Pure love x Insult Complex Chapter 259 :『Family』gathering


Katsuko-nee and Nei-san are both showing a mouth agape face.
Megu and Mana are showing up a ??? face.

「…What does that mean?」

Minaho-neesan inquires『Kakka』expressionlessly.
Minaho-neesan’s strength is having her poker face whatever happens.

「It is as I said…I also decided to join in the『Kuromori family』 As the grandfather…!」

『Kakka』happily smiles

「…Nagisa, was it you?」

Minaho-neesan looks at Nagisa…

「Ufufu…everything went well!」

Nagisa smiled satisfied.

「Katsuko-kun knows it well but currently…I don’t have any manly functions at all. No, I’m very grateful to Katsuko-kun… In the last few years…Katsuko-kun has continued to play as my favorite woman…」

『Kakka』said, Katsuko-nee smiled lonely…
Right now, inside this room…the prostitute that was entertaining『Kakka』until recently, is only Katsuko-nee…
Katsuko-nee probably never told anyone that Kouzuki old man’s body can’t have sex anymore.
To not hurt『Kakka’s』self esteem and to not let the vassals know that his reproductive ability has withered, he goes to the mansion continually as a must.
Katsuko-nee understood『Kakka’s』feelings…so she continued to pretend to be having sex with『Kakka』all the time.

「Yazawa doesn’t know that my body can’t embrace a woman anymore. It’s one of my important secrets」
「I also didn’t know about it」

Minaho-neesan said.

「I’m sorry, Ojou-sama…」

Katsuko-nee bows her head to Minaho-neesan.

「It’s fine…it’s the correct response as the『woman of the mansion』」

Minaho-neesan answers calmly

「Because of your honesty…I made a judgement that you people are worth trusting. Don’t blame Katsuko-kun」
「I’m not…Rather, I’m praising her」

Minaho-neesan said laughing

「As a matter of fact…I can’t even do it even forced. There are good medicines these days. But…it’s not good to put burden on the heart now that I’m 82 years old. I want to live long by all means…for Misuzu and Ruriko, and for your sakes…!」

『Kakka』looks at us with kind eyes.

「That’s why, I feel regretful but…I decided to accept this one as the master of 『Kuromori』family I understand that『Kuromori family』is established with the need of this one…」

Saying that…he looks at me.
Though he says『this one』…his glance has a sense of familiarity.

「This one…my grandson, the one who won over Misuzu’s heart. But, he’s not too clever…nor ambitious. Being the groom means being the owner of the Kouzuki family, he should be disqualified when it comes to intelligence, dignity, and pedigree…but this one isn’t intending to enter Kouzuki house at all」

『Kakka』explains what he thinks to Minaho-neesan and co.

「Thus…I Misuzu will shoulder the future of Kouzuki house. If Misuzu, a woman reigns as the head…it’s better for the husband to have a gentle nature like this one. This one is moderate to the core…he listens to Misuzu and Ruriko talk. And despite that, he’s not afraid to speak if he thinks it’s necessary. Above all, it seems that he’s more pleased to meet the desires of his women than to fill his own desires. I think that he’s a man suited to be Misuzu’s back-up. Because of the bloodline and my own biased education…a decent marriage can’t be hoped for. In that case, I think that it’s not the wrong choice to leave this to him…」

Misuzu continues what『Kakka’s』speaking

「Miszu is Danna-sama’s『woman』 Therefore, I already am a member of『Kuromori』 From now on, as a member of『Kuromori』we will live as a『family』 As a member of『Kuromori』…I will aim to be the head of Kouzuki house」

Miuszu priority level is has the『Kuromori family』clearly on a higher level than Kouzuki house.

「When Misuzu said that, I felt surprised. I have always been the center of Kouzuki house since I was born. I thought taht Kouzuki house is much more important than anything else. But…now that I’ve seen Misuzu’s relationship with this one, it seems that『Kuromori family』is more fun than Kouzuki house. You are united. Accepting each other. Blending in…it made me feel very envious. Then, Nagisa-kun…

『Kakka』turns to Nagisa.

「Yes …I invited Shige-chan. Isn’t it better if we just transfer Shige-chan from Kouzuki to『Kuromori』?…I asked!」

Nagisa smiles.

