Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 230 : Nagisa’s associates etc.


「Megumi-chan, Mana-chan…it’s been a while…Mao-chan, gree them」

Hearing her mother, the three year old Mao-chan bows her head.

「Hello…I’m Mao!」

W-What a cute creature

「Hello, Mao-chan」

Megu greets her.
Then, Mana…

「We’ve met each other before but it’s first time for Mana, right?>」

Megu smiles at Mana-chan.

「Un…Hello, Mao-chan. I’m Mana!」

Mana bends her waist and greets Mao-chan with a matching line of sight.

「Onee-san is Mana-san? I’m Mao!」
「Right…we only have a slight difference!」

She smiled at Nagisa’s daughter.

「Mao and Mana…Manamao?」

Mao laughs.

「…Also, it’s also your first time」

Nagisa looks at MIchi.

「I’m aware of your face and name」

Kudou papa never neglects thorough investigation.
Nagisa’s file must be in there too.

「I’m Kudou Michi. In this occasion…I’m in the lowest seat as Master’s servant」

Michi bows her head.

「My, is that so…?」

Nagisa looks at me.

「Un. Michi’s Misuzu’s guard but…she decided to turn Misuzu and me her master

Somehow…this is hard to explain for some reason.

「Well fine. It’s more fun to have more『little sisters』…there’s no problem as long as you accept them. Welcome to『Sister’s association』…!」

Right…Nagisa’s also a member of『Sister’s association』

「Hello, I’m Mao!」

Mao-chan greets Michi with a smiling face.

「I’m Michi…my best regards」

This warrior lady lowers her head politely to the little girl.

「Master…this child too will be master’s…?」

Mao-chan’s still three years old.

「That’s the intention. I intend to have him give his love when she’s around 10 years old…!」


「Therefore…Michi-chan…help out with Mao’s education too!」

No no…if you let Michi give her education…
Mao-chan would join the combat faction…

「By the way, Minaho-san」

Nagisa speaks.

「You can’t stay in the corner…!」

Nagisa smiles calmly.

「…What do you mean?」
「There are a lot of old guests in this venue right now. We have to greet everyone…」

True, we know that『Kuromori』guests are coming but…
Everyone’s going to a place with their wife and family…they would hate to see someone from a brothel…
Therefore, we’re stuck in the corner of the lobby.

「At such times…I think that we must treasure the relationship with people」

NAgisa said in a warm tone.

「Mao and I will be greeting them first…Minaho-san and Katsuko, come when I call you okay…!」

Leaving behind the surprised Minaho-neesan, Nagisa and Mao-chan…

「Let’s go! Mao!」
「Okaay, Mama!」
「The old men in the suit coming from the entrance…let’s start with that one!」
「…Un! Lock On!」

Then…the beautiful Mama and the Angelic daughter attacks!

「…My, Yamashiro-san, it’s been a while!」

Nagisa speaks gently, softly.


The old woman looking like the wife and the secretary shows up a surprised expression.

「It’s Katagai, excuse my long silence…this girl is my daughter…Mao, greet them…!」
「Hello! I’m Katagai Mao! Three years old! Nihihihi!」

Mao-chan smiles.

「…Who are you?」

The wife looks at Nagisa with a suspicious face.
Nagisa-san smiles nonchalantly…

「I was a a secretary of Kuromori enterprise before…when I was a company employee, I’ve been indebt with president Yamashiro. I’ve retired after this child was born so I’ve been completely busy being a parent…it’s been what, 3? Four years since we’ve last seen each other! So Nostalgic!」

Nagisa’s pushes her high-tension…!

「U-Un…well, that’s how it is」

The old man agrees with her story for the time being.

「You seem to be healthy. You’re going to watch your grandchild, Yasue-san today…?」

It’s been years since her prostitute age.
Nagisa seems to have memorized her customer’s information.

「That’s right…but why are you here?」

The old man is still puzzled…
It feels strange when a retired prostitute appears at today’s celebrity children dance presentation.

「I’ve been invited by Kouzuki Misuzu-san…!」

Nagisa shows her card.

「Yes. I am Misuzu-san’s flower arrangement teacher」

Nagisa purposely speaks on loud voice…
Nagisa and Mao-chan are already attracting attention of the people around them.
Especially…some restless men who have visited『Kuromori』before.

「I’ve become independent after my retirement so I’m now running a flower shop. Kouzuki-san has been really helpful establishing the company」

She appeals strongly with her relationship with Kouzuki『Kakka』
Then…the suspicion of the wife on her husband disappears.
Perhaps, she has recognized that Nagisa is one of Kouzuki『Kakka’s』mistress.
Under that impression…she believes that she’s not related to her husband.
She won’t imagine that Nagisa was a prostitute…

「My…you are acquainted with Kouzuki-san?」

The wife’s attitude changed immediately.

