Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 269 : Jii-chan’s grading


『…Do you understand why a corporation made from an old house like Kouzuki is much stronger than companies that are just starting up?』

Jii-chan’s voice coming out from the speaker asks.

『A long lasting name are special existences. They have connection with other famous houses…and have power as well. For over a hundred years, Kouzuki has contributed progress to the nation named Japan. On surface and on the other side as well… The Japanese nor the US can no longer crush the Kouzuki family. If Kouzuki house declares that they’ll shoulder the political and economic activities…then the country will be overthrown. A house nobody can harm…that is Kouzuki house. Just being a company dealing with the Kouzuki house, you can get absolute trust in the business world』

That is a noble family

『Well…I have been steering the Kouzuki group for many years. The activities of Kouzuki house is wide…!』

Misuzu and Ruriko…Kouzuki Souji and the『prince faction』…Shiba Akira, Kouzuki Kenshi and the『rising faction』are seriously listening to Jii-chan’s voice.

『There’s two large flows divided into two…that is to protect the『house』…and to develop the『house』』

To protect and to develop.

『Without the will to protect, the tradition and the pride as an old family will be lost in the course of time. Everything will be trampled by the rising power. However…if only you keep protecting, the weakening can’t be stopped. To maintain status quo, the house will be exposed to the flow of time and will be ruined. At the moment it stopped growing, it’ll die. People…house…even companies』

Jii-chan’s words have weight in them.

『Therefore…we must constantly change and grow our house to maintain what we protect. This is originally a contradiction. However, it can coexist…no, they have to unless the house will perish』

The voice in the speaker laughs.

『Then, what to do?…It’s easy. I divided the company into two. A company that emphasizes on protecting and a company that focuses on developing』

Misuzu looks at the students in surprise.
『Prince faction』and the『Rising faction』…

『Misuzu, Ruriko…from your perspective, you can only see my students as foolish people. Acquaintance since teenage…it’s good to have people who know each other’s nature. The two groups are divided now but they’ll mix together after a while. Those who fight are more likely to get along』

Jii-chan…are you managing your students on a long-term perspective?

『First…Kouzuki Souji』

Jii-chan called his name…Kouzuki Souji answers nervously

『You’re suited to protect』
『Yes, however…you’re not suited in financial affairs. You don'[t have the sensibility to quickly judge and deal with a new situation one after another』
『However…what you can do is to protect what’s now and convey it to the next generation』

Jii-chan said.

『You don’t have the talent to stand on top of Kouzuki family. However, it’s possible for you to come on top five. That’s your limit』

Kouzuki Souji’s shocked as Jii-chan said it clearly.

『No…you have united your group well. I recognize that power. Perhaps…your group’s unity won’t change even 20, 30 years later. It’s an important foundation for Kouzuki group』

True…these guys have an amazing teamwork.

『However, your unity is too inward oriented. Furthermore, you don’t accept someone from the outside. For now, I can entrust leaving the job of protecting to you all』

Jii-chan’s eyes moved from Kouzuki Souji to the other members of『Prince faction』…

『Kouzuki Satoshi, Natsuki Makoto…why did you make Souji your leader? Why aren’t you taking the initiative to become the leader?』
「We put our trust in Souji-sama’s talent」

Kouzuki Satoshi falters and Natsuki Makoto responded clearly.

『That’s a lie. You just wanted to take it easy. You’d rather become the number two and three than becoming the leader, exposed to heavy exposure』
「…No, that’s」
「That’s not true. Souji-sama’s lineage is superior than mine…!」
『If you comment about lineage then blindly worship Ruriko. Ruriko’s the direct lineage of Kouzuki!』

Jii-chan strictly questions.

「That is…」
『Souji who has a somewhat good blood took the initiative of becoming a leader. Then, those who serve have it easy…as a matter of fact, that’s what you’re thinking right?』
「No, we never had such thought! We really do believe in Souji-sama’s wonderfulness! Souji-sama is a great man that would last a hundred years」

Natsuki Makoto still hangs on.

『Kata Takashi, Torada Chitoku, Koku Rakujin, Tsunoda Fumikazu, Oohari Ryou…and Kouzuki Subaru. Are you on the same page?』

Jii-chan asks the other members.

「Y-Yes…it is as Natsuki said」
「I believe in Souji-sama」
「No, really…he’s a great man that would last a hundred years. That’s what I seriously think」
「Yes…I’m sure」
「Onii-sama’s wonderful. Even I can’t reach his feet」


『I see…it seems that I’ve educated you badly』


『Hey, you guys…if Souji’s a talent of a hundred years, then what am I?』

『Prince faction』opens their mouthj widely

『I’m asking how many years my talent would last…!!!』
「I-It’s around a thousand years?」
「No, if you look at『Kakka’s』achievements, it’ll be ten thousand years」
「More. He can’t be compared to anyone else!」

Jii-chan sighs

『Light…you people are so easy!』

Yeah…I think so too

『I’m nothing but an ordinary man. Souji’s the same』
『…You don’t know what a real genius is!』

Jii-chan said.