「With that said. I am still the owner of Kouzuki house and still shouldering all of it but…I will become your『family』while in that position. A your『grandfather』…I will protect you with all the authority I have. I promise that…!」

Minaho-neesan looks at『Kakka』…

「It’s a very appealing offer but…what does Kouzuki-sama gain from that?」

The careful Minaho-neesan still doubts the words of old man Kouzuki.


I answered.

「Kouzuki house is a huge house and yet they’re not established as a『family』 Suspecting each other, they’re people they can’t forgive in their hearts. That’s why…we can just become Kouzuki-san’s『family』who he can open up his heart…!」

Minaho-neesan looks at me.
Staring at my eyes.

「In the first place…I’m the one who made this boy my『little brother』」


「Now…I allow him to call me『Neesan』 From the bottom of my heart…he’s my dear『little brother』. I’d like to raise him healthily…」
「That’s why you allowed him to introduce himself as『Kuromori』?」


「Yes…he’s my treasured brother after all」

At that moment…I understood a lot of things
Why did Minaho-neesan lend me the suit of Kuromori Kounosuke who’s already dead…
Since going to the theater…the situation where I can’t help but introducing myself as Kuromori
I…am recognized as the man of『Kuromori』
Everything’s according to Minaho-neesan’s will
I’m no longer Yoshida…to become Minaho-neesan’s brother, I became Kuromori…

「Therefore…Kouzuki-sama understands his relationship with his『women』and 『family』 Also feeling of wanting to participate…!」

Minaho-neesan looks at『Kakka』

「Very well…Kouzuki-sama, we accept you in our『family』」
「Umu…I’m grateful」

『Kakka』laughs satisfied.

「With that said, Megu and Mana, you can depend on Kouzuki-san Think of him as your own Ojii-san…!」

The two of them are still stunned.
Well, it can’t be helped though.

「Yes…I’m your Ojii-chan. Let me spoil you a lot. I’ll buy you anything you want…!」

Said『Kakka』, Nagisa…

「Shige-chan…you mustn’t spoil them too much! We’re『family』after all」
「Nagisa-kun an co. can be the strict one…I specialize in spoiling my granddaughtrs. I’m the『Ojii-chan』after all…!」

『Kakka』speaks like a mischievous boy

「No way, can we really ask for anything!?」

Nei-san bites…
No, Nei-san’s purposely joking to soften Megu and Mana who’s confused.
This is Nei-san’s kindness.

「Yes…You’re already my『family』starting today. You can depend on me…!」
「Un! Then you see…buy me a condo!!」

Well, I know that it’s a joke though

「Sure. Next time, let’s sightsee Tokyo with my car. Point out on a condo you like and I’ll buy the building…!」

The owner of the Japan’s most known family…

「No, you see…I don’t need the building itself…」

As expected, Nei-san’s also confused by the scale of the talk

「Then…Katsuko-kun, show the list of my real estate to that child. I’ll give you any property you like. Even the luxurious condominiums in the central area, or even the high rise condominium in the bay area will do」
「Could it be that there are villas too?」

Nei-san’s eyes are sparkling

「Of course」
「A hot spring and a place with delicious fishes…!」
「Then, a villa on Izu will be good」


「Uwaaa, Yo-chan, let’s go there! It’s hot springs and fishes you know!」

Nei-san’s delighted.

「The others as well…you can use any of my belongings as you want」
「Uwaa, yaaaaaaay!」

Nei-san’s pleased but…Megu and Mana are still stunned.

「However…the minors should ask for Minaho-kun’s permission. Then…try caling me Ojii-chan from time to time!」
「Un un~! Bring me! Bring me!…Ojii-chaaan~!」

Nei-san snuggles to『Kakka』smiling

「By the way…what’s your name?」

The old man asks.

「Eeh?! You know it don’t you?…!?」

Old man Kouzuki should have already investigated us beforehand.
Furthermore, Nei-san is the central figure of Cesario Viola’s raid tonight.

「Even if I know…you’ve got to tell me your name properly」


「Ah, right! Sorry, Ojii-chan! You see, I’m Nei! Natou Nei!」
「Kouzuki Shiegetaka…my best regards, Nei」
「Everyone, you can call him『Ojii-chan』or『Shige-chan』!」

Nagisa said.

