Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 249 : Sex study meeting for Ruriko-san 1


「Sex in front of me you say…!」

『Kakka’s』confused at his granddaughter’s offer.

「What?…Shige-chan doesn’t want to see…?」

Nagisa skillfully uses her『Teacher Character』to stir『Kakka’s mind』…

「Grandfather…Misuzu graduated from her virginity just four days ago. After being loved by Danna-sama every day…I’m finally able to reach climax…!」

Misuzu reports to her grandfather…

「Perhaps…I might be able to have sex that would please grandfather!」

Misuzu smiles.
『Kakka』…is stunned

「You…are you sure? Showing such a disgraceful figure…!」
「If it’s grandfather, then I’d gladly show it. Besides…Misuzu’s a masochist, I’m aroused when I’m being watched!」

With such a frank remark, Misuzu continues.

「Danna-sama…is this okay for you as well?」


「Sure…if Misuzu’s fine with it then I don’t mind」

Responding like this…I realized that I’m completely abnormal.
Thinking about it…it’s not even a week since my first experience.
And yet…I had sex dozens of times already…
All of it are seen by others, even multiple plays.
I never had sex with a single girl in a place where there are no surveillance cameras.1
There’s always someone watching…
No matter how you think about it, it’s abnormal
The abnormal has turned usual.
It’s too late for me to be concerned if『Kakka’s』watching


Nagisa speaks to the confused『Kakka』

「Shige-chan, stop hesitating and be honest! Do you want to watch Misuzu’s sex or not?!」


「Well…I want to. I want to but…!」
「Then watch! He and Misuzu said that it’s fine…this chance might not appear again!」
「Shige-chan, you already can’t have sex so be satisfied with just watching! It can’t be helped!」
「That…well you’re right but…」

『Kakka』…looks at Ruriko-san and Yoshiko-san

「…Are those two going to watch as well…?」

Those two weren’t taught any information about sex at all due to『Kakka’s』command…
Both of them are stunned by the course of things.

「…Of course we’ll show it! Sensei thinks that there’s no better sex education than this!」

Nagisa smiles.

「But…these children…」

『Kakka』…is puzzled on what to do

「Shige-chan…do you intend to leave these children without knowing anything about sex? Shige-chan started this, right?」

It was『Kakka』that completely isolated any information about sex on Ruriko-san and Yoshiko-san.

「Shige-chan can no longer teach sex on the spot…it’s already impossible to push down using Shige-chan’s body Give up and let the girls free」
「That is, I think that you’re certainly right…I’ve always thought that I had to do something about it as well…」
「They’re already at the age to know sensuality」

Ruriko-san’s 15 years old.
Yoshiko-san’s 18 years old.
They’re at the age where they should experience love.
Of course, they should know about sex already.


Is it okay to just show my sex with Misuzu so suddenly to these girls who have no knowledge about sex?
I feel sorry if this becomes a bad trauma instead.

「I will be properly explaining it to them」

Misuzu tells her grandfather dignified.
She turned to Ruriko-san…

「Ruriko-san, Yoshiko-san…then, Danna-sama and I will be doing actual sex. Please observe it thoroughly」
「M-My best regards」

Ruriko-san and Yoshiko-san are tensed.
Both of them don’t know what’s going to happen after this current conversation.

「You see, sex is…simply put the『act of making babies』itself」

Misuzu said

「Earlier, Danna-sama has explained to Ruriko-san…this is the act of the man pouring in his semen on the woman’s womb making the sperm meet the egg」
「Then…Misuzu-oneesama is going to make babies with Kuromori-sama?」

Ruriko-san asks surprised.

「Someday…I’ll definitely give birth to Danna-sama’s baby. But, Misuzu’s still in second year high school…it’s too early to give birth to a baby」

Misuzu answers with a gentle smile.

「Therefore…Misuzu’s taking in a medicine that won’t allow a child be made after sex」

Ruriko-san shows a strange face?

「Why are you doing the act if you’re not going to make a baby?」
「That is because sex is an act of love」

Ruriko-san’s staring blankly.
She and Yoshiko-san look at each other.

「God…has blessed humans the act of making babies. Sex is a very pleasant act」

Ruriko-san has never come in contact with any other person but Yoshiko-san.
She can’t comprehend the thought of physical contact with others.

