Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 253 : Show → Skill


「You yourself is a boy abandoned by your real family…!」

Nagisa speaks in a slightly louder voice so Ruriko and others can hear.

「Therefore we became『family』!」

…Right. Me too.
Yuzuki…No, I was a child picked up by Kuromori Minaho

「Therefore…you should let us pamper you a lot」

Nagisa’s plump body embraces me.

「That’s right…Danna-sama, it’s fine to depend on us more…!」


「Am I a suitable man to be loved by everyone?」

I don’t have confidence.
…I feel horrified.
Suddenly…anxiety attacks me

「Geez, baka, baka, baka…!1

Nagisa tells me.

「You’re always thinking too much…!」

I think too much?!

「First…we need you…when we feel sad, when our heart gets weak, we want you to be on our side…you do know that don’t you?」

Nagisa speaks to me in her Sensei mode.

「Un…Of course」

I know that.

「Whenever we want you, you always come to us. When we want to be embraced, you always have sex with us…!」
「Un…that’s absolute…I’ll do anything Nagisa wants…!」

Nagisa smiles.

「Then…try to depend on me when you feel lonely…!」


「You’re going to listen to my request aren’t you?」

Nagisa kisses me…
An adult…passionate kiss.

「I don’t want to just keep clinging to you. There are times where I want to pamper you a lot too…!」


「Danna-sama…Misuzu too」

Sitting naked on the carpet, Misuzu looks up at me.

「Please depend on Misuzu as well」


「But…I don’t know what to do」

How should I depend on my『women』

「My, it’s easy…you should just be more upfront!」


「If you want to embrace me then you can hug me anytime, anywhere. If you want to kiss then kiss me at that moment…there’s no need to refrain. I am your『woman』…!」
「That’s right…please remove the wall in your heart. Danna-sama, you’re still being hesitant with us…!」

Both of them tells me.

「…Well, that’s」
「What is it?」

Nagisa presses me.

「Because…everyone’s too beautiful…cute…gentle…you’re all people better than I am…too good for me」

The emotions accumulated inside me begins to overflow.

「I’m the one wondering if I’m a suitable man for everyone…I’ve always thought of it…I wonder if I really can stand up to help everyone…」

The wall of my heart breaks.
The fear attacks me.

「I…wonder if I can really make everyone happy…!」

I’m uncertain.

「I’ve got to earn living expenses for Megu and Mana…but, can I do it? Can a man like me earn as much so they can live happily?…!」

The worries in my mind were released at once.

「Can I save Nei-san from the darkness of her heart? Can I be useful to Minaho-neesan? Won’t I just be a drag to Margo-san?」

That’s not all…

「Can I become the boyfriend Megu could be proud of? Can I become a good big brother to Mana? A good little brother to Nei-san?…As Katsuko-nee’s brother?…As Nagisa’s husband?…As Michi’s master?…Can I be a good father to Mao-chan?」
「…Even Mao, you」

Nagisa holds her breath

「Can I be a partner Misuzu won’t be ashamed of…?!」

No good, no good, no good.
I can’t be more timid than this.
My mind’s ringing the『danger』signal…
Like hell I’d lose here!

「No…I will. I have to. I’ll be a respectable man Misuzu can introduce without being ashamed…!」

…That’s right, I
I can see the light in my heart.
…It’s no good to stay as Yoshida.
I’ll become『Kuromori』…
I’ll abandon Yoshida’s miserable life…
I’ll be a『Kuromori』

「I will. I’ll be Megu’s best boyfriend. Mana’s wonderful big brother. Nei-san’s little brother. Katsuko-nee’s little brother. Nagisa’s husband. Michi’s master. As Mao-chan’s Papa…I’ll definitely make it work…absolutely!

That’s right…I…

「I already have a『family』…It’s『Kuromori Family』! I’ll never let it break…!」

I cannot lose.


Nagisa embraces me.

「Sorry…we didn’t understand how you feel…!」
「I’m very sorry…Danna-sama!」

The naked Misuzu stands up and embraces me from behind

「Thinking about us seriously with all your might…I never knew」
「…You accumulated it too much…!」

The two’s words sink into my heart.

