Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 194 : Like hell that’s a Relative?!


Huh…speaking of which…?
…Where’s Michi?
I looked around…

「Who are you looking for?」

Nei-san asked.

「No, you see…」
「If it’s Kudou-san then she brought breakfast to her father」

Katsuko-nee comes from the kitchen holding a tray.
There’s a lot of rice balls in the tray.

「They were on watch overnight…so we gave them breakfast at least」

Katsuko-nee puts down the tray on the table.

「The three cases last night were dealt with Kudou-san’s father」

Margo-san said.

「…Three cases? Is it Cesario Viola?」

Nei-san’s expression darkens.

「There’s one that looks like Viola’s scout. The other two were hired by Shirasaka family. In those three cases, Kudou-san’s father had a separate force take them down and bring them somewhere」
「Separate force?」
「I’ve confirmed it, there are two other groups aside from Kudou-san’s father. While Kudou-san’s father does the fancy fire show to attract the enemy’s eyes…the two other groups handle them silently」

I see…Kudou-papa did say that there are men we still don’t know yet.
The『guard division』has quite a number of people.

「Therefore…the first rice balls I made were all for Kudou-san’s father. Kudou-san has brought them miso soup as well」
「Ah, I could’ve helped out bringing those…」

It would be hard for that small body to carry that much alone.

「It’s okay…she used a cart. Also」


「That girl is a bit frustrated」

Katsuko-nee said


Margo-san smiles wryly

「She has been watching your sex with Yukino-san…Megumi-chan and Mana-chan too in the monitor here so she was made to think of various things」

I thought that it’s being monitored anyway…
The third year middle school girl…thinking that she watched a slightly perverted sex…

「She said that she’ll eat breakfast with her father…well, I think it’s a good breather for Kudou-san so…isn’t that fine?」

Margo-san said then hits the key for the surveillance cameras.
Kudou-papa stops the van on the road above the baseball club ground.
Ah…everyone’s eating rice balls.
I see Michi sitting beside her father.

「Well, Yoshida-kun, follow it up later…she’s under Misuzu-san so she’s our ally but she’s not a complete relative of us. I think she’s been pressured mentally by being constantly with us」

Margo-san said

「Yes, got it」

Then…Megu and Mana comes out of the shower room.

「Ehehe, in the end, I also took a shower」

Mana comes to me with her wet hair.

「Onii-chan…I changed shampoo」

I smell her fragrant wet hair.
It smells floral.

「Un…I think it’s good」

Mana clings to me

「Yoshi-kun, me too」

I face Megu.
I embrace the two girls…
Physical contact is important.
Then…I have to apply the brake here.
I let go of my body before it shifts to sexual impulse.

「Now then…let’s eat」
「Mana’s hungry too」

Both of them are smiling

「I’d like to bake bread soon but I have no time to prepare it now. So that’s why it’s rice balls. Sorry」

Katsuko-nee told me

「All of the food Katsuko-nee makes are all delicious. Thanks as always…Katsuko-nee…also」

I speak up my feelings.

「…You’re very beautiful today」

Katsuko-nee turned red.

「T-Thank you」

Nei-san looks at me.

「Eh, you’re telling that only to Katsun…so sly!」


「Nei-san’s very beautiful too…I love you!」

Nei-san jumps to my chest!

「Yes yes…Nei-san」

I pat Nei-san’s head.

「Megu and Mana too…both of you are very cute」

I talk to the girls who come out of the shower room.

「…T-Thank you」

The two turned shy.
Margo-san…well, I can’t tell her that.
Her mood will be shaved off.
Then…Minaho-neesan comes from the stairs.

「My, you haven’t started eating yet?」

I look up at Minaho-neesan…

「We were waiting for Minaho-neesan…our beautiful and gentle eldest sister…!」

Minaho-neesan’s face turned red.

