Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 188 : Yoshida-kun’s Power



Megu looks at me with an anxious face while bathing in the morning light.

「I’ve been watching… Yoshi-kun and Yukino’s sex」

Un…I thought they surely did.
The video on the camera was being displayed in the monitor room.

「Hey, Yoshi-kun…Why can you be so friendly with Yukino when you have sex?」


「Friendly? Yukino and I?…We just keep complaining and cursing each other though」
「Well…I don’t make complains nor curse you…!」

Megu looks at me with a serious face.

「Well, you see. I don’t have any complaints on Megu. There’s no need to curse you at all」
「Are you saying you don’t have any dissatisfaction on me…?」

Megu looks at me with a pained face.

「Yeah…none. None at all」

…There’s no way there is

「That’s not true! I’m not a good girl at all!」
「What are you saying…Megu!」

I don’t get it but…
Anyway, something’s complicated

「Megu’s very cute, kind, intelligent…if Megu’s not a good girl then what is!」
「I’m a bad girl. I’m jealous…and dishonest too」
「Everyone’s the same! You normally have those if you’re a human…!」
「Also…I’m not as beautiful as Yukino」

Megu reveals her complex to Yukino

「…Don’t be ridiculous!」

I shouted


Megu’s surprised.

「Well, Yukino’s surely a beauty but…Megu’s a beauty that turns heads towards her…also」

Megu’s long and narrow eyes look at me.

「…Megu’s beauty is very Megu-like」

…That’s right.

「What’s good with Megu is…you do everything deliberately…you always care about people…kind…delicate…that kind of Megu-ness is what shapes Megu. It’s a diligent clean beauty…」

Megu held her breath.

「The beauty in Megu’s heart is showing on surface properly. I like that. Megu’s body, and body too…!」
「Isn’t that obvious?」

When I answer that…Minaho-neesan speaks.

「Yoshida-kun…you don’t seem to understand women’s emotions so let me tell you…you see, women wants men to express it on『words』as much as possible」
「That’s right…it’s not good to just think of it. At the moment you felt Megumi’s『Beautiful』then speak it out immediately」

…I see
You won’t be able to tell them if you just think of it.
I look at Megu once again.
Megu’s wearing her track and field training suit.
I think this slim model body is beautiful…
It’s not just well organized but her intellectual face is beautiful.

「…Megu, you’re beautiful」

Un…Megu’s really beautiful


Megu turned red in embarrassment.

「Is there anything else you want to tell Megumi?」

Minaho-neesan asked me.

「…Anything else?」
「Yoshida-kun still haven’t told Megumi herself what you feel towards her, right?」

…That is

「『You know it even if I don’t tell you』or『there’s no need to say this on purpose』or『this kind of things should just be kept in my mind』those kind of things Megumi wants Yoshida-kun to let out everything. Also…it’s important to turn the『You know it even if I don’t say it』to『words』」
「Reaffirming the mutual relationship makes you happy more than anything. There should be a time where you two share those『words』…」

Un…Minaho-neesan taught me something good.
I look at Megu and smiled.

「Megu…I think that there’s no need to say this but」

Megu looks at me anxiously.

「…I’m grateful. Thank you for everything…Megu」

Err…how should I talk about it?
True…it takes time to speak in words.

「You see…yesterday night…no, it’s the day before yesterday now…there’s a lot of things that happened with Mana.」
「At that time…I think I finally saved Mana thanks to Megu」
「That’s not true…that was Yoshi-kun…」
「No no…isn’t Megu the one who noticed Mana’s state of mind, understood Minaho-neesan’s aim and the one who told me?」

That’s right…Megu’s always so calm and smart.
She has the power to analyze the situation more than me.
The love hotel at night, Megu was wonderful on being harsh on Mana.

「Also…Megu’s very patient. I love that part of you」
「…Love? About me?」


「Yeah…I love you, Megu」

I spoke of my honest feelings through words.