「You…I’ll just have a talk with this person about Kouzuki-san」

The old man tells his wife

「Understood…I’ll head to my seat first. Excuse me」

The old woman heads to the theater along with the secretary…

「Really…what a courageous girl」

Katsuko-nee mutters as she look at Nagisa.

「You do know that Nagisa and I were abducted by Shirasaka Sousuke during our first year in high school, don’t you?」

That is Nagisa and Katsuko-nee’s dark past./

「I’m a weak human so…if I wasn’t with Nagisa who’s mentally strong, I think I might’ve gotten mad. That girl’s brightness and courage always saves me」


「I’m no match against Nagisa. I’ve always thought of it…I want to be someone like Nagisa」

Katsuko-nee smiles sadly.

「That girl…her calmness and kindness, she quickly became the breadwinner among the『women』of the mansion. That girl is a woman truly loved by everyone」

Nagisa put the old man aside and called the surrounding men.

「It’s been a while, Umemiya-sama!」
「Hello, I’m Mao!」
「My, Yasuoka-sensei! It’s me, Nagisa!」
「Nice to meet you! I’m Mao!」

The beautiful Mama and toddler…
The elderly men gather together even more.
Nagisa’s graceful smile without any evil…
Mao-chan’s innocent smile…
The old guests were drawn by them…

「Even though her work period is only a year」

Katsuko-nee said.

「And yet…those famous people come to her side」

To be honest, I think it’s amazing.
When I noticed, Nagisa’s being surrounded by more than 15 elderly gentlemen.
Gathering this many…nobody would think that Nagisa’s a former prostitute.
In such a place, a pair of mother and daughter are surrounded by celebrities.
It feels like she’s a powerful woman coming from a famous family somewhere.

「After that girl was banished by Shirasaka Sousuke…I did all my best to be a substitute for Nagisa…But it was no good. She’s the top earner of the mansion but she wasn’t able to become a woman loved by everyone like Nagisa」


「You no longer need to, Katsuko-nee…!」

I said.

「Katsuko-nee and Nagisa already have me. You don’t need other men anymore…!」

Katsuko-nee smiles at me.

「…Just you staying with me will be enough. You do love us from the bottom of your heart…!」
「I also love Katsuko-nee and Nagisa. I love you both the same…!」
「Thank you…dear」

At that time…Nagisa turned this way.

「Minaho-san, Katsuko! Come here! Hurry up and greet everyone!」

At this stage…Nagisa calls Minaho-neesan.

「…Nagisa’s got us」

Minaho-neesan mutters.

「Ojou-sama…let’s go」
「Right…we can’t just turn Nagisa’s goodwill to waste」

Minaho-neesan and Katsuko-nee heads to the group surrounding Nagisa.
As guard, Margo-san follows behind.

「Yo-chan…come here」

Nei-san calls me

「Here you go」

She gives me an earphone.

「Maru-chan’s hiding a microphone in her…!」

Nei-san puts earphones on herself too .
I also put in the earphones in a hurry.
We eavesdrop the conversation of the group surrounding Nagisa.

『…It’s been a while. Everyone』

This is Minaho-neesan’s voice.

『…Is it okay for you to be here?』

A man’s voice.

『Your organization is in a lot of trouble right now I think…』

Last night…the scandal of Shirasaka Sousuke is being heavily reported.

『Shirasaka Sousuke, was once a member of our organization but it’s different now. We have banished Shirasaka Sousuke』
『Umu. Wasn’t he the representative of your organization?』
『No, Shirasaka Sousuke was only one of the co-operators…he’s not the representative』
『But…for us, you and Mr. Shirasaka Sousuke are people of the same organization…』

The guests knows the relationship of Shirasaka Sousuke and『Kuromori』
They can’t be deceived easily.

『Then…why do you think our existence hasn’t been revealed yet among the scandals of Shirasaka Sousuke reported?』

Minaho-neesan asks.
…That’s right.
The crime Shirasaka Sousuke has committed have flowed to the internet and press one after another.
But…The organization『Kuromori』isn’t exposed.

『Could this be Mr. Kouzuki’s will?』

One of the gentlemen asks.

『Yes…as you know, our organization has stopped operating since last autumn. After that, we have entrusted the whole organization to Mr. Kouzuki』
『With that said…Mr. Shirasaka Sousuke’s scandal now…?』
『Kouzuki-sama’s aim is not Shirasaka Sousuke himself, but the parent house?』

Minaho-neesan bluffs.

