Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 260 :『Family』Time 1 (The combat team)


「Err, these two are…」

Smiling…Reika comes forward

「Kouzuki security service’s…Fujimiya-san, right?」

Mana said
I see…Megu and Mana were at the dressing room.

「No…now, I’m not just a guard!」

Reika says triumphantly.

「I…Fujimiya Reika, has entered the『family』! From now on, please call me『Reika-oneechan』without reserve」

…The room went silent
…Hmm, yeah
Reika…she’s really happy.
She wanted a『family』
I can understand that feeling

「Uhm…what’s going on?」

Among the speechless people, Minaho-neesan asks me.
Now then…how should I explain this?

「I solicited her. I asked…would you like to join our『family』?」

Misuzu answers instead of me.

「Yes…then, I decided to accept the invitation. I’ll join the『family』 Everyone will be my『little sister』 I will work for my『family』with my whole body spirit!」


「I’m older than you…!」
「I know…Kuromori Minaho-sama Please call me『Onee-sama』…!」

Reika bows her head
The top elite guard…is familiar with the file about『Kuromori』

「She’s a person that has an honest and straight personality. As she said in that way, she’ll never betray us…!」

I believe in Reika.

「I also guarantee her. People with combat power are rare. Therefore, she’ll be a valuable resource for us in the future」

『Kakka』also speaks

「But…her entering the『family』means that she’s also his『woman』?」

Katsuko-nee asks…Megu reacts.

「Yes, I don’t mind. I dedicate my purity for him and I can bear as many child as he wants!」


「Reika…has something lacking with her though」

When I try to explain it to everyone…Megu


Don’t react to everything…!

「Reika’s already our『family』…That’s decided. However, Reika…is someone that only wants a『family』 A man and woman relationship, romance…she doesn’t understand it at all. She’s lived alone as an indifferent one…!」

I did my hardest to explain it.

「Therefore…making children with Reika or even embracing her is put on hold for now. That’s what I thought we’d do」
「I don’t mind it at all but…more than being in the『family』I have already dedicated my life to my Lord…」

Reika says calmly
Megu’s gloominess is increasing…
A crossdressing lady, Reika’s also a beautiful woman
Furthermore, she’s got the adult charm.

「I see…I understand what you meant with her lacking something」

Margo-san speaks up

「In short…she doesn’t think of the sex between man and woman as anything but a reproductive act…」

Un…that’s how it is
Thinking that it’s just accepting man’s seed.
Or…she only recognizes it as an act of releasing man’s sexual desires.
That’s why…she easily accepted to become my『sex partner』lightheartedly

「Reika-san…what do you think about him?」

Katsuko-nee asks

「What?… Well, I think that he’s a wonderful Lord. He’s the core of the『family』…I think that he’s someone deserving of respect」
「Do you like him?」

Katsuko-nee asks, Reika thinks for a while.

「I’m an ignorant woman when it comes to relationship with men but…to be honest, I don’t know. However, having met like this…I feel like it’s fate」
「…Well, this is deeply rooted」

Margo-san smiles

「You don’t know whether you like Yo-chan or not and yet…you’re dedicating your mind and body to him?!」
「Yes…samurai don’t take back their words」

No…you’re not a samurai
You’re a manly swordsman addicted to British culture.

「Therefore…until Reika comes to like me properly…I don’t intend to do her」

I tell everyone

「If not…I feel like I won’t be able to do it well with Reika」


「Lord, is a naive man…I’m saying that I don’t mind, that you can do what you want」

…Can’t let that happen

「I…think that it’s better if you have sex with her soon…!」


「I think that it’s rude but…Reika-san, how old are you?」

Margo-san asks

「22 years old…what about you?」
「I’m 19 years old」
「Then, it’s not Reika-san but Reika-oneechan!」


「Okay, Reika-oneesan I don’t mind if you call me just Margo…」
「Got it, Margo-chan」

…You don’t get it. Reika!

「Anyway…Reika-oneesan’s already 22 years old. I think that it’s too late and impossible for her to begin the middle school『male and female love』」

Margo-san said.