「…You’re right…you’re also just a lonely boy…a boy who’s been alone, in solitude…suddenly dragged into this…you’ve been overworking all this time…!」

It’s soaking in my heart…
I don’t know why but tears come out.


The tears fell off.

「Even though you were also suffering…you accepted us who are hurt…desperately loving us…sorry」

I cry in Nagisa’s arms
Misuzu’s hugging me from the back.
It hurts I can’t speak.
I cried quietly without making any noise.

「It’s okay…we’re here for you…you’ll never be alone anymore…we’ll never let you be…!」

Nagisa embraces me strongly.


The naked Misuzu licks my tears from the back.


Misuzu smiled to the surprised me.

「Danna-sama’s tears belong to Misuzu. Therefore…I will drink all of Danna-sama’s tears. Just like how Danna-sama drinks my tears…!」

My tears stopped from what Misuzu said.

「Please don’t think of everything heavily What I want is Danna-sama. It’s no good unless it’s Danna-sama. You just have to be by my side. Don’t think about the public…if anyone speaks badly of Danna-sama, Misuzu will crush them…!」

Misuzu smiles gently.

「I’ll beat up anyone who does that!」

Michi shouts

「Master…you’re my only master for my lifetime. Please, punish me when I make a mistake…I want to be spanked by Master!」

No…spanking punishment you see…
That’s just your fetish.

「It’s no good unless it’s Master…!」

I see…then, I’ve got to punish her.

「But…I’m glad」

Nagisa smiles.

「You’ve opened up your heart to us」


「Yes…Danna-sama has shown us his true heart」
「Next time, when no one else is present…you can cry in my chest all you want. I will cry with you as well…!」

Nagisa says

「Ah, Nagisa-sama, that’s unfair. Misuzu also wants to lick Danna-sama’s tears…!」

Misuzu smiles.

「First…you don’t have to think about money until you’re an adult. You can just leave it to Minaho-san, Katsuko and me」

Nagisa said.

「No Buts…Megumi-chana nd Mana-chan’s living expenses will be taken care by us. You can just return the favor when you’re grown up. For now, you just have to enjoy your high school life as much as you can」
「I said no buts. Depend on your『women』 Besides…didn’t we tell you this before but Katsuko and I stopped high school on the way, did we? That’s why we want you to enjoy your high school life for our share as well. No…enjoy it. You should enjoy what you can for now…!
「Don’t make that face…it’s my happiness to spoil you. We’re『family』after all…!」


「Danna-sama…you really will become a man suitable for Misuzu?」

Misuzu whispers behind my ears.

「Yeah…I’ll do anything to be a man that can satisfy Misuzu」
「You already are filling me up with satisfaction…but if Danna-sama says so, then…!」

Misuzu smiles.

「Join Misuzu to the first class world」

…First class world?

「Yes…let’s go to a prestigious restaurant and learn the finest cuisines. Learn the first class manners and behavior. Wearing first class clothing. Let’s learn first rate music and arts together. Learn the first class culture. If not…you won’t be recognized as a first class human by the first class people」


「You’ll do your best for Misuzu’s sake, won’t you?」
「Yeah…if it’s for Misuzu」

Then I’ll do anything
No matter what it is…


Misuzu rubs her cheeks on me

「I’m looking forward to it…Aah, I’ll become even happier. Together with Danna-sama, we’ll be even happier…!」

Why is me learning how to be first class『Misuzu’s happiness』…I don’t know
But…It’s fine as long as she’s happy.

「What do you think, Ruriko-san?!」

Misuzu turns to Ruriko.

「My Danna-sama is like this. Truly pure, gentle, honest, has a sense of responsibility…he’ll never betray those who he have accepted. He’s like this that’s why I decided to be with him forever…!」
「Yes…I think so as well」
「M-Me too…」

Michi…that’s a bit different.
But, I must be the only one who can be a serious master of this girl with a difficult personality.
I think I’ve got to take care of her for the rest of my life.


Michi comes close
I pat Michi’s head

「What’s wrong? Master?」
「Nah…Michi’s just so cute」
「Just let me pat your head」
「T-Then…please go on」

Michi said bashfully…

「Then…what about you Ruriko-san? Do you want to join in our『family』?」

Misuzu invites Ruriko.


