Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 226 : The blue ribbon for the girl who stuck out her ass


Slap Michi’s ass…?

「Michi wishes for Danna-sama to do it, is that correct?」

Misuzu smiles.

「Yes, I’d like to be punished in front of Misuzu-sama」

Michi said with a red face.
At that moment, I understood everything.
This isn’t『punishment』
MIchi wants a『reward』…!

「Ruriko-san. No matter how trivial it is, a guard shouldn’t make a mistake. However, Michi’s still young…I think that hitting her butt will be enough as a punishment」

Misuzu speaks to the surprised Ruriko-san.
It seems that it’s Misuzu’s strategy to show Michi’s foolery in front of Ruriko-san.

「…U-Uhm…Should Yoshiko and I go out?」

Ruriko-san asked embarrassed.

「No, if possible, I’d like Ruriko-san to watch. Ruriko-san doesn’t have a retainer but Yoshiko-san for now…there’s no need to worry for Yoshiko-san to fail because she does everything well but…」
「Please don’t be absurd」

Yoshiko-san denies it in panic.

「I am still inexperienced in my work…」
「That’s not true. Misuzu knows how much loyal Yoshiko-san to Ruriko-san. But…Ruriko-san will be succeeding Kouzuki house someday and in the future, you will have a lot of people following you other than Yoshiko. Yoshiko-san isn’t someone who can do anything. I think there will be people who will make mistakes」
「True…I don’t think that I will be Ruriko-sama’s『retainer』forever」

Yoshiko-san answered with a puzzled look.

「The lord must give firsthand punishment to his retainer who made a mistake. Furthermore, unless you punish them secretly so they won’t be dishonored in front of others, it would just be pitiful for the punished one. You have to give them punishment and make them regain oneself…it shows the Lord’s expectation and love」
「…Yes, I see」

Ruriko-san’s drawn by Misuzu’s plausible speech.

「Therefore…for a young girl like Michi, I think『butt slapping』is a proper punishment. Ruriko-san will also have a time to punish someone soon so please observe. Michi, do you mind?」
「Not at all…please have a look」

Michi also tells Ruriko-san.

「If you say so…then I will take a look…!2」

Ruriko-san answered with tension.

「Let’s do it…okay, Yoshiko?」
「If Ruriko-sama says so…」

Yoshiko-san’s also being pulled by Misuzu’s strange logic.

「Megumi-san and Mana-san are my『family』…so you will watch Michi’s punishment as a matter of fact, right?」

Misuzu speaks to Megu and Mana.

「This is a private punishment…please refrain from telling others, for Michi’s honor. And, when the『butt slapping』ended, Michi’s sin will be forgiven. Everyone, is that okay?…!」

Misuzu looks at the people in the room.

「Un, got it! We won’t tell anyone that Michi-san was beaten!」

Mana said with a bright face.

「I will be watching properly too」

Megu answered with an embarrased face.

「Then, Michi…how many times do you want your butt be beaten by Danna-sama?」

Michi glanced at me.

「…Ten times, please」
「My, isn’t that too much?」

Misuzu rejects it immediately.

「Danna-sama, please hit her with all your might. If you hit her ten times then Michi’s butt would swell…!」
「I don’t mind if it swells!」

Michi said but…

「You can’t…I’ll allow only five times」

Misuzu said.

「Danna-sama is very kind…he would feel sorry if he does beat your butt for ten times」

I’m just surprised by this development…
To be honest, I don’t think that five or ten times does matter.

「Then, please do it with all your might five times」

Michi looks at me.
her eyes are moist and hot.

「Michi…you’re saying it wrong」

Misuzu guides her further.

「At this situation…you have to plead『make it hurt』」

Michi swallows her saliva…

「…M-Master. P-Please make it hurt」


「Got it…Michi」

Now that it comes to this…there’s no choice but to do it.

「Michi…raise up your skirt and show your butt」

Misuzu orders her.
MIchi slowly rolls up her prestigious middle girl’s school skirt.
Michi’s thin legs.
Michi’s skin is transparent white.
This fifteen year old girl…there’s a red whip and electric baton, tied with black leather on her thighs that has no muscles yet.
It’s like a garter belt…
Michi’s panty today is black.
The flesh of the third year middle school girl wearing a black underwear creates an immoral feeling.
Michi points out her round ass to me.

「…Get on all fours like a dog」
「Yes, Misuzu-sama」

Michi makes a dog pose while sticking out her ass.

「Raise your face and look at the mirror. You can see Danna-sama in the mirror, can’t you?」
「…I do」

Michi and my eyes met in the mirror.
Michi’s face is completely enchanted…pleased from the punishment.