「It’s not a normal like. I respect Megu」

Megu’s eyes turned round in surprise.

「Isn’t that obvious?…You’re my fiance. I won’t turn a girl I don’t respect my bride…!

I think.

「Yoshi-kun! Are you really fine with me?」


「It matters not…I’m the one who feels sorry for being a man like this」
「That’s not true…Yoshi-kun!」
「No…I’ll do my best. I’ll make an effort so I can be a man that can balance with Megu…!」


「Especially in front of our classmates…I would embarrass Megu if I become disgraceful…I’ll be giving my all from now on. I promise you」

That’s right…we’re classified as an engaged couple in the class.
If I don’t do my best…

「I don’t think I’ll become an honor student liked by everyone just like Megu but…I’ll do all my best」

Hearing my words…Megu

「…Yoshi-kun. You really don’t have any dissatisfaction with me?」

Megu’s still on that topic?
…What should I do to make her trust me.

「Megu-oneechan…it’s not that」

Mana speaks from the side.

「Megu-oneechan feels envious somewhat on Onii-chan and Yukino’s relationship, right?」

…Is that so?

「But you see…Onii-chan doesn’t have any respect towards Yukino…it’s not like or anything, they’re just somewhat friends for having sex a lot」

So my relationship with Yukino is something like that?

「There’s nothing you need to worry about…after all」

Mana smiles.

「In the end…Yukino-san only does selfish sex. She feels good having sex now because Onii-chan is doing his best. Yukino-san only concentrates on her own pleasure…she has zero feelings of making Onii-chan feel good…!」

Mana sees is as that.

「At the current stage…you can see Yukino-san’s selfishness and feeling pleasure because onii-chan is suited with the service spirit during sex but that won’t happen forever. Both of them don’t love each other after all…!」

Yukino and I don’t love each other.

「But…Mana and Megu-oneechan really loves Onii-chan.」 Of course we want to feel good but we also want Onii-chan to feel good! We love him after all!」


「That’s why…there’s no need to be losing yourself towards Yukino-san! You should be more confident about yourself, Megu-oneechan…!」

Mana gives Megu a cheer.

「Megu-oneechan is ten times much better than Yukino-san! Onii-chan really loves Megu-oneechan!」

Megu calls the name of her half-blood sister.

「If Megu-oneechan isn’t confident…I’d be troubled too! We promised to devote ourselves to Onii-chan for the rest of our lives right! You don’t have to mind that strange woman over there…!」

Hearing Mana…Megu nods.

「Right…thanks, Mana」

…Megu smiles.

「Rather than that…Megu-oneechan. There’s something I understood from Onii-chan and Yukino-san’s sex…!」
「What is it Mana?」

Megu asks.

「Megu-oneechan…don’t hold back with Onii-chan. Onii-chan is pleased whatever you ask him. That’s why, Megu-oneechan, ask him more…!」
「Of course…let’s be careful to not be a burden to Onii-chan. But, if you wait for Onii-chan to ask…another hyena woman like Yukino-san will take away your chances to have sex. Megu-oneechan, you need to become more aggressive on sex…!」

Megu and Mana look at each other.

「…Do I hold back myself that much?」
「You do…you don’t have to mind us.」

True, she feels like she’s always taking a step back towards other『women』…

「You usually take consideration of us and not jump towards Onii-chan…that’s why you feel jealous of someone like Yukino-san who just have sex impudently. You must not be jealous of this kind of person. Megu-oneechan is Onii-chan’s legal wife right?…If you have time to wander around then stick with Onii-chan more! Onii-chan loves Megu-oneechan and he’ll answer whatever Megu-oneechan wishes for…」

Hearing Mana’s words…Megu’s face changes.



「Un…it is as Mana says. I’ll do anything for Megu’s sake」
「…Do you like me?」
「…I do」
「…What about Yukino?」
「I don’t hate her but I don’t love her either」

Yukino’s face turned cloudy.