「There’s no need to tell me that far…!」
「Well…that’s what I really think. I love you…Minaho-neesan」
「Thank you…」

Minaho-neesan smiled gently…

   ◇ ◇ ◇

We sat on the table and begin to eat rice ball, miso soup and fried eggs as breakfast.
Margo-san’s the only one who sits on the surveillance monitor without eating.
It seems that she’s going to switch with Katsuko-nee.
Katsuko-nee and Nei-san are sticking to my sides.
They seem to be taking care so that Megu and Mana don’t stick on me that much.
Then, both of them are actively talking to Megu and Mana.
Katsuko-nee and Nei-san are happily talking to them so that they won’t feel insecure and head their sexual dependency towards me.
Minaho-neesan has given the two of them that instruction I guess.
Minaho-neesan herself is checking the real time television broadcast on a spare monitor.
Then…the morning news has begun…
All of the stations are having news only about Shirasaka Sousuke.
From his upbringing…interview with acquaintances…comments from the self-proclaimed『informed source』
From the suspected rape in Australia to the entertainment world scandal and even Naomi-san’s abduction, rape and suspected murder.

「As expected…Shirasaka family is picking up with the news this morning」

Minaho-neesan smiles.

「Well…if they’re the only news station that doesn’t report about it, it can be said as cover-up. It’ll be said that Shirasaka house’s television station is misappropriating」

Katsuko-nee said with a laugh.
The other stations are also having a news story about the press conference of Shirasaka Moritsugu, the head of Shirasaka family.

『Well, Shirasaka Moritsugu-san has created a reshuffle in baseball and aroused extreme opinions around the world but…this scandal would be fatal for them won’t it?』

The commentator’s lawyer speaks up.
The other guest…is Kaionji-san who was the journalist from yesterday’s press conference is moving according to Minaho-neesan’s scenario.

『Mr. Shirasaka Sousuke’s idea of dispelling the suspicion with such an intimidating press conference is shallow or rather…why did he even appear in the press conference?』

Hearing the host’s question, Kaionji-san…

『Well…Sakamori-san has always liked performance』
『This time it was a major failure…!』
『No…that’s just a guess in the end. If ever Mr. Shirasaka Sousuke’s suspicion of murder didn’t come up, the chance of Shirasaka family sealing this incident in the darkness is really big. In the first place, the current Shirasaka house owns a big newspaper company, television station, their influence in the media is abnormal. I think everyone has noticed that the news organization of Shirasaka family is trying to make this trivial and try not to inform the people. Even though they disclose news on people who don’t like their privacy revealed…I think that the Shirasaka family had the attitude of severely condemning the crime suspicions on their family…!」

Shirasaka house…is starting to become the people’s enemy…logically and emotionally.
Megu and Mana are looking in that with a gloomy face.
Both of them grew up affliated to Shirasaka house.
They’re thinking of a lot of things.
Megu has been suffering as the relative of Shirasaka family all this time.
As a member of Shirasaka family…Mana has lived as a lady…
Thinking of their standpoint in Shirasaka family…it’s completely different…


Mana speaks up.
Shirasaka Sousuke’s house is reflected on the television screen.

『This is…Mr. Shirasaka Sousuke’s home. There’s no lights turned on since last night. It seems that there’s nobody in this house. The cooking researcher, Youko-san is said to be staying on a business hotel in Osaka yesterday but…』

As expected, the television won’t talk about the two daughters of Shirasaka Sousuke.
But…their coverage about Yukino and Mana has already started.

「Minaho-neesan…will the news be coming to our school?」

When I asked her…

「Television stations and newspapers…the major companies won’t come. Kouzuki-sama has already laid groundwork on that」

Minaho-neesan answered.

「This school is a part of『Kuromori』…it would be a nightmare if a big group of media crawls up here when people like Cesario Viola is making secret maneuvers you know? That’s why we have restricted them from covering the school. Fortunately…

Minaho-neesan’s eyes are looking at Mana.

「The school Maika-san attends is an Ojou-sama school right? There’s a lot of daughters of politicians and celebrities so they will definitely refuse any interview…the press won’t be able to do anything with it. Our school will take advantage of that flow. Well, a third class gossip magazine would be hanging around but…Kudou-san’s father will be kicking them out…」

I see…if it won’t become a dire situation then it’s fine?

「Anyway…it’s fine as long as you’re in the school grounds where outside can’t see. We’ll be safe until aftenoon」
「…Until afternoon?」
「In the afternoon…there will be reporters interviewing the students so it’ll be known that Yukino-san is in this school

She intends to let Yukino attend class.
Even in this situation…
I recall Yukino being trapped in the narrow『confinement room』

「Minaho-san…it’s about time」

Megu looks up.
The time is 6:20
It’s about time Megu head to the track and field.