「You’re right, I think so as well. She has an amazing proportion like this…I think that she should experience actual sex and understand the splendor of sexual love in between men and women sooner」

Katsuko-nee said.

「But, won’t she just drown in sex and be biased on it?…」


「It’s you after all…it’ll be fine…!」

Katsuko-nee smiles.

「…Me? No, I can’t do that」

I’m not confident.

「What are you saying…have you forgotten what you did to me?」


「I was turned to a prostitute, fell into despair…wasn’t it you who rescued me from drowning in pleasure of sex?」


「That’s right. You wrapped me in kind and gentle sex…that’s why I was able to get out of that dark sea…」

Katsuko-nee gently smiles

「Have more confidence in yourself…!」
「That’s right, isn’t it Onii-chan who saved me through a lot of sex!」

The naked Mana raises her face and tells me.

「Even Mana, the first time you raped me…even though I had horrible fear when it comes to sex…Onii-chan did all his best again and again so now I love sex! Of course, I won’t do it with anyone with Onii-chan…if it’s not Onii-chan then it won’t feel good!」


「Therefore…You should just do it with Reika-oneechan. It’ll be fine, if you cum inside her around 30 times, I’m sure that Onee-san will come to love Onii-chan too…!」

Mana said laughing

「Un un, Yo-chan, you should just put it to practice!」

Nei-san too…

「I see…that idea has a point」

Misuzu nods in agreement

「Then, let’s do it…Lord!」


「Wait…let me think for a bit」

I’d like some time to think too.
Or rather, Megu’s face is getting gloomier…

「Anyway…there are still some people I haven’t introduced to everyone yet…!」

Un…Seki-san and Yoshiko-san are the one’s remaining

「Oh…you’re right」

Reika has a refreshing character so she’s not forcing it.
…That part of her helps me a lot

「Err…This one is Seki-san」
「Ah…hello. I’m Sekiiiiiii」

Seki-san is completely clouded.

「There’s no way she’ll be joining in our『family』」

Minaho-neesan stares at me

「Yeah…Seki-san’s not in our『family』yet」

Ah…Megu reacted

「Uhm…Misuzu also invited Seki-san, it’s put on hold for now whether she’ll join the family or not. For the time being…she’ll be our ally」
「Yes…an allyyyy…!」

Seki-san answers with a half-crying face.

「If I recall…you were one of Kouzuki-san’s personal guards, weren’t you?」

Margo-san remembers the gallant Seki-san

「Yes, Seki-san is one of the three personal guards of grandfather」

Misuzu explained

「So we can expect you as our strength?」

MArgo-san asks, Seki-san…

「Yes, now that I’m this far I’ll do it! Now that I’m your『ally』I’ll assure you that you’ll gain a reliable power」

Seki-san shouts in a half-crying face.

「Un…that helps. Reika-oneesan and Seki-san…in short, two of the elite members of Kouzuki security service has joined our camp」

Margo-san looks happy…

「This will save us in fights…if we have four combat personnel then we can have a various formation on hand」

I see…the combat experts became four

「Then, should we check our cooperation right away?」

Margo-san tells Reika and co.

「Wait a moment…there’s no way you’re taking command right?」

Seki-san who’s gloomy…has turned to her former, energetic woman when it comes to combat.

「That’s right…do you have a problem with that?」

Margo-san answered calmly.

「Didn’t you say that you were just 19? Furthermore, an amateur! I’m a pro you know! There’s no way a pro would follow an amateurs command」
「Hmm, by the way, Seki-san how old are you?」
「Then…I’ve got to call Seki-san『Onee-chan』then」
「Please stop fooling around!」

Seki-san turns her anger to Margo-san

「I will obey my Lord’s judgement. Should I follow Margo-chan’s command?」

Reika asks me
…Now then

「That’s…I’ll leave it to Reika’s judgement」

Reika should judge whether Margo-san is a reliable commander or not with her own eyes

「Is it okay?」
「If not…you won’t create any mutual trust」

You won’t be able to fight along with a person you can’t truly trust

「I don’t mind who it is though」

Reika said and looked at Margo-san
I feel negligence in her eyes…
I’ll scold Reika

