Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 229 : Super flat


「Yoshida-kun…what do you think it means to be『dignified』?」

Minaho-neesan asks me.

「What is『Elegant』what is『Vulgar』? What is the difference between first class and second class?」
「I never thought of that」

I lived in a world where that doesn’t matter.

「Even in the upper class, there are some vulgar people, and vice versa…then what decides a person’s『dignity』」

Minaho-neesan’s question is hard.

「Yoshida-kun…have you seen a genuine art of either Picasso or Van Gogh?」
「Not a printed or seen on TV…have you seen a genuine thing with your own eyes」
「Then, let’s go see next time…」

Go see?

「Once you see the work of a top-class artist exceeding the first class with your naked eye, even amateurs can tell it’s amazingness」


「Therefore, you should feel the amazingness of the top-class work…then compare it to the first class, second class works」
「Shouldn’t we avoid showing Yoshida-kun the later works of Picasso? That’s a different fight after all」

Margo-san intervenes from the side.

「Different fight?」
「Picasso has lived long and has always been a master…even his graffiti scribbles, art dealers collect all of it at high price. That said, it’s not bad work but…I think it’s not good for the aesthetic eyes」
「I’ll let him see from his initial works『Blue Period』『Rose period』to『Cubism』」

Minaho-neesan tells Margo-san

「That’s a lot. Won’t it be a month trip to Europe?」
「But still, it’s important to experience the genuine article…」


「Is it that important to see the genuine articles?」


「If you didn’t see the genuine thing, you can’t clearly know how the author actually made the work」


「Talking about my experience…there’s an art textbook that listed a painting of the horse of the King of Europe.1 That horse’s picture is somewhat strange. The horse’s neck is thick and the head is too big」
「Then…looking at the textbook, it says 『The dynamism is being expressed by drawing the thick horse neck. When I read that, I thought ‘Is that how it is?’ but…」

Margo-san smiled.

「Minaho brought me to the national gallery in London, the real thing was there…then」

This person…even though she’s strong.
She’s having fun when talking about arts and music…

「The horse picture is very huge…it’s an image you look up from below」

A big image…you look up from below

「That’s right…looking from below, the neck of the horse that was too fat for the small textbook photo is actually fitting. It’s a perspective trick. The author has that picture from the beginning…he has calculated the angle and distance from where the viewer would see. It’s big after all. Those kind of things won’t be discovered unless you saw the real thing, I’m really moved…」

I see.
The photo’s size is reduced so you can’t understand it.

「Geez, Maru-chan. In the first place, the color of the real thing and the photo is different don’t you think?」

Nei-san comes in too.

「Yo-chan…the real oil painting is really sparkly and beautiful!」
「Right…no matter how much printing technology develops, the real colors can’t be reproduced」

Minaho-neesan said.

「Besides…the real thing still has the painter’s brush mark still remaining. You can really tell that it’s made by human hands. It’ll make you think humans are amazing. They can express a lot of things with just the point and lines made by the brush sweep 」

Nei-san’s eyes are sparkling too.

「I’d like to bring Yoshida-kun to a photography exhibit instead of paintings」

Margo-san said.

「When a real top-class photographer takes it, the photos developed have a completely different depth. That’s why printing is only half the charm. I think you won’t know the real value unless you see the original print…!」

Is that so

「Anyway…first we’ll let him touch something top-class. Experience the genuine greatness…then understanding the first and second class will be later」

Minaho-neesan said.

「Right. If you see something half-hearted, your eyes would be clouded」

Margo-san said.

「Uhm…why is Margo-san and Nei-san so familiar with art?」

Margo-san laughs.

「Isn’t that obvious?…Nei and I received Minaho’s education」


「Kyouko-san’s hobby is included too. That person is really fussy to see the first class and hone her aesthetic eyes」

I never met her yet but…it seems that Kyouko-san has a variety of hobbies.

「If you obtain the power to see through the value of things…then you can also understand the value of others」

Minaho-neesan said.

「For example…the suit you’re wearing right now. Why do you think it’s a luxury item?」
「Well…Margo-san said that the cloth of the fabric is vintage」

If I recall…that’s what she told me.

「Then, why do you think that fabric is vintage?」

Well…that is.

「Today…there’s no machine remaining that weave that fabic」

Margo-san told me.

「There’s a much more rational loom now. That cloth takes time and effort to weave.」

I-Is that so?

「When you think you want to know the value of things…you first need to imagine how much work it would take. Top-class craftsmen’s creation with time and effort are absolutely expensive.」

I-I see.

「Next…feel whether the work contains ideas that only geniuses and skilled craftsmen can come up with. It’s called『flash』」


「In the end, you have to put emphasis on the time and effort taken. Pay flash to the inspiration afterwards…」

Minaho-neesan said.

「The flash and novel ideas stand out but…it doesn’t match the time and effort taken. Trying different ideas after a hundred of times…it removes failures and accumulate experience」
「That’s what’s boring with the modern art you see. They just come up with a new idea, then splash their paint then announce their work…the weight of it being developed over time can’t be felt!」

I don’t get the meaning of Nei-san’s opinion.

