Chapter 176 : Women at Night


Mana brought over a bottled water…
The three of us drinkー
The 500 mL bottle…in turns
I thought why not bring a bottle for everyone at first but…
I see…it’s much more intimate drinking like this…

「Oh…that feels refreshing. Thanks」

Two rounds in the shower room…
I thought I’d die from dehydration…


The naked Mana smiles innocently…
Looking at her like this, she’s really cute.
I can’t believe I ejaculated inside this small girl’s vagina again and again.

「Mana-chan, want to wash your head?」

Katsuko-nee asks Mana.

「Do we have a dryer here?」
「Of course we do」
「Then I will!」

Speaking of which…we didn’t wash our heads last night.

「Okay…I’ll wash it」

Mana comes to me happily.
Then I wash Mana’s hair…
After that, I also washed Katsuko-nee’s hair.

「…You’re really diligent」

Katsuko-nee says.

「Usually, you should massage our boobs and touch our but while washing our hair…!」
「Eh…you want it?」

When I asked…

「Idiot…you can always touch us anytime! You don’t have to mind us」
「That’s right…our body is all for Onii-chan after all!」

Mana smiles.
After that…the two washed my hair.

   ◇ ◇ ◇

「…Done having sex?」

Coming out of the shower room…Nei-san gathers information in the internet by herself.

「Yes…I feel refreshed now」

Katsuko-nee on her bathrobe and towel on her head looks at Nei-san’s monitor.

「Any changes?」
「Hm?…None in particular. The defenders of Shirasaka house are writing as usual but even before I write something, he gets crushed down by others. The internet opinion seems to have decided that 『Shirasaka family is an enemy of Japan』…!」

Haa…is that so?

「What about the outside…? The alarms are all working aren’t they?」

Katsuko-nee looks at another monitor.

「No need to worry there, I check it from time to time. Even if they deceive the sensor, I don’t think they’ll be able to breakthrough…also」

Nei-san points at one of the monitors.
Kudou papa is taking it easy in front of the b onfire.

「Those people…it’s not just the people we see right now. At least, there’s five more people I think. These people are making rounds at school regularly. They’re in the blind spots of the camera so I don’t know their faces though…」

…As expected.
Kudou papa’s『guard division』, or rather『Kudou Detective office』has more members.
Kudou-papa and Tony-san and Noma-san…are just the ones making contact with the Kouzuki security service…and there’s a number of professional in the underground with fake identities.

「Thank you very much, Nei-sama…I will dry my hair and change immediately」
「Un, okay」

Katsuko-nee looks at Mana.

「Mana-chan, come over here…I’ll dry your hair」

Mana is also wearing an adult bathrobe like Katsuko-nee.
We’re still on a state of alert in the monitoring room so if you walk around naked, this happens.
But…the bathrobe is too big for her.
Mana…it’s open, your breasts are exposed you know.
No…she’s showing it on purpose?

「Mana-chan, how many times did you do it?」

Nei-san asks Mana laughingly.

「One for each of us both! Mana has a lot of semen in her stomach now」

Yukino who’s chained up lying down on the floor gets up slowly.
Then, she glares at Mana.
…Are you a zoo lion?

「It felt really good! Onii-chan I love you!」

Mana notices Yukino then shouts in a loud voice.

「Mana-chan, don’t be too loud…sensei’s sleeping」
「…Ah, sorry」

Looking at it…Minaho-neesan is lying down in the only bed in the room with her clothes on.
She’s sleeping…

「I suggested that she should take a nap…Sensei’s been straining herself all this time…!」

Her sister…Naomi-san’s death, her last card…
Kouzuki『Kakka’s』full cooperation…
No matter how much Shirasaka family tries to counterattack…Kouzuki『Kakka』controls most of the mass media.
No…even the police and justice.
In the first place,『Kakka』has already began the internal division on Shirasaka family which is our enemy.
Minaho-neesan too…her strained feelings turned relaxed.
She’s sleeping calmly now.

「…Apart from the internet world, the general world wont be moving unless it’s morning. I’m only scared of a surprise attack here but…Kudou-san is watching over」

Katsuko-nee says.

