Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 233 : Opening


Before long…it seems that Kouzuki『Kakka』has gone to the second floor.
The entrance to the second floor seat becomes noisy.

「Why on the second floor seats?」
「It’s easier to guard there…besides, high places are identified as a noble status」

Michi taught me.
We’re already sitting apart from Minaho-neesan’s『senior group』
On my right is Mana and Megu is on the left.
In the seat behind me, Michi’s seating as Yukino’s lookout.
Therefore, Michi speaks from the back whispering to my ears.

「The nobles understand that while they’re watching the stage, the other guests will be watching themselves as well」

Then…we see Kouzuki『Kakka』in our view.
『Kakka』is wearing a light gray suit.
His back is firmly stretched…and his gray hair is trimmed short.
Was he doing sports when he was young?
It’s a solid physique you won’t think he’s past 80s.
He looked around the theater with a pleasing smile…but his eyes aren’t.
He seems to be the person at front as the current manager…he has dignity and power.
Ah…he’s looking this way.
Minaho-neesan and the ladies lower their heads to greet him.
『Kakka』nods his head as if saying「umu」
With that much…Minaho-neesan has conveyed to the audience that her presence is allowed by Kouzuki『Kakka』…
…That’s an amazing influence.
『Kakka’s』seat is in the front row of the second floor seats.
Un…it’s definitely the『King’s seat』

「The three people in black suits around Kouzuki-sama are his escorts…」

Michi whispers to me.
I see, there’s two men and one woman in black suit around『Kakka』
I see Chief Yazawa behind.
These people are entrusted with『Kakka’s』personal protection.
These three people are the strongest guards among Kouzuki security service.

「The males are Ootoku-san and Choumoto-san. The woman is Seki-san」

I follow Michi’s line of sight. The tall man is Ootoku-san. Choumoto-san is the bearded macho type. Seki-san is a black haired beauty.
The hall quiets down.

「Is there no need for an applause?」

I ask Michi…

「Kouzuki-sama hates that kind of thing…」

I see…though he’s a noble, he’s not a royalty of a country or something…
If you don’t do the normal reaction, you should bend your stomach.
『Kakka』sits on the front seat on the second floor…
Next, a few young men comes in.
It’s around 20 people in all.
They’re all wearing expensive suits with flashy colors…they’re well behaved and they have a smart looking faces.
That group of men occupied the seat behind『Kakka』

「Those are the people Kouzuki-sama favors quite a lot」

He’s favoring men…?!
Eh…No way,『Kakka』is a homo?
He’s someone who likes boys?

「Ah…I didn’t mean it like that」

Michi blushed and corrects herself.

「Didn’t mean it like that?」

I ask meanly on purpose…

「…Master, I have just imagined something I really shouldn’t. Please punish MIchi」

She begs me with her ears turning red.

「…What do you want?」

Michi answers.

「Please pinch my butt」
「…Michi likes to be done in her ass」

When I say that…

「I’m not…I’m just not confident with my chest…」

Michi’s conscious about her being flat?

「…I’ll massage it and make it large」
「…Yes, thank you very much」

MIchi raised her ass from her seat.

「…Master, please」

I stretched my hand from the gap of the seats and reached out for Michi’s butt…After enjoying the feel of her ass, I pinched it once.


Michi raised a painful voice.

「Gees…don’t have fun all by yourselves!」

Mana tells me furiously.

「If you’ve got time to do that then touch Mana’s butt too…!」

Mana forcibly pulls my left hand to her ass.
Geez…it can’t be helped.
I listen to Michi’s talk while massaging Mana’s ass.

「Those young men are directly educated by Kouzuki-sama himself. There are those from the bloodline of Kouzuki house…there’s also sons of the director of the company under the close associates of Kouzuki house mixed with them」

…In short.

「Misuzu’s fiance is among them…!」
「Yes, I do not know who is it but…it’s especially expected from the six people who are right behind Kouzuki-sama. Perhaps, Misuzu-sama and Ruriko-sama’s fiance are in those」

I only know the given name.
After Misuzu lost her virginity, she told only me…

「…Do you know the names of those six?」

Michi answers.