「I love Megu. I love you…a lot」

Megu smiles happily.
…Just like the morning sun

「Thank you…Yoshi-kun. I love you…thank you, I love you too!」

Megu rushed over me in short steps…
Then she jumps to my chest.

「…I love you, I love you I love you! I’ll never let you go anymore!」


「…Kiss me…no, let’s kiss. I want to kiss a lot, even if that’s dozens of times!!!」

Megu kisses my lips…again and again…!

「I won’t hand you to Yukino! You’re my Yoshi-kun after all」

Megu clings to me like a child.

「…Ufufufu. Megumi finally became obedient」

Minaho-neesan said.

「You’re too considerate that you’re holding back from Yoshida-kun’s pamper, right? But you see, in case of Yoshida-kun, women should be approaching him closer…!」
「Yes, Minaho-san!」

Megu embraces me tightly…then answers with a strong voice.
Megu presses her soft body to me…
There’s a warm body on my back.

「Ehehe…me too!」

Mana embraces me from the back.

「Onii-chan. It’s okay for Mana to cling too right?」

Mana whispers to my ears.

「Yeah…you can depend on me more」

When I say that…

「If you tell me like that…I’ll get conceited again…!」

Mana seems to know her character where she easily gets cocky.

「Then, just apologize naked…you can’t fix your personality that easily so you can just change bit by bit」
「…I love you Onii-chan」

Mana kisses my ears from the back…

「Now then…Yukino-san」

Minaho-neesan looks down at Yukino


Yukino who’s naked on top of the air mat…
She’s completely dumbfounded as she’s ignored by everyone.

「In the end…you didn’t understand it at all」

Minaho-neesan speaks.

「…In the end?」

Yukino’s making an『eh?』face

「That was your last sex with Yoshida-kun right?…Didn’t you say that yourself? That this will be your『last』…!」

…That’s right.
Yukino said it herself.

「W-We’re on the way! We just did it once! We’re in the middle of it and you came to interrupt us!」

Yukino speaks out her selfish logic again.

「That’s why I said it you know…it’s already『morning』so time’s out. Yukino-san’s turn is over…!」

Minaho-neesan laughs.

「Don’t joke with me! I’m still not satisfied yet!」
「Even if you’re not satisfied, end means end…isn’t that right, Mana-san?」

Mana answers meanly.

「Yees!~ You’re out of time! Onii-chan will be taken back by us!」

She sticks out her tongue towards her sister.
Megu looks at Yukino while embracing me…

「That was your last one…right, Yukino?!」

Yukino opens her mouth wide as she looks up at us.
Yukino was the one who said「This is the last」

「Yoshida-kun…are you fine with that too?」


「Yes…Yukino said that『this will be the last』so I can’t do anything」

I must not have regrets…
Yukino’s the one who decided it…
I have no options.

「It’s regrettable but it can’t be helped」

Minaho-neesan tells Yukino.

「Even though I gave you a last chance…Yukino-san doesn’t understood Yoshida-kun properly…!」

Yukino’s face turned pale.

「I won’t be giving a chance to someone who can’t understand Yoshida-kun’s value…」

…My value?
I don’t have any value.
I’m just a dumb high school student…
I’m even inferior to the people around me…
I don’t have anything I excel with…
I’m always just being helped around by my『women』…
…I’m a miserable man.

「Yoshida-kun has the power to give women as『sense of security』…!」


「This person will never ignore the girls he’s with. He always care and watch over them. He always listens to women talk seriously. He never laughs or makes fun with women」

Minaho-neesan criticizes me that way.

「Also…he never does anything unreasonable to the girls. He’s not making demands. Even in sex, he won’t attack unless the girls allow it…He always force himself to endure, his heart’s self-control is amazing. It’s too amazing that he’s broken a bit」

…My heart’s self control?

「Yukino-san has trusted Yoshida-kun before you noticed it don’t you?」

Hearing Minaho-nesan…Yukino refuses.

「There’s no way I can trust this man!」

Minaho-neesan laughs.