「Mana-chan, let’s dry your hair in the kitchen so Ojou-sama won’t wake up from the sound of the dryer」

Katsuko-nee brings the dryer and leaves the room with Mana.

「Ah, I’m glad…Yoshi-kun help me out」

Megu seems to be holding something heavy with both hands coming up from the basement stairs.

「Eh, what?」

Megu puts the luggage in front of me.

「Air mat…we’re all going to sleep in this room, right?」

Oh…it’s the thing that’s sold on discount stores.
It has an air pump built inside.

「I thought the proper bed should be used by the people napping…」

Un…after this, Katsuko-nee, Margo-san and, Minaho-neesan will be monitoring until morning.
True…the people napping should be able to sleep soundly in a proper bed.

「As expected…this place isn’t supposed to keep a lot of people for stay. The space the air mat can extend is also limited, it seems that only two to three people can sleep in one mat」

Megu said.
A set of mat…Megu, Nei-san, Mana, Michi, and I…
…What about Yukino?

「…How many mats are there?」
「Just two…also, we had this」

What Megu took out is…I’ve seen something similar in the mansion’s bathroom.
Perhaps…it’s a soapland air mat.
Since it doesn’t have an electric pump built in…you can only use hands to put air in it.

「…Un, let’s have Yukino use this」

Since it’s small…she can sleep alone there.

「Megu…do you have a pump for this?」
「Err, there’s a bicycle pump down」
「Then, I’ll inflate it with that」
「…Yoshi-kun will do it? For Yukino’s sake?」

Megu looks at me.

「It can’t be helped…she won’t do it herself either way」

I look at Yukino on the edge of the dark room.
As usual, she’s sluggish like a lion.
…She’s listening here.

「Her body will cool down if she sleeps on the floor directly, her body would hurt in the morning」

When I was living on the sofa…it’s too hot during summer so I sleep on the floor.
The floor was cold, or rather, it stole my body temperature that I caught a cold.
When I woke up, my body feels painful here and there…
I feel sorry to let Yukino experience that…

「Got it…I’ll bring the air pump so Yoshi-kunm can you expand this air mat?」

Megu goes underground once again.

「Nei-san…where’s the outlet?」
「Hmm…somewhere around that wall over there?」

…Oh there it is.


I open the air mat package…
Then connected it the outlet…switch on
The mat swells up in a blink of an eye.
This is convenient.

「I brought it over」

Megu brings a bicycle pump.
With this, we can put air on the soap land mat…
This is quite troublesome…
But it can’t be helped.
…I’m a man after all.

「…Okay, let’s do this」

I connect it to the tube on the mat…
Then sends air inside the mat.
…Before long.
The mat is full somehow.
Haa…even though I just took a shower.
I got sweaty again.

「Hey, Yukino…sleep on this!」

I brought the mat to Yukino.


Yukino answered in a small voice.
Looking at her closely…isn’t this a bit amazing?
Wearing the uniform I tore up…
Her breasts and ass is exposed…
She didn’t wipe after our sex earlier this morning…
Her hair is completely unkempt too…
Un…the impression of a zoo lion is really correct.
…Ah, the curry I left is halved.
Yukino ate properly…
…There, there.

「Yoshi-kun…want to take shower together?」

Megu asks me.

「I got sweaty…」


「No, it’s fine…I just went in. I’ll enter by tomorrow morning」
「R-Right…then, let’s go in together tomorrow morning」

…Oh right
I did promise to have sex with Megu tomorrow morning…

「Rather than that…I want Yukino to take a shower too」

Megu’s surprised.

「Because…doesn’t she stink?」

The lion moves and glares at me…

「But…I don’t want it. No way I’m going to shower with Yukino」

…Well yeah
Megu hates it.
Being on the shower alone with this lion.
…What should I do?
Should I bring her then?

「…please leave the『prisoner’s』treatment to me!」

Coming from the principal’s office…Michi comes down saying that.
Margo-san’s together with her.
Both of them are completely sweaty.

