Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 274. Second negotiation ー 2


『…Are you saying you want me to buy the local television and radio stations only?』

The president of the television station from Osaka, Shirasaka Hiromitsu shows a bitter look from Jii-chan’s remark

『Hiromitsu-kun, what are you suggesting!?』

Shirasaka house’s Tokyou office vice president…Yamada Hisashi shouts aghast.

『If you do that…our television and newspaper network would collapse』

On the other hand…Shirasaka Hiromitsu from Osaka…

『I don’t mind…let it collapse. Currently, the network is concentrated on Tokyo too much. Most of the information is sent from Tokyo, people living in the rurals are watching it welcome…this situation is distorted. We must correct it』
『That’s not true, we’re covering all of the local topics adequately!』

Vice president Yamada doesn’t seem to be convinced.

『I don’t think that’s enough. No, the problem isn’t whether the local topics are reported or not. …The big problem is that the Tokyo topics take up the television and newspaper more than necessary!』

Shirasaka Hiromitsu won’t give in.

『For example…a light night show is sent out from the Tokyo station. Since it’s a news program, it only has to give out news, but there’s also extra corner. Why do you have to show the rural areas about the famous confectionery that’s in limited production under the department stores in Tokyo, the popular ramen shops in Tokyo, special features about a lunch store where you can eat for only 500 yen at Tokyo!? If you don’t live in Tokyo then isn’t that all useless information?!』

Oh…So those kind of programs show on rural areas too?
True…it’s just troublesome for the local people far away from Tokyo to have such broadcast.
It’s not somewhere they go on their daily life.

『That’s just letting the local people know the current trends in Tokyo too!』

Vice president Yamada says so but…

『That’s none of our business. You think that all of sources of information are in Tokyo. The local provinces have their own news too. We would like to increase the coverage that’s appropriate for each region without being bound by information control by Tokyo』
『You don’t get it Hiromitsu-kun…the political and economic center of Japan is Tokyo. Isn’t it obvious that all of the information dissemination should be centered at Tokyo?』
『Yes, therefore we will be broadcasting the congress and the stocks information from Tokyo. However, it’s just wrong to produce all other information contents in Tokyo and distribute it nationwide. The local stations need more privilege…!』
『…You’re just saying that so you can sell program made in Osaka and other provinces don’t you…!』

The representative of TV station in Osaka…and the vice president of Tokyo newspaper office.
Their opinions don’t match at all.

『Well, fine. If Shirasaka Hiromitsu wants me to buy the local companies…and ultimately, you want to get out of the control of Shirasaka Moritsugu who’s the representative』

Jii-chan concludes.

『Yes…we can never freely report if we’re under Shirasaka Moritsugu’s powerful ruling』

Shirasaka Hiromitsu look at Jii-chan’s eye as he answer.

『However…if you change the ruler from Shiraska Moritsugu to me…do you really think that you can report freely? I might aspire to make a more biased coverage than Shirasaka Moritsugu you know?』

Jii-chan laughs.

『That is…we do believe in Kouzuki-sama』
『Well said… What do you know about me then?』

Jii-chan pressures Shirasaka Hiromitsu.

『Either way, I already know what you were thinking coming here…next』

Jii-chan’s eyes turned from Shirasaka Hiromitsu to Shirasaka Ayako.

『I’ll listen to you. What do you want to ask from me?』

Shirasaka Ayako…

『I’m someone that’s closer in the head house of Shirasaka than Shirasaka Hiromitsu』
『I know. You’re the daughter of Shirasaka Moritsugu’s older brother aren’t you?』
『Yes…if father didn’t die young, then Uncle Moritsugu won’t become the head of Shiraska house. I am the rightful lineage of Shirasaka head family』

I see, because she can assert her legitimacy in the bloodline…Shirasaka Ayako can be the boss of the forcer against Shirasaka Moritsugu, the head of Shirasaka house.

『With the last night’s blunder…I have decided that it would be better if Uncle Moritsugu isn’t the head of the house anymore. Uncle Moritsugu will retire. And the next head’s seat will be inherited by my son, Shirasaka Fukushi』

In short, this old lady wants his son to be the next head.

