Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 180 : Chinatown (Part 1)


「Well…leave it to us」

Kyouko-san said…then drank her beer
Then, she looked at Sensei.

「I’ll take charge of these children’s expenses. I’ll do this personally after all. Mina and Margo doesn’t need to concern themselves after this」


「I can’t let that. At the point Shirasaka Sousuke tried to purchase these children as slaves…this is already related to『Kuromori』」
「Are you sure…this is just a waste of time you know?」

Kyouko-san smiles.

「…Therefore, 『Kuromori』won’t be using their funds Everything will be charged to Shirasaka Sousuke」
「Do you think that fucker would pay?」
「…We’ll make sure he will」

Sensei answered with a serious look.

「It’s Shirasaka’s fault for contacting the underground society in Los Angeles」

I wondered if this is okay.
We…can’t return anything to these people.
If we’re told not to sell our bodies…
We don’t have any more worth.
Kei-chan’s having a gloomy face.

「Then, that’s decided…Mina」
「Yes…I’ll leave it to Kyouko-san」

Kyouko-san took her phone.
Then…she made a call.

「…It’s been a while, it’s me, Kyouko. …Yeah, you know why I called you…that’s right. I’d like some passports. Two pieces…Canada’s better than US, right?…How much?…That’s much higher than before. You raised the price?…I’ll pay twice the amount, could you hurry it up? Tomorrow morning…okay, that amount will do. I’ll pay you in cash. You can just input the photos and data when you take it? Yeah, I’d like the photos to be taken when I go to your office tomorrow…the data will be done here. It’s okay if you prepare the passport’s template tonight. Then, tomorrow at 10 o’clock…please」

Kyouko-san ended the call.

「…We can take photos here. Shouldn’t you send the mail sooner?」

Sensei asked, Kyouko-san…

「Then, these two’s faces would be leaked outside the『passport shop』… There’s a lot of people who want counterfeit passport in Los Angeles but…the one I contacted is competing on the top『counterfeit passport shops』 He’s skilled but his mouth is loose」

Kyouko-san openes another beer.

「…It can’t be helped, 『counterfeit passport』is a work that can’t be done unless you’re in close contact with the local people. You need to have the same address and operate the same phone number. When someone needs a passport and it happens to be 『Huh? I can’t contact him, where did he go?』you’ll lose honor in business…!」
「Then…when we take the passport tomorrow…」
「Cesario Viola will know that these children were given passports within one hour. The promise of paying twice wasn’t a special express charge. At least, we can get a promise that it won’t be leaked outside as long as we’re in his office」

Kyouko-san smiled at Sensei.

「Mina, remember that the『other party understands our standpoint』clearly as always. They understand it so they negotiate. Then, you pay at a higher rate than the market price. Don’t do something stupid. The respect and the evaluation of the other party is told by the amount of money. If you do…the people in the underground society will respect you. Trust and reliance can be earned by doing such things」
「…Got it, Kyouko-san」

Kyouko-san sips on the beer then made a call.

「Hello, hello, hello!…That’s right, it’s Kyouko! Yay~! You fine?…No way! Eeh?!…John’s fine too?… Oh is John pleased by my birthday present? Those are very popular even on Japanese children!…By the way. …Yes, yes, that’s right. I’d like to buy two family registry. Twins, oriental. Black hair. Eyes are brown. Ages…you can put 14 years old. …No. Male and female. It’s a mixed twins. Both of them can speak English normally…it’s fine to make them non-Japanese. How much?…No way, that’s cheap. You don’t need to give me discounts just because we’re friends. You can charge me properly…really, it’s fine. I get it…John wants a new bicycle?…Okay, I’ll send it as a present…it’s okay. I like active boys. It’s a present from Kyouko-obaachan. Then…have you prepared a dress to wear on Patricia’s graduation ceremony?…Okay, pick a dress for Patricia as you like…you can just send the bill to me. What now?…It’s fine, we’re friends aren’t we? Ah, but let’s make it a tasteful dress. Decide it after consulting Patricia about it okay?…Got it. I’ll be the one to send a mail to Patricia. 『Be sure to consult with your mother. If the dress isn’t that good, don’t buy it!』 …It’s okay even if it’s branded. …I see, it should balance the dress worn by her classmates…yup, I’ll leave it to you. It’s okay…the graduation ceremony is Patricia’s proud moment. She must wear a good dress…it’s a lifetime memory. I don’t mind it at all. Yes, yes…the family register. Un, please. If possible, I’d like at least the data tonight, but…sorry, please…then, later, bye~!」

Then…Kyouko-san ended the call.

