Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 220 : Kouzuki Shigetaka’s boredom


When Ruriko-san and Yoshiko-san can’t be seen anymore…
Margo-san whispers towards her chest pocket.

「Coast is clear…!」

Minaho-neesan and Katsuko-nee comes in

「I connected the phone and sent over the audio…!」

Minaho-neesan and Katsuko-nee removes the earphones inserted to their ear then smiled.
Both of them were listening from our conversation with Ruriko-an just now…?

「…Are you sure Misuzu-san? Disobeying Kouzuki-sama’s will…?」

Saying that, Minaho-neesan’s smiling.

「I don’t mind…this is the only for us to be happy」


「I can’t endure to follow grandfather’s will and just become the slave of Kouzuki house along with the『fiance』he decided. I will release Ruriko-san from that fate too…!」

Misuzu said clearly.

「Ruriko-san is very lovely and a wise young lady. Are you sure about this Misuzu-san…in worst case scenario, Yoshida-kun might be taken away…!」

Minaho-neesan asks and Misuzu…

「That won’t happen. Danna-sama loves his『women』equally」
「My…you’re quite confident aren’t you?」
「Yes. She’s my Danna-sama after all…!」

Misuzu smiled at me.

「Misuzu…I’m just a worthless high school student you know」
「Yes. I understand」
「I’m not even good at thinking」
「That’s the best part!」1

Eh…that’s the what?
Misuzu…do you like idiots?

「But, Danna-sama has the courage. You have the integrity that won’t betray us. It’s no good if it’s not Danna-sama. For me…or a girl like Ruriko-san」

I don’t get it.

「She’s a girl similar to Misuzu-san…intelligent, imaginative and insightful」

Margo-san said.

「Un. She’s not just some Ojou-sama. She knows her own position and circumstances…thought of various people’s expectations, feeling their ambition, but still trying to advance on the road she had to live in」

Megu, summarized it as such.
True…she’s a much more firm child than I imagined.

「You’re right…she understands the scope of what she sees. There’s also a sense of balance. She’s a good girl」

『The scope of what she sees』…?!

「Those girls have information completely isolated by Kouzuki『Kakka』…they’re genuine『super-sheltered girls』」

True…they don’t have any sexual knowledge at all…
She seems to be ignorant of politics, economics, and social problems as well.

「That’s right. They can only be seen as『Young ladies who’s ignorant of the way of the world』by the people of the world…」

Minaho-neesan analyzed.

「If you take time and talk to them then, Ruriko-san and Yoshiko-san will gain true wisdon. Almost everyone who talk to them think that『they are poor Ojou-sama who only has paradise in their heads』」

I see…
『I don’t watch television』or 『I don’t know about fashion』
Their clothes were『entrusted to the stylist and hairdresser』after all…
Their conversation on girls of the same age would end.
After all, her favorite book is Tolsloy’s『What men live by』…
They can’t form a conversation with normal girls.

「You can easily label them as『Super sheltered ladies』and set them up and it’s done. Nobody’s going to approach them. Since they know the horror of the Kouzuki house…everyone won’t say any bad thing…!」

Acknowledging that it exists then…ignoring it.
Then…Ruriko-san grew up with only Yoshiko-san as her friend…

「Everyone doesn’t notice those girl’s true essence!… That’s why people like Kudou Haruka underestimate them!」

Nei-san said.
Kuodu Haruka is underestimating Ruriko-san?!

「They’re just generous Ojou-sama therefore she could do what she wanted. That’s why she came in a colorful dress like today and tries to sell her name to the celebrities by saying she’s Ruriko-san’s bodyguard」

That pink suit and pumps.
The four followers were for that?

「…Aneue’s not like that before. As expected, when she won the inter-high school competition and made big by the press. Until then, she’s been steadily training…and recently, she’s looking forward to going to glamorous places…!」

Michi said.

「The person who lived in a serious simple life finally got lost her way it seems」

Megu said.

「Oh, she finally made her『debut』at third year high school…! Of course she’ll become restless」

Mana who’s been longing for the world of adults while being a second year middle school girl, laughs.

「It’s a miserable story. When she’s seen on television, received fan letters, she’s completely in high spirits and recently…she’s absorbed in cosmetics and clothes…!」


「It hurts to have your sister turn like that…Mana knows a person who has an elder sister who’s a junkie at dressing up…!」

No…that’s you.
I remember Yukino’s room messy with clothes and cosmetics.
What happened to Mana’s memory of Shirasaka Maika?
It didn’t become a split personality did it?
I’m a bit worried.

「Speaking of which…Haruka-san and others hasn’t returned yet」

Megu said.
True…I feel like they’re too late.

「Could it be that she’s scared of Michi-san and ran away?」

Mana said meanly.