「Then, I’ll call you Shige-chan too!」

Nufufufufu, Nei-san laughs.
I see…we’ve got to introduce him to the family.
But, Megu and Mana are still off…
…Then first

「Also, it’s not just Kouzuki-san who has entered our『family』 Here, Ruriko and Michi, come here!」

First…I should introduce those Megu and Mana know.

「Ruriko has become my『woman』as well」

Hearing that…Mana reacted.

「Eh, really?!」

Ruriko answered blushing.
Then…she bowed to everyone

「…I’m Kouzuki Ruriko. I have also decided to devote my all to Kuromori-sama. I may be inexperienced but, I will do all my best as everyone’s『little sister』 Please take care of me…!」

Ruriko bows her head politely.

「Yay! Mana thought that it would be nice if a beauty like Ruriko-san becomes my Onee-san!」

Mana said…Nei-san

「Arere?! Then, that makes us not beautiful!」
「Ah…uhm, that’s not what I meant!」

Seriously, Mana…

「Mana…naked dogeza」

I ordered her.

「Eh, Onii-chan, again?!」

Mana pouts

「Hurry up and do it!」
「Un…I get it」

Mana takes off her clothes.
Ruriko’s surprised.

「Mana has the habit of getting carried away so…if Ruriko notices something, you should scold her right away. Mana’s Ruriko’s『Little sister』after all」
「…『Little sister』?」
「That’s right. Ruriko’s on third year middle school, Mana’s still in second year…」
「My…『little sister』…!」
「That’s why, if Mana shows a rude attitude so someone, then scold her right away. That’s your job as her elder sister」

Ruriko’s moved as she’s not only everyone’s『little sister』but also an『elder sister』…


Katsuko-nee asks me

「Not just Misuzu but also Ruriko-san?」
「Yeah, that’s how it is」

I can do nothing but answer.
Everyone’s surprised…well of course.

「Then…both of Kouzuki-sama’s grandchildren?」
「Yes, I thought that Ruriko would be happier if I hand her to him」

『Kakka』answers Katsuko-nee.

「Misuzu doesn’t mind it at all…I’m also happy that Ruriko-san will be with me to love Danna-sama!」
「Yes…Ruriko’s very happy too…!」

Both of them shows everyone that they’re satisfied…
Then, Minaho-neesan and the ladies seems to have consented for the time being but…
Megu’s showing a gloomy face.
While we’re talking…Mana got naked.

「Hohou…even though she’s still young, she’s well developed. You’ll surely have a wonderful proportion when you grow up…!」

『Kakka』said happily as he look at the naked Mana.
Mana hides her chest and crotch with both hands…
When she’s with me, recently, she completely lost her shame…
This reaction is fresh

「Here, hurry up and apologize to everyone!」
「Yes, Onii-chan!」

Mana hurried and prostrates…

「Mana’s so thoughtless…I have spoken as if the ladies weren’t beautiful. I’m sorry. Mana’s Onee-san are all beautiful…!」
「…Beautiful, kind, and elegant, right?」

Nei-san retorts laughing.

「Yes…Mana’s elder sisters are all beautiful, gentle and elegant!」

Mana rubs her head against the carpet.

「Un…I forgive you. But, you’ll stay like that for a while as punishment」

I order Mana.

「Eh, but…Onii-chan…」

Mana who’s prostrating on the floor raised her face and looked at『Kakka』

「That’s why I’ll allow you to hide it with your hands. Hide it yourself」

Mana hides her chest and crotch with her hand…
Now then…

「Also…Michi, she’s officially my『woman』too」

Michi comes in front.

「Kudou Michi…I’m Master and Misuzu-sama’s faithful watchdog…!」

This one also has a troublesome character.

「Michi…you’re not just a watchdog you know?」

I asked…Michi…

「Not just a watchdog…but also a toy that can satisfy MAster anytime…a toy…I’m a toy…!」

Michi’s blushing…
Just saying it makes her feel aroused…

「Ah, don’t mind it…Michi’s also a masochist like me. She’s just saying that she likes Danna-sama…!」

Misuzu tries to interpret Michi’s words but…


Ruriko asks her cousin

「…What’s Masochist?」

Oh…this one’s lack of sexual knowledge is also a big trouble.