I get close to Michi’s ass…

「What are you doing…Michi!」

Misuzu’s scolding voice echoes!

「There’s no way you’d have your butt slapped by Danna-sama like that」

Misuzu…what are you talking about?

「You have to take off your panties! It won’t be a punishment unless you feel it with your skin directly!!」

…Take off her panties?
Then…I’m going to beat her raw ass?

「I-I’m very sorry!」
「Hurry up and take it off!」
「I-I’ll do it immediately!」

Michi reached out for her own black panties…
Then lowered it smoothly.

「Take it off properly!」

Michi takes off her panties while in all fours.
White ass…a small anus and a hairless pussy is clearly visible.
Only those two were colored salmon pink.

「I-I took it off!」

Michi’s black panties are rolled up to her right ankle

「Danna-sama, please confirm the feel of Michi’s butt first…」


「You won’t know where to hit unless you touch it you know?」


「Michi, I’ll touch your butt」
「Please enjoy it…」

My hands touch Michi’s ass.


Michi’s sensitive.
A woman’s ass feels chilly.
A smooth ass without any scratches.
Michi’s ass has a soft elasticity like raw rubber.

「…Ah, aaaaah!」

Michi’s face seems to be painful.


Misuzu whispers to Michi’s ears.

「I’m watching…Misuzu-sama…!」

Is this a lesbian play where they don’t mind me?
No, I just have to enjoy the feeling of Michi’s ass for now.
I rub her ass meat…

「Ah…it’s embarrassing…it’s embarrassing, Misuzu-sama」
「Don’t look only at me…take a look at Danna-sama’s face in the mirror」

Michi’s eyes are looking at me.

「P-Please do it right away…!」

Her passionate eyes look at me.

「P-Please make it hurt…!」

I grabbed Michi’s ass once again…
Raised my hand to the fullest!

「…Let’s go!」

…I swing down my hand!
It cut the wind and slapped Michi’s ass!



Michi shed tears of delight from the first one!




My hand mark raises from Michi’s white butt!




Michi’s skin turns sweaty.




I feel a hot liquid from the butt I beat up.
Michi’s love nectar is dripping from her slit.,




The last blow digs into Michi’s ass!
I pushed my hand on it…
After enjoying Michi’s butt for the last time, I let go of my hand.
Michi’s butt is swollen red.
There’s love nectar dripping from her vagina…
She flopped and fell down on the floor.

「See, five times was right isn’t it…!」

Misuzu smiled at Michi


Michi’s lightly absentminded.

「Danna-sama…please embrace Michi tightly」

Misuzu told me.

「Michi has endured the punishment so please praise her」



I embrace the small body that fell down on the floor.
A delicate small body…

「You did well…that’s amazing, Michi」

Michi’s tense heart relaxed all at once.
Michi cried out in my chest.

「…As expected, she was holding back」

Misuzu said.
…I-I see.
Her confrontation with her sister…
MIchi has destroyed her sister’s body and pride…
In spite of her mother’s strict order to『never win against her sister』, she obeyed my orders.
Afterwards…Michi remained expressionless as she bathe in her mother’s cold words.
This fifteen years old girl pushed all this emotions into her small body and endured it.
Then…it spouted after the punishment.

「Michi…we’ll be together forever…!」

I embraced her small body tighty.

「Michi, Misuzu and me will stay together. I won’t let you go…!」

Michi cries.
The thoughts she pushed aside turned into overflowing tears…
Michi has also lost her true family.

「Yoshi-kun…I’m here too」

Megu smiled.

「That’s right. Onii-chan. Mana’s here together with you…!

Mana comes to us.


Mana talks to Michi.
Michi looks at Mana in surprise.

「Mana’s still in second year so I can call you Onee-chan, can I?」

Michi’s confused though she’s crying.

「I’ll call you『Michi-san』…but call me『Megumi-oneesan』okay?」

Megu said

「I-I…I am Misuzu-sama’s guard…」

Misuzu speaks.

「That’s right. Michi’s my guard…my『family』!」


「You swore to protect me with your life didn’t you?」
「Yes…I swore」

Michi answers while still embraced by me.

「We’re together for the rest of time…isn’t that what『family』is?」
「…Is this okay?」

Michi asks.

「What does Michi want?」

Misuzu asks Michi in reverse.


The warrior girl who only knows the words『Lord』『Vassal』『Loyalty』she found herself at loss.

「You’re already a『family member』 Mana’s your『little sister』Megu is your『Oneesan』…Live with that thought」

I order Michi as her lord.


