Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 271 : Complex (part 1)


「Then…Shirasaka Hiromitsu will be coming to negotiate?」

Kouzuki Souji asks Jii-chan.

『The situation isn’t that simple…with the blunder in the press conference broadcast of the head of Shirasaka house, Shirasaka Moritsugu, the local affiliates have a sense of crisis. Who will trust a news broadcasting organization that has it’s head protecting a relative that’s a criminal? The key stations in Tokyo and the headquarters for the newspaper company are of course flooded with calls and emails from the protesters…』

I see, the local people protests on local branch offices…local TV and radio stations…

『Furthermore, Shirasaka house’s newspaper company and television stations has a lot of affiliated companies, foundations, and research institutes. With that said, the ripples of the scandal has began to spread even to those not directly related to the press』

Shirasaka Sousuke, is a member of Shirasaka house but…
The person himself is an employee of an advertising agency, not a person on Shirasaka house’s enterprise.
If the business is blown with protest calls in response to the scandal caused by some guy, or if their company were boycotted…then the affiliate company won’t endure it.

『Now that it had come to this…if it was a normal company then Shirasaka Moritsugu would just retire. After all, he defended the criminal himself and had gone to a press interview to hide the fact of the crime. However…Shirasaka house, is managed by only a single man, Shirasaka Moritsugu for 25 years. Shirasaka Moritsugu will never accept retiring for such a trivial thing』
「However…if Shirasaka Moritsugu won’t resign, the protests against Shirasaka house’s affiliates won’t end, would they?」

Kouzuki Kenshi asks.

『Therefore…Shirasaka Miromitsu from Osaka who’s independent from the Tokyo office, centered on the local television stations and newspaper was nominated. Hiromitsu may be an affiliate but is also a member of Shirasaka house…I know who to join hands in the main house in order to drag down Shirasaka Moritsugu』

A screen comes down on the wall of the room.
This room is originally made as a wedding hall.
This screen is intended to reflect images at the wedding reception.
On the white screen…first, a person is projected.

『First, this is Shirasaka Hiromitsu』

Yeah…it’s a bald glassed old man past his 60s.
His mouth is smiling.
Somehow, he has that schemer atmosphere.
Then the image changed…now it’s an old lady past 60s.
Somehow, her mouth is big.

『Next, Shirasaka Ayako. She’s Tokyo’s Shirasaka head house’s…let’s see, she’s on the number six. She’s an executive director in Shirasaka Holdings. The head of Shirasaka international political research institute, president of Shirasaka Peace foundation, board chair on Japan and Asian children dance circle…well, she’s the group’s boss on those opposing against Shirasaka Moritsugu』

In addition, another image…
It’s a fat man over his 40s with perm.

『Shirasaka Fukushi, Ayako’s son. He’s currently the head of cultural department on the newspaper head office…though he hasn’t done anything noticeable, Mrs. Ayako brought him here. Well, as someone who knows the internal affairs in the newspaper company, it’s a good selection』

Then…a small old man.

『Lastly, Yamada Hisashi. He’s one of the vice presidents on the newspaper company. Though he’s someone who stands by Shirasaka Moritsugu’s side, he was persuaded with Shirasaka Hiromitsu and decided to participate in the downfall plan. He’s supposed to suppress the middle class who begin to abandon Shirasaka Moritsugu』

I see…there’s a coup prepared inside the Shirasaka house.

『Tonight, these four people will be talking with us in the table of negotiations. They seek support for their plan from us』

Jii-chan explained to his students…
Actually, it’s a bit different.
They’re actually coming to make a deal with Minaho-neesan.
As long as Minaho-neesan keeps leaking out information about Shirasaka Sousuke’s wrongdoings…
The flames of this scandal will never end.
On the contrary, Minaho-neesan still holds a lot of『fire』
They are afraid of that spill.
Though the head, Shirasaka Moritsugu’s policy is to『resist to the bitter end』…if they do that, there would be an enormous damage given to the entire group of company.
The local and affiliated companies are hoping for an immediate『extinguishment』
Therefore…they must『make an agreement』with Minaho-neesan.
Jii-chan not telling his student means that…
He doesn’t want to tell them about the underground organization『Kuromori』and Kuromori Minaho.

「What advantages would it give to Kouzuki house if we give them support?」

Shiba Akira asks

『Rather than being a merit to Kouzuki family…it is a matter of national interest』

Jii-chan answers.

『After the scandal created by Shirasaka Sousuke is revealed…Shirasaka house’s related company shares have been dropping across the board. There’s information of foreign investors targeting the stocks that have become cheaper』
「However…if foreigners buy shares of Japanese media…I think that they’ll receive a strong opposition」

Kata said.

『They can just ask a Japanese representative with an investment fund. They’re fine as long as they can control even indirectly. However, it’s not good for foreigners to hold control of Japan’s media outlets. They can just give arbitrary reports that’s convenient to them』
「I see…if the one moving from behind the scenes are American investors, they’re just vultures for gold swarming together…in case of people in other countries, they’ll use it for political purposes.」

Kouzuki Kenshi explained.

