Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 228 : Beat to death Swordswoman


「I’m Fujimiya Reika. I’m appointed as Ruriko-sama and Misuzu-sama’s guard…my best regards」

Kouzuki security service’s top ace, Fujimiya-san…
As if, she’s dressed as a male role in Takarazuka.
She’s cross-dressed as a British gentleman.
Gray suit, brown best ten…blue necktie.
Brown leather shoes.
Though she’s a slender and tall lady…her male costume suits her well.
Far from being strange…it upgrades her charm.
This suit must be also a high quality article. I can tell by just looking at it.
It’s perfectly fit to her body…it’s custom-made.
Her short hair is beautifully combed.
An amazing beauty.
On top of that…she has elegance and grace.
Standing with her spine stretched out…it conveys the lightness and toughness of her body.
This person…she’s strong.
She’s having a brown leather gloves in her hand…
Then…she’s holding a thick cane.

「I’m honored to have Fujimiya-san with us」

Ruriko-san said with a smile.

「I’m sorry…there’s an information that there’s a troublesome enmity that might infiltrate…」

Fujimiya-san said calmly.

「Is that so?」

Yoshiko-san makes a worried face.

「Please be relieved…My team is already mobilized」

Fujimiya-san smiled.

「Yes. Fujimiya-san came here so there’s nothing to worry about」

Ruriko-san answered.

「However, my body is only one so…I’m very sorry but Ruriko-sama, Misuzu-sama, please stay together for a while., Of course, Yoshiko-san too」

Fujimiya-san clearly distinguishes Misuzu and Ruriko-san as『sama』and Yoshiko-san as『san』
Her subjects to guard will only be Misuzu and Ruriko-san…Yoshiko-san will only after it.

「It’s possible that the enmity approaches Using Yoshiko-san. If you need anything, my group will accompany you so Yoshiko-san, please stay by Ruriko-sama’s side」

Yoshiko-san replied.
After that…Fujimiya-san ignored us and looked at Michi.

「You are MIsuzu-sama’s guard?」

Michi lowers her head…

「I’m Kudou Michi…」

Fujimiya-san looked at Michi’s state…

「Hmm…your posture is good. I can tell that you’re properly trained. Your grace is also good…you’re raised well…!」

Michi was analyzed by just looking.

「This isn’t from Mr. Kudou’s education but from MIsuzu-sama’s guidance」

Fujimiya-san made a conclusion.

「Yes. Michi has enrolled in our school as my guard. She tries to be on the top class so she can be by my side as much as possible」

Misuzu said.
Misuzu was the one who put MIchi on the super ojou-sama school.

「She reached the first-class since she was smallーif she’s not mingling with the first class people, she won’t master the real grace」

Misuzu really loves this three years younger warrior girl…

「Mr. Kudou is someone who posses a top-notch skill…but unfortunately, he lacks elegance. If he didn’t have that shortcoming, then he won’t be under the table but the top of the surface」

Fujimiya-san said in regret.

「I’m very sorry. Father loves working behind the scenes」

Michi answered bashfully.

「You have to negotiate with people hard to handle behind the scenes so Mr. Kudou can naturally take such attitude. If you serve for that long, you’ll become a person with a vulgar behavior」
「Therefore, I pulled out Michi from Kudou-san at early stage…」

Misuzu answers.

「Kudou-san has taught her only the practice of techniques but…majority of her daily life is with me」
「I think that’s an adequate judgement. Grace is something cultivated by every day life」

Fujimiya-san said.

「Surely, in three years, you will grow into a wonderful guard…you’re growing up to be an outstanding talent appropriate for chief Yazawa’s eyes」
「No, Michi won’t belong to Kouzuki security service」

Misuzu declared clearly.

「Michi will always be my exclusive guard」
「Yes…I will serve only Misuzu-sama」


「Is that so? That’s regrettable. Belonging to Kouzuki security service means pledging loyalty to Kouzki house…certainly, it might be necessary to become a vassal only for Misuzu-sama. Ruriko-sama has Yoshiko-san with her…」
「Yes, therefore…Misuzu needs Michi」

Ruriko-san has Yoshiko-san who’s three years old older than her as her『retainer』
On the contrary, Misuzu has Michi who’s three years younger as her『guard』

「If something happened, you’re free to consult me anytime. Even if you’re not a member of Kouzuki security service…you’re a junior who protects Kouzuki house」

Fujimiya-san told Michi gently.