「That’s not the case…Aneue thinks that I’m weaker than her…」

Michi said calmly.

「Also…Aneue wouldn’t think of turning her tail and running away before the『symposium』tonight」

She’d sell herself to the celebrities even if she dies…

「Perhaps…she’s finding a plan for her sure-win」


「Aneue doesn’t truest everyone in『Kuromori』…」

I see, she’s thinking that Margo-san would be intruding halfway

「…Really, she’s underestimating a lot」

Margo-san grins.

「Well…I can roughly imagine what kind of moves she’ll be using」

Wow…Margo-san, your smile is scaryyyy.

「I’ll leave that to Margo…let’s return our topic to Ruriko-san…」

Minaho-neesan turns back the topic.

「Katsuko and I didn’t appear so Ruriko-san wasn’t cautious」


「Yoshida-kun, Megumi, Mana-san are in the same generation so there’s no problem…Margo and Nei are personally honest so it’s pure in a sense」
「There’s no sense, we’re pure!」

Nei-san pouts from what Minaho-neesan said.

「Well, even if I’m somewhat suspicious, she only thought of me as Yoshida-kun’s bodyguard…」

Margo-san’s my bodyguard?!

「Since you’re introduced as Misuzu’s boyfriend…Ruriko-san thinks of Yoshida-kun as a son of a good family」

My face looks like a commoner…

「…The suit Yoshida-kun wearing now is really a good one」

This suit is something I borrowed from Minaho-neesan’s grandfather…

「Now ay…did it cost 100k yen?」

When I asked, Margo-san laughs.

「You can’t afford it even with 1M yen」

…T-That much?

「This fabric is a vintage one…you can’t make it anymore so the price is invaluable」

Minaho-neesan lent such an expensive thing to me.

「In the first place, you had similar body shape so I didn’t spend that much time but it looked well. Even I am satisfied with my own work!」

Katsuko-nee looked at the suit she tailored and spoke happily.

「If it’s Ruriko-san and Yoshiko-san…they’ll understand the value of this suit at a glance」

…Is that so?

「Since those girls have first-class observation power…Katsuko and I didn’t appear…」


「A woman who have fallen to prostitution, even once will inevitably have a dark shadow with them The people who understands, will」

Margo-san and Nei-san…even if they’re in underground work, they’re not prostitutes.
But, Minaho-san and Katsuko-nee…

「It would be strange for prostitutes to be together with Misuzu-san don’t you think? When I come close and Ruriko-san turned cautious of us, it would be bad. Even though Misuzu-san took her trouble to open Ruriko-san and Yoshiko-san’s heart, even though she made good friends with you…」
「I’m thankful of your consideration…!」

Misuzu bows her head to Minaho.

「…Then, would you like to tell me about Kouzuki『Kakka’s』plan about Misuzu-san and Ruriko-san…」


「Yes. I would also like to report it to everyone…!」


「Earlier…Ruriko-san has talked about the people who were trying to make Ruriko-san and I fight inside the Kouzuki house…」

Un. I’ve heard about that.

「That is grandfather’s doing…!」

Kouzuki『Kakka』…purposely let his two granddaughters fight?

「As expected…」

Minaho-neesan mutters.

「So that’s how bored Kouzuki-sama is」

Because he’s bored…he let his granddaughters fight?

「Yes. Grandfather intentionally splits Kouzuki family by making them fight…I think he’s eliminating the bad people in the process」

Misuzu answered with a gloomy face.

「I think that’s just half of the purpose」

…The other half is?

「The later part is grandfather’s hobby.」 He intentionally had Ruriko-san and me brought up in a distorted manner…and looks forward to our growth」


「Ruriko-san and I are two years apart. There are no other grandchild other than us because grandfather ordered so. His eldest and second son…each of them make a daughter. The two year difference is also calculated from the beginning」
「But…isn’t there a possibility of giving birth of a boy instead of a girl?」

I asked…

「It’s now possible to preselect the sex of your child. That kind of technology has been established」

Misuzu smiled at me.

「Why does it have to be daughters? Normally, won’t he want a boy for a successor?」


「Grandfather…I think he wants to make a disturbance in Kouzuki house on purpose」


「If the successor is a woman…the list of problems would increase later. Rather than『Who will be the bride?』the『Who will become the husband?』has a bigger argument」

I see.
Misuzu or Ruriko-san’s marriage partner can become the next ruler of Kouzuki house.
Everyone from their clan would plan to send their own son.

「But…Misuzu-san and Ruriko-san’s 『fiance』have already been decided, isn’t it?」

Margo-san asks.

