Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 257 : You did it, Reika-chan! The family’s increasing!



Seki-san’s puzzled as Misuzu suddenly asked if they’re a 「virgin」
Fujimiya-san looks up at Misuzu silently

「…I’m asking if the two of you are still virgins…!」

Misuzu asks again with her absolute ruler’s dignity

「U-Uhmwell…I think that Fujimiya-san’s a virgin anyway but…I-I…!」

Seki-san says in a squeaking voice…
What’s with this strange tension…

「Oh, as expected, Seki-san’s a virgin as well」

Misuuz smiles…

「I’ve been raised on an all girl’s school all this time so my nose is effective on this kind of thing. Seki-san never had any relationship with a man before…!」
「Eh…that’s…you see」

Seki-san becomes flustered.

「Seki-san…is too excellent and she has the『person who missed the opportunity to love men』atmosphere」

So she can tell that?

「…Ahahaha, ufufufu…ehehehehe…!」

Seki-san tries to gloss it over by laughing.
Her beauty is messed up.

「Seki-san…you left the university and studied abroad, you never had any experience do you?」

Fujimiya-san laughs at her colleague.

「…Well, men are just idiots…all of them are just avoiding me…!」

Seki-san answers angrily

「Even though they’re inviting other girls to a date…nobody called me out…!」

Is that so?…Well, in Seki-san’s case, she’s too intelligent and her martial arts is strong as well.
No matter how beautiful she is…she’s an existence men keep their distance away.

「That’s because Seki-san learned in a school with all smart people」

Fujimiya-san said cooly.

「Fujimiya-san…what do you mean by that!?」
「If you were in a school with boys on lower degree…they would definitely attack a beauty like Seki-san without any pretense」

Instead of fujimiya-san…Nagisa answers.

「Those boys knows from the beginning that they won’t match Seki-san in studies and in atletics. There’s a lot who think that those who yearn for Seki-san are those who don’t have anything to lose」
「On the contrary…there would be some bastards who will try to obtain an unobtainable flower like Seki-san even if fooling her」

Fujimiya-san adds.

「But…Seki-san’s university, and abroad are only filled with the top elites. For men in those places…Seki-san is more like a pain in the butt than a rival」

Fujimiya-san laughs.

「The elites with promising future are men with ability…they’ve got pride. Seki-san is an existence that hurts their pride…」
「Even after joining in Kouzuki security service, there wasn’t anyone coming for you, was there? Is there any man in the company more capable than Seki-san?」

Nagisa asks

「Seki-san is on the top three best security guards of Kouzuki security service, one of the three personal guards of Kouzuki-sama」

Fujimiya-san answers.
In other words…everyone else are in a lower position than Seki-san

「Furthermore…Seki-san has climbed up to that position in only half a year after joining in」

Oh, Seki-san’s ability is outstanding.
Looking at her like this, she’s an interesting lady.
The changes of her facial expressions are very pleasing.

「What about the two other guards…?」
「Ootoku-san and Choumoto-san…only likes men」

Fujimiya-san answers Nagisa’s question
…Homo? They’re Homo?

「Both of them are deeply in love with each other. The two of them are always teamed up…the men in the company tries not to get close to Seki-san as much as possible」

Seki-san explodes from Fujimiya-san’s explanationl.

「Aaah, enough! Either way, I’m a woman that’s not popular!」

Seki-san gets angry at someone who should be the one that’s angry.

「Who cares about me! What about you Fujimiya-san!」


「…I am a woman with a sword all this time」

That’s why she’s a virgin?
Or rather…that’s somewhat cool

「That’s not a sword! You beat up woman!」
「That’s rude! This is a sword for me!」

Fujimiya-san holds her cane.

「For the line of swords…Men are only opponents!」
「As for me, I try to keep the men away from me!」
「My, you say it! That’s why you’re always wearing that strange outfit?」
「British hobby is the main theme of my life!」

Anyway…Fujimiya-san seems to be also the type that’s avoided by men.
Even if men tries to invite her to a date…
Fujimiya-san appears to be a gallant English gentleman…
A woman who dresses better as a man than men…
Un…it’s hard to walk with her.
Both of them are amazing beauties…
What a waste of a combination

「Yes yes, don’t fight…it’ll become troublesome」

Nagisa stops the two
Yeah, these two won’t be handled well if it’s not Nagisa whose on the same age.

「Right…I shouldn’t be dealing with her right now」

Fujimiya-san looks at Misuzu

「Misuzu-sama…what does it mean to ask if we’re virgins? Surely…」

Fujimiya-san’s glance turns from Misuzu to me.