Ruriko looks at her grandfather.
『Kakka’s』looking at us with a gloomy face.,

「I must live as grandfather desires…」

Ruriko still think that she’s under『Kakka’s』control
It’s not unreasonable.
She has been raised thinking that it’s the natural thing to do.

「I was the same. Born as the daughter of Kouzuki house…I have always thought that I must devote this body to Kouzuki house, that i must follow Grandfather’s will」

Misuzu speaks to her cousin.

「But…I was mistaken. My life isn’t in Kouzuki…but with Kuromori『family』」

Ruriko-san listens to Misuzu’s talk seriously.,
『Kakka’s』not moving, like he’s overwhelmed.

「Of course…I still can’t escape the curse that I was born in Kouzuki family. But…this『family』is with me, therefore I have the power to fight my fate」


「Ruriko-san, come to us. Danna-sama and I…a lot of『sisters』are waiting for you The bond of our『family』is thicker than blood. Our『family』will never abandon you, Never betray you, We will help you no matter what happens. You no longer need to be alone」

Misuzu desperately solicits, but Ruriko.

「B-But…I have Yoshiko」

Yoshiko-san looks at Ruriko with a sad f ace.

「…Yoshiko-san can be free anytime after this. Yoshiko-san isn’t under Kouzuki bloodline after all」

Ruriko’s surprised.

「Yoshiko-san…if Ruriko-san gives her freedom, she can fall in love with someone she truly loves, even have a normal marriage…she’s different from us」

Yoshiko-san is Ruriko’s『retainer』in the end.
She’s not tied by the curse of Kouzuki house.
If Ruriko releases her from her『Retainer』role…Yoshiko can freely love.

「But…I want to be by Ruriko-san’s side all the time」

Yoshiko-san mutters in pain.

「I can understand Yoshiko-san’s feelings but, reality…if Ruriko-san marries to a noble family, then you have to break apart」

If she becomes a bride on a house that’s not Kouzuki…
That house won’t pick up Yoshiko-san, her attendant.
In order to block the contact between Ruriko and the Kouzuki family…
The man who will be Ruriko’s husband will try to lick her up in his house.
Afraid that their house’s private information would be flowing into Kouzuki house…
Moreover, Ruriko’s husband will corner her so she can’t rely on anyone but himself.
Later…he’ll try to use Ruriko, his wife as a card to bargain with Kouzuki family.

「Of course…there are foolish men who will propose to Yoshiko-san only to gain connection with Ruriko-sa . However, Yoshiko-san can decide her own life. No…Ruriko-san must let Yoshiko-san freely live her own life…!

Ruriko looks at Yoshiko-san.

「…She’s right. I have to free Yoshiko sooner or later…」

Ruriko interrupts Yoshiko-san…

「Yoshiko…I’m grateful for your loyalty. But, you’re not from the Kouzuki lineage so you’ll never be happy if you go along with my fate. I do not wish for that…!」

Ruriko’s words made Yoshiko-san fall silent.

「We…just by living, will be used for the power relationship between Kouzuki family and other famous families. Therefore…I was unable to make a best friend since I was born. I wasn’t even allowed to talk to men」
「Yes…That is the fate of the Kouzuki house’s daughter」
「But, if this continues…we can’t be happy」

Misuzu said.

「Therefore…I entered Kuromori family. I’m happy right now. I have someone I love. I have a family I can trust. I’ve got a lot of elder and little sisters. Everyone will be happy. In order to be happy, we’re a『family』with one mind…!」
「…I’m envious of Misuzu-oneesama」

Ruriko said.

「Onee-sama’s courage…and a wonderful gentleman named Kuromori-sama… Kind people you can call your family…I’m really envious」

But…Ruriko rejects.

「I am the eldest daughter of Kouzuki house. I’m the head family’s blood daughter. I can’t possibly live like Onee-sama…!」


「I have already dedicated this body to Kouzuki house. I will live as grandfather tells me. I’ll marry the man grandfather desires…and after marriage, I’ll live as my husband tells me…!」
「Ruriko-san…then, that just makes you a doll!」

Misuzu shouts.

「Yes…a doll. I don’t mind living as a doll」

Ruriko smiles sadly.