「You see…it means seeking Danna-sama’s affection in a different way」
「The attitude where『you make Danna-sama pleased aggressively』is being a Sadist…the『I want to make Danna-sama feel good by accepting him』is being a masochist」
「Is it an academic term?」
「Hmm…it’s not a technical term. It’s not a generally used word so you must not use it in front of other people but us」
「Ruriko-san…what do you think is your type?」

Ruriko thinks for a bit…

「Ruriko thinks she’s also a type that’s comparatively passive, so I think it’s masochist type」
「Then, tell Danna-sama this」

The lovely Ruriko tells me smiling

「Onii-sama…Ruriko’s a masochist!」
「Un…I see」
「Please guide me well!」
「G-Got it…!」

Is this okay for this cute 15 year old girl being done like this?
No, I will
I’ll definitely do it…Ruriko…!


Megu speaks up suddenly.
She’s looking at me with a gloomy face.

「Uhm does that mean…you’ve already…」

Megu asks timidly.

「You’ve already done it with Ruriko-san and Michi-san?」

Megu seems tobe worried about it.

「Not yet. For the time being, they promised to be my『woman』…having them as my『family』 We’ll do it after this」
「Oh, I see…!」

Megu feels relieved.
As expected, she doesn’t like me making『women』while she doesn’t know
Actually…among my『women』Megu’s the most greedy.
That’s because she’s still mentally weak and is also bad at self assertion.
The emotions run around inside Megu’s head and she gets addicted to sex right away.
Somehow, I’ve got to think of a good solution…

「Yes, I will show my loss of virginity to Misuzu-sama and everyone else! My best regards with everyone!」

And Michi’s also a troublesome one.
Well, I’ve gotten used to it though

「Well, everyone already knows Michi already…she’s a bit of a strange girl but, she’s honest, and straightforward girl so I’d like everyone to love her as their『little sister』」

I ask everyone while patting Michi’s hair.
Anyway, she just need to be loved like a puppy…

「Roger…leave her to me」

Margo-san said.
Margo-san would be the best to ask when it comes to guiding this warrior girl.

「Yes, thank you in advance」
「Michi-chan…from now on, we’ll be real siblings. I’ll train you with that in mind」
「Thank you very much, Margo-sama…!」

Ruriko looks at me.

「Uhm, Onii-sama…」
「What is it, Ruriko?」
「Please introduce me to our family members」

Ruriko hasn’t met Minaho-neesan, Katsuko-nee at the theater right?

「Grandfather seems to know them already but Ruriko doesn’t」
「Ah, sorry」
「I’ve heard that『Kuromori』house practices polygamy…is everyone Onii-sama’s『wife』?」

I look at each of my『family’s』face

「It’s not…what we have here are both my『elder sisters』and『women』」

First…I’ll show Minaho-neesan.

「This lady is Minaho-neesan. She’s our Nee-san」
「…Kuromori Minaho. Welcome, Ruriko-san」

Ruriko bows to Minaho-neesan.

「Ruriko. Please to meet you」
「Also, that’s Margo-san. She’s my nee-san…!」

Margo-san smiles.

「Are you sure with me being a nee-san too?」
「Yes…you’re smart and strong, a very reliable Nee-san」
「…Please to meet you」
「Yes, here as well. Welcome」
「Next…Nei-san. She’s my Nee-san」

When I say that…Mana

「Wait a moment…Nei-san is also Onii-chan’s『woman』right?!」


「Mana…I can see it」

Her pink nipples.


Mana hides her chest feeling『Kakka’s』gaze.
This time, her crotch is exposed.

「Stay kneeling for a while」
「Just do it」

Staying prostrated, she thinks that her embarrassing parts won’t be seen by old man Kouzuki.
Mana goes back to prostrated pose again…

「Ufufu! I’m Nei! Yo-chan’s Onee-chan!」

Nei-san said really happy.
Being called『elder sister』seems to make her unberably happy.

「Hmm, 『Ruu-chan』 Will『Ruu-chan』do?」
「Nei-san likes making nicknames only she can call with her『family』」
「Well, is that so…」
「That’s why, I’ll call you Ruu-chan!」
「Yes, my best regards…!」

Now then…now that the『elder sisters』are done


I introduce Katusko-nee

「This one’s Katsuko-nee…」
「Please to meet you…Ruriko-san」

Katsuko-nee smiles.