『For the time being…in return for our aid, Shirasaka house will give out shares they have. We won’t be able to take all away but we’ll suppress around 30% of them. If so, we can send an executive officer. If Shirasaka Moritsugu loses power, the next top of the television and newspaper station won’t be Shirasaka family anymore. If Shirasaka house just does a baton pass on another Shirasaka…the public won’t be satisfied. With the new representative we will send…we’ll be wiping out the Shirasaka house’s influence from within』
「In short…Shirasaka household can no longer touch the management?」

Kouzuki Souji speaks in surprise.

『Yes…we’ll have them accept the position as one of the major shareholders on the newspaper and television company. Of course…even if someone from Shirasaka family is a competent man gains a position, he’ll never take the top. In the first place, a situation of a single house taking a huge news enterprise group is abnormal. We will correct that with this opportunity』

Jii-chan said.

『While at it…we will also arrange the affiliate companies. We’ll let all companies that can be independent do it…we’ll make newspaper and television only do business as a news organization. I won’t let them do any other foolish business』

Jii-chan intends to completely disassemble the Shirasaka house’s group of company.
Well, true…it’s strange that a newspaper and television station operate under record and entertainment companies.

『It’s past eight in the evening. We’re a bit late in the schedule but…Shiraska Hiromitsu should be arriving soon』

Miss Cordelia who’s together with the white Viola’s promised not to attack until 8PM when they came to the theater.
It’s already past that time.
Did they keep their word…?
No, the enemy might’ve already infiltrated close to us…
They might even waiting the signal for combat.
Actually, I can’t see anything.

『Well, the colleagues I have called in were also delayed in arrival…』

Jii-chan called the parents of the students for negotiation.
And someone among them…
Is doubted as a traitor.
To think that the enemy was able to enter Kouzuki security service…
Then it’s assumed that there’s someone from the same organization that’s an enemy other than Cesario Viola.

『Please take your meal for a while now…I will make contact again later』

Then, Jii-chan’s voice ends.
The image of the screen switches on the first floor of the hotel.
Ah…Someone came in the hotel by car.

「Ah, that’s our dad」

Tsunoda said.
A man wearing an expensive looking suit comes out of the black car.
Thus, the people on the negotiation table will be gathering at the table one by one.
…Now then.

「Girls, are you not hungry?」

I call out to my women.

「Eh, what’s wrong, Yo-chan?」

Nei-san asks me in surprise.

「Let’s eat properly while we have time」

The students invaded in while we were in the middle of a meal earlier…

「Besides…it would be a waste to leave food」

…There’s still quite a lot of meals left.

「…Danna-sama, you’re right」

Misuzu smiles at me.

「Let’s try to eat a bit more while we have time…!」

Un…we don’t know when our next meal will be if Viola’s attack happens.
It’s possible that we might be isolated in the hotel.

「Right…I’m eating!」

Mana said.

「You all as well, eat as much as you want…!」

Misuzu orders the students…

   ◇ ◇ ◇

Now then, the room has become strange.
Misuzu’s orders are working…so the students aren’t coming close to us.
The『prince faction』and the『rising faction』are interacting

「I wanted to talk to you once」

Shiba Akira talks to Kata Takashi, the planner of the『prince faction』
On the other side, Kouzuki Kenshi and Torada Chitoku from『rising faction』are talking to Oohari Ryou and Koku Rakujin, members of the『prince faction』that aren’t member of Kouzuki house.
Hanaoka Shinsuke, Koumori Akira also join the circle.
Kouzuki Souji, the leader of『prince faction』who had the densest blood broke down…it seems that the power balance of the『private faction』starts changing right away.
The『prince faction』was bound by the relationship of their family and parent’s generation…
The『rising faction』were indebt children of those who have entered later.
That’s another inferiority complex.
That complex was removed at once and the air has gotten better.

However…there seems to be a person who have decided to be isolated on the contrary.
Kwafuji Akishi and Takagi Fuuta are looking at the whole state from far away.
Then, Kouzuki Souji, Subaru and Satoshi gathered together and eat quietly.

There’s also a small change in us.
Yoshiko-san who’s been gloomy until a while ago is now eating with Ruriko with a bright face.
It seems that she feels a bit relieved now that Ruriko’s fiance problem have been cleared up.
Misuzu and Nagisa are taking charge of the place.
Reika’s playing with Mao-chan as usual
Megu and Mana are eating with the two of them stuck together.
I’ve got to break this combo somehow.
I feel like Megu and Mana’s combination isn’t very good.
Yukino, she’s limping alone.
However, because Kouzuki Satoshi who knows her true identity is here…she can’t leave our side

「Hey, are you eating properly?」

I ask Yukino…

「Just leave me alone…」

「I took a sandwich and a drink」

「Anyway…eat. You don’t know when you need the strength to go」
「It’s fine…who cares if I die anyway」

Yukino said showing a gloomy face.