「In that doll-like life…Yoshiko and Onee-sama has given me some human like emotions. I am grateful. Ruriko can live with that memory alone…!」

You’re that willing to devote your life to Kouzuki family?
Throwing all of your human emotions…

「Are you okay with this…Shige-chan?」

Nagisa tells『Kakka』

「Is Kouzuki house that important? Even though you say it’s a『house』…you don’t have a『family』…!」


「That’s right…Kouzuki house is different from an ordinary『house』 Although it’s a huge system of complicated interpersonal relationship…we’re not a『family』 Even if we’re connected by blood, we never trust them truly. We’re in a relationship where you don’t know when you’ll be betrayed. What binds Kouzuki house is『profit』…not the『trust』among kin」

Gloomy eyes…

「Therefore…Shige-chan picked up Misuzu and Ruriko-san from your sons, right? To make them your own『family』…!」

『Kakka’s』eyes opened wide from what Nagisa said.

「Ever since as a kid…until you owned Kouzuki house, you were always alone, aren’t you? Shige-chan. You never had any friends to laugh together, right? Not even someone you can fully trust… Therefore, Shige-chan wants to be friends with his granddaughters…!」

Everyone in the room pays attention to『Kakka』

「When I lost my eldest son…when I lost the successor I raised with great care…everything became empty…」


「I see…it might be as Nagisa-kun says. I might be seeking『family』through Misuzu and Ruriko」


「I see…that’s why I wanted a girl not a boy. If it’s a boy…then I’d just re-do the successor making again. My heart won’t feel at ease. I’ve isolated them from other men because I want to make them『family』with only me. …fufufu, fuahahahaha」

『Kakka』laughs at himself.

「What a foolish thing…Kouzuki Shigetaka is such a small caliber…!」
「…I wonder?」

Nagisa asks.

「Seeing Shige-chan’s human side…it makes Sensei very happy…!」

Then… Nagisa uses her last trump card.

「Hey…Shige-chan. Won’t you enter our『family』…?!」

The air stiffens.

「How about becoming the grandfather of Kuromori『family』?…You can have a lot of cute granddaughters right now…!」

『Kakka』looks at Nagisa.

「You’re intending to entice me?」
「Shige-chan…there’s no enticing in our relationship is there? Sensei have seen Shige-chan’s anus after all」

Nagisa smiles.

「Let me tell you beforehand…what we’re only recruiting is only a grandfather role in our family. It’s already decided that he’ll be the husband」

『Kakka』glares at me

「But, it can’t be helped you know? Shige-chan can’t make it stand anymore…you can’t be the『man』anymore. Actually, he’s having it hard. He has to take care all of us」
「I know that. I saw it a while ago. This one really does his best…」

Though it’s a word of praise…when『Kakka』says it, it’s dangerous.

「In that respect, the grandfather’s role is virtue. All you have to do is to cherish your granddaughters…!」

Nagisa continues her solicitation.

「We’ll become Shige-chan’s granddaughters. We’ll depend on Shige-chan…be kind to you. Just imagine it…Shige-chan accepted in the『family』」

Nagisa smiles.

「Kuromori Minaho, Takanashi Katsuko, Katagai Nagisa will be Shige-chan’s granddaughter. We’ll yearn for Shige-chan without relation to gain or loss, we’ll work for Shige-chan. Of course, he’ll be the number one but we’ll take care of Shige-chan second. Margo Starkweather, and Natou Nei will become Shige-chan’s granddaughter. Yoshida Megumi, Yoshida Mana, Kudou Michi, Katagai Mao, all of the cute girls will be calling Shige-chan『Ojii-chan, Ojii-chan』…!」
「…There’s an uncute man going to be my grandson though?」

『Kakka』looks at me.

「There’s no helping for that, he’s the core after all. Besides…Shige-chan. Your cute Kouzuki Misuzu will come back as your granddaughter…!」
「Yes! If grandfather enters our family, then Misuzu will gladly welcome you!」

Misuzu also joins the solicitation.

「All of the granddaughters are welcoming Shige-chan」
「Isn’t that right…Michi?!」

Misuzu turns to Michi.

「Yes! I’m not that cute though」

『Kakka』speaks to Michi

「No, you’re cute…as long as you’re silent」

Michi turns red.
It seems she’s happy that she’s praised.
She ignored the『as long as you’re silent』part.