「Yes…I know who it is. My own『fiance』that is. I don’t know about Ruriko-san. Furthermore…my partner hasn’t been publicly known yet…!」

Who’s the『fiance』…the clan would have suspicions.
He’s really shaking it up…

「Kouzuki house has become too big. Grandfather’s opinion is that half or a sixth of the current scale is better」
「…He wants to restruct Kouzuki house itself」
「Restructure, it means rebuilding. Eliminate the useless staff and make it a slimmer organization」

Margo-san taught me.

「Also…grandfather doesn’t trust men」

He doesn’t trust men?

「『Men today can’t be trusted』he says constantly. Grandfather is already beyond 80 years old after all…」

In Kouzuki『Kakka’s』eyes…the men living nowadays are『young men』

「Does it mean that Kakka trusts women more?」

Nei-san asks…

「That’s where grandfather’s hobbies are built in」


「As you saw earlier…Ruriko-san doesn’t have any knowledge about sex. In order for other girls not let her know…Yoshiko-san, her one and only『friend and sister』has been with her since three years old」

Being together with Yoshiko-san…Ruriko-san won’t be lonely.
Since then, Yoshiko-san’s also been living with her isolated from information…she doesn’t question her own situation.
It’s because she’s convinced that’s how it is.
Just the two of them snuggling each other…they don’t hold doubt why they don’t have other friends.

「Grandfather wanted to raise a girl with pure culture」

True…Ruriko-san and Yoshiko-san both grew up to be obedient and good girls.
However…with the information being restricted, there’s no difference from being distorted…

「What about Misuzu’s case?」

I dare to ask.

「In my case…it’s the opposite」


「When I was 8, grandfather showed me a sex scene of men and women」


「…Also, the video of father having sex with his mistress」

She’s seen man and woman twining at age eight…

「Then…I felt completely sick of it. I became unable to deal with men…!」

Kouzuki『Kakka』…purposely gave Misuzu a sexual trauma.

「Grandfather wanted me to become a lesbian…」

Misuzu’s lesbian taste was directed by Kouzuki『Kakka』?

「I’m really bad with them…I’ve seen men in their animal-like appearance again and again. I’m already no good. I can’t wipe off my disgust with men…」


「Ah, Danna-sama’s different. Rather than that…I’m no good unless it’s Danna-sama. The only men I talk to is grandfather and Danna-sama. I don’t speak directly to men even the teachers or doctors at school
「Eh…your father?」
「Father…I haven’t talked to him since I was 8. When he wants to talk, I tell him to mail through mother」

W-What does it mean…?

「I…at the times when I was most hurt isolated from school as the daughter of Kouzuki house…grandfather brought me to Nagisa-sama. I was saved thanks to Nagisa-sama」
「Err…working part time in Nagisa’s shop, right?」

…Don’t male customers come there?

「90% of the customers are female…if a man comes, someone else takes my place」

I see…Nagisa’s been taking care of her.

「Grandfather thought that Nagisa-sama would heal me…then, Nagisa-sama has completed my lesbian preference」

Nagisa…after retiring as a prostitute…
After getting pregnant with a child whose father is unknown, Shirasaka Sousuke banished him from the mansion…
She became distrustful of men.
Then…then she trapped girls who hate men to lesbian acts in the shop.

「Who would’ve thought that Nagisa-sama would transfer me as a pet to Danna-sama」

As long as he leave it to Nagisa…MIsuzu’s lesbian preference will be strengthened.
And yet…Nagisa.
She gave Misuzu to me.

「I was really scared. But, I can’t go against Nagisa-sama’s orders…」

I remembered when I first did it with MIsuzu and apologized.

「Danna-sama was very gentle with me. He told Misuzu『I like you』」
「I…I came to love Danna-sama more and more. I’m already done. Misuzu will become Danna-sama’s pet forever」
「Un…I’ll treasure you」
「…I love you. Danna-sama」

Misuzu snuggles to me.

「I’m no good unless it’s Danna-sama. Other boys are a no. I don’t even want to talk to them. I only want Danna-sama」


「I grew up distorted according to grandfather’s desire. Grandfather wanted to make me a lesbian who hates men but…Misuzu became a『woman』only for Danna-sama」

We already have a relationship Kouzuki『Kakka』doesn’t desire.
I see…that’s why.
Misuzu will have to fight her grandfather.

「But…Why does Kouzuki-san wants Misuzu to be a lesbian and Ruriko-san to be isolated from any information about sex?」

Minaho-neesan answers my doubt…

「Isn’t that obvious? She doesn’t want his daughters to be taken by other men」

Taken by other men?

「Un. I guess he wants to keep them under Kouzuki-san’s control」

Margo-san said.
Just because he doesn’t want his granddaughters be taken away by other boys, he forced one to be a lesbian and restricted information about sex on others?