「Yes…starting from left, Kouzuki Souji-sama, Kouzuki Satoshi-sama, Kouzuki Subaru-sama, Natsuki Makoto-sama, Shiba Takahiko-sama, and Kata Takashi-sama(奉孝 is read as Guo Jia in chinese tho, I dunno how Bing came up with Takashi)」

Takahiko…he’s the second from the left?
So it’s Shiba Takahiko…Misuzu’s fiance.
Yup, he’s at university student age.
Having silver rimmed glasses, standing tall…he looks the diligent type. He looks good too.
There’s no element that I’m likely to win.

「…You don’t have to worry. Misuzu-sama loves Master from the bottom of her heart」

Michi said as she look at my face.


The hall that quiets down after『Kakka’s』arrival becomes noisy again.
The audience seats today have a lot of small children so it’s inevitable.
People who are trying to greet『Kakka』are making a line.
Guards in Kouzuki security service uniforms put a line together…
『Kakka』has the elite children and his guards sitting down so everyone’s greeting him from four meters away.
『Kakka』nods at every person who greets him…

「Kouzuki-sama will be in that group, watching from the start of the『presentation』to the end」

Michi said.

「Why? He won’t come to see Misuzu or Ruriko-san?」
「Having Kouzuki-sama watch over a performer is a status for them…as responsibility of the one with power, Kouzuki-sama will be watching the dance of everyone. Besides…today’s performers may be candidates for fiance for those in the group…」

The performers today are all girls who go to Konpeki school’s classroom.
Everyone’s a daughter of a person with powerful position.
Their blood and family are in good standing.
They’re suitable brides for the young men personally educated by Kouzuki『Kakka』

「Therefore…those men will be watching from the start to finish too?」
「Yes, it’s unknown who will be nominated as their partner…they can’t just break off from the dance even if they’re going to marry someone there…」

Un…the performing child will continue their daily life.
If they give birth to a child sometime…that child would also be going to Konpeki school.
By doing so, entering the『headmaster’s class』becomes a status of the powerful people.

「Being told『It’s amazing to get through there』, it’s only for the class of the headmaster of Konpeki school」

Mana said.

「Ballet or dance classes hasn’t reached this high…『Konpeki style』is really an exception」
「…Why is that so?」
「It has a different history」


「The traditional dance headmaster’s system has been there since Meiji-era, but…『Konpeki school』has students which are daughters of the politicians, and people at the top of business since early stages. Besides, the first, second, third generation…the successive generations of the dancing master are all outstanding dancers…」

Michi explained.

「What do you mean by outstanding dancer?」
「For Japanese dance, the most important task is to entrust the choreography of the dance to the best Kabuki actor of that era. Konpeki school has been playing that position since Meiji era」

I see…that’s easy to understand.
The school who’s most popular and entrusted to dance the Kabuki actor…prospers.
That’s how it is.
Misuzu and Ruriko-san…even if they’re heirs of the Kouzuki house, of they’re going to train in dancing, they better enter this class. There are no other options.

「I hate traditional Japanese dance…I’m not a Geisha. And when you dance wearing a kimono…it clamps your body. You’re crazy if you’re dancing in that state…your blood circulation will get bad」

Yukino said…
Megu, Mana and Michi ignores her.
She’s completely neglected.

「…I’m talking to you!」

Yukino glares at me.

「That’s right!…Either way, the others don’t have the intention to talk to me!」

Yukino’s puffing angrily.

「Michi-san…there’s this story about the『Tongue cutting sparrow』, right?」

Mana said.

「Yes, that is right」
「If you cut Yukino-san’s tongue, would she be more quiet?」
「…I think a gag would be enough」
「Michi-san…do you have a gag?」
「That kind of thing can be easily made as long as you have a rope. If you ask for it, I can prepare it immediately…」

Michi looks at me.

「…No, you don’t need to. With Yukino’s current look, a gag would turn this to a horror movie. That would be too bizarre」
「…it is as you say」


「I-I get it, I just have to shut up right?! What’s with you! I’m only talking about why I personally don’t like traditional Japanese dance!」
「…Yukino-san. Just shut up and maybe do your masturbation hobby?」

Yukino went silent after being told by Mana.

「Mana…that’s bad manners」

I scolded Mana.

「Didn’t you say that you’ll ignore Yukino?」
「…I’ll punish you」
「You’re going to punishme? Onii-chan?!」

Mana happily smiled.

「It’s the opposite…I won’t have sex with Mana for today」
「It’s a punishment so it’s inevitable」

I look at Megu.