「Un…we’re just about to take a shower」

Margo-san said while wiping her sweat with a towel.

「If the『prisoner』resists, is it okay to dislocate her bones? If you’d like, I can remove the joints in the neck…!」

If you dislocate the neck joint…you’ll die.

「Maru-chan, how was『Kudou style ancient martial arts』…」

Nei-san asks Margo-san.

「Un, It’s very interesting…I can understand the will of the original creator. Also, the will of Kudou-san’s father who arranged it further…!

Margo-san looks at Michi.

「Far from concluding it…I think that Kudou-san’s father turning Kudou-san independent at this stage is the right choice…」
「…What do you mean?」

Michi turns to Margo-san.

「The Kudou style your father has arranged…is not fit for Kudou-san」

Margo-san said laughing.

「Kudou-san’s father is blessed with physique. Doesn’t he exceed 180cm?」
「Yes…father’s height is 185cm in documents. It’s actually 183cm」

…Why is it different?
No, since it’s Kudou papa, don’t think about it deeply.

「Normal people would be on guard when such a big person comes near them…therefore, your father’s tactic is to loosen the guard of the enemy by purposely joking around」

…I see

「I only watched the battle in the transmitted video recorder from Katsuko-san’s car but…that’s the case isn’t it? Showing the gap to the opponent on purpose…it’s a strategy of counterattacking when the enemy attacks」
「Yes…I think it’s said to be simple」
「But…Kudou-san, it may be rude to say this but you’re small. Also, you look very cute」
「I maybe small but I’m not cute」
「No, Michi’s cute!」

I intervene without thinking.

「Un, it is as Yoshi-kun says. Kudou-san is very cute」

Megu also agrees.

「With your usual appearance, the enemy doesn’t think that you’re using an old martial arts…the enemy already loosens their guard from the start. No…they’re underestimating you」

Margo-san says.

「Therefore, there’s no need to do your father’s『cheap tactics』 Or rather…it’s meaningless. Rather, you should improve your other ability」
「…What ability?」

Michi’s serious.

「The ability to certainly defeat the opponent with one blow… You don’t have the weight, your arm strength is just small for your body. While the enemy’s making light of you, you have to knock them down surely…if you attack the other party and didn’t collapse…the enemy will discover your ability and they’ll fight with caution. Then…it’ll be a match of physical strength. You currently don’t have the stamina to continue attacking and enduring endlessly, do you?」
「Even without stamina, I have guts!」

Michi responds…

「If you have the guts then you should acquire the effective techniques first!」

Margo-san’s theory…turns Michi silent.

「True…It is as Margo-neesan says」

Oh, Michi accepts Margo-san as her『Martial arts teacher』

「Think about how you can make a definite killing blow. I will think together with you」
「My best regards」

Michi bows obediently.

「Now, let’s take a shower. Yoshida-kun, we can just wash this『animal』right?」

Margo-san said while looking at Yukino.
Yukino’s looking standoffish.

「…Yes please」
「Got it」

Margo-san removes Yukino’s chain clamped in a high position.

「Let’s go!」
「If you make any strange moves, I’ll beat you in the face…!」

Being taken by the two fighters…Yukino goes to the shower room nervously.

「Un…Maru-chan and Mii-chan are good friends」

Nei-san said happily.,

「Mareu-chan has been training alone…I do accompany her when it’s calisthenics but, I can’t do combat training」

I see.
Margo-san must be happy to have a younger sister.

「I think that’s the same for Kudou-san. Isn’t it great to have her trainn with someone other than her father?」

Megu said.

「Right?…It’s about time Mii-chan reaches the age where she’ll be disillusioned by her father’s parody skills」


「Mii-chan’s in third year middle school right? Fifteen year olds don’t know the 『Red rain in Berlin』or 『Waves of heavenly lightning flame』…」

N-Nei-san, do you know it?!
The true color of the 『Waves of heavenly lightning flame』!

「You’re right. 『Red rain in Berlin』is quite…」
「M-Megu…you know it?」

When I ask it instinctively…

「Yo-chan…that’s where you say『Do you know, Raiden?!』?」

What’s Raiden?