「Like said…it’s his hobby」

Misuzu’s eyes are in pain.

「But, we can save them on the last minute. He won’t be violating his own granddaughters after all」

No, Shirasaka Sousuke was trying to do that didn’t he?
Raising his daughter as he want then rape her.
The girl named Agnes is still in the basement of the mansion wasn’t she?

「But…what will happen afterwards? Misuzu-san and Ruriko-san, will you be happy if you do as Kouzuki-san expected?」

Mana said.

「Grandfather is enjoying it. Our joy and sadness…looking down at the top, he thinks it’s interesting」

It’s like he’s observing a creature…
He stares at his granddaughter’s suffering interestingly?
No…he purposely creates the cause of conflict…
He’s trying to give waves of hardship to his granddaughters…

「Therefore…Ruriko-san and Yoshiko-san needs Danna-sama too」

Misuzu looks at me with strong eyes.


I don’t have any power.
I’m an idiot high school student…

「What do you think will happen if both of them are taken by the fiance without any sexual knowledge?」

Without any knowledge about sex…they might be turned to a mess.

「But, Kouzuki-san won’t let that happen, right?」

Kouzuki『Kakka』wants to mopolize his daughters…

「Grandfather’s aged…he won’t always be healthy」

I-I see…

「Besides…perhaps, grandfather thinks that after his death『whatever happens, happens』…」

This time…Kouzuki『Kakka』dominates the whole house and it’s well balanced, but…
If ever he collapsed suddenly…The factors of the problems made to distract『Kakka』from his boredom will be bursting out in one go.
『Kouzuki house』will be turned into a mess.
Among them…Misuzu and Ruriko-san would be crushed by the severe situation…

「Grandfather is thinking『If I’m going to die then I better take down Kouzuki house with me』…」

Misuzu said sadly.

「Therefore…there’s no choice but to fight. Fight grandfather…and my own fate」


「Got it…I’ll do anything I can. For Misuzu’s sake」

Misuzu smiles.

「Thank you very much. Danna-sama…!」

Then, I turned to everyone.

「Everyone…please cooperate. Fighting against Kouzuki-san might be suicidal…」

To my words, Margo-san;

「It’s something Minaho, the leader of『Kuromori』should decide with」


「I will support Yoshida-kun and Misuzu-san. Either way『Kuromori』intends to be get rid of so…as soon as possible…」

Minaho-neesan said that we don’t have to worry about the influence of Kouzuki『Kakka』against『Kuromori』

「If that’s Minaho’s plan then I’ll stay silent and follow…!」

Margo-san smiles.

「Well, I’m the same. I’ll own a bakery so there’s no problem if we confront Kouzuki house!」

Katsuko-nee smiles.


Megu speaks to Misuzu with her face turned red.

「I’m the same…I’m no good unless it’s Yoshi-kun」
「I grew up in a brothel…I didn’t expect myself to be loving men in the future. Actually…I was on the verge of being sold as a prostitute by Shirasaka-san」

In Shirasaka Sousuke’s plan, Megu’s supposed to work as a prostitute when the golden ended…

「But, everyone saved me…and I didn’t become a prostitute. Then, Yoshi-kun loves me…therefore…I won’t love anyone but Yoshi-kun. I definitely don’t want being embraced by a man other than Yoshi-kun」
「If so, Mana’s the same! I’d feel disgusted if I’m going to have sex with someone other than Onii-chan!」

Megu and Mana doesn’t know anyone but me.

「Me to me too! Yo-chan forever!」

Nei-san…you’re a virgin!

「Therefore…I don’t want Misuzu-san to be separated from Yoshi-kun」
「Un, Mana will protest against Misuzu-san’s grandfather!」
「I will protest too~!」

Misuzu’s moved.

「Whatever happens, I am Misuzu-sama’s guard」

Michi says she’s not following Kouzuki house but Misuzu.

「Let me ask just in case…what about you Kuroko-chan?」

Nei-san laughs and asks Yukino…
Yukino’s looking at a distance…?!

「…What’s wrong?」

Nei-san asks…

「Those three foreigners have been looking at us since a while ago…」

…Three foreigners?
Following Yukino’s glance…
There’s three women with slender and tall body shape.
The three of them are on their late 20s and early 30s.
The two of them are twins? They look completely alike.
Their face and figure’s completely the same.
They’re wearing white pantsuit.
Black shoes and black leather gloves.
Sunglasses on their eyes and hair dyed white.
Then, the woman in between the two…
She’s wearing pure white tight skirt suit.
The same sunglasses and white hair.

「Misuzu…go behind me」

Those three smells danger.

「Un…Minaho, go back too」

Margo-san and Michi comes forward
The three foreign girls smiled then approached us.