「Are you going to order us to be Kuromori-sama’s『women』too?」

Seki-san’s surprised.

「Eh…W-W-What’s that?!」

Misuzu smiles.

「I won’t tell you two to suddenly just join our『family』 We don’t even know if Danna-sama loves the two of you…we also respect your will. However…could you become our ally? Not our subordinate or vassal…our ally」

Misuzu solicits the two


Seki-san doesn’t seem to understand what it meant.

「Yes. Both of you were eavesdropping so you already know but…I will be fooling all of the executives of Kouzuki family…and will have to put all of Kouzuki house into my control. Of course, grandfather will be cooperating with us but…we still don’t have enough allies」
「If Kouzuki-sama orders…then I will follow Misuzu-sama though?」

Fujimiya-san tells『Kakka』
Fujimiya-san’s a samurai at heart.
She’ll definitely follow her lord’s order.

「No, what I need is not a vassal. An ally. I’d like the two of you to be our allies by your own will」
「Why?…I am the same as Fujimiya-san, I’ll follow if I’m ordered」

Seki-san asks Misuzu curiously.
Even though they’d obey when ordered…why purposely ask them to be an『ally』?

「It seems that I’m lacking in words…sorry. I…no, our『family』doesn’t need vassals. Our family shares the same destiny. Therefore we all cooperate to become happy」

Fujimiya-san speaks muttering.

「Yes…me taking over the Kouzuki family isn’t a manly ambition. That’s what’s needed for Ruriko-san and I to become happy…so we’ll do it. Of course, when I become the owner of the Kouzuki group, I’ll try to work hard to make everyone involved with the Kouzuki group to be happy. I promise that」

Misuzu speaks with a serious face.

「What we seek is only a happy life. We want to be living where we can trust each other, laugh, and live in peace with our family. There’s no vassal in there. If those people accompany us…we have to be always careful」

Un…I feel like I can understand

「Misuzu…you knew they were eavesdropping from the start」


「The lord must always observe their subjects. However…at the same time, it means that your subjects keep watching you as well. That’s the basic of master-slave relationship. Inside this room, there is a conversation related to the secret of Kouzuki family…even without Mao-chan’s instigation, the two of them will try to eavesdrop. If you’re a guard, it’s a matter of course…

I see, in the confidential talk…『Kakka’s』priority in of Misuzu and Ruriko have changed…
It’ll affect the『Guard’s stance』in the future.
The priority level of subjects to guard in case of emergency might change…
There’s a possibility that a new subject for guarding to increase.
Seki-san’s an elite top that’s already anticipating『Kakka’s』will, taking the initiative and taking the most optimal guard stance.
Before『Kakka』orders her…she must know…she must act.
She can do the best at her job that’s why she’s a top elite.
That’s why…it’s normal for her to eavesdrop in the conversation in secret.

「Knowing that they’re eavesdropping…on top of that, they’re just guards, they knew something that they shouldn’t. Everything was all in your plan」

Misuzu intends to bring these two as our allies from the start

「Yes…grandfather. What the two have learned are only serious matters concerning the Kouzuki family. They know things far beyond just a vassal, just a guard knows」

Un…My relationship with Misuzu.
With Ruriko.
The plan to hold Ruriko as the Virgin Queen and Misuzu holding the full authority of Kouzuki family.
Old man Kouzuki entering the Kuromori『family』
Yoshiko-san’s secret.
All of them are confidential topics that must not be leaked outside.

「Misuzu-sama…you have deliberately let us listen to all of the secrets?」

Seki-san asks.

「Yes. I believe in you two after all…!」

Misuzu simles

「…Thank you very much. Misuzu-sama」

Fujimiya-san thanks Misuzu…
Then, she sends Seki-san a glance…

「I don’t know about Seki-san but…」

Fujimiya-san looks up at Misuzu.

「I will become Misuzu-sama’s ally. I don’t know if my power will be useful but, I will work all my best」

The swordswoman smiles.

「Hey, Fujimiya-san…are you sure with that?」

Seki-san’s puzzled.

「There’s nothing bad about it. Misuzu’s plan is in the end…change the Kouzuki house into an『empire of women』isn’t it interesting? It’s got some romance in it」

Fujimiya-san tells her colleague.