「Ruriko-san…you feel unpleasant when an unknown man touches your skin, don’t you?」
「That is…they’re scary. I feel horrified」

Ruriko-san’s body trembles.

「But…you don’t hate being touched by Yoshiko-san or your mother, do you?」
「You’re right…when I hold hands with Yoshiko, I feel safe. It relieves me often」

Misuzu’s guiding Ruriko-san.

「That’s the same…when touched by a man you love dearly, your heart will be satisfied. It feels happy. Sex is the ultimate skin-to-skin contact, a physical embrace…it’s the greatest happiness」

Ruriko-san and Yoshiko-san listens to Misuzu interestingly.

「Therefore…sex won’t feel good unless you’re doing it with a man you love from the bottom of your heart」
「Or rather…you should only have sex with only the one you love!」

Nagisa supplements Misuzu…
First, it seems that they’re putting an ethical barrier in Ruriko-san and Yoshiko-san’s mind.
If they do this, even after waking up to the pleasures of sex…they won’t drown in having sex without minding who it is.

「Sex is essentially a sacred act to make a baby. Unless it’s the person you love…the person you’d like to bear your child with, sex won’t feel good!」

Nagisa said.

「But…is it okay to do the act of making babies just because it feels good? Furthermore, I think that it’s not late to do such act even after getting married」

Ruriko-san’s making a just argument

「Well, that is right but…when the young ones don’t have proper sex, they’ll be troubled to have babies in the future」

Nagisa spits out a huge lie


Ruriko-san asks…

「Do you know the old nursery rhyme… 『My sister marries at 15』…?」
「Yes, I know」

Ruriko-san answers.

「She’s 15 years old but…with the old counting, she’d be at 14 years of age. Until a hundred years ago, it was common for girls to be married at 14, 15 years old. They have experienced childbirth at Misuzu’s age already!」

Nagisa takes out a ridiculous card.

「Even though the average life expectancy is lower than now…the women before were fertile you know? Why can they make five to six children? It’s because they gave birth when they were young」
「True…I think you are right」

Ruriko-san’s convinced.

「Even now, it’s not unsusual for girls to be married at 14-15 years old in developing countries in Asia and Africa. In other words, biologically…human females who get married by 14-15 years old are able to give birth」

Nagisa expands her forced logic.

「But…that won’t go in modern Japan. You have to learn to be an adult…because the things you can’t learn increases rapidly. During Meiji era, most of the people come to work as soon as they leave elementary school. If you weren’t a wealthy family, you weren’t allowed to enter middle school. After the war, the compulsory education reaches middle school…now it’s normal to graduate from high school isn’t it? Even universities, only rich children were able to enter it 50 years ago…!」

Nagisa smiles.

「Since the education period until adulthood has increased…the average age for marriage has also increased. Of course, that’s not all of the reason. The intellectually mature modern society has changed to late marriage. In the 19th century, Europe’s upper class have their marriageable age over 25 years old. Even though common people are married at age 14-15…the wealthier, culturally advanced and intellectual class were late」

Still…Nagisa knows a lot.

「Ah…I’ve heard it from a university professor which was a former customer of mine. That person loves giving me that kind of lecture」

Nagisa says as she look at my face.
Why lecture?

「He likes the play where I have the role of a female college student attending a seminar」

Oh…so that’s how it is.

「Then…that professor always tells me. As a living being, a 14-15 year old human girl in her marriageable age…they won’t be able to safely bear a child unless they properly have sex during their growth period. He said that if you experience sex after becoming a fully mature body…your body would be surprised and it’s not good…!」

No…isn’t your university professor just a pedophile?
Because, he’s a guy that went to the mansion to embrace Nagisa who was 16 around that time…
He’s just mixing his fetish with convenient reasoning…

「Is that so?」

Ruriko-san says worriedly.

「Well of course…if you have sex regularly during your growth period, your body will grow to accept sex won’t it? If you become adult without any experience in sex, your body won’t be able to adjust to it in time…!」

Logically, it sounds right but…
I’ve never heard of a story where someone’s body got broken because of being a virgin for more than 20 years old.
Much more…what about men?
If they remain a virgin until 30 years old…would they die?2
Is he going to be reborn in the underworld?