『A talented person in ten years is just a dime a dozen. I have encountered people with a talent lasting a thousand years. A real genius comes out only every thousand years and I know someone who’ll last ten thousand…!』

The head of Kouzuki family, Jii-chan who had lived for decades…had exchange with such people.

『Know what’s real. And be more humble. If you realize how ordinary human, a stone on the side of the road…your view of the world changes』
「I am a stone?」

Kouzuki Souji mutters.

『Yes, a stone. Furthermore, a stone that causes quite a trouble You’re not round, only having sharp edges…that’s what kind of a stone you are!』

Jii-chan’s voice is laughing as he speak harshly.
Nevertheless, this person has a lot of affection to his students.

「Am I that incompetent」

Kouzuki Souji’s shocked.

『Souji…do you know John Jacobs, the president of American x company?』
「…He’s the one called the god of financial company」
『That’s right. I’ve met him multiple times. Can you defeat Jacobs in financial investment?』
「No way…the opponent is a God! There’s no way I could beat him!」

Jii-chan snorts,

『Right now, I have 2 wins and 8 loses. Though I’ve lost a lot, the wound’s small. If he didn’t think of Japan’s Kouzui as a tough opponent…the entire Japan would’ve been devoured by him』

Not only the『prince faction』but also the『rising faction』are listening to Jii-chan’s words seriously.

『Listen…being involved in Kouzuki house’s management means that you’ll continue fighting on the same field as the ferocious genius like Jacobs. Furthermore…the fights aren’t fair. Often, you must compete on under their rules, their judgement. Sometimes, they lose strategically. What’s important is to show that there’s an extraordinary fighting spirit and Kouzuki never intends to be ruled by them. If you show a chance, if you know that the opponent would come for your throat then they won’t attack carelessly…』

The room quiets down.

『Having both the financial power and ability more than oneself…you must continue your fighting pose against those who are tied to state power. There’s a lot of people who owns intelligence similar to Jacobs. Investors, corporate managers, politicians…and even scammers. Just because they’re more capable than I am, I never allow myself to run away from a fight. Kouzuki group is behind my back…and behind them is the nation called Japan…!』

Jii-chan said.

『Souji, the others as well…you have decent ability. You’ve got the lineage. You’ve got connections. And that may certainly be your power. However…that were just power just given to you by chance…it’s not a power you have gained yourselves. And yet…what are you doing looking down on people not luckier than yourselves?』

That’s right…these guys only look down.
Even though they think that people more powerful than themselves are unbeatable from the start.
They don’t even feel like fighting.

「There are a number of people who have much more terrific ability, blood, and even connections that you. And those people…even they show wanting to have allegiance, those vultures won’t overlook you」

Jii-chan’s words made the students tremble.
It’s likely the first time they became conscious the fear of standing in the center of a company.

『Even I had an inferior ability, I desperately bit into him…the people you’re looking down too will desperately peel their fangs on you. This world isn’t a simple survival of the fittest. The weak risk their life to beat the strong people that is a daily experience in real business world』

Jii-chan said calmly

『Become more humble. On people inferior, and to those who are superior to yourselves…you must pay careful attention equally. We’re ordinary people. You should keep it in mind at all times. If you underestimate your opponent, they’ll bite at your back horribly』

Jii-chan’s gaze shifts to Shiba Akira now.

『Now then…Shiba Akira』
『I praise that you have the ambition but life is finite』
「…What does that mean?」
『For example, if I want to start a new business…I can do it tomorrow. I have the funds…I also can gather the necessary personnel. I can head hunt for competent people. If you think the country’s regulations are severe then I also know who to speak in the government. I can even formulate a new law and have it resolve in the national assembly…!』
『I don’t know what kind of corporate plan you have right now but how many years do you think will it take to realize that? Even if you were fortunate enough to go through…it’ll take 15 years to establish the company. If unlucky, then it won’t happen even after 30 years. No…in the face of success, there’s a possibility of you losing everything by someone pulling your feet』
「…But, I」

Shiba Akira doesn’t bend his will of independence.

『For what purpose do you want to achieve this plan?』
『If you simply want to succeed as an entrepreneur only in pursuit of romance, then I will not stop it. Do it on your own. There’s no need for me to take care of that』

Jii-chan said.

『However…if I find a social significance in your plan and want to make it happen by all means…then I think that you should use everything you can』
『Yes…if you really want to achieve it then shouldn’t you think of using every method possible to realize it as soon as possible?』
「…That is?」
『Oh well…you still have time before debuting in the society. For now, stay as my student. And, try to look for anything that can be used from me with your own eyes. Ask me a question if you want…if I feel that your proposal is valid then you can use anything』

Shiba Akira is amazed.