「Reika…you’re still planning to fight alone…」
「You thought that you can do something with your own power somehow whatever predicament it is?」

That’s why she’s saying that she’s fine whoever the commander is.
If it becomes really painful…then Reika’s planning to fight with her own individual power.
Still, she thinks that she can win against her enemy…
Reika is confident in her combat strength…

「It’s true that Reika alone can get through but. You see…Reika already has a『family』 Don’t you think that you need cooperation among the other guards to protect all your younger sisters?」

Reika’s face turned serious as well
Her frivolous appearance disappears and she returns to the former cool beauty Reika

「…I’ve been mistaken Please forgive me」

Reika bows her head to me
Then…she looks at Margo-san once again

「Margo-chan…do you have experience in commanding?」
「Somehow…I’ve seen master do most of the details though」
「…Master? Could that be?」
「Yes…Kyouko Dothnomechey is my master」

Reika and Seki got surprised.

「…Kyouko Messer!」

Seki-san mutters Kyouko-san’s alias.

「Is that the operation『Marandro』that Kyouko Messer strategized?」
「Yes…I have commanded one platoon in the assault on the Columbian drug cartel『Malandro』」

Margo-san answers Seki-san’s question clearly
『Malandro』is, if I recall…the criminal organization in Brazil Kyouko-san belongs to

「You were also involved in the『Till Dawn Operation』three years ago?」
「Yes. I was 16 back then but Kyouko-san said that it’s a good opportunity to experience real combat…!」
「…I can’t believe this!」

Seki-san and Reika shows surprise in their faces.

「Kyouko-san said that Margo-san has the capability to view the battlefield as a commanding officer」

『Kakka』tells the two pro guards

「It’s the ability you two lack the most」

The eyes of the head of Kouzuki household looks at the two.

「You two…have an outstanding fighting ability but you lack the ability to objectively analyze the situation. You can’t make a precise judgement at a moment of situation…I’ve received such reports from Yazawa…」

True…from the theater to the hotel…
The two didn’t notice the bugs planted in the car.
They didn’t even know that the leading cars were replaced with the『enemies』…

「No, it’s not that I’m blaming you. People have things they’re not good with. In short…you two are purely combat personnel. You’re working under a commander, your ability can be demonstrated properly…!」
「You mean that we can’t think of anything else?」

Seki-san replies dissatisfied from what『Kakka』saiud

「I’m not saying that. But, as said earlier, Seki-kun has the tendency to think too much」

Yeah…Seki-san’s the type that explodes from overthinking

「In that respect…Reika-kun has the courage to jump into the enemies without thinking but lacks the judgement」

Right…in the fight with the fake guards, Rekia jumped from our car carelessly.
If it wasn’t for the Banbarubie coming to help…we wouldn’t be able to divide the enemies.
Though Reika who isolated herself might have escape from the siege of the enemy on her own…
Us trapped in the car are just out.

「True…we admit that we need a commander. But…whether this child has the ability or not…」

Margo-san laughs from what Reika said

「Reika-oneesan…is that heavy stick your main weapon?」
「Yes…I will crush everything with this cane…!」

Reika answers.

「Could you try making up a stance…!」

As told by Margo…Reika holds up her beat up stick
In Kendo terms…she’s doing a Chudan no Kamae

「Understood…Reika-oneesan seems to be good at attacking the enemies at front left」
「…You can tell my habit?」
「I can tell once you take a stance If it was me, I would attack Onee-san from the front right side…」

In short…she has a blind spot on the right?

「Especially…in this angle」

Margo-san moves her body fast.


She jumped into the bosom of Reika who’s unable to move.