「…Canada is wide and a country that accepts immigrants. It’s easier to acquire a family register there than other countries. My mother has been keeping friends there for a long time. She’s a local official you see…she interacts with various『friends』 Therefore, I will never forget her family’s birthday. I send something for certain. When I stop by Canada for business, I go there as much as possible…and bring souvenirs. She’s not someone from the underground society. She’s just a『commoner』who have friends on the『underground society』like me. That’s why, we have to interact with another『underground person』」

Thinking about it now…
That was Kyouko-san’s guidance to Sensei.
It was to train Sensei.

「…Now then, we can now write data for the passport tomorrow. You’ll have fake names and addresses. I can’t afford to give you a false background however… There’s no problem for the time being」

Kyouko-san smiles at us.

「There’s a slight trial before and after obtaining a forged passport however…!」
「Kyouko-san…what route will we escape to afterwards?」

Sensei asks Kyouko-san.

「Let’s see…the airport in Los Angeles is being checked so let’s go to another city by car and get out of there.」
「…Want to go to Las Vegas?」
「We haven’t decided on that yet. Cesario Viola would be changing his movements. At worst, we can go to the east coast and go to Japan in reverse」

It’s not directly Los Angeles to Japan…
Los Angeles, New York, Europe, then Japan.
We’ll come back to Japan.
…We’re coming home

「Anyway…take a shower for tonight and sleep.」 Tomorrow’s a big day」

Kyouko-san told us.

◇ ◇ ◇

「You can use this room as you want…!」

Sensei told us…
After a simple supper.

「Margo is buying your change of clothes right now」

Sensei looked at Kei-chan and I deliberately

「You twins are really beautiful」

Sensei said.

「Both of you looks completely alike. Maybe it’s because of the hair but both of you look like girls」

Kei-chan’s expression turned gloomy again.

「If I haven’t seen Shirasaka Sousuke’s mail, I would’ve thought that you two are beautiful twin girls」


「Was it Rosalind Orlando?…That person told Shirasaka『The girl you’re trying to buy has a twin brother. They completely look alike. If you’d like, do you want to buy the younger brother as well?』in her mail. That’s what I read…」

Sensei knew from the mail that we’re a male and female twins.
Therefore…she didn’t think that Kei-chan was a girl.

「…Really beautiful」

Kei-chan looks down when Sensei said that.

「But, because of that…my father and mother were killed…Onee-chan and I were enslaved. I…!」

Kei-chan was violated by Cesario Viola for always.

「You can’t overturn what happened in the past…just think about what you should do right now」

Sensei said
What should we do right now?…

「I told Margo to buy boy’s clothes. The two of you look like twin girls right now… Tomorrow, both of you will be boys…!」

We’ll disguise as twin boys

「Disguising stands out too much There’s no way to hide that the two of you are twins so at least, let’s do the opposite version of today.

Sensei told us.

◇ ◇ ◇

Kei-chan and I were alone together.
It’s been a while.
I had my Casino Job for a while…

「…I’ll take shower」

I go to the shower room
…I don’t have my chastity belt anymore.
I dropped it on the backyard of the hotel.
Even though it wasn’t approved by Cesario Viola…
My chastity belt was removed.
I’ll give myself to Kei-chan…
That’s what I thought.

I left the shower room wearing a bath towel.
A dim room.
Kei-chan is sitting on the bed…

「…Are we going to survive?」

Kei-chan said while looking down.