「For example…this ball-pen here」

Minaho-neesan took out a pen.

「This thing…it took dozens of blueprints to make it」


「How many mm should be the length…what kind of mixture of king should be put in. A lot of blueprints are drawn, a lot of prototypes have been made to just put ball-pen into the world」

I-I see.
Making things isn’t that easy.

「Then they make it into a product and sell it…the buyers will see the beauty as the ease of use and select it again. The unaccepted ones will be weeded out. Then they’ll take the data of the remaining designs and use it for the next product」
「That takes time and a lot of people refine it. Don’t you think it’s wonderful that things are made like that?」

Minaho-neesan smiles.

「Imagine every time you see things. How much time and effort taken to create a single thing」

I look around.
The theater building…the sofa in the lobby. The lighting in the ceiling. Carpet. The reception desk. Chair.
It’s things everyone spent time thinking.
Thinking about it…human world is amazing.

「All of the things in this world are created by everyone that way. First, the accumulation of man’s effort and time should be felt. Even artists…they take many years to acquire basic skills, then they take over their master and seniors’ guide with trial and error」
「Well, in the era where everyone you can easily debut without being someone’s disciple…even if you don’t take time to train, the environment lets you create work-like things」

Minaho-neesan and Margo-san look at each other.

「True…the young ones only have the『flash』 Without the backing of skills and experience, the『flash』alone won’t become a work…」
「Doing only that and in the end, unable to earn experience, there are artists who became old-men」

Nei-san speaks as if venting out.

「There’s no need to be that angry. Those kind of artists disappear」
「They don’t! Aren’t they being arrogant?!」
「Well…the art industry is a small world. Especially in Japan. Well, there are people who have reason in irregularity and boast around」
「That’s what grinds my gears!」
「But…I think that artists who doesn’t have that kind of content will keep their status until they die. They’ll disappear in art’s history without leaving any traces. During 19th century, the academy painters who were just stupid impressionists are completely forgotten now」
「Well…you’re right but!」

Minaho-neesan breaks the conversation of the two.

「Nei…keep the criticisms on the modern art at that level. Yoshida-kun would be troubled」
「Ah, sorry, it’s an uninteresting story for Yo-chan right?」

Un…I don’t get Art that much
Or rather, why is everyone so knowledgeable?

「Let’s go back to our topic. Yoshida-kun, it’s about time for the opening. Then, there will be a lot of people with a family standing of『first class noble』coming」
「It’s a good opportunity so observe it. Then, compare their『dignity』」

Earlier, Minaho-neesan said that there are『elegant』and『vulgar』people even among the top-class families.
What’s the difference?…I have to think on practice.

「It’s not just Yoshida-kun, you too」

Minaho-neesan is talking not only to me…but also to the『younger generation』who’s been staring until now.

「Got it」
「…Un, I’ll try」

Megu, Mana, Michi answers…

「Hmm, you really like teaching people something. Is this why you became a teacher…?!」

Yukino criticizes Minaho-neesan.
Minaho-neesan’s face turned dark.
She glares at Yukino…

「It’s not. Minaho’s personality isn’t suited to become a school teacher」

Margo-san laughs.

「Right…Sensei doesn’t teach children she doesn’t like」

Nei-san looks at Minaho-neesan meanly.

「She likes to educate the children she likes very much though…!」

True…Minaho-neesan’s not the type that teaches everyone in the class equally.

「She’s not a school teacher but a tutor. She’s much more suited to be a governess

Margo-san said.

「What’s governess?」
「It’s a private tutor live in teaching elementary education to the noble children in old Britain」

Oh, Minaho-neesan fits that one more

「You two, remember this…!」

Minaho-neesan seems to be a bit angry.

「…What’s wrong?」

Katsuko-nee comes back with a cup of coffee

「Here, your share」

I receive the cup.

「Minaho-neesan said that it’s going to open soon, so she told us to observe the visitors and discover the difference in『dignity』」

I explained.

「Right…It’ll be the time of hardship for Ojou-sama and me」

Today’s audience…there will be former customers of『Kuromori』as well.
The famous people who look forward to watching their daughters and granddaughters dancing…they don’t think that they would be meeting women from brothel here.
Will they be ignored…they might even go to the security to report.

「Should I go to the third floor seats?」

Katsuko-nee speaks timidly.

「Today’s『Symposium』is a all free seat…since no guests would come on full house, I don’t think anyone would come to the third floor」

It’s the dance『presentation』of the children from the Konpeki school.
Only relatives and friends would be coming to see…
Today’s performers also has daughters of celebrities like Kanako-san…Kouzuki security service guards would check and chase away the media at the gate

「Katsuko…be dignified」

Minaho-neesan said.

「You have retired from being a prostitute haven’t you?」
「Do you intend to be dragged down by your past and live looking down?」
「I don’t feel that way」
「Then, be calm. If you’re not a prostitute then you’re just an ordinary woman, aren’t you?」

Hearing that…Katsuko-nee.