「Katsuko-nee’s a very good cook」
「My…please teach Ruriko sometimes」
「Sure! Let’s make a lot of delicious things!」


「Nagisa, of course you know her already」
「Yes, my best regards」
「Same here, my best regards」

Nagisa smiles.
Huh, where’s Mao-chan

「Nufufufu! I found Kuroko-chan~!」
「Shhh! Don’t come here!」

Mao-chan turned over the white tablecloth hung on the round table.
Inside…I can see the ass of a woman wearing a yellow and black dress.
…Ah, she thinks we can’t see her.
You were hiding in that place?…Yukino!

「Kuroko-chan! Kuroko-chan! Kuroko-chaaan!」

Mao-chan’s sticking with Yukino.

「Don’t make a nose, I’m hiding!」

No…you’re no longer hiding

「That small one there is my daughter, Mao…that girl’s your『little sister』could you take care of her?」

Nagisa tells Ruriko.


Ruriko speaks obediently

「By the way…Onii-sma」
「Kishima Kuroko-san…is unrelated to Onii-sama, right?」

As Mao-chan beats her, Yukino’s moving around in confusion under the table
Somehow…you look like an idiot.

「It’s not that we don’t have any relationship but she’s not my『woman』」
「Then, what’s your relationship?」

Ruriko tilts her head.

「Hmm, that’s a long story so let’s do it next time… The introduction of my『family』hasn’t ended yet…」
「Yes, you’re right」

I point at Megu and Mana.

「Then, this is Megu and Mana…both of them are also my『women』」
「Please to meet you…!」

Matching Ruriko who’s bowing her head…Megu also bows.
Mana’s still prostrated.
Megu’s still showing a gloomy face.

「It’s fine…Megumi-oneesama」

Ruriko said, Megu shows a ??? face.

「I don’t intend to take away Onii-sama from Megumi-oneesama Onii-sama’s love is poured into everyone in the『family』…!」

Ruriko smiles.

「Therefore…Megumi-oneesama, please don’t monopolize Onii-sama as well」

Ruriko’s sexual knowledge is almost none so…
Her sensitivity when it comes to people is high.
She’s a woman who’s gentle, dignified, and also understands people’s feelings.
It seems she immediately noticed Megu’s dissatisfaction.

「I am Megumi-oneesma’s『little sister』 Please take care of me…!」

Ruriko shows that she’s under Megu…

「Y-Yes…here as well」

Megu straightens her posture and bows to Ruriko.

「Me too, please to meet you!」

Mana says while still prostrating

「I’d like you to teach her how to be elegant…」

I tell Ruriko.

「You’re right…Mana-san will become a more attractive woman if she gains dignity」

Ruriko said.

「Eh, really! Ruriko-oneechan!?」

Mana raises her head.

「Yes, it’s true. That’s why…learn a lot from Ruriko, Mana!」
「Un, got it…Onii-chan!」

Mana smiles.

「Hey…I can see it」

Since she raised her body…her pink nipple and pussy are visible to me.

「I’m showing it…it’s Onii-chan after all!」

True…Ruriko and I are in front so『Kakka』can’t see

「Then, I will be teaching Ruriko a lot about lewd things」
「…Lewd things?」

Ruriko seems to not know what’s the meaning of lewd things.

「…It’s about sex」

Ruriko blushes.

「Hey! Mana-chan! You’re also still learning you know!」

Katsuko-nee retorts to Mana.

「Those kind of things are left for me and Nagisa to teach!」

Katsuko-nee says while puffing her chest.

「That’s right…I’ll also teach you as well」

Hey hey, Nei-san…
You’re still a virgin though…

「Now then…I’ve introduced everyone」

Ruriko’s smiling.

「Everyone has become my『family』, Ruriko’s truly happy!」

It makes me happy when a beauty like you say that.
Everyone’s also making a happy face.
Megu’s the only one having a complicated look

「Umu…I’m also happy!」

『Kakka』looks like he’s having fun as well

「By the way…Yo-chan!」

Nei-san speaks.

「It’s okay now that you’ve introduced Ruu-chan to us but…」


「It’s about time you introduce those people to us?」

I turned back when Nei-san says that
Reika who’s waiting for her turn to be introduced, smiling…
Yoshiko-san with a completely gloomy face.
In addition, Seki-san who’s showing a dull face…