「That’s right…that’s why Misuzu is having sex with Danna-sama!」

Misuzu rides on Nagisa’s mysterious theory.

「But…that’s not the only beauty of sex」

Misuzu looks at me.

「Danna-sama…does it feel good to have sex with Misuzu?」


「Yeah…it always feels good」
「Misuzu as well. Thank you for making me feel good always」

Smiling…Misuzu returns her glance to Ruriko-san.

「Regardless of status, honor, nor money…with sex, I can make Danna-sama feel pleasure with this naked body of mine. Danna-sama…also makes me feel good with only his living body. At times when Danna-sama gives me his love…there’s no Kouzuki house or any other ties…Misuzu becomes naked. That is a very pleasant emotion」

Misuzu smiles bewitchingly.


Ruriko-san’s breath is taken away by Misuzu’s beauty.,

「Then, we will be doing it in front of you…please feast upon your eyes」

Then…My sex with Misuzu begins

   ◇ ◇ ◇

「Danna-sama…strip me off」

Misuzu snuggles to me.


I take off the cheap T-shirt Misuzu’s wearing.
She’s naked under this shirt.
Her pink nipples appear.
Misuzu’s well shaped breasts…
Misuzu’s fair naked skin.
The 17 year old wet skin…

「Down there as well」

I kneel and take off Misuzu’s shorts.
Her hairless slit is already dripping wet.
Sliding her shorts through her soft thighs…I take it off her one foot.
Removing her sandals as well…Misuzu becomes naked.

「Misuzu…you’re beautiful」
「Thank you very much…Danna-sama」

Misuzu blushed red.
The naked body I hid earlier…is now being shown to her grandfather dignified.

「Whenever you have sex, you need to be naked as much as possible…Ah, though if you suddenly want to do it outside then you don’t need to take them all off…」

Misuzu doesn’t forget to lecture Ruriko-san.

「Shige-chan…lend me your necktie」

Nagisa removes『Kakka’s』necktie

「What are you going to use it for?」

『Kakka』asks Nagisa…

「Though we’re currently doing Ruriko-san’s『sex observation study』…this will be a proof so we won’t forget about Shige-chan」

Nagisa said and then she tied『Kakka’s』silver necktie to Misuzu’s neck
A naked necktie…what a lewd figure.
The tie sways in the valley between her breasts.

「Ooh, am I going to participate too?」

『Kakka』looks happy


Misuzu clings to me wanting to be spoiled.
We hug…and kiss.
Our tongues twine.
We show that appearance to Ruriko-san and others.

「You see…I love having our tongues lick each other!」

Misuzu tells Ruriko-san.
I go to Misuzu’s back and massage her breasts in a way Ruriko-san can see.
I knead her nipples.

「Aah…it feels good」

Misuzu pants lightly.

「Having the man you love tease your breasts, really feels good…! Massage it a lot…do it as you like…please fiddle Misuzu’s body as you want Danna-samaaaa…!」

Ruriko-san and Yoshiko-san watches us intently.
Michi…she’s massaging her own breasts.
It seems that the fire has been lit up inside Michi as well.

「Misuzu…I’ll suck your nipples…!」
「Go on…please lick Misuzu’s breasts as much as you want…!」

I stand on my knees before Misuzu…
I embrace Misuzu’s waist with one hand and crawl my tongue on Misuzu’s left nipple.

「Ah…Aaahn…it feels good…!」

I suck and roll my tongue on her nipples.
Misuzu embraced my head gently.

「Nnnuuu…! When Danna-sama sucks my nipples…It makes me feel really glad that I was born a woman…aaahn!!」

Misuzu’s body shakes from the pleasure…

「If I bear a baby and produce milk in the future…please drink it everyday. I’ll have Danna-sama drink Misuzu’s breast milk along with the babyyy…!」

I suck her nipple powerfully.

「Aaah…soo good…It feels gooood…Danna-sama…Danna-samaaaaan」

Misuzu’s face begins to melt in arousal.

「Yes, I know…」

Misuzu smiles gently

「Misuzu will take this off」

Then, Misuzu speaks to Michi…

「Michi…help me out」

Michi’s holding her chest with one hand…and the other is already digging her crotch.
She got startled when Misuzu called her out.