「I’m very sorry Ojou-sama. Katsuko has been mistaken」

She bows to Minaho-neesan.

「As long as you understand…!」

Minaho-neesan intends to close the『Kuromori』brothel.
Therefore…she’s trying to stand in public calmly.
This theater lobby is a battlefield for the two.

「Mana-chan, stay with Megu-chan and Me!」

Nei-san told the uneasy Mana.

「It’s fine…Mana-chan and Megu-chan looks fashionable. When you two line up, you look like sisters」
「Un…with me as『guard』Nei as『retainer』, Michi looks like your friend」

Margo-san said.
True, Margo-san and Nei-san…they both look like servants, wearing black suits.
Michi’s wearing the same super-ojou-sama school uniform, her identity is guaranteed.

「Now then, should we attach one more item to Kuroko-chan!」

Saying that…Nei-san took out a black thing from the bag.
It’s an Alice band.
It’s a headband with two round black discs tied to it.
Is this the one the sell on the amusement park in the mouse country.

「Here you go, Kuroko-chan, wear this!」

With her hair braided in the middle, ugly makeup and dark glasses.
Black and yellow stripe dress.
And when you add a mouse ear headband.
Yup…it’s perfect.
Yukino’s completely an『out of place』girl
It’s『out of place』or rather『mistaken』…
From which world are you from?

「What do you think? My identity won’t be found out right?」

Yukino asks me.
Yukino’s not good with anyone from『Kuromori』so she can only talk to me.
Even if she talks with her sister, she knows that she’ll only respond harshly.

「Un…Well, nobody would think you’re Yukino」

I answered honestly.

「Then fine…who cares about my outfit」

Yukino said with a negligent feeling.

「You see, I also have glasses with mustache growing on it」

Nei-san took out the『Nose mustache glasses』

「I don’t want that…I’m not from a variety show!」

Yukino got angry.
No…you already are.
If you’re not, then what are you?

「We will be opening soon! Performers, return to the dressing room!」

Whe woman at konpeki style reception shouts.

「Okay, return immediately! The guests are waiting outside!」

There are guests already in front of the theater…
The children doing their last practice in the lobby returned to the dressing room in a hurry.
The『retainers』and『escort』of those too…
Those holding the children’s clothes or have tools used in practice, have left the lobby.
Man in black suit appears from the stage.

「The theater is clear. The curtain’s dropping down」

A woman runs from the dressing room.

「The performers have all entered backstage!」

The chief receptionist declares.

「Then…let’s open!」

The theater’s front door opens…!
Soon, about thirty people enters.


The people at the reception must be apprentices of Konpeki school too.
They greeted the guests with a loud voice in unisopn.

「Welcome! Please show your tickets!」

A spectator who’s holding a boquet…
A lady in gorgeous Kimono coming to visit the dance.
There are girls with the same uniform as Misuzu and Michi too.
The lobby turned colorful in a dash.


At the reception…there’s two people waving their hands at us…!
A beauty with a soft and gentle smile.
And an angel-like cute girl.
This two…
Are Nagisa-san and Mao-chan…!!!

「…Just wait for a moment!」
「…A moment!!!」

When the two were done at the reception…
They ran towards me with light footsteps.
Nagisa hugs me…
Mao-chan clings to my feet…!

「Ehehe…I came!」
「Mao also came!」

The mother and daughter smiled at me.

「…Were you okay?」

I wasn’t able to make contact with them since yesterday

「Yeah…for now」

Nagisa said.

「For today, the shop is closed. The children were sent home as well」
「Un! then, Mao and Mama came to Yoshida-kun!」

Does that mean?

「When it comes to this…it’s safer if we’re all together, don’t you think?」
「It’s safe!」

Nagisa and Mao-chan smiled.

「If they’re not with me…the bad people won’t be dragging the girls in the shop…」

True…Cesario Viola’s power is limited.
They can take Nagisa and Mao-chan as hostage to control our movement but…
We’re all now gathered here.
Furthermore, they don’t have the room to target Nagisa’s children at shop.
Instead of distributing their strength, they’d rather go attack us all at once.

「You see, Minaho-san has been sensing footage all this time」

Nagisa said.

「Therefore…I know everything. Even the sex at school」

No way…Yukino’s school broadcast rape?

「…Ufufu! I know~!」

Mao-chan laughs.

「Rape me later too…!」

Nagisa speaks cutely to me.

「Let’s take video too! Un, that’s great!」
「That’s great!」

This high-tension mother-daughter…
But, I’m relieved that Nagisa and Mao joined us…
I feel relieved.

「By the way…who’s this female entertainer?」

Nagisa looks at Yukino.

「Kyahahaha, so funny!」

Mao-chan laughs.

「I’m not an entertainer! I’m Kishima Kuroko!」

Yukino shouts angrily…!

「Kuroko-chan! Kuroko-chan! Kuroko-chan! So funny!」

She completely became Mao-chan’s toy…


  1. Equestrian Portrait of Charles I