「If Moritsugu-ojisama loses power…nobody will come to help us anymore」

Yukino said「Us」

「Papa’s abandoned…Mama can just go back to Ichikawa house…Maika, well, it seems you saved her」

Yukino has her own family
That terrible father and mother that abandoned her…that’s still Family for Yukino

「What will happen to me?」


「For the time being…you’ll stay with us for a year」
「…A year?」

Yukino shows a suspicious face

「You’ll give birth to a child after all」

Surprised…Yukino touches her own stomach

「I wonder if I’m already pregnant…」
「Even if we don’t do it now, I’ll definitely make you pregnant…that’s Minaho-neesan’s will」

Minaho-neesan is trying to make Yukino give birth to a substitute to her dead sister.
If a baby isn’t born…Minaho-neesan’s revenge won’t be complete.
Minaho-neesan was made to never make a child again anymore by Shirasaka Sousuke

「…You’re right, I don’t think you’re gonna give up」

Yukino mutters, expressing her disgust.

「Then just rape me as you wish…you coward」

Mana then approaches Yukino.

「Onii-chan…want me to give birth instead?」

…Hey, Mana

「It’s not just Yukino-san…I’m also a subject of Kuromori-san’s revenge right? I’m fine with it. Either way, someday I’ll give birth to Onii-chan’s child…it’s fine to get pregnant even now. Mana can’t go back to her school anyway…!」

Mana won’t be able to go back to the prestigious all girl middle school.

「Mana will take a year break and give birth. Then, you can just throw Yukino-san away right…!」
「E-Even I am fine with it」

Megu comes close.

「I also am Shirasaka Sousuke’s daughter」
「It’s fine Megu-oneechan…Mana will do it. Megu-oneechan still has her school…I want you to do your best in your club activities too…!」
「Mana’s the one who shouldn’t…it’s not good for a 14 year old girl to give birth. Besides, you’re aiming to become a super model, right? Your body line would change if you get pregnant. You know that don’t you?」

Megu tells Mana.

「But…a dream is a dream. I’d rather have a bond with Onii-chan than reach my dream」


「If I make a baby…then I’ll be able to feel that should never leave Onii-chan’s side」

I see…Mana’s

「Besides…I’m scared of Yukino-san giving birth to Onii-chan’s child」
「…Eh, about what?」
「Like…Yukino-san might take away Onii-chan from us」


「Yoshi-kun…I’m the same. I’m scared of Yukino」

These two…
Yukino’s younger sister and half sister…
They’ve always lived having inferiority complex towards Yukino.
The wound still remains in their heart

「I hate this guy so much…!」

Yukino tells her sisters.

「But, this man seems to like me by all means!」

Yukino whispers, showing a nasty smile.

「We know…that’s why we’re scared」

Megu said.

「Ooh, now that I see your depressed face…it made me hungry」

Yukino eats the sandwich I brought

「Right…if it’s going to make you suffer then I think I’ll bear this man’s child!」

Yukino also holds inferiority complex towards Megu.
That ill feeling makes Yukino go reckless.

「I’ll do anything if it’s to see your crying face」


「Yukino…you don’t understand anything」

Yukino glares at me.

「Have you ever thought of wanting to have sex with me?」
「There’s no way I would. I hate people like you! You’ve been forcibly raping me all the time!」

Yukino who has high pride answers as such.

「Right. You’re always forcibly raped. Even now, you’re forced to look funny…forcibly dragged around. It has nothing to do against your will…!」
「That’s right! I’m the victim here!」

Yukino barks at me with angry eyesl.

「That’s how it is. Even getting pregnant, giving birth to a child…it’s all forced. Your will is ignored…!」

I said

「If there’s someone who should cry, it’s you. Your life has been made a mess by me… !」

Tears accumulate in Yukino’s eyes.

「W-What, what’s with you, what’s with you! Unforgivable…I’ll never forgive you!」

Again, tears drop from Yukino’s cheeks.

「Yeah, you don’t have to…I don’t think you will」

I look at Megu and Mana.

「You girls too…whatever happens, don’t ever get jealous of Yukino…!」
「I’ll make Megu and Mana happy. Therefore, you should be」


「Yukino will never become happy…you two are different」

There’s no way for us to understand each other.
We’re incompatible.

「Believe me, be proud…okay?」

Megu’s still gloomy

「You two don’t believe Master? Then please excuse yourself from being Master’s『woman』」

Michi comes in.

「Michi-san…does that mean?」
「Misuzu-sama and I…believe that Master will make us happy…we also swear to make Master happy」

Michi reports

「If you always just want to be pampered by Master and doesn’t intend to support him…then you two should be eliminated!」
「Hey, wait…Michi」

It would be troublesome if you attack Megu or Mana with your Kudou style ancient martial arts…!

「Hai hai hai hai! That’s enough!」

Nei-san appears smiling.

「Megu-chan and Mana-chan too…it’s about time you’ve got to reassess. You two have been overly relying on Yo-chan since last night…!」
「…Over relying? We?」

Megu looks down.

「It’s fine to be spoiled! We’re『family』! But, are you okay with just being the one being pampered?」
「…I don’t think it is」

Mana answers

「…What should we do?」

Megu mutters.

「Before I noticed…Misuzu-san has overtaken me… Misuzu-san is becoming even more attractive as Yoshi-kun’s partner and yet…I’m becoming a burden. I…I…!」