「To be honest…I’m somewhat bored recently. Even if I make my way up in the martial arts road, there’s no other road beyond the Japan’s top elite guards from Kouzuki security service. However, I don’t want to be a self-defense officer nor a police officer bound by the state…Since I don’t want to commit murder, I can’t come to military affairs in another country. Because my body knows the tension of actual combat, I have no intention of coming back an an athlete anymore, I’m not suited as a leader. I’m worrying about how should I live my life in the future」

Seki-san’s surprised from what Fujimiya-san said.

「You were thinking about that?」
「That’s…even though you’re not on the top elite guards, saying something so arrogantly!」
「Seki-san…so you think that being the top elite guard is the highest point?」

Fujimiya-san asks unexpextedly.

「Isn’t that obvious?! It’s the role where you protect Kouzuki-sama the closest!」
「Then…do you think that the people suited for that mission are chosen?」
「Don’t say stupid things!」

Seki-san seems to have a pride on being a personal bodyguard


『Kakka』speals up

「It’s about the reason why I chose you as my personal guard…」


「The guard in the company before you arrived was a young man」
「…Yes. I’ve heard about it. It’s said that he resigned due to a problem」

Seki-san answered.

「That young man didn’t have the problem…the problem lies with Ootoku-kun and Choumoto-kun」
Look…both of them are homosexuals you see? Both of them are paying attention that young man…」


「Then, that young man was unable to endure…he resigned 『I can’t endure having my ass be touched while on duty』…he said」

A homo’s sexual harassment?

「But…Ootoku-kun and Choumoto-kun are big names as guards, in fact, their ability is very high. On top of that, because their homo…they’re not ogling on women I favor… No, there was an incident in the past. An incident where my guards talked to a mistress of mine…that guard went to the bottom of Okhotsk sea. Since then, I’ve chosen either a Homo or a female guard as much as possible. In cases I can’t pick a homo, I try to pick a man with ugly looks as much as possible. But…I never thought that Ootoku-kun would still have his eyes on such an ugly man」

Seki-san’s eyes turned to a dot.

「Then…I was chosen next to him?」
「Un. Although there’s the opinion that you just joined in half a year ago…I never found any woman who could deal well with Ootoku-kun and co. If it was Fujimiya-san, they’d absolutely fight…!」

Yeah. The two homo and a my pace English crossdresser…they’re not matching.

「Besides, you’re beautiful, skilled in French and German as well. It always helps me out」

『Kakka』says, Seki-san…

「Hahaha…T-Thank you very much…」

Seki-san’s pride is beaten up…she’s heartbroken

「Of course…your skill is highly appreciated. I do」

No『Kakka』…It’s too late to give a follow up

「Uhm grandfather?」

Ruriko asks.

「What does Homosexual mean?」1


「Ruri-chan…I’ll teach you that later」
「Yes, Onii-sama Then, please teach me later…!」

Ruriko smiles purely.
…Is this okay?
Should I teach this child that?

「Ah, I know more so I’ll teach you properly!」

Nagisa nominates herself…
I’m sure she’ll be teaching another false knowledge…
It’s better than clouding this pure eyes…
If I explain it, it’ll become harsh

「Then, please do, Nagisa」
「Yes, Dear」

That’s when Mao-chan comes in…

「Mama, teach Mao too…!」
「Not now Mao-chan…I’ll teach you it when you get bigger」
「Eh, why?」
「It would be troubling if you awaken to a strange hobby at this age! For now you can’t!」
「Mumuu! Mama’s stingy!」


「…Mao-sama, come here」

Michi embraces Mao and pats her head

「You’ll grow up soon…」

Michi feels like she’ll be a good mother.

「Now then…let’s go back to our topic」

Fujimiya-san said…the attention of this place returns to her.

「…I will become everyone’s ally. No, please let me be your ally. I would like top participate in Misuzu-sama’s plans」

Fujimiya-san said clearly.

「There’s only one condition for me…please do not associate with men that’s not our ally. Women…especially virgin are weak to men who tries to associate with them. We would like to avoid the crisis of our secret leaking out」

Misuzu said.

「I don’t mind…I never met a man who I would like to devote this body of mine… I think there will be none in the future」

Fujimiya-san answers.

「Also…you can always enter the『family』from being an ally. Fujiiya-san, if you wish for it thenー」

Miuszu smiles gently.

「That’s…if I recall it has a condition to have sex with Kuromori-sama and bear his child isn’t it?」
「Yes…it’s a rule to become Danna-sama’s『woman』 To promise that you won’t love any other man in your life」

Fujimiya-san looks at me.

「But…should you not only ask me but also Kuromori-sama’s feelings? Kuromori-sama probably doesn’t like a violent woman like me?」

Misuzu answers.