「Eat more and make your body grow more. Your endurance is still lacking as of now, isn’t it?」
「Yes…Thank you very much. Uhm, Fujimiya-sama…」
「…What is it?」
「Could you give me some training at least once?」
「Yes. I would like to see the techniques of the『Ice Swordswoman』Fujimiya-sama」

Michi bows her head to Fujimiya-san…

「I do prefer my other alias」

Fujimiya-san grips her cane firmly.

「This isn’t even mentioned…when I have the time, I take as much enemies as possible. For some reason, I was called 『Beat to death Swordswoman』…I’ll show you all my skills」

…『Beat to death Swordswoman』
No way…does she beat up with that stick?

「Fujimiya-san’s a first class fencer…and yet why do you not use swords?」

Misuzu asks.

「Swords aren’t suitable for the guards this era」

Fujimiya-san answered.

「When you cut bodies with sword, it’ll spurt blood…when that happens, it’ll hinder your combat with multiple humans. There’s blood sticking to the sword too, it’ll worsen the condition of the blade. If you swing it a lot of times, no matter what sword it is, it’ll chip, break, or bend. Above all, fighting with sword is terrible. It’s not something you should show to a subject who’s from a good family」

I-I see.
Fujimiya-san looks at her stick.

「Canes originated in the west as a substitute to a sword. In the first place, it’s a weapon. However, in modern times, carrying around a stick isn’t considered armed. That’s the advantages of the cane. It also looks elegant too…」

Fujimiya-san kisses the handle of the cane lightly.

「This cane is custom-made…it weighs three kilograms. It’s made of special alloy so it’ll never break or bend. I love the striking power of this cane…!」

…Striking power

「Even if the enmity is wearing a bulletproof vest…if I strike them with my stick, they’ll receive a fracture and be made impossible to fight. If they’re repelled quickly…then you can defeat the enmity without even the subject noticing」

Therefore she’s the『Beat to death Swordsman』

「We are guards. If the assassin uses firearm then there’s no need to fear bloodstream…we have to avoid the blood flow thoroughly. The blood of the subject are ourselves…furthermore, we shouldn’t let the enmity’s blood flow. Blood seen by our subjects to guard means shame in our work. Therefore, I put everything in the blow. There is nothing I can’t break with my full power strike」

Fujimiya-san said.
I see, the thought of doing everything gracefully…is fundamentally different from Kudou papa.
Kudou papa looks like he’s just kicking everything around.
True, Kudou-papa can’t be trusted to guard a famous person.

「…By the way, Fujimiya-san」

Misuzu said.

「Why are you not greeting the people important to me?」

Speaking of which…
Fujimiya-san didn’t greet me, Megu or Mana.
Or rather…we’re completely ignored.
…Could this beー
Is this because we’re from『Kuromori』?
Fujimiya obviously knows our identity.

「Fujimiya-san…you became my guard, right?」

Misuzu speaks strongly.

「Then…I think it’s reasonable for you to greet my dear friends」


「Excuse my impoliteness. I’m Fujimiya Reika of Kouzuki security service…!」

She bows her head to us.
Fujimiya-san’s a first class professional guard.
Even if she despises『Kuromori』from the bottom of her heart…
She will follow the order of one of her masters, Misuzu

「…Kuromori Kounosuke」

I greeted with my alias.
Either way, Fujimiya-san knows my true identity.
But, I decided to declare myself as a member of『Kuromori』

「Yoshida Megumi」
「Yoshida Mana」

Both of them bowed.
The names『Yamamine』and『Shirasaka』can’t be spoken in this place.

「I think there’s a lot of things happening but please…protect Misuzu and Ruriko-san」

I told Fujimiya-san.

「Please leave it to me」

Fujimiya-san answered.
Then…we hear a knock.


Yoshiko-san answers.

「It’s Kanako」


「Come in」

Ruriko-san answered, the door opened.
Kanako-san shows herself.