「Right…Yoshida-kun, please send Megumi」

Minaho-neesan tells me as a matter of course…

「Yes…got it」

I stand up.

「Ah, Yoshida-kun…do you know the back emergency exit on the first floor?」
「I know」

Megu answers

「The key opens from the inside so get out there. I think that there are students with club activities coming to school so be careful not to be found out by them」
「Once you sent over Megumi, come back here…okay?」

Megu has finished her preparations.
She also brings the bag so she can go to the classroom after the morning practice.

「I’ll hold your bag」
「It’s fine…it’s light」
「Just let me carry it」

I took the bag from Megu.

「Then, we’re going」
「Take care」

Katsuko-nee smiled at me.

「Mana-chan and I will be staying home!」

Nei-san hugs Mana then said.

「Come back soon…Onii-chan!」

Mana looks at us in worry.

「It’s fine. We’re inside the school…and if you’re worried then you can watch the monitors. As long as we’re in the school, you can see us with the camera」

Mana nods.

   ◇ ◇ ◇

Once again, we go out to the principal’s office…
And once again, we go down to the first floor.
It’s troublesome but it can’t be helped. That’s the structure after all.
The entrance at the school building doesn’t open until 6:30…
But there’s a possibility that there are already students at the entrance.
Therefore…we go through the emergency exit at the back of the school which is unpopulated.
I breathe the morning air…
The air is still cold.
Megu’s silent all the time.


I present my hand to Megu.
Megu’s holding her bag on her right hand so her left is vacant.


Megu holds my hand…
The two of us head to the backyard to the clubroom while holding hands.

「…Hey, Yoshi-kun」

Megu looks down and muttered.

「I…should I take a break from the morning practice?」


「Everyone knows that I’m Yukino’s relative…」

Megu’s hand is gripping mine strongly.

「What should I do…If they knew that I was a daughter of Shirasaka Sousuke…」
「There’s no way everyone would know」
「But…if the reporters research that…it’ll come out of the TV this time. Saying that『Shirasaka Sousuke has another daughter』…」

Megu’s worried about that?

「I…I never thought of him as my father. But still…if everyone knows that knows that I’m Shirasaka Sousuke’s daughter…I think everyone will hate me. Everyone will go away from me…」


「Megu…that’s not true…it’ll be fine」

Megu looks at me with a pale face.

「Yoshi-kun…I want to have sex with Yoshi-kun and be absent from the morning practice. Hey…please embrace me. Please embrace me with all your might…!」

This is what Minaho-neesan said…
Is this the『escape through sex』?


I look at Megu’s eyes.

「What are you being weak for?…」
「…I’m weak…that’s why I want to be embraced by Yoshi-kun…!」

… I

「The Yamamine Megumi I loved wasn’t this weak of a woman」

Megu’s startled

「You’re not Shirasaka Sousuke’s daughter!…You’re Yamamine Megumi! Isn’t that right…Megu!」
「Then…weren’t you going to be Yoshida Megumi…!」

Megu’s eyes shine.

「I’d be troubled if my bride is such a weak woman…whatever happens, I’ll be by your side. If there’s someone who speak badly of you then I’ll beat them all up. That’s why…be strong」

Tears spill from Megu’s eyes.

「Here, wipe your tears…look forward and stick out your chest. Megu is Megu. Shirasaka Sousuke has nothing to do with you…!」
「…Thank you, Yoshi-kun…thank you」

I made sure nobody’s around then…
I kissed Megu…
The time stops…1
No matter how many times I kiss Megu…it tastes like lemons.

「I’ve been depending too much. Sorry」

When going to the clubroom again…Megu spoke.

「I’ll become a good wife for Yoshi-kun. I will definitely be…!」

Megu told me again and again.

「I’ll become strong…I won’t lose…I’ll never lose」

Megu’s hand is gripping mine.
I also grasp it in return.

