Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 179 : Nei’s past (Part 3)



「Sousuke, I’ll be taking these kids!」

Again, gunpowder blew fire at her feet…!

「…Come with me!」

The female ninja told us.
The sharp eye under her mask are watching me.

「…You want『freedom』don’t you?!」

That was Japanese.
…A nostalgic Japanese.
We forgot those words.


I thought of going with that person.
I looked back at Kei-chan…!
He’s just standing in fright.
At that time…!

「……Let’s go!」

Another ninja came in from the white smoke.
Black mask…
…That person
Grabbed Kei-chan and my hand…!


In between those people…
Kei-chan and I were connected.

「…Let’s run away, Kei-chan」

I told Kei-chan in Japanese.
Kei-chan nods.
The black masked ninja lead our hands…
We start to run in the smoke…

「……Don’t Move!」

Rosalind finally got up and aimed her pistol!
Along with the sound of air being cut is a small knife stabbing Rosalind’s hand.
…Throwing knife?!
The blue masked ninja who first came in threw it…!
I knew the face inside the blue mask is smiling…
Then…I knew that person is a woman.

「……Fucking Bitch!!!」

The ninja in blue mask throws two more gas bombs at the ground!
The white smoke of tear gas shrouds the surroundings.

「……Come on!」

At the moment the visibility was shut off by the smoke…!
The black masked person pulling our hands turned 90 degrees…
It’s purpose is to avoid Rosalind’s chase.
To confuse them where we went…
We left everything behind the smoke…
We ran.
…My heart was pounding.
I ran with adrenaline running through my body…!


Kei-chan suddenly cried.
…It seems he’s unable to bear it anymore.
I embraced Kei-chan’s body…
We ran along with the black masked ninja…

After a while, we went through the employee’s aisle.
We went through there and went out of the hotel.
There’s one van that stopped before my eyes.
The rear sliding door is already opened.

「Hurry up!」

The black mask ninja ordered us…
I jumped inside.
…Kei-chan too.
The black masked ninja jumps and closes the door.
The blue masked ninja boarded the passenger seat.

「…Mina, go!」

The car starts at an amazing speed.
The hotel becomes distant.
I saw white smoke coming out of the hotel’s backyard from outside the window.
That’s where we were earlier…

And yet, we…
We escaped from Rosalind.

「…What should I do, what should I do? Onee-chan!!!」

Kei-chan clings to me while crying inside the car.

「…Viola…Cesario Viola will surely come to kill us!!!」

…That’s right.
This is Los Angeles, Viola’s garden.
As long as we’re in this city…
We’re not safe…

「…I think we;re still under hotel’s security cameras so don’t take off your masks for a while!」

The blue masked ninja told the driver and the black mask.

「We just intended to harass that bastard Sousuke but…we picked up two lost children now」

The blue mask in the passenger seat looks at us.

「…It’s moving. If he establishes a route of slave market from US. Shirasaka’s buildup won’t be stopped」

The driver said.

「Well yeah…the funds used to buy these children were the money our『women』made with their bodies. Buying a slave from a money squeezed from a prostitute…that’s no joke!」

The blue mask said as if spitting out.

「…But, why is a Japanese enslaved in Los Angeles?」
「Don’t know. I just did sneak a look at Shirasaka’s mails…!」

I was listening anxiously at the conversation of the two.
What will happen to us now?…
I’m filled with anxiety

「All right! I am at your back.!」

The black mask sitting with us…
Told us…
…I noticed that person is also a woman
…That is.
That was my first encounter with Maru-chan.

「…Then, what should we do after this? Kyouko-san?」

The driver asked the blue masked ninja, she’s called『Kyouko-san』

「Go to the parking at the stadium…there’s a spare car prepared there. We’ll transfer to that…anyway, it’s bad to be on the same car. We got away from the hotel, it’s about time we take off our mask? A masked man driving in the town would be too suspicious.

She takes of her blue mask while saying that.
Her black hair spills from the side.
Ninja-san is a mid-thirty Japanese woman…
It feels like she’s a Japanese that lived in Los Angeles for a long time…
Her eyes are lifted up…it feels like a thick make up.
The black mask next to us exposed her face.
A beautiful blonde tall girl.
Maru-chan smiled nicely to Kei-chan and I.
The driver also took off her mask when we reached a stop.
A woman in her twenties with a cold expression.
That’s right…I met Yuzuki-sensei that way.


The phone in front of the seat shakes.

「…It’s mine. I’m sure it’s Sousuke」

The person called Kyouko-san looks at her screen.

「…As expected. Mina, do you want to know Sousuke’s reaction?」
「…Of course」
「Okay…Then I’ll put him on loudspeakers」

Kyouko-san connects the phone to the car speaker
Then…she answered the call.