「In that respect, Megu’s great. She’s properly ignoring Yukino」
「…Isn’t that obvious? It’ll only get my mouth dirty if I talk to that person」

I wonder if the reconciliation of these『sisters』will be delayed eternally…
Suddenly, the buzzer informing the curtain rise has rung.

「Yoshi-kun…it looks like it’s starting」

Megu told me.
A clapping sound echoes…!
The thick stage curtain rises steadily.
Applause comes from the hall.


Yukino mutters.
There’s ten elementary school girls lined up on the stage.
The 『symposium』seems to start from the joint dance of the youngest children.
The girls begin to dance, matching the tune of the three string lute.


As expected of the headmaster’s class’ dance.
It’s not a recording but the three string lute and the song is sung on the spot by a professional.
Each of the ten girls are interesting.
There’s a girl who’s frozen solid from exerting herself.
There’s a child dancing softly while smiling.
There’s a girl who’s timing is behind by a tempo as she’s watching over the other girls.
On the other hand, there’s a girl who’s tempo is faster.
There’s a girl who shouted「Ah」as she made a mistake in choreography.
But still, everyone’s dancing earnestly.
There’s no girl who’s dancing negligently.

「All of them are cute」

Megu said.

「Yeah…you’re right.」
「Yoshi-kun…do you want a child like that?」

Megu whispers to my ears.


I imagine.
A girl born with Megu and I as parents…
Then, watching my daughter’s dance like this.
…It feels very happy.

「Yeah…I want one」

I answered

「Me too」

Megu holds my hand.
Mana sensed the good atmosphere between us…

「Geez…this hand is Mana’s!」

Mana grabbed my other hand.
Both of them are snuggling close with me.

「Really…they’re cute aren’t they, Onii-chan」

Mana also said as she watch the children’s dance.

「Mana also want Onii-chan to see」
「Mana’s in a dance club too, right?」

If I recall…she’s supposed to be in a creative dance club in middle school.

「Un. We’re supposed to make a presentation at the school festival but…Mana can’t go to the middle school anymore」

As Shirasaka Sousuke’s daughter…she can’t go back to the Ojou-sama school anymore.

「How about starting dance again on your new school?」
「Eh, there’s no way you enter at such a half-complete period」
「But…Mana likes to dance, right?」
「Well…that’s right but…ah, I don’t like creative dances. That’s a strange dance」

After saying…Mana looks at my face.

「It’s strange…even though I won’t make this kind of talk with Mama or Papa…」


「It feels like Onii-chan is the most『family』to me… I can talk about anything, consult about anything…」
「Sure, you can consult me about everything. No matter what it is, let’s think about it together」

Mana holds my hand tightly.

「Ah, but…I won’t do any love consultation!」

Mana said with her face turned red.

「I’m only for Onii-chan after all…」

Saying that…she lets my hand touch her bare legs.

「If you have someone else you like…you don’t have to worry about me」

Mana got angry when I said that…

「Don’t say that even as a joke!」

Mana’s eyes are serious.

「My body and mind are all owned by Onii-chan. Onii-chan saved me, Mana has to serve onii-chan for the rest of her life! I am proud that Onii-chan made me his『sex slave』…!」

Mana has her pride.
As a woman…as a human.

「It’s okay for Onii-chan to tell Mana that『I don’t need you anymore』or『I’ll give you to others』but…」

I embrace Mana.

「I won’t do that. Never. Whatever happens, I won’t abandon Mana…!」
「Then…order me to stay by your side forever.」 Order me not to like other men…!」

…Mana looks at me with her『woman』face

「I want to be bound by Onii-chan…I’m a『slave』after all」

This『sex slave』is too demanding.

「Got it…stay by my side. Love me and only me. Don’t ever speak to other men」
「Okay, Onii-chan!」

Mana’s face turned red.

「Ah…what should I do?」
「…What’s wrong, Mana?」
「Ehehe…Mana got wet」

…It seems that she has leaked love nectar just from my binding words alone.
This 14 year old girl is very juicy

「Mana’s a lewd girl」
「It’s Onii-chan so I can be naughty…!」

Mana kisses behind my ears.

「…Mana, that’s far enough!」

Megu warns her

「…I’m sorry」
「It’s rude to those who are dancing earnestly don’t you think?」

While saying so, Mana whispers in my ears.