「Now then? What would you do…Shige-chan? We’ve almost forgotten about it」

Nagisa speaks.

「We’ll show you all of our sex with him! All the videos」
「There’s also a video of Misuzu’s virginity loss. Nagisa-sama has recorded it!」

Ah…speaking of which, that was recorded

「Afterwards…Misuzu will show all of the places where she feels it to grandfather!」

Misuzu said…『Kakka』…

「Somehow…I feel like I’m being deceived…hmm. It’s certainly not a bad offer」

『Kakka’s』mouth loosens.

「I know well what kind of people you are. It’s a gathering of people that are trustworthy…above all, everyone’s a beauty. Very well, I’ll accept all of you as my『grandchildren』」

Nagisa rejects.

「That’s not it, Ojii-chan! Ojii-chan is entering our『family』! We don’t care about Kouzuki house!」

『Kakka』 smiles wryly.

「…I get it, okay…then, please let me in『Kuromori』family」
「Yes, welcome…Ojii-chan!」

Nagisa replies smilingly


Misuzu too…

「M-My best regards…G-Grandfather」

Michi also accepts『Kakka』

「My best regards」

I bow to『Kakka』

「No…I’m the newcomer here. I’m the one who should say that」

『kakka』tells me
Thus…『Kakka』has become a member of our『family』

「Then…Ojii-chan. You know what your grandchildren requests grandfather, don’t you?」

Nagisa tells『Kakka』

「Ruriko-san…you said that you’ll do anything grandfather orders…didn’t you?」

Misuzu looks at Ruriko.

「…Hmm. Right」

『Kakka』looks at Ruriko.

「Ruriko…you too, join in the Kuromori『family』」

Ruriko’s surprised.

「…But, grandfather」
「You’re misunderstanding it…」

The grandfather calmly speaks.

「The future of Kouzuki house is trivial matter. I don’t mind if I crush it. A house that’s not functioning as a family…isn’t a home」

Ruriko listens to her grandfather.

「But…the curse of Kouzuki house has been repeatedly put on you. You can no longer have a normal marriage. Even ordinary romance」
「If there is an option for Ruriko to be happy…it won’t be in Kouzuki but jumping in Kuromori『family』 At least, you will be loved here, and there are people that accept you」
「Then…what will happen to Kouzuki house?」

『Kakka』looks at Misuzu when Ruriko asked.

「What do you intend to do? Either way…you’ve thought up of something haven’t you?」
「Yes, we’ll have Ruriko-san a『virgin queen』」

Misuzu answers.

「『Virgin Queen』is the nickname of Elizabeth I of united kingdom…」
「Yes…Queen Elizabeth of the 17th century didn’t marry through her lifetime. However, she’s been confined in the Tower of London when she was young, and thre were a lot of gossips where she had a lot of favored retainers…There’s no one that thinks that Elizabeth I is really a virgin」
「Elizabeth I didn’t get married…it’s purpose is an international strategy」
「Yes, Grandfather. They have shown consideration of marrying to the head of another nation multiple times…they have skillfully strengthened the position of UK within Europe」
「Just making marriage smell around…they built a dominance while keeping a sense of tension…」
「Yes…I think that strategy will be effective with Ruriko-san」

Originally…Ruriko is supposed to have a fiance decided by『Kakka』
But…nobody knows who it is
He himself doesn’t know.

「Hmm…by just suggesting and rejecting who’s Ruriko’s fiance among them…we can stand in dominance」
「Then…we can buy some time」

Misuzu looks at Ruriko.

「I will hold the whole power of Kouzuki house. 30 years…if I can’t, then 35 years. Late marriage is common nowadays so even if Ruriko-san marries until that age, nobody would make a complain. Until then, I will crush all of the fiance candidates severely…!」

Then…Misuzu will be the head of Kouzuki house…
Ruriko will be freed from the curse of Kouzuki family.

「That’s a good plan…I’ll help you out」


「We will also help with all our power」

Nagisa said.

「Then…that’s already done. Ruriko-san」

Misuzu corners Ruriko.

「Oh right. Ruriko-san, if you join in our family…you have to promise that you’ll love only Danna-sama and bear only Danna-sama’s child but…of course, you don’t mind it do you…?」



  1. Baka means idiot