「…Margo-chan, you!?」
「Look…at this angle, if you rush matched with timing…Onee-san’s reaction won’t be able to catch up, right?」

Margo-san smiles

「Reika-oneesan, you’ve been training by yourself for a long time. The balance of your left and right muscles of your limbs…especially here and here aren’t good Therefore, even if you turn to front, you twist your whole body. You’ll be late to react from an unexpected angle…!」

Margo-san explains

「I-Is that so…I never noticed」
「Yes, it’s something you won’t understand even if you look at yourself in the mirror. Kyouko-san and I always check up our body state…」
「When Kyouko-san wasn’t there, I’ll be the one in her stead! I was taught by Kyouko-san how and where to check in the body!」

Nei-san answered laughing.

「Okay, we can’t easily do balancing your muscles so…I’ll be following up Onee-san’s right side for today」

Reika’s completely under Margo-san’s palm now


Margo-san’s smile shoot at Seki-san

「I’ve seen Seki-san’s power in the theater」

In the theater, Seki-san was the one who had beaten down the guy who tried to approach『Kakka』

「Seki-san, your speed is amazing but…you’re lacking in power, aren’t you?」
「Therefore…you precisely hit the enemy’s vital point to take them down…?」

Laughing…Margo-san looks at Seki-san

「T-That’s right」
「However…the opponent tonight are professionals. Even with Seki-san’s speed, it might not be able to hit the enemy’s vital point for sure. If Seki-san can’t take down the opponent with a single blow, then you’ll be taken down. Please avoid close combat for tonight」
「Then how should I fight?!」

Seki-san glares at Margo-san angrily.

「Seki-san…you’re actually good at shooting, aren’t you?」

Seki-san fell silent as Margo-san smiles.

「That’s right…she thoroughly trained at shooting during her study abroad」
「You’re already our『ally』…it’s better to avoid secrets you know」

Old man Kouzuki said…Seki-san

「…Do you have a preferred gun?」
「I have it. In here…!」

Seki-san pats her coat.
It seems that there’s a gun under it

「Then, please back us up with a gun. Please try to keep distance from the enemies however, don’t ever leave our position
「I only have two spare magazines!!」
「That’s enough…it’ll be effective even if just to intimidate the enemy」

Margo-san smiles at Seki-san

「Margo-oneesama…what about me?」

Michi comes in front.

「When it comes to this…Reika-oneesan’s gonna be the close combat vanguard. Michi and I will only be as follow up in formation though… Michi-san, I’d like you to play dead until the end」
「…Play dead?」
「Yes…since you’re wearing the same uniform as Misuzu-san…a small and cute child too, the『enemy』won’t notice that Michi-san is a guard. Therefore, stay with everyone and I’d like you to play as the last trump card whenever we fall into the very limit」
「…Last resort?」
「Michi-san, I know your desire to fight with all your power but…for now, it’s more important to secure the whole『family』…」

Michi agrees.

「In exchange…I want you to let us know the enemy approach. Michi-san, I think that you’re the most perceptive among us. I’d like you to watch out for enemies especially those from behind」

She’s divided the three combat personnel in a flash

「I will be giving follow up to everyone…so the three of you should check my position all the time. If we’re too solid then we’ll be destroyed in one attack but if we’re too far apart, we’d be taken down one by one Don’t go anywhere I can’t see…and try to defend with that in mind」

Margo-san said calmly

「…Haa, I get it. You’re the commander then」

Seki-san accepts Margo-san

「Me too…I’ll follow Margo-chan’s command」

Reika too…

「I will protect Master and co. with this body of mine…!」

Michi also speaks
Yeah…the combat group is safe now

「Then, let’s try to move our body for a bit… !」

Margo-san looks at me.

「Sorry but, could you and Nei play as the『enemy』?」

I accepted it lightly

「Then, go in that open space…」

At the moment Margo-san said…
Misuzu speaks in a loud voice.

「Please wait a moment…!」


「There’s still someone who hasn’t been introduced yet!」

Ah…that’s bad!
I was distracted with the relationship of Margo-san, Reika, and Seki-san, I’ve completely forgotten about it…
Turning around…Yoshiko-san is…
Looking down with a gloomy face.

「S-Sorry…we’ve got caught engrossed with the talk…!」

When I say that…Yoshiko-san…

「It’s fine…I’m just a luggage to everyone…!」

…What should I do?!!