「…They’re good people, and trustworthy but」

Kei-chan’s trembling.

「Cesario Viola is a horrible person…!」

Kei-chan experienced fear from Viola with his whole body…
His body was thoroughly violated.
Viola’s a sadist…he knows that he’s the worst pervert.

「…It’s okay, Kei-chan」

I said.

「…Let’s go back together to Japan. Viola won’t be chasing us to Japan」

Though I say that…
I’m also anxious.
Our life with Viola lasted for more than a year.
Blood and screams…Viola’s vulgar smile.
Rosalind’s mocking laugh.
The fear of Cesario Viola was clearly engraved in our hearts.

「…What will happen to me when we return to Japan?」


「Onee-chan…you should go back to Japan. Go back to Japan and be happy. Study, love…laugh a lot! For my sake」
「Kei-chan…what are you saying?!」

Kei-chan looks at me slowly.

「I…I’m no good…」


「That’s not true! I tell you it’s not!」
「No…Onee-chan I’m a man…violated by Cesario Viola multiple times… My body is no good」

…Kei-chan’s a child
He was innocent…
He can’t bear his body being stained.

「I can no longer marry. I can’t love women…!」

…I was a child.

「Therefore…didn’t Onee-chan say that she’ll marry Kei-chan!!」

I took off my bath towel…!
I exposed my skin in front of Kei-chan…

「Now, let’s marry…we can get married tonight!」

I show my pubic area without chastity belt to Kei-chan.

「I don’t know about tomorrow so…if ever we’re caught by Viola, Kei-chan might be taken back. Onee-chan might get killed. But, tonight’s different…we’re free. Right now!!!」

I kneel in front of Kei-chan…naked.

「Now…take Onee-chan as Kei-chan’s bride. I’ll do anything…let’s get married. It’s okay even for today…hey, Kei-chan!!!」



He clings to me, crying
I also embrace Kei-chan.

「Geez…don’t cry. You’re a man aren’t you?」

Kei-chan buries his face in my chest…crying.
I was happy.

「Now…let’s do it, Kei-chan」

I want to dedicate my everything to my brother…
My mind…my body…my purity too.
I’ll dedicate all my flesh and blood to Kei-chan.
Because, Kei-chan…
He has always endured it for my sake…

「Eat your Onee-chan」
「I’d like you to eat me…I want to be eaten by Kei-chan…!」

I tried to kiss Kei-chan.
…And yet

「…Sorry, Onee-chan」

Kei-chan refused my kiss.

「…What’s wrong, Kei-chan?」


「I can’t defile Onee-chan」


「I love Onee-chan. Onee-chan is very kind…and beautiful」
「…Kei-chan. Onee-chan loves Kei-chan too」

Happy…I tried to embrace Kei-chan.
…And yet.
Kei-chan grabbed my shoulder and tried to get away.

「Therefore…I can’t do something that makes Onee-chan dirty…!」


「Onee-chan is there for me that’s why I was able to endure it so far. I endured no matter how hard it is… Viola promised me. As long as I do as he say…He’ll never let anyone put a hand on Onee-chan…!」

Kei-chan forced himself to smile.

「If Onee-chan was raped…I won’t be able to bear it. I was able to endure watching mother and father being killed. If ever Onee-chan was raped…then I’ll kill myself…that’s what I told Viola… Therefore, Viola protected Onee-chan’s purity…!」

You offered your young body to Viola to protect me?!

「But…I’m no good. We ran away from Viola. It’s Rosalind’s fault but Viola won’t forgive us. If we return right now…Onee-chan will be gang banged by Viola’s followers… There were a lot who aimed at Onee-chan…!」

I shivered.

「Therefore…Kei-chan, embrace Onee-chan! Onee-chan will give her virginity to Kei-chan!」

Kei-chan shook his head.,

「…Onee-chan should go back to Japan with her virginity. Then, fall in true love… You should give your virginity to someone you love from the bottom of your heart」
「I love you Kei-chan, from the bottom of my heart…it’s true…!」

I shout at Kei-chan as if clinging to him.
…Kei-chan said.