「I have Yoshi-kun with me after all…!」

I see fighting spirit in Megu’s eyes.
This is Megu’s eyes.
Different from the eyes that want to run away to sex…
The one kind to everyone, perseveres, patient…
That’s my Megu’s eyes…

「…Ah, they came!」

In front of the track and field room…there are students gathered already.
They’re not just members of the track and field…
Other athletic club members are here too…

「…It’s her?」
「The guy?」
「No…the girl」
「Is she really a member of Shirasaka family?」
「Un…the relative of the first year daughter」
「I’ve heard them talking about it too…」

The students stare at us in interest.
Most of them are students we don’t know.
The rumors are already spreading.
The daughter of Shirasaka Sousuke who made a big fuss in the television yesterday is in our school.
It seems that there are relatives too.
However, that much made so many students gather.
Their curious eyes…
Look at Megu
I feel anger.
I want to beat them all up.

「Megu…it’ll be fine」

I hold Megu’s shoulders.


Hyuuhyuu! A whistle makes fun of us.

「Then…what’s with him?」
「The boyfriend of the daughter of a relative of Shirasaka family?」
「Or rather, he must be from Shirasaka family?」

…Just saying what you want.
…Then, at that time.

「…Yamamine! Good morning!」

Captain Takeshiba comes out of the track and field club room.
The captain with tall and good body…is already in her running shape.
That is captain Takeshiba’s combat uniform.
Was she about to change her shoes?…She has her running shoes at hand.

「…Good morning, Takeshiba-senpai」

Megu greets in a low voice…
…That’s why

「Good morning! Takeshiba-senpai!」

I speak as loud as possible.

「Un…Good morning」

Captain Takeshiba smiles at me.

「By the way…Yamamine! Is it true that you were a relative of the Shirasaka old man being talked in the television right now?」

Takeshiba-san suddenly asks for confirmation in front of the spectators.


Megu answered in a small voice.
I hug Megu’s back…

「Look…as expected」
「Oh, so it’s that girl」
「That girl must’ve been raped by her perverted father too?」
「Ah…that might be」
「That frightened look…」

Takeshiba-senpai knocked down the boy who spoke something foolish with her shoes…!

「Ouch! What the hell are you doing!」

The boy got enraged and Takeshiba-san…~!

「…What about you, making fool of my club member…I won’t forgive you」

The men were frightened by Captain Takeshiba’s anger.


Captain Takeshiba shouts.


Megu answers instinctively.

「Is Shirasaka Sousuke really your relative?!」
「Yes, that’s right!」

Megu answers with a teary face.

「Did you receive any New Year’s gift from Shirasaka Sousuke?!」

The tense air froze.

「…I didn’t!」

Megu shouted!

「Were you called to Shirasaka Sousuke’s home to eat a meal?!」
「Is that true?!」
「Not even once!」

Un…even if they’re relatives.
Yamamine house is only under Shirasaka house…
Megu’s house are only being tormented by the people of Shirasaka family one-sidedly…

「Has Shirasaka Sousuke ever given your house a New Year’s card!?」
「Not even once?!」
「Not even once!」

Captain Takeshiba shouted in a loud voice!

「…Like hell that’s a relative!」

Then…she looks at Megu.

「Blood or family register doesn’t matter! Relatives are a problem of heart. Not even giving a new year’s present, calling you to the house for a meal, not even a new year’s card…like hell that’s a relative!」

From what the captain said…the spectators.

「What…she’s completely unrelated」
「So it’s just a relation where she has met Shirasaka Sousuke?」
「My my, that’s boring.」

They changed their attitudes and lost interest in Megu quickly.

「If you get it now then disappear. Our club member isn’t related at Shirasaka at all! Go!」

Captain Takeshiba’s roar dissolves the spectators…
Captain comes close to us.

「T-Thank you very much…Takeshiba-senpai」

I bow to captain.

「I didn’t do anything…Yamamine, hurry up and change. The first years have to make prep」
「Y-Yes…thank you very much」

Megu bowed then head to the clubroom.

「Megu…your bag」

I hand over Megu’s bag.

「Yoshi-kun thank you…!」

Megu rushes to the club room.
The first years greeted Megu inside the clubroom.

「Good morning, Yamamine-san!」
「…What, so you weren’t related at all」
「I was worried」
「That’s right, we thought that the television stations might go to Megumi’s house too」
「There’s no way that is…she’s not a relative at all」
「Right…the family name’s different」

Smile spread in the clubroom…

「Don’t worry, I will look at her during the club activity…I won’t let any strange guy come close to her」

Captain Takeshiba told me.

「Sorry but could you come pick her up again at the end of practice. It’s better if she’s with you」
「Yes…got it」

I answered in a loud voice.