「Onii-chan…should we hide somewhere and have sex?」

It seems that Mana’s body is on fire.

「It’s impossible to do in the theater. There will be a guard no matter where」
「…How about the restrooms?」
「That’s a strictly watched place…the security has strengthened because of white Viola’s infiltration」
「Tsk…that’s a disappointment」
「Besides…have you forgotten?」

Mana shows an「eh?」face as she look up at me.

「You’re going to abstain for one time…」

That’s right…I just said that a while ago

「Geez…Onii-chan you bully!」

Mana’s angry.

「Therefore…endure it for now. I’ll give you lots of love at night…」

I decided to offset Mana’s one day rest to Mana’s current desire to have sex.

「Really?…Then I’ll endure」

Mana’s mood is fixed.
To tell the truth, I can’t imagine what will happen to us tonight.
Once the symposium ends…we’ll head to the hotel and negotiate with Shirasaka family.
I have to talk to Kouzuki『Kakka』as well.
Then…there’s the confrontation with Cesario VIola.
We have to prepare for a long night.


Megu looks at me.

「Don’t worry…I’m sure everything will go well」

She said as she has guessed my mind.

「Yeah…you’re right」

I replied.
…This isn’t good, me.
If I show a worried face, Megu and Mana’s face will become gloomy.
I have to be calm…
Just like Minaho-neesan.
Under Minaho-neesan’s usual cold smile…just how much emotion is being hidden there?
I’m thankful that I have a reliable『elder sister』close by me.

「Ah…it looks like it’s done」

Then…the dance of the ten elementary school girls is over…
Lastly, they all lined up in sieza and greets the people.
This is the only part they’re all precise.
Applause happens from the whole theater.
『Kakka』applauds with a satisfied face.
Misuzu’s fiance, Shiba Takahiko too…
Men with bouquet show up from the hall and goes up the stage.

「Akiko-chan, here you go!」

Everyone seems to be acquainted with the performers.
The girls who finished dancing were handed bouquet from the stage below.

「In truth, it’s not good manners but…recently it’s been popular to bring bouquet after the dance after the broadcast of figure skating was seen…!」

Michi teaches me from the seat behind.
True, it’s not pleasant to see that the ten children weren’t able to accept flowers evenly…
There are some girls who have three to four bouquets by themseleves and there’s girls who didn’t even get one.
In the first place, it differs to the house’s opinion whether they would give flowers or not…
But, well, you can’t tell them to stop.
This is quite a difficult problem.
At the end of the bouquet presentation…the girls bowed to the audience once again and exit…

「The next would be the dance of the third and fourth grade school girls. After that,p the high school. The joint dance seems to be only elementary school girls. Starting middle school, they will dance alone. There seems to be a duo and trio dancing together though…」

Megu informs me as she look at the pamphlet
Speaking of which…

「Even after the symposium started, the lights on the audience seat didn’t get dark」

Usually, shouldn’t the stage be brightened and the audience is darkened?

「In this kind of symposium, the traffic on the hall is violent…」

Michi explained.
I see, Even though the first dance is just over, there are a lot of people coming out of the hall.
They must be the families and acquaintances of the ten elementary school girls who just danced.
Are they going to meet them in the dressing room immediately?
On the contrary, there’s family of those children from the next dancing group coming in.

「In the first place, Japanese dance is independent from Kabuki-dance…in Kabuki, the seats aren’t darkened…」

Michi said.

「It’s common for Kabuki to eat meals or drink…if you mawke it dark, it’ll be troublesome for the guests because they can’t see their hands」

Is that so?

「Therefore…they don’t stop the lights on the audience seats except only when there’s a special effect production…」


「Michi…you’re quite knowledgeable here」

I thought that this girl only thinks about martial arts.

「This is because of Misuzu-sama’s education」


「As a guard…I attend to Misuzu-sama’s theater-going… At that time, she teaches me various things…」

I see…

「Misuzu-sama educated me various things so I won’t become someone who only knows martial arts…」

That part of Misuzu resembles Minaho-neesan.
Both of them seem to like to plan their education.
While thinking about it…
The second set of dancers began…
The dance of the third and fourth grade school girls are also cute.
Just like that…the dance program progress one by one…
When the middle school girls started dancing…

…An incident occured.