「Do you want to watch the sex video from a while ago? Do you remember what you said earlier?」

…What did Yukino-san?

「『I’ll keep our relationship a secret too』and『You can watch my videos but don’t show it to anyone』and such…you are speaking a lot of things you can’t say on someone you don’t trust…!」

Yukino definitely…
Speaks that she trusts me…

「After having sex with Yoshida-kun a lot of times…Yukino-san understands it, right? This boy will never do anything cruel to girls. He won’t get crazy on his own desires…he’s a kind person who’s considerate of others」

Yukino falters.

「He’s that kind of person that’s why you feel relieved being with him. You feel fine. You two know that right?」

Minaho-neesan looks at Megu and Mana.

「Yes…Yoshi-kun always looks straight at me…he’s thinking too seriously」


「Me too… If it wasn’t for Onii-chan…I might’ve been killed yesterday I think. When Onii-chan first raped me, he looks straight at me… He doesn’t think of himself…he’s been worried about me all the time」


「That’s why I love Yoshi-kun. I will serve him for the rest of my life. I’ll become a cute wife」
「Mana too…this is the life Onii-chan saved. I will dedicate it to Onii-chan」
「No…I haven’t done anything…I can’t do anything either…」

Mana embraces me from the back tightly.

「…Onii-chan, I’m really happy that I became a『sex slave』!」


「I’m fine with Onii-chan! I want to be with Onii-chan’s side! Also…I like it better being a『slave』 It’s not about being a wife, girlfriend, or pet. Mana is a 『sex slave』! I’m very happy! I’m very happy for the first time in my life! I’m glad I didn’t die halfway! Because I was able to become Onii-chan’s『sex slave』…!」

…W-Wait a moment.
Mana as a『sex slave』or Misuzu being『pet』
Is just a figure of speech…
Those were just a『wordplay』to construct our current relationship.
I thought that we can stop anytime when they hate it…
Or rather…

「Mana…are you seriously okay being a『sex slave』forever?!」


「Un! I will serve forever…don’t abandon Mana okay, Onii-chan!」
「I… Mana is the one okay to leave me…」

…That’s right
I’m not a man worthy of everyone’s love…

「That won’t happen! Onii-chan, you should be more confident!」


「That’s right, Yoshi-kun is an amazing guy!」


「Giving a woman a sense of security…is very wonderful you know」

Minaho-neesan too…
…I don’t get it

「And yet…Yukino-sna, you didn’t understand Yoshida-kun’s power. No, you didn’t try to understand…you were mocking Yoshida-kun…!」

Minaho-neesan tells Yukino.

「Earlier…you talked to Yoshida-kun about your strange『delusions』didn’t you? That Shirasaka family is safe, your father wins the trial and you’ll live happily in Kobe…Just how much do you believe your own『delusions』?」

She doesn’t believe herself?

「…That is」

Yukino falls silent.

「You were able to talk about your『delusions』happily because Yoshida-kun gave you a sense of security.」

Yukino’s face turned blank.

「You actually feel so uneasy and yet…when you were with Yoshida-kun that you’re feeling a sense of security. That is Yoshida-kun’s power but…Yukino-san didn’t try to look at Yoshida-kun properly therefore…you were drunk in the sense of security he gave you」

She drowned in the sense of security?

「Even though you feel comfortable…you had delusions from the『hope you see』from your own heart…therefore, you were speaking out your『delusions』 A real idiot has a different method right…well, you’re Yukino-san who’s not interested in anyone else so it can’t be helped…!」

Yukino hangs her head from what Minaho-neesan said.

「…You’re wrong. It’s not this man’s power. There’s really hope! My papa will be saved! Even I will be happy!」

Yukino barks.

「Is that so…if that’s what you think. It’s up to you to see『dreams』 But…it’s different from『reality』 In two hours, the students will be coming to this school…you’ll know the reaction of the public in『reality』 Yukino-san」

Minaho-neesan smiles…