『As expected, the Shirasaka house must be lead by the right blood. My son, if Fukushi becomes the head, then Shirasaka house will return to it’s rightful lineage. Both the newspaper and television stations…should be proud of Fukushi』

Isn’t that just Obasan’s personal delusions?

『Therefore…Kouzuki-sama, please support Fukushi from the back. Of course, Fukushi and I swear absolute obedience to Kouzuki-sama. All of Shirasaka family will move by Kouzuki-sama’s will…!』

Shirasaka Ayako shows a vulgar smile.

『I think that it’s not a bad deal for Kouzuki-sama…』

…This Obsasan doesn’t care about anything else as long as her son is the owner of Shirasaka family.
She intends to pass the rights to Shirasaka house’s newspaper and television companies.
She just want the honor of being the owner of Shirasaka family.

『Do you have the same opinion?』

Jii-chan looks at vice president Yamada.

『N-Not at all!』

Vice president Yamada answers in a loud voice.

『I…for one, would like all of the management team from Shirasaka house’s television and newspaper companies to resign』
『Yamada-san, what do you mean by that』

Shirasaka Ayako’s provoked

『Are you saying that you’ve forgotten all of the kindness and gratitude you had from Shirasaka house and want to banish Shirasaka from the company?!』
『Don’t be absurd…!』

Vice president Yamada answers.

『For one…Let me speak. Currently, with Shiraska Sousuke’s problem coming to light…it has become a national concern. And last night…Head Chairman Shirasaka Moritsugu spoke at the press conference as if he’s protecting Shirasaka Sousuke’. With this, it can’t be helped if they think that the whole Shirasaka family is concealing the crime of the family』
『What are you saying! You’re just an employee of the newspaper company, you’re rude!』

Shirasaka Ayako shouts.

『I’m the vice president! An executive! I don’t resemble anything that can be called an employee!』

Vice president Yamada flares up at Shirasaka Ayako

『Either way…the trust on the television and newspaper company is ruined because of the problems caused by the people of Shirasaka house. Yesterday, all of the affiliates were flooded with protest calls an faxes! Now that it has come to this, if all the members of Shirasaka house don’t leave their office…the people won’t be convinced!』
『Saying that, you just intend to take control of the newspaper and television companies!』
『I don’t have such ulterior motives. I’m saying that there’s no other options in order to stabilize the newspaper and television companies!』
『F-Fukushi…what about Fukushi?!』
『Fukushi-kun isn’t an executive. If Shirasaka house is only among employees, then the people will allow it』
『Saying that…you’re thinking of driving Fukushi out someday don’t you! That’s right…of course you do!』
『Both of you, stop this already!』

Shirasaka Hiromitsu scolds them.

『Kouzui-sama…this is the inside of the Tokyo office. They only think about their own power struggle…they’re not thinking about us in the local areas!』
『That’s not true…I believe that it’s important to cover the whole country with the coverage network』
『Yamada-san…we’re not a property of Tokyo office! We’re independent from Tokyo! I’ve already had enough to see only the color of Tokyo!』

What’s this

「Do those people not get what situation they’re in?」

Kouzuki Satoshi speaks as he look at the screen.

「Shirasaka Hiromitsu wants backup on the local companies becoming independent…Shirasaka Ayako wants her son to be supported becoming the head…vice president Yamada from the Tokyo office wants Shirasaka house’s people to step down, each of them request『Kakka』their own wishes…」

Kata Takashi, the brain of the students put it together.

「In the end…the three’s opinion match only about 『Shirasaka Moritsugu losing his position as the head』」

Shiba Akira mutters showing an amazed face.

「However…they only think of their own self afterwards…!」

Should I say as expected of Shirasaka house.
They’re only evaluated as egoistic criminals like Shirasaka Sousuke.