「That’s not true. Danna-sama likes people with straight personality like Fujimiya-san」


「Isn’t that right…Danna-sama?」


「U-Uhm…I think that Fujimiya-san is a very beautiful lady. I don’t think of you as a violent woman」

Can’t be helped, let’s just answer honestly.

「…Is that true?」
「I won’t lie about this」

Fujimiya-san looks at me.
She thought for a bit…then said.

「Very well…I’ll become Kuromori-sama’s『woman』 I’ll join in everyone’s family…!」

Fujimiya-san answered with a serious face.

「H-Hey, Fujimiya-san!?」

Seki-san’s stunned.

「There’s a turning point in your life. Right now…It’s the point where I bet my life. This『family』with everyone…seems to be more fun than being a guard…」
「But…you’ll be having sex with that boy! Are you going to bear his child?!」

Seki-san speaks in panic.

「Seki-san…you don’t get anything, do you?」

Fujimiya-san laughs.

「This『family』is the next『royal family』of Kouzuki group…!」

Right…my『family』have『Kakka』and his two granddaughters in it.

「The child I’ll give birth to will become siblings with Misuzu-sama and Ruriko-sama’s child…!」

Our『family』is Kuromori…not Kouzuki
But…Misuzu and Ruriko won’t abandon my children.

「Misuzu-sama’s invitation isn’t to become a vassal…but to be an ally…to join the『family』from being an ally…does Seki-san not understand how much of a privilege that offer has?」

Fujimiya-san looks at me.

「I’ll become your『woman』 I will offer your my virginity. Is that all right…Lord?」

Fujimiya-san alls me『Lord』
Her eyes…have no hesitation in it.
She’s originally a person with a simple personality.
Once she promised it…she’ll definitely defend it forever.

「…I accept you, Fujimiya-san」

I look at her eyes, and swore

「PLease call me Reika」


「Un, then my best regards with you, Reika…!」

I turn to everyone.

「Ruriko, Michi, Mao-chan…Reika’s your Onee-chan from now on…!」
「…You’re beautiful. Onee-sama」
「Reika-oneechan! Ufufu!」

The littler sisters are pleased,

「Can I call you Reika-san?」

Misuzu asks

「Yes, I don’t mind…I will be calling Misuzu-sama and Ruriko-sama as usual in official locations」
「…Then what’s for usual?」

I ask.

「What should we do for the usual?」


「Reika…do you not have any siblings?」
「Yes, I am an only child. Since I lost my parents early…I grew up with my grandfather since childhood

Hm…if she had siblings then she won’t be like this
This firm character was because she lived with her grandfather?
This person also grew up without knowing family that well

「Then, normally…call them Misuzu-chan and Ruriko-chan」

Reika’s surprised.

「Also…Michi-chan, and Mao-chan. Everyone’s Reika’s『little sister』after all…!」

Reika’s puzzled

「Everyone’s a 『family』…so isn’t that obvious?」
「Ah, I’ll call you Reika-chan too!」

Nagisa smiles

「Speaking of which, how old is Reika-chan?」
「…22 years old」
「Eh, you’re older than me? Then, should I go with『Reika-oneechan』?
「That’s…please, I don’t mind if you call me Reika」

Reika felt embarrassed from what Nagisa said.

「No, we must not let that! Reika-oneechan!」

Nagisa’s also happy.
She’s always been the elder sister of the『family』along with Katsuko-nee…
She must be happy that an elder sister joins in.

「Um…I’m also a member of the『family』 Call me Ojii-chan…!」

『Kakka』approaches Reika with a strong spirit

「That’s…Kouzuki-sama, but…!」

As expected, Reika’s panicking too


I said.

「Try calling him…」

Reika looks at『Kakka』


Reika said with her face turning red.
Wow…what’s this?
That crossdressing lady…what’s with this cuteness…!


For some reason…『Kakka’s』face is also red
Having an adult beauty call you『Ojii-chan』…it would make you blush

「Then…everyone’s family now」

Misuzu tells Reika.

「Yes…family’s very amazing…Misuzu-sama」

Reika replies

「It’s Misuzu-chan isn’t it?」

Nagisa said laughing.

「Ah, right…Misuzu-chan Somehow…I feel very happy right now」

Obtaining a new『family』…Fujimiya-san felt like something is about to change in her…

「Now…by the way」

Nagisa looks at Seki-san

「What about you?」


  1. Ruriko’s line has three words with different JP readings but all mean Homo