「Thank you for the wait. Misuzu-san…it’s about time the person before Misuzu-san ends her『stage rehearsal』so please stand-by on the stage!」

Kanako-san said in a hurry.
It’s because the opening time is approaching.

「Understood, thank you」
「You’re welcome!」

Kanako-san closes the door.

「Why is Kanako-san coming instead of the stage director assistant?」

Ruriko-san asks curiously.

「Consideration. Ruriko-san is with me and on top of that, Fujimiya-san is here too …!」

The two successor daughters of Kouzuki house…and the top ace of Kouzuki security service.
Normal people would be frightened and find it hard to approach.
Therefore…Kanako-san who’s friends with the two came all the way to call Misuzu.
Kanako-san’s a good girl.

「Then, I will be going. Danna-sama」
「I will head to the stage side too…Yoshiko」
「Yes, Ruriko-sama」

Earlier, Fujimiya-san said that they should stick together as much as possible…
Ruriko-san seems to have decided to go to the stage side along with Misuzu.

「Un, we’ll go back to the lobby」

I smiled at Misuzu.
We can’t go to the stage side with them.
I’d like to see Misuzu’s dance on the real performance, not on training.

「I’ll cheer from the audience seats…Misuzu and Ruriko-san, do your best」
「Yes, thank you very much. Kuromori-sama」

Ruriko-san said.

「Please wait when the symposium is over okay?」

Misuzu told me.
Soon , Kouzuki『Kakka』will be coming to this theater too…
Misuzu’s『fiance』will come too.
I must confront them.

「I know」

I embraced Misuzu once again.

「…Danna-sama, I love you」

Misuzu told me in front of everyone watching.

「Michi…Ruriko-san and I will be followed with Fujimiya-san. Please guard Danna-sama…!」

Michi answers her lord.

   ◇ ◇ ◇

We go back to the lobby together.
The『Kuromori』group occupied the sofa in the lobby.

「Welcome back, want to drink coffee?」

Katsuko-nee asked me.


Unlike earlier, the people in the lobby has increased.
It’s about time for the doors to open.
At the reception, people of Konpeki school are starting their preparations.
The children first coming out on the『symposium』are doing their last practice in the lobby.
Of course, those girls have their『guards』and『attendants』with them too.
The security guards in Kouzuki security service uniform have also increased.
In the lobby…
Everyone from『Kuromori』is clearly distinctive.
Something’s strange…
Margo-san and Nei-san aren’t that strange.
Katsuko-nee…she’s barely okay.
Minaho-neesan…it’s slightly strange.
Her dress isn’t strange however…
It’s clearly isn’t an atmosphere of someone coming to see the children’s dance presentation.
Then there’s Yukino.
The hell are you?…
This black and yellow striped dress has too much destructive power.
Wearing this on a public place, her hobby can’t be understood.
Or rather…I don’t get what it means.
The braid and the thick black edge glasses strengthens it further…
Un, looking at her from the distance…she looks like an advertising character.
It’s like an advertisement character of a honey product on a small local food company.
Like she’s;『Honey Soldier, Yukino-chan』
It made me want to eat pancakes.1
When this group gathers…it’s extremely standing out.

「…Maika Don’t get too close to me during the opening」

Yukino tells Mana.


She’s called Maika so she speaks to her sister in ill humor.

「If we’re lined up then they might notice that we’re the daughters of Shirasaka you know? Your friends will be coming to watch today, won’t they/」

Yukino’s worried about that.
It’s okay. Nobody would notice that you’re Shirasaka Yukino.
With your father’s scandal reported on TV…
There’s no daughter who would come out to the public with such an interesting figure.
If someone noticed it…they’d definitely avoid you.

「Nei-san, do you have a magic marker?」

Mana ignores her sister’s words and called out Nei-san.

「I do, what’cha gonna do?」
「I’ll put a huge『Shirasaka』on Yukino-san’s forehead…」

As usual, she’s harsh with Yukino.

「How was with Misuzu-san?」

Margo-san asks me.
Minaho-neesan looks this way.

「Misuzu and Ruriko-san have been entrusted to Fujimiya-san」
「You met her?」
「Yes. We were in the dressing room when she came…」
「What kind of impression you have with her?」

Margo-san asks me.