「Haai~ Sekai no aidoru, Kyouko-chan desu~!1 Kyouko-chan is currently on a place where the waves can’t reach or her phone isn’t turned on! If you hear the sound 『Dohihibiiin』then please leave a message! Okay, dobibibiiiiiin!!!!」

The voice on the speaker…
I hear a man’s Japanese voice.

『…What do you intend to do?』
「…Ten seconds」
『…I’m asking you what do you intend to do by disrupting my business』
「…Twenty seconds」
『…Hey, Kyouko!』
「…25, 6, 7, 8, 9…!」
『Don’t fuck around!!!』

The man’s screaming voice is like a dog’s bark…

「My, who’s the one fucking around?」

Kyouko-san replied calmly.

「Using, 『Kuromori’s』funds and buying something expensive…it needs approval of the administration. That was the rule I think…」
『You were the ones who decided that rule by yourselves…I’m not concerned here…!』
「Sousuke-kun…can you say that in front of Kouzuki-sama?」

When Kyouko-san said that…the other side of the call fell silent.

「You do know that Kyouko-chan is dispatched by Kouzuki-sama as an inspector, don’t you? Also, Everyone knows that you’re irresponsible at managing 『Kuromori』」
『No…I just…it was for the development of『Kuromori』…』
「…Hmm, so you decided to buy a slave girl abroad?」
『The risk of buying a prostitute in Japan is too big. I thought that I should find a route from overseas…』

Hearing those words…the driver mutters.

「This man did a lot of things that are too risky… it’s too late…!」

The man’s remark continues.

『I should be the representative of『Kuromori』 I chose how to manage it…I think you all have the duty to obey me…』

Then…he asked as if investigating.

『Then…are you keeping the slaves?』

Kyouko-san looks at us.

「…They’re here」
『I see…Then bring them to my place』
「Hmm, what do you intend to do?」
『If I obtained an expensive goods for free…will the management even complain?』

…As expected, we’re sold off.
We’re changing masters…continue being a slave.
Kei-chan and I looked at each other.
Kei-chan’s trembling.
…But that’s fine.
Up until now, Kei-chan was raped for my sake…
From now on…I will use my body to protect Kei-chan.
I decided so…
Then…we can finally be the same.
Kei-chan and I will be the same.
Kyouko-san laughed out loud.

『…Kyouko, what’s funny?』

The man on the phone gets enraged.

「You see…do you know who you’re dealing with?」
『…Rosalind Orlando, that’s what she said』

Kyouko-san snorted her nose.

「That woman is the younger sister of Cesario Viola, the murder boss in Los Angeles. Do you intend to paint mud on the face of the most feared man in the underground society…?!」
『…I-Is that true?』
「What will I get for lying?…There’s no way you told her our relationship, did you?」
『…I only told her that someone hostile to my organization came to obstruct』
「Hmm, good for you.」 Make it a Brazilian organization. I don’t mind if you say my name since I’m officially supposed to be a member on an organization there. Nobody knows that I came back to Japan. You should make it that you caused trouble with a Brazilian organization… 」
『…G-Got it』
「Try not to say that we’re on the same organization as much as possible. There’s a chance that you’d be killed after all…!」
『I-I’ll take care…』
「Anyway…Mina and I will be taking care of these two」

Saying that…Kyouko-san ended the call.

We changed cars in the stadium…
At a restaurant parking lot, we changed cars again.
The car changes to something more luxurious…

「…Where are we going?」

When I asked…

「Malibu Beach」

She answered.

「I rent a cottage for the rich people…with a name of an acquaintance in Japan. At this kind of times, hotels have to much public eyes. If it’s a villa for the rich, the security is perfect…」

Then…the car arrived at the beach
It was my first time seeing the beach…
Since forever in Los Angeles…
The sea breeze and the blue sky…
It calmed Kei-chan and my heart.

「Now then…should we listen to your story for the time being?」

Kyouko-san asked in the living room of the rental villa.
Sensei and Maru-chan was there too.
The villa is on the rocky place on the the beach…
The living room has a big motorboat tied to the bay.

「We have to know your story first…so we can know what to do with you」

I looked at Kei-chan’s face.
Kei-chan’s hesitant.
Well…I’m the same.
I can see Kei-chan’s expression as mine like I’m looking at the mirror.

「…Talk. If you want to survive」

Sensei said coldly.

「You should intend to use everything if you want to continue living…be greedy. How can you use us…desperately think about it. If not, think of how to run away from us. We took the risk of capturing you so we won’t let you escape easily however」

Sensei’s tone was dry…

「Don’t dare mistake that we’re『trustworthy』 There’s no way we are…we’re also residents of the underworld」

She said with cold eyes.

「If you believe us then you’re making a fool of yourself. Therefore…think on how can you use us」

Not believe but use?

「We’re the same. We don’t know why you were turned slaves in America even though you’re Japanese but…if we think we can use your existence then we’ll lend you our power」
「…What if it’s judged that we can’t be used?」

I asked Sensei.
Sensei smiled.