『…Shirasaka house?』
『It means he’s aiming at Shirasaka newspaper and TV station?』

The men’s surprised.

『Even if the head of Shirasaka house…Shirasaka Moritsugu loses his influence in the world, I think it’ll be convenient for Kouzuki-sama』

Minaho-neesan speaks to the gentlemen in one breath.

『He intends to crush Shirasaka Moritsugu?…』
『True, Mr. Moritsugu isn’t on a friendly relationship with Kouzuki-san…』
『No, isn’t he trying to get the newspaper and TV companies again?』
『Actually, with the blunder at yesterday’s press conference…I heard that unifying power of Mr. Shirasaka Moritsugu is decreasing』
『The Anti-Mr. Moritsugu group is planning a coup d’etat』
『Either way, the newspaper company would be in bad condition』

The gentlemen speaks to each other.
As expected, most of them are business owners.

『Anyway…this is all related to Kouzuki-san?』

One of the men strongly asks Minaho-neesan

『Of course. Young women like Katsuko and myself can’t think of such outrageous things, we don’t have the power to carry it out either』

Minaho-neesan calmly spouts a big lie…

『Uhm…this is what I’ve heard』

One man speaks up.

『Shirasaka Sousuke…is trying to sell the customer list of your organization to a crime syndicate…thus, he was punished by Kouzuki-sama』
『…That is the truth』

Minaho-neesan speaks clearly.

『Shirasaka Sousuke, tried to sell everyone’s name and other materials to the people on the underground society. Therefore…the organization sought Kouzuki-san’s power and disposed of it. Kouzuki-sama’s instructions is to thoroughly erase him from the society』

Minaho-neesan seems to be creating an image that『Kuromori』is a group of weak girls.
All of it were done with Kouzuki『Kakka’s』power…she’s thinking of hiding the power under the shadow of Kouzuki house.

『Wait…so where’s the list of names and data』
『In the end, it hasn’t fallen to Shirasaka Sousuke’s hands, so please be relieved. We do keep the documents in the organization. All related materials that have been hidden by Shirasaka Sousuke has been burned together with the house yesterday』
『Then…last night’s news, Shirasaka Sousuke’s retreat burned down last night…?』
『Yes…Kouzuki-sama’s force are behind it 』

…Well said.
Minaho-neesan, weren’t you in the site and put fire on the documents?

『Then…we do not need to worry, do we?』
『Yes, there are currently no problems. Among the leaked information in the media, there won’t be anything related to us nor the gusts, it’s Kouzuki-sama’s power』

Minaho-neesan’s voice makes the men feel relieved.

『It’s really okay, isn’t it?』
『In that regard…Shirasaka house, especially Mr. Shirasaka Moritsugu can’t be said to be in good health. There’s an analogy of the cornered mouse bites…we don’t know what kind of thing a cornered person would do』

Minaho-neesan purposely fuels them.

『Understood…Though I was in the neutral faction, I’ll stick with Kouzuki-san』
『Umu… we can’t be at ease as long as we haven’t taken the newspapers and television from Mr. Shirasaka Moritsugu 』
『I will move as well. I have a decent stock on that newspaper company』
『If you have stocks with them, please dispose of them immediately…their prices would be falling down from now on』
『When the price falls…Kouzuki-san will be buying it』
『I see, then it’s better to keep it for now』
『Pinching salt would cause your fall』
『Umu, it’s Kouzuki-san so apart from television, he might intend to crush the newspaper company』
『Yes, his opinion is to reduce the number of Japanese newspaper companies』

The gentlemen’s conversation turned lively.
For the time being…the doubts on『Kuromori』has disappeared.

『By the way…Kuromori-kun』

One of the gentlemen changes his tone and speaks.

『When will you resume your place?』


『People with social status like us…needs a place to keep secrets and play like yours. From what you talked about, you have used Kouzuki-san’s power to protect our personal information from Shirasaka Sousuke’s recklessness. We appreciate it』
『Yes…Shirasaka has always been a man you can’t trust since before but…I do trust Kuromori-kun』
『You’re just like your grandfather…that old man doesn’t spare any sacrifice just for the trust』

Minaho-neesan’s grandfather…Kuromori Kounosuke.
The owner of the suit I’m borrowing now.
I’m also borrowing his name too.

『I’m very sorry but…for now, it’s unknown…』

Minaho-neesan speaks.