「Dignified and cool, I guess. I can tell that what she’s wearing is a first class item…her shoes were firm too」

I speak my impressions right away.

「Her behavior is clean, her speech too…Above all, she looks so strong, she feels reliable」
「Fujimiya is the top among the Kouzuki security service…she’s a first class」


「Somehow, Kouzuki security service feels strange doesn’t it? Kudou-san, chief Yazawa, director Yamaoka, Fujimiya-san…all of them are different types of people」

True, they have different atmospheres.

「It’s because they have different departments」

Margo-san said.

「Kouzuki security service is a company specialized in protecting VIPs…」

Err…what does that mean?

「Yoshida-kun, how do you think Kouzuki security service accomplish their work?

Minaho-neesan asks me.

「For example…if you receive a request from a person. 『It seems that I’m targeted by a bad guy so please protect me』…and Kouzuki security service accepts that request…how do you think the job will be done?」

…That is

「To protect the person who made the request…?」
「…How can you make sure that the person is protected?」
「That is…defend the person and fight the the bad guys」
「Sadly…that’s not how business works」

Margo-san said.

「Kouzuki security service have their guards contracted for a certain period of time. A month, three, half a year…or forever. If the guard is attacked during that period, it’s Kouzuki security service loss」
「When they’re attacked, the subject will be in a dangerous situation right? If possible, nobody wants to be attacked, right?」

Well…that’s certainly true.

「Therefore the guard contract for Kouzuki security service, they issue a unit outside while guarding the subject at the same time. Those people will figure out who will attack the guard and drive them out thoroughly.」

…Does this mean?

「That’s right. Kudou-san is in charge with that kind of work」

Thoroughly investigating and eliminating the assailant in advance.

「If the contract period is one month…within one month, they will dispose all of the people who are targeting the subject」

I-I see.

「Kudou-san’s『undersurface』team is actually fulfilling the core of the work. However, not everyone knows that. Even if you ask the person who asked for a guard, they sometimes don’t know. There’s a lot of people who rely on their secretary for buisiness.」
「What’s best for customers is when there’s nobody attacking, the contract period ended, and they report『It’s OK now』」

Minaho-neesan said.

「The hidden unit is invisible to the customer. What the customer only see is the person guarding themselves…therefore, director Yamaoka’s integrated security department all look good, and are easy to understand」

Margo-san said.

「The minimum requirement is to have a good physique and a rank in martial arts. Thus it’s better if you won some tournament」
「So the guard sticking to the subject is only for appearance’s sake?」

I asked.

「I won’t go that far. They are training very strictly…if you’re not competent, you won’t be hired in the first place. But, the contents of your job is different」
「Director Yamaoka and the people in his integrated security department…aren’t told about the activities done by Kudou-san and others from the『background』」


「If they knew that the person from 『behind the scenes』already crushed the possibility of attack in advance…the tension of the guards protecting their subject would be gone. Therefore, they’re not told about it」

…I see

「Then…the team lead by chief Yazawa is an exception. They’re the elite counter-terrorist group guarding the highest level of VIPs」

True…Fujimiya-san has a different atmosphere.

「Yazawa-san and others have the first class fighting power…and yet they have the grace and education to cope with the elite people」
「Fujimiya-san is definitely one but, Yazawa-san」

He’s quite a man with a broken attitude…

「He has that kind of attitude because I’m a member of『Kuromori』 Chief Yazawa is a person who can cope with the elite people and the people『behind the scenes』 He’s like that in front of Kudou-san and me but…that’s because he judged that it’s better to talk to us casually」

I see…Fujimiya-san knew that I’m from『Kuromori』and tried to ignore me.
That’s a natural response from the elite people.
However, chief Yazawa is an officer in Kouzuki security servcice…
He also gives Kudou-san and others from『behind』instructions…
He has to negotiate with people from organizations like us.
Therefore…he was talking casually.

「Kouzuk『Kakka』has his own team able to talk with the people of the elite world. That’s chief Yazawa」

I see…that’s hard work.


  1. Oh, am I mistaken? I thought I heard something about delicious pancakes….