Misuzu and Michi takes off my clothes.
Ruriko-san’s eyes are fiery…She’s watching me being stripped by Misuzu and Michi.
It must be her first time to see a man’s naked body.
Ruriko-san and Yoshiko-san are staring at me blushing to their ears.
Nagisa talks to the two of them.

「Ruriko-san…you do know the story about Izanagi and Izanami’s 『Birth of country』don’t you?」
「Yes…I’ve read about it」

Ruriko-san answers while having an excited red face.

「Izanami asks…『How’s your body?』Izanami answers『It lacks in my body』 Then, Izanagi says『There’s some excess XXX in my body』… Then, he said『Let me put my excess XXX in your lacking XXX』and thus…a country was born」3

Nagisa says…

「Yes, I think it had such content…isn’t that right, Yoshiko?」
「Yes, Ruriko-sama」

The two avid readers know it as expected.

「That means sex. It means the gods were having sex」

Nagisa looks at Misuzu.

「Misuzu…come here」
「Yes…Michi, please」

Leaving Michi alone to undress me…Misuzu goes before Nagisa.

「Take a seat…spread your legs and show your female genital to Ruriko-san and Yoshiko-san…!」

Nagisa orders…


Misuzu squats on the carpet and makes an M legs.
She exposes her genital to Ruriko-san and Yoshiko-san.

「This is part Izanami mentions『Lacking』 Women use this hole to accept men…!」

Misuzu’s slit is leaking love nectar.
Ruriko-san swallows her saliva.

「U-Uhm…that’s the hole for peeing though…」

Ruriko-san asks Nagisa feeling tense.

「Well, this little hole does that. This is the hole where you pee. The lower, bigger hole below is used for sex. Deep inside…is where a woman makes a baby…the womb…!」

Nagisa explains

「Uhm…there’s some transparent liquid dripping from Misuzu-oneesama’s hole…」

Ruriko-san said.

「This is called『Love nectar』…this overflows from the woman’s body as a lubricant for the sake of accepting a man…」

Misuzu explains while showing her vagina.

「…Love nectar?」

Misuzu suspects.

「Could it be that Ruriko-san is also having warm juice coming out from the same part as me?」

Ruriko-san turned red…

「Y-yes…earlier, since I saw Misuzu-oneesama and Kuromori-sama embracing, kissing…it felt hot around here in my belly…and it went out of my crotch like sweat」

Ruriko-san’s wet?

「M-Me too…」

Yoshiko-san too…?!

「My, that’s touch…could you show it to me?」

Nagisa said.


The two are confused.

「Perhaps…I think that Misuzu’s sexual feelings have transmitted to the two. That’s often the case. But…it’s not good if it’s caused by something different. We should confirm it!」

Nagisa says smoothly.

「That’s right…both of you, raise your skirt and show your crotch to Nagisa-sama…!」

Misuzu tells the two.

「Lift your skirt up to your waist and be on the same posture as Misuzu」

Yoshiko-san looks at her master.

「Let’s do as Misuzu-oneesama says…it’s not good to have some problem in our bodies…」

Perhaps…the two doesn’t know masturbation either.
They’re surprised at the situation where love nectar comes from deep in their body.

「Take that chair…and do the same pose as Misuzu…!」

Ruriko-san and Yoshiko-san stand from their seat and lift up their skirt.
Their faces are red…embarrassed.

「Uhm…Kuromori-sama, please don’t look」

Ruriko-san says but…

「No…let him see it as well. This kind of things need a lot of people’s opinions」

Nagisa says.

「Yes…it’s Danna-sama. Isn’t she already Ruriko-san’s relative?」

Misuzu speaks as she keep her M shaped legs open.

「Rather, I think that Ruriko-san should tell『Please take a look』to Danna-sama…」

Ruriko-san speaks to me with her face turned red in embarrassment.

「Please take a look…Kuromori-sama…!」


  1. The toilet scene counts two girls, Yukino and Katsuko, Mana’s scene has a camera, Misuzu always had someone else watching over their sex, Megu: it’s in the mansion, you know there are cameras there, Nagisa’s first has Minaho’s watching(check chap 39), he didn’t fuck Michi when he’s alone with her in the dressing room, Nei-san; she’s full cuddles
  2. No, they turn to a wizard
  3. This took me a lot of time to think, in the end, a certain white tiger helped me out