「God won’t allow that…we’re siblings…!」

Even in this horrible situation…
He suffered, cried, endured, endured, endured it…
And yet…God’s will?!
Someone like God…!
Someone like God…!
Someone like God…!
No matter how much we prayed, he didn’t help us…!

「…Let’s pray, Onee-chan」

…Kei-chan said.

「I…I will pray for Onee-chan. Onee-chan, pray for me…!」

Kei-chan smiled sadly
…That’s right.
We were on a protestant church during kindergarten.
Therefore……we were always praying at that age.
I stopped doing that after entering elementary school.
Kei-chan continues.
On all the three meals…before we sleep at night…

「Our father in heaven…」

Kei-chan recites a prayer.
I…still don’t know the meaning of「Mashimasu」
The player we learned in kindergarten is in Hiragana after all.

「Hallowed be your name
Your kingdom come.
Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven」

That’s just a mere recital.
We don’t understand what it meant.
It’s just a good luck charm recital.

「Give us this day our daily bread.
And forgive us our sins, as we also have forgiven our debtors」

…Don’t joke with me.
I can’t forgive…won’t forgive…will never forgive.

「And do not bring us to the time of trial, but rescue us from the evil one.」1

Ah…If this is God’s『trial』
Then God’s the same as the Devil.
Just making us suffer…

「You have the endless power to flourish the land…amen」

Kei-chan looks at me.

「…Onee-chan It’s okay. I’m sure it’ll be okay」

…Kei-chan, I

「…I’ll definitely protect Onee-chan」

I’m the one who wants to protect you.
But, I’m a woman…
Kei-chan has been protecting me all this time…
…Even though I’m the elder sister.

「Onee-chan, let’s sleep together tonight…let’s hold hands」

Kei-chan’s smile…
…It hurts my heart

「Un…if that’s what Kei-chan wants」

I just want to embrace Kei-chan.
I wanted to dedicate my body and chastity to him
…But, the reality.
We slept holding hands on the bed.
Even though we’re sleeping on the same bed…
Our only contact is holding hands.
…It was sad.
…It was painful
Didn’t ask for more than this…
Therefore…I can’t ask for anything more.
If I forced him then I will hurt Kei-chan’s heart.
Kei-chan has been forcibly raped by Viola so far.
If I force it…it won’t be different from rape.
No…that’s not it.
I didn’t have the charm as a woman.
Viola ignored me as a woman…
For Kei-chan…I wasn’t a『woman』
Therefore…I can’t ask for it.
…It’s frustrating
I wet the pillow all night…
I shouldn’t have been born a woman.

Kei-chan said in the darkness…

「No…Kei-chan doesn’t have anything to apologize for」

I lack the charm as a woman.

「…You see, I」

Kei-chan suddenly said.

「…I can’t make my penis grow big」


「Since I’ve been violated by Viola all the time…I’m not gay. I endured it by telling myself that I’m not gay…as expected, I still don’t like men. I don’t like being touched by them either」

Kei-chan…is telling me something important.

「But you see…it’s the same for women I’m scared of women approaching me」


「It’s painful for other people to touch me…I’m not good at it. I’m scared of humans」

The reality of our parents being killed and being taken along with the homicidal maniacs…
Kei-chan turned to hate humans…!
I let go of my hand.

「Kei-chan, sorry!」

Kei-chan grasped my hand tightly however.

「Onee-chan’s an exception…Onee-chan’s the only one I’m not scared of. I love you!」


「But…I can’t do lewd things. With Onee-chan, with other people. My penis won’t ever grow big…!」

…Aaa, I
What a sinful woman!

「Kei-chan sorry…I’m sorry, Kei-chan!!!」

I kept crying until morning.


  1. This is the lord’s prayer copied from Matthew 6:9-13 from the wikipedia page. The actual prayer recited by Kei-chan was in Hiragana, I did some research to know that the start was from the lord’s prayer so I’ve just copied and matched the lines after that, Nei’s lines are accurate however