「Our organization doesn’t do anything but『Kill』…Therefore, we’ll just throw you out somewhere in Los Angeles. We can do it anywhere…even in Japanese Consulate」

…Japanese Consulate is impossible.
Rosalind is definitely watching it.

「I-I…I can entertain men with my anus…!」

Kei-chan who’s silent all this time stood up and shouted loudly.

「I can use my mouth! I can do fellatio for hours! My fellatio was praised by Cesario-san…I’m a men’s sperm toilet! I can listen to anyone’s orders!」

Sensei told Kei-chan.

「Sorry but we’re all women. There’s no use for gays」
「I-I’m not gay!」


「Then…please sell me off. I don’t mind if you sell me to men on the roadside…therefore…please, please save Onee-chan…!!」

Kei-chan rubs his forehead on the floor…
…For my sake.
…It’s always for my sake.
Do I have any value to use for these people?
What can I do…?!
The skills on Casino?
No…they’ll ignore it since I’m a child.
I can’t really do anything.
Then…what’s left for me is…

「…I’m still a virgin. I still haven’t done it with a man」

…That’s right.
I don’t have anything but my body.

「Please sell me as a sex slave. I’ll do anything. Therefore…please free Kei-chan」

Anything more than that…
I can’t let Kei-chan suffer for my sake more than this…

「Aren’t you misunderstanding something?」

Kyouko-san said in amazement.

「it’s true that you’re a pretty boy and girl… That said, there’s nobody in the world who’d try to make you sex slaves!」

Kyouko-san’s angry.

「Those kind of people are just the truest perverts and scums…bastards. Cesario Viola who ruled over you might be that kind of scum. Surely, Shirasaka Sousuke who tried to buy you a while ago is a bastard! But you see…it’s a big mistake to think that they’re the only ones in the world!!!」

…What’s there
Is an adult woman.
ーHaving a moral of a normal human…
This person’s different from Cesario Viola.

「You see…I hate this the most! Thinking that it’ll go well by just selling your body…! It’s not that I’m angry at you two. I’m angry at the adults who brought those thoughts to you…! Those people should die!!!」

Kyouko-san opens a beer and drinks it.

「Promise me both of you…once you go back to Japan safely, go to school and graduate…then work and live. Forget about what happened in Los Angeles. Don’t think of selling your own body again…!」

Her lifted eyes look at us.

「If you promise me that…I can arrange it so you can return to Japan safely」

Sensei looks at Kyouko-san in worry.

「I’ll take responsibility…therefore, let me deal with this」
「I’m doing this because I want to…! I know what Mina thinks but I won’t yield here」

Kyouko-san looks at us again.

「I have to educate this children that『This world isn’t all bad』…!」

Maru-chan besides us has a blank face all this time.
…She doesn’t understand Japanese.
That’s right…the conversation in this room has been Japanese all this time.

「Anyway…tell me why this happened. It’s okay even if the contents are messed up. Just let out everything in your head…!」

Kyouko-san said.
I started talking.
About my father and mother killed in the desert…
Everything that has happened until now.
Kei-chan was silent.
Therefore…I talked by myself.
Halfway, the chronological order became messy…
My emotions worked up and I wasn’t able to speak well…
…But still
Kyouko-san and Sensei were listening.
The story of what happened to me and Kei-chan

「…Okay, I roughly understand it」

Kyouko-san said.

「Kyouko-san…how much do you know about the person named Cesario Viola?」

Sensei asks Kyouko-san.

「I know he’s a dangerous one…a murder gang boss…he’s a man not interested in money nor fame. Therefore…nobody knows his face」
「…His face is unknown?」
「Cesario Viola’s killing request is done through his agent, Lorenzaccio Bandini. Everyone knows this man. A face well known in the underground society…a man who likes social things since he frequently appear on parties. This man shows his face to the Academy Awards」

Kyouko-san drank her beer.

「His outside connections is all done by Lorenzaccio Bandini. Therefore…nobody knows the face of Cesario Viola who performs the killing. In the first place, Cesario Viola is an alias. All we know is that he’s an Italian American」
「…Then, these children knows Cesario Viola’s face」
「…It’s very dangerous. The possibility of them being erased is that great」

…As expected
Have Viola’s『Shadow of death』floating on us clearly…

「We have to take them out of Los Angeles to Japan as soon as possible…」
「But, we don’t have passports」

…That’s right.
We don’t have our belongings when we were taken away by Cesario Viola.

「That said, Japanese Consulate is no good/ That place is involved with the underground organization…!

…As expected.

「We should think that the information from the American staff reaches Viola immediately. Now then, what should we do?…It’s hard to get a counterfeit Japanese passport」

Kyouko-san laughs.

「…Don’t make such a worried face」


「This is America…people from all over the world are here. If it’s hard to make a Japanese passport then just get a passport from another country」


  1. The world’s idol, Kyouko-chan