「I’ve been a baby-sitter of a child of Shirasaka family before」

Megu said.

「Summer last year…father has asked me to do it. For one week, I stay as a babysitter on a member of Shirasaka house」


「Then the father there had an awesome digital TV and a recorder and some new type machine…then『If our child grumbles, you can just let it watch the TV』…」

Oh…so there’s that kind of parent.

「Then the child on that house…even though it’s just six years old, it completely understands how to use the machine. It just keeps playing videos even without me saying nor doing anything」
「Ah…I know that」
「Yes…the child chops multiple times while shouting『Red rain in Berliiiiiiin』…!」

I don’t get it but…
Is that a pro wrestler skill or something?

「As expected…I’m most shocked about Mongoru-man’s『Nationality unknown』」

I don’t get what Nei-san is talking about.

「You see…when I came back from Japan, a lot happened so Kyouko-san took me on Kouchi, on her family home for two months. Since I had a lot of free time, I read a lot of books in Kyouko-san’s bookshelf. Kyouko-san loves the center of the five brothers. Therefore, there’s Manga for boys and girls…!」

Haa…so that happened.

「For two moths, I did nothing but read manga so I really read from one end to another」

Mana and Katsuko-nee comes back from the kitchen.

「Thank you for the wait…I’ll take over」

Katsuko-nee sits in front of the monitor

「…By all means, Katsun!」

Nei-san seems to be tired from looking at the monitor all the time.
She stretches herself.

「How about taking a shower?」

Katsuko-nee suggests…

「The shower room has Maru-chan, Mii-chan and the『animal』!」

Katsuko-nee turns around then she noticed that Yukino’s not there.

「Oh…true, she certainly looks like an『animal』…!」
「Right right?…She looks like a circus bear!」
「…It’s like『Josef』」

Mana jumps in the conversation.


She asks Nei-san.

「The one from『Haiji』」[「1.ほら……『ハイジ』の」]

Why are you so harsh on your sister…

「Un…I think you’re right!」

Nei-san laughs.

「I miss『Haiji』 I brought it when I went to America. Kei-chan and I went to look for that Japanese thing…!」

Nei-san speaks nostalgically.

Margo-san, Michi, and Yukino comes out of the shower…
Margo-san and Michi are on their bathrobes.
There’s quite a lot of bathrobes stocked up there.
…And yet.
Yukino’s back on her torn uniform again…
No, she’s not wearing a blouse under it…
She’s wearing the uniform on her bare skin.
Of course, her embarrassing parts are still exposed.

「…I thought that Yoshida-kun would be pleased this way」

Margo-san said.

「He won’t. Onii-chan’s no longer interested looking at the naked body of that person!」

Mana said then clings to me.
Yukino’s tied on chains again…
She lied down on her mat…
Somehow…she really looks like『Josef』
Katsuko-nee puts a towel so she won’t get cold

「Then…the ladies will continue to watch so everyone please sleep」

Margo-san said.

「By the way…how are we going to sleep?」

Megu said.
There’s two air mats
The one’s going to sleep are…
Nei-san, Megu, Mana, Michi, and I…

「Nei-san and Onii-chan can go together」

Mana said.

「Megu-oneechan, Katsuko-san and I had sex with Onii-chan but Nei-san still haven’t done it yet」

Mana doesn’t know that Nei-san is a virgin.

「Kudou-san and I are small so we can sleep together with Megu-oneechan…」

True…it fits the size of the air mat.

「Yoshida-kun…we’re concentrating on our work so spare us from starting sex in this room…!」

Margo-san laughs.
…Even though she knows that Nei-san and I didn’t have sex yet.

「Oh, right, Onii-chan…if you want to do it with Nei-san, then go to the shower room or kitchen…」


「You can use the principal’s office above too」

…Katsuko-nee too

「…Maybe not for now, let’s brush our teeth and sleep」

I said.
Then, Nei-san jumps to me…


The soft body embraces me tightly.

「Yo-chan dakimakura! Ufufu, so happy!」

Nei-san said happily…!