『I see, then it’s up for Kouzuki-san to think too』
『Then, let’s talk to Kouzuki-san』
『I will talk too』
『Then, should we sign a plea to everyone?』
『Sure. Kouzuki-san likes that』
『Either way, the rude man named Shirasaka Sousuke is now gone. With this, we can regain the place to relax like old days confidently』

…I see.
The elder gentlemen who have called out Nagisa…
These people are the guests of the old『Kuromori tower』era
And perhaps…they’re the most important guests of『Kuromori』…

『In that case…I’d like to have Katsuko-kun accompany me again』

One of the old men said with a smile.

『Un…I’d would like to ask of it too』
『Me too』


『I’m very sorry. Katsuko has already retired』

Katsuko-nee looked at everyone.

『I would like to say that everyone in here is a really great guest but…Nagisa and I were kidnapped by Shirasaka Sousuke…turned to prostitutes』

The gentlemen fell silent.

『We were forcibly separated from our family…unable to go to school, subjected to violence and intimidation, raped multiple times…turned to prostitute.』
『…I never knew』
『Oh, we surely thought that you were prostitutes by will…』

Minaho-neesan speaks.

『That was the the operation when grandfather managed. Bringing beautiful ladies from parents with debt from the rural areas…after confirming that they’re willing, they come out of the mansion. However…when Shirasaka Sousuke was involved in the management…everything turned to a mess…and the prostitutes weren’t even paid properly』
『Then that makes them slaves…!』
『Yes…you do know that I was a prostitutes before, don’t you?』

Minaho-neesan asks, several of the gentlement…

『I do know』
『Un, me too』
『I, in those days…your organization was in silence』

That’s right.
There are a lot of people who hated the brothel turned to a mess when Shirasaka entered management.
After Minaho-neesan turned to an operator, they tried to call back the former guests but they never came back again.

『I’m also one of those kidnapped people. Yuuka-neesan protested to Kouzuki-sama about Shirasaka’s villainy…I joined as an operator and Kouzuki-sama’s auditor also came. Then, it has improved a lot…』

Kouzuki『Kakka’s』auditor…Kyouko Dothnomechey-san.

『I…if it wasn’t for Ojou-sama and Nagisa, I would’ve gotten crazy I think…!』

Katsuko-nee mutters.

『I’m the one who should say that…If Katsuko wasn’t with me, I would’ve committed suicide!』

Nagisa shouts.

『I’m very timid…so I always go frivolous and smile forcibly right? But, Katsuko’s strong…Katsuko is substantially stiff, I was able to endure it without despairing…!』
『What are you saying! Nagisa’s way stronger! I was just getting cold feet…tremble in fear. Nagisa’s always been smiling no matter how cruel they were with you…you took initiative protecting me…therefore…I!』
『I’m not that strong! It’s all thanks to Katsuko!』
『It’s not! If it wasn’t for Nagisa, I would’ve been dead!』

That’s when Mao-chan cuts in.

『Don’t fight! Uuuuu!!』

Mao-chan scholded the two.

『…Mama and Katsuko-chan, get along…! Embrace! You two!』

Nagisa and Katsuko looked at each other.

『…Un, Katsuko.』
『…Yes, Nagisa』

The two embraced each other…

『…We hugged like this back then, didn’t we?』
『Yes…we endured the frightening nights like this』

Mao-chan smiles.

『…With this, it’s case closed! Nihihihi!』

One gentleman looks at Mao-chan.

『Nagisa-kun…this girl’s father』
『Yes… it’s unknown』
『You don’t intend to investigate?』
『Yes…I didn’t do DNA tests or any other methods』
『I think that the man who thinks that he wants to be this girl’s father from the bottom of his heart then he’ll be the『father』 The biological father is insignificant…』

Shirasaka Sousuke let Nagisa give birth to a child whose father is unknown.
Even if the men who raped Nagisa were checked…there’s no meaning.
The man who took part in Shirasaka’s bizarre plan raping Nagisa can’t be a decent man…

『Understood…if anything happens to Nagisa-kun and Katsuko-kun…you can consult me. I won’t do anything ill』
『No, I won’t let only Tatsunami-san show a good face. I will help as much as possible too』
『I will cooperate too. If it’s something I can do, you can ask me anything』
『Me too…as long as my wife doesn’t find out…』

The gentlemen laughed.

『True…it’s bad if your family discovers』
『But, we won’t hold back helping out if it’s something honest』
『Kuromori-san, the same is for you too』
『Yes…we are quite indebt with that mansion…!』

I discover Nagisa’s amazingness again.
Nagisa chose the people with decent sense from among her guests.
The people who will help her and『Kuromori』in the future…!

We’ve gained strong『allies』again…