In the end…this girl got some fierce fighting ability but her heart is weak.,
She always need someone to support her from behind.
If she’s not pushed then she won’t move.
Michi is a useless girl unless I watch over her.

「If you have trouble or you don’t understand something then you can consult me anytime. Michi doesn’t need to worry alone anymore」

Michi spill hot tears.

「Michi’s such a crybaby」

I lick Michi’s tears…
It’s salty and a slightly bitter.


Misuzu smilingly brought her face to us.
Then she licked Michi’s corner of the eye.


Michi’s surprised.

「You don’t need to hold back in front of us. Michi can cry and laugh in front of us」
「Un…we’re family after all」

Misuzu and I look like a married couple and Michi’s our daughter.
Our cute small daughter.

「We’re here too!」

Mana interrupts the good atmosphere.


Mana smiled at Michi.

「I’ll cherish you a lot…I’ll take care of you…Mana-san」

But still, she’s being formal to her『little sister』
Well, she’s talking like that to her actual sister too…
This might be the normal for Michi.

「…It’s about time to let go」

Michi told me with her eyes swollen from tears.

「I’m already fine」

She told me bashfully.

「Ah, sure…」

When I tried to release Michi’s body…

「Michi, that’s not how you say it」

Misuzu’s guidance comes again.

「It’s wrong to order your master」
「…I’m very sorry」
「Danna-sama…does it feel good to embrace Michi’s body?」

I answered honestly.

「Yeah, it does」
「Then, please hug her until you’re satisfied…Michi’s body is for Danna-sama after all」

Misuzu smiles.


I embraced Michi’s body once again.

「Michi too…embrace Danna-sama’s body」

Michi’s hands goes through my back then embraced me tightly.

「How is it? Embracing and being embraced feels good doesn’t it/」
「Yes…Misuzu-sama. But」
「…What’s wrong, Michi?」

Michi answered.

「It feels so good that this might become a habbit…!」

Misuzu laughed.

「It’s okay, make it a habbit. We’re『family』after all. I also love embracing Danna-sama…!」
「Mana too! I love being embraced by Onii-chan…!」
「Me too…I’m addicted to it」


「Come at me!」

I spread my left arm widely while embracing Michi on my right.


Misuzu and Mana jumped to my chest…!
Megu embraced me from the back.,

「…Everyone’s the same!」

Misuzu mutters.

◇ ◇ ◇

…Before long.
We let go of each other.
Everyone seems to have regained their energy.
Smiling, they’re all cheerful.
Michi who’s always expressionless is showing a refreshed face.

「Master…I actually would like to consult about something」

Michi asked me.

「Sure…what is it?」
「I would like Master to embrace me」
「Didn’t we just hug each other a lot earlier?」
「…Not in that meaning」


「I’d like to offer it while Misuzu-sama watches」

Offer it, she means…
Michi’s puirty…
Megu and Mana stares at me.

「You…that kind of thing…」
「I was ordered to make a consultation anytime」

True…I did say that but.

「Very well, let’s make an opportunity tonight…」


「In exchange…it’ll only be Danna-sama for the rest of your life」
「MIchi…how many people do you want to teach『Kudou style ancient martial arts』?」

Misuzu asked indirectly.

「If possible…I’d like three」
「Then ask Danna-sama, not me」
「Yes…Master. Will three be okay?」

Michi asks me with her ears turned bright rerd.
…Give birth to three children?
No…If Michi wants to bear children then there’s no helping it.

「I-It can’t be helped」

I answered.

「Onii-chan, Mana would like one girl」
「Yoshi-kun, me too…」


「…I’m moved」

While I was troubled, I hear a voice from behind.
When I turned around, Ruriko-san and Yoshiko-san are crying?!

「Misuzu-san…it’s wonderful. What a wonderful『master-servant』love!」

Ruriko-san’s been born at the heart of Kouzuki family.
Her grandfather’s the head of the family and her father’s the eldest son.
Having no other family…since the age of three, Yoshiko-san who’s three years older is her『retainer』
For Ruriko-san…all of human relationship is『master slave』

「The love of a vassal『family』is like this…」
「The scales have fallen off my eyes」

Yoshiko-san said.
These two doesn’t know the various patterns of people’s relationship.
The『lord』Ruriko-san and『vassal』Yoshiko-san, they’re the only two in their world, isolated this whole time.
These two grew up with only little contact besides themselves.
The exception is Kouzuki『Kakka』and Misuzu only.
Even the『hugs』we did just now…they only understand it on the terms of master-servant relationship.

「If Misuzu-sama and Kuromori-sama marries…it’ll really create a wonderful『family』…!」

Ruriko-san thinks that I’m a man from a famous house somewhere.