare…it’s a mountain of problems」

Margo-san sighs.

「…Nei, how’s the internet?」

Margo-san asks Nei-san…

「Un…the guys hired by Shirasaka family to『defend』are all hanging in flood. The materials we have leaked seems to have spread out that even if we don’t do anything, they’re getting copied really fast. The sex videos of Shirasaka Sousuke with the celebrities are already being charged by the distributors…!」

Nei-san reports.

「Then that’s enough…let’s take a rest for tonight. Tomorrow will be a big day」

Minaho-neesan tells us.

「Kudou-san too…thank you, you helped us a lot」

With the matter in the internet finished…Michi also stopped speaking Samurai…
I was wondering what happened to her for the moment…
This girl is cool at glance, but she’s basically easily influenced.
As expected of that father’s daughter, a Kudou style legacy

「…I’ve prepared tea and coffee!」

Megu and Mana comes from the kitchen with a pot and cups.

「Ah…you girls are attentive!」

Nei-san said happily.

「I’d like coffee…I have to keep watching over tonight」

Margo-san smiles at Megu.
There’s still the possibility of being attacked here…
It seems they intend to continue watching over and manipulate information on the internet.

「The three of us can take turns. Margo too, it’ll be troublesome if you don’t get enough rest…」

Minaho-neesan said.

「Then, I will help out too」

When I say that…

「Ah, me too…!」
「Mana too!」

Megu and Mana also follows.

「You guys won’t do…You don’t know how to use the monitoring device, don’t you?」

Katsuko-nee says while laughing.

「Right…if you overlook them and let the enemy invade here, it’ll be troublesome…!」

Un…It’s definitely bad if we’re『wiped out』

「Therefore…you three should sleep」

Minaho-neesan smiles at us.

「Then I will do it too! Even I know how to use the monitoring devices…!」

When Nei-san say that…

「Nei…you’re not taking enough sleep! You definitely can’t have dry skin and eyebags…!」

Minaho-neesan said strongly.

「I…decided. When it comes to this, I will show the best Nei. To Cesario Viola and to Kouzuki-sama as well」

Margo-san nods.

「You’re right. Nei has to look the prettiest in the place tomorrow morning. Nei’s our leading character after all…!」

A beautiful princess trapped in the hotel.
Will she be kidnapped by the evil?…
Can we protect her with our hands?
Tomorrow…it’ll be a night of destiny.

「Also…I’ll be troubled if you can’t keep your best condition!」

Katsuko-nee winks at Nei-san…!

「Geez! I get it!…I just have to captivate Mr. Viola and Kouzuki『Kakka』right!」

   ◇ ◇ ◇

Then, 00:40…
Everyone’s watching the news while drinking tea…
An urgent interview with the Shizouka police is being shown.

『…It’s inferred that there’s a relationship between the corpse we found today to Shirasaka Sousuke, there will be a joint investigation along with the Tokyo police』

The detailed information that’s much more detailed than the videos on the internet…
Minaho-neesan sent it to the police at the same time as the press conference…
The police…finally concluded that Shirasaka Sousuke is involved with Naomi’s death

『…The Tokyo police has sent a request to transfer the suspect however…the suspect has already been released from the local police station and his current location is unknown』

The current location of Shirasaka Sousuke in Australia is unknown…
No…of course, Kyouko・Dothnomechey-san who’s received instructions from Minaho-neesan has taken him out…
The rumors on the internet says that Shirasaka family is hiding him somewhere…

「Now then…I will be moving my body for a bit. I didn’t have the time to train for today after all」

Margo-san who finished drinking tea said then stands up.

「…If possible, can I accompany you?」

Michi speaks to Margo-san.

「I don’t mind. I also want to have a match with you at least once」

Margo-san said with a smile.

「However…you’ll only be using the original『Kurou style Margial arts』」

Michi makes a dubious face.

「What do you mean by that?」
「The『Kudou style』you have now is arranged by your father right? I want to see your original form. I want to ascertain the essence of the 『Kudou style』skill」
「…If that ‘s the case」

Michi acknowledged.

「Michi…what kind of style is the original『Kudou style』?」

I wanted to ask.

「Yes…the original『Kudou style』is fighting silently…!」

…Fighting silently

「That is to never shout the name of the technique…!」

…Not shout the name of the technique.
In that case…Kudou papa’s arrangement is…

「Father talks to the opponent thoughtlessly while fighting, shouting the name of the technique in an exaggerated manner, it’s a new method of fighting that chips the opponent’s concentration」


「You can say that it’s a 『new tactic』suitable for the 21st century」

…Is that so?
Kudou papa’s talking and technique names…
Rather, it feels like it stopped on the 20th century…

「Then…let’s have a match without that『new tactic』 Okay?」

Margo-san and Michi goes to the upper room.

「Please wait…I want to watch」

To be honest…I’m interested

「No no…Yoshida-kun, take a bath」

Margo-san speaks to me in the middle of the stairs.

「The facilities here isn’t supposed to have this many people.」 There’s no choice but to take baths in turn」

…Speaking of which
The shower room we entered during daytime isn’t that wide.
The three of us was barely fitting in…

「Look…Katsuko-san is waiting for you」



When I turn back…
Katsuko-nee is standing, wearing her bathrobe.

「I’ll be monitoring so you can take a bath first」

Minaho-neesan said with a smile.

「The subordinate guards of Kouzuki-san will be making contact…there’s someone else who would want to make contact too」

Someone who’d want to make contact with Minaho-neesan?

「We’re at such times so we have to take a recreational event…!」


「I completely forget about it but there’s another one that needs to be cleaned up right/」

Minaho-neesan points at the monitor showing the news.
The news related to Shirasaka Sousuke is already over.
Another news is broadcasted…

「Mr. Endou from the council argues as follows…」

Endou’s uncle who’s a councilor that’s suspected for bribery…
I completely forgot about that.
That also happened…

「Tomorrow…after the school ends…there will be a continuous holiday again. Therefore, I’d like to settle it tomorrow…!」1

Then that means that…you’ll contact people in the school?!
Minaho-neesan looks at Yukino who’s chained up.
Yukino’s completely limped out, lying down on the floor.
She looks asleep…
She might be listening however….
Minaho-neesan whispers to my hears so Yukino can’t hear.

「…I will use Yukiyo」

…Iwakura Kaichou?!

「…That girl will feel bad again if I don’t poke her anytime soon」

Minaho-neesan laughs.

「She’s a vulgar and foolish child but…she’s a cute『toy』for me」

I get that but.
Minaho-neesan, what do you intend make Iwakura-san do…?!

「…Deaaar~ Hurryyy~!!!」

Katsuko-nee calls me out from the back.
Speaking of which…when your body is tired, you’d want more sex.
It’s my job to accompany them./

「That’s right, hurry up Onii-chaan~!」

Mana also’s holding a towel and soap smiling.
…Both of them?
Megu talks to Nei-san while putting away the cups.
She seems to be taking care of Katsuko-nee and Mana.

「Hurry up~! Let’s take a bath!」

The sexy beauty with an excellent style…
The 14 year old girl is waiting for me.
Okay…let’s do our best.

「Now…let’s have fun」

Minaho-neesan pushes my back.


  1. Yes, this is one of the best days!