『It’s the same for the others. Hanaoka Shinsuke, Koumori Akira, Kawafuji AKishi, Kouzuki Kenshi, Takagi Fuuta, and the one not here, Shiba Takahiko… Except for Kouzuki Kenshi, you don’t know the tradition of Kouzuki family You won’t be able to defend it. I know that you are only interested in development. Therefore, let me tell you If you have a plan of some sort then show it to me before the classes are over. If it’s a good plan then I’ll cooperate towards realization of it. First, a plan. If I can see a plan then I can see how serious you are and how you think about the world. I’ll just burn down any spoiled plan, an underestimating plan, a irresponsible plan. You must be prepared to be evaluated when you bring your plan. Is that understood…』

The members of『rising faction』answered all at once.
Shiba Akira hasn’t responded yet…

「Akira-kun…we’re still no match against『Kakka』 Let us have him guide us. There’s still a lot to learn」

Kouzuki Kenshi tells Shiba Akira.

「Yes, you’re right…Kenshi-san. 『Kakka』I’m sorry for saying rude things. Please let me study under『Kakka』for a while longer…!」

Shiba Akira submits to Jii-chan.

『Then, lastly…Misuzu, Ruriko』

Jii-chan speaks to his two granddaughters.

『Don’t abandon people that easily. You should value relationships of people. If you cast away the current talents, you may be able to find better ones. However…what if you didn’t come across such talent? It’s common that only people with poor abilities and don’t have perseverance are the ones employed』

Misuzu shows a pained look

『Don’t make that face. What’s important is the right person in the right place. Always think about the people with talent. How can you use that resource well. Most of the human resources fit together like puzzle pieces』
「Understood, grandfather」
「I also was thoughtless」

Misuzu and Ruriko apologizes to their grandfather.

『Don’t mind it. You two can fail even more at the current moment』

Jii-chan’s voice was kind.

『Let me tell you all my students. The future of Kouzuki house will be centered on Ruriko and Misuzu. Kouzuki house can’t escape from the lineage. Ruriko will be the successor and Misuzu will support. I want you all to help them by all means. That is a request from me. I’m counting on you』

Kouzuki Souji

「Please wait…then…who will be Rurko-sama’s partner?」

Kouzuki Souji and others think that the man who’ll be Ruriko’s husband would be the head of Kouzuki family.

『Who knows…for the time being, Ruriko won’t marry to anyone from you people』

Jii-chan said.

『If someone among you becomes Ruriko’s husband…Kouzuki house will be split. It’ll never do good. Ruriko’s husband is for her to decide. Then…That person will not be involved with Kouzuki house’s administration』
『I have made such decision on Misuzu’s partner. The person himself and Misuzu also consented. Then, Ruriko won’t mind having the same rule apply to her. If they know that they can’t become the head of Kouzuki family even if they become Ruriko’s husband…the suitors aiming for fortune will be gone』
「Then…who’ll be the head of Kouzuki house?」

Kouzuki Souji asks…Jii-chan

『I don’t mind if it’s either Ruriko or Misuzu. These children have the ability to become the head of the house. That’s what I have judged.』
「However…both of them are women!」
『In the long history of Kouzuki house…there were some women who became heads. Besides, it’s the 21st century now. It’s the era where it doesn’t need to be a man to become a leader, right?』

Jii-chan said clearly.

『With that said…gentlemen, I would like you to serve the two from now on』

The students look at each other.

「No, I think it’s a good idea. I think that a female head is acceptable in the future generation. Above all, the successor dispute on the current Kouzuki wife will disappear…I think it’s amazing」

Kouzuki Kenshi said
True, it would be appreciated if there will be none who aim to become Ruriko and Misuzu’s husband.

「I-Is that so…I can’t become a marriage partner?!」

Kouzuki Souji who’s convinced that he’ll be Ruriko’s husband has received quite a shock.

「Yes…you’re our vassal. You heard that?」

Misuzu tells the students showing a powerful eye.

「Yes…I vow to be under Ruriko-sama and Misuzu-sama」

Kouzuki Kenshi speaks as representative.

「What about you gentlemen?」

The『rising faction』nodded

「True…if the ladies are on the top, the unity of the group will increase」

Shiba Akira seems to be convinced.

「You all…don’t mind it do you?」

Kouzuki Kenshi…asks his relatives, Kouzuki Satoshi and Natsuki Makoto, and the『prince faction』

「Well…true, it seems that Souji-sama marrying with Ruriko-sama isn’t a very good plan」

Kata admits lose easily

「Hey, Kata…you bastard!」

Kouzuki Souji glares but…

「There’s no other choice now that it has come to this. 『Kakka’s』will has been made clear. As a family that has sworn allegiance to Kouzuki family, there’s no other choice but to support Ruriko-sama and Misuzu-sama」

Oohari Ryou said
The families of the old fashioned vassals are more likely to accept than the branch families of Kouzuki house.

「Please wait…if Souji-nii won’t marry Ruriko-sama, then…is it possible that for me to be the husband?」

Kouzuki Satoshi tries to say that but…

「No way」

Ruriko answered with a smile.

「Eh…not at all?」
「Even on an atomic level?」
「Never with Satoshi-san」

Satoshi fell deppressed.

「What about me?」

Kouzuki Subaru tries to nominate himself with a smile but…

「Subaru-san is even worse than Satoshi-san!」

Ruriko rejects with a smile.