『All of you are people not worth negotiating with me』

Jii-chan said

『Shirasaka Hiromitsu-kun…you’ll stay in Osaka forever. It seems that you don’t have any intention to oppose the whole of Japan even the world.』
『That is not true! First of all…I just thought of accumulating all of the small things』
『Therefore you should go back to your province and pile it up. I’ll deal with the Shirasaka newspaper and television companies’ regional affiliate even without you』
『That’s…what will happen to us in the rural areas?!』
『If you’re saying that far then why don’t you stop working on a major affiliate company, capitalize, and build an independent company in the province?』
『The local recession is terrible. My station in Osaka is capable of becoming independent but the other provinces, it’s impossible for them to create a new company』
『If they can’t survive without their connection with Tokyo then it’s unavoidable for them to be dominated by Tokyo office』
『That’s…couldn’t Kouzui-sama invest funds with his power somehow?』
『You want money but you don’t say it yourself…isn’t that just selfish?』

Jii-chan snorts.

『I understand that the local companies are dissatisfied with Tokyo…however, it’s just a bad idea to ask for my help…』

Next, Jii-chan looks at Shirasaka Ayako.

『Then…I’m not interested on who will be the next owner of Shirasaka house. Shirasaka house can decide that on their own…』
『Please don’t say that…If Fukushi becomes the head, he’ll do his best to support Kouzuki-sama! He’ll never forget your kindness! Please support Fukushi!』

Shirasaka Ayako desperately appeals.

『You see…I prefer those smart yet not loyal than a foolish yet loyal. A smart person understands what he profits and act according to it. As long as I guarantee profit, they will absolutely not betray me. On the other hand, a foolish person…will show me loyalty and don’t do anything that’s selfish, as a result, they often cause terrible damage to me』
『Fukushi…my son is a smart man. He finished politics and Economics on Waseda…!』
『…If he’s really a smart person then he shouldn’t be late. This is a critical turning point that must not be missed in his life』

Jii-chan said.

『I can’t trust the person named Shirasaka Fukushi as he’s not here』
『…Kouzuki-sama! Please wait for a bit longer. This must be a mistake! Surely the road is crowded!』
『In addition…I just don’t think well of mothers who excessively interfere with their son’s future』

Jii-chan’s words are cold.

『By the way…how old is your son, Fukushi-kun?』
『…38 years old』

Yeah…that’s just no good
A really bad idea

『Now then…lastly, vice president Yamada. Your proposal is reasonable. At the same time Shiraska Moritsugu resigns as the newspaper company’s representative…the entire directors should be reelected』
『Y-Yes…thank you for your praise!』

Vice president Yamada shows an expression of joy when his proposal is accepted.

『Of course…you will have to resign as well』

Vice president Yamada’s face turned pale in an instant…

『You have worked under Shirasaka Moritsugu for a long time haven’t you? He should have recognize your ability. If not, you won’t be able to get the position of being the vice president』
『That’s certainly true however』
『Then…don’t you think you should retire along with Shirasaka Moritsugu as well?』

Vice president Yamada fell silent.

『Negotiations are deals. You exchange valuable with valuables. However…all of the conditions you have presented aren’t worthy for me』

Jii-chan speaks coldly.

『Therefore…from now on, I will do as I want. …Katsuko-kun』

Jii-chan calls Katsuko-nee


Katsuko-nee appears from outside the screen.
She can only be seen as a beautiful secretary Jii-chan has employed.

『Present the material for these people to see』

Katsuko-nee operates the terminal.
It seems that there’s a screen that reflects an image in the conference room where Jii-chan is.
Then…the document is shown.
Of course, the document is also synchronized to the screen we’re looking up to.

『This is the situation of the stocks of your company. 51 percent is held by Shirasaka house. The remaining 49 percent is owned by various companies and individual shareholders…』

Oh…I see

『Even if you say that Shirasaka house owns 51 percent, the head, Shirasaka Moritsugu holds only 28 percent. The others are divided to the people of the clan』
『I also hold 6 percent』

Shirasaka Ayako said

『Right, you have 6 percent of the stock… There’s shareholders of the Shirasaka bloodline that are opposed to Moritsugu. I’ve gotten 2 percent of the share from that person』

…2 percent.

『In short…Shirasaka house’s current share’s owned is 49 percent. Do you know what that means?』

The shareholding ratio of non-Shirasaka shareholders is 51%?

『In stocks, if you hold more than half of the shares, you can move that company freely. Now then, once the holidays are over…I will announce TOB