Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 265 : Prince faction


Tsunoda approaches Nei-san overly familiar…
Pretending to help Nei-san, Kouzuki Satoshi comes over.
Perhaps…this is the kind of act they use to call out girls.
「Sorry, sorry…this guy doesn’t mean to do anything bad」saying something like that…
That’s their strategy to attract girls.
However, Nei-san easily read that strategy…
Margo-san, Reika and Misuzu insulted them…
The boss, Kouzuki Souji comes in.
In the end…they repeated the same pattern.

「The lady over there is just too beautiful that they’ve tried to call out in a friendly attitude. Let them apologize to you」

Look…it’s the same.

「…Tsunoda, Satoshi」

Kouzuki Souji glares at the two.

「…Y-Yes, Souji-sama」

The two bow their heads to Nei-san


Kouzuki Souji smiles

「Therefore, Misuzu-sama…could we just forgive and forget?」

Then, he looks at us…no, the women in order…

「Though there was a small trouble…please don’t mind it. How about it? It’s a rare opportunity so we would like to know Misuzu-san and Ruriko-san’s friends. We will also introduce ourselves. If we do a step by step process, we won’t have such troubles like earlier…」

Is that your aim?
Kouzuki Souji’s trying to make Misuzu introduce us officially.
Once the introduction is over…they can freely interact with us.
They’re probably trying to find out the information of each of the『women』

「I refuse」

Misuzu said clearly

「Why? Aren’t we relatives? If it’s your anr Ruriko-sama’s friends then we would like be friends with them too…earlier, that’s what『Kakka』has ordered. To get along with Misuzu-sama and Ruriko-sama’s friends…!」

Kouzuki Souji says with a fresh smile.
If it’s a normal girl then they’ll be deceived by this confident expression.
But…My Misuzu isn’t a normal girl.

「My…what Grandfather has said is only for Souji-san and the other『students』to not make any blunders towards us… There’s no『get along』from what he said…!」

Right…Jii-chan didn’t say like that

「Although he didn’t say it directly…once you read the context, you’ll understand it somehow」

What context?
I don’t get it.

「As the two successors of Kouzuki family…to bear the future of Kouzuki group, we… Since it’s a great opportunity, I guess that『Kakka』thought that he wants us to deepen our understanding with each other」

Kouzuki Souji tries to push his opinion.

「Isn’t that just Souji-san’s selfish inference?」

Misuzu said.

「I wonder?…I think that Souji-sama’s guess is right」

Calmly…Kata Takashi, one of the prince faction speaks up.

「Umu, I think so too. With the food and room being well…『Kakka』is ordering us to be friendly with Misuzu-sama and Ruriko-sama」

Natsuko Makoto speaks confidently

「I think Makoto-nii is right」

Kouzuki Satoshi nods

「…That’s right. 『Kakka』never does anything useless. His orders definitely had meaning」
「…Unless you understand the back of each of his words, you’ll never understand『Kakka’s』heart」

Oohari Ryou and Koku Rakujin tries to add.

「Rather than that…I’m hungry!」

Torada Chitoku said.
The prince faction laughs out loud.

「Well, just wait…first, let’s introduce each other and share a toast. It won’t be long. Torada…don’t go running to the food」

Natsuko Makoto said loudly.

「Misuzu-sama…that’s how it is, please introduce everyone. Please」

Lastly, Kouzuki Subaru speaks to Misuzu with a friendly smile.
The boss of the prince faction, Kouzuki Souji’s brother I think he’s the youngest among them.

「Right, it’s fine isn’t it? Please…Misuzu-sama!」

The teamwork of the prince faction is too good.
Knowing their own position…they try to take over the situation in the direction Kouzuki Souji wants.

「I’ve already refused…please don’t make me say it twice」
「M-Misuzu-sama…why? We just want to get along with Misuzu-sama and co.!」

With their strong strategy failing, the younger Kouzuki Subaru comes in modestly.
That’s their formation.

「There’s no need for me to get along with you people」

Misuzu’s smiling but her eyes are serious

「…Are you seriously saying that?」

Kouzuki Souji says

「Yes. Grandfather has said it a while ago. Even if you’re blood related to Kouzuki, those who aren’t in the lineage are just vassals. As long as you don’t give us proper vassal homage…I will not accept you」

Misuzu said…the prince faction look at each other.
The eye contact gathers at Kata Takashi.

「However…Isn’t Misuzu-sama the son of『Kakka’s』second child? In other words, a daughter of the branch family. You’re not a legitimate heir in Kouzuki house…」

Kata attacks logically.
This must be the planner of the prince faction.

「Shut up…!」

Ruriko who’s been silent all this time speaks up suddenly.

「Misuzu-oneesama speaks in behalf of my thoughts. Think of Misuzu-oneesama’s words as my own words…!」

Jii-chan’s eldest son’s daughter…Ruriko, the legitimate successor of Kouzuki family…
Actually, Misuzu and Ruriko’s father has an elder brother that was killed but…it seems that they don’t know his existence.

「Ha…I’m sorry」

Kata bows his head and retreats.

「Since when did you two get along so well? I was sure that the relationship of the two of you weren’t that good…!?」

Kouzuki Souji asks suspiciously.
Right. Inside Kouzuki house, Misuzu and Ruriko’s been set up to be against each other.

「We’ve been getting along since before! I’ve always adored Misuzu-oneesama since I was born…!」

Ruriko’s a bit angry as she’s told that her relationship with Misuzu is bad


Misuzu calls her out.

「Yes, Onee-sama?」
「You don’t need to answer each of Souji-san’s questions. That’s his plan」
「…I’m sorry」

Yeah…He’s letting her become emotional to make them speak a lot

「In the first place, they only apologized for formalities, without even confirming Nei-san’s feelings, they just try to『sweep everything under the rug』」

These guys tries to pack it up but…
They didn’t mind about the feeling of the other side at all.

「Nei-sama…are you going to forgive these people?」

Misuzu asks Nei-san.

「Not at all. These guys are making fool of women so much…!」
「If they apologize again?」
「Same. Even they bow their heads, they’re laughing in their minds…I know! I hate these kind of men!」

Nei-san said clearly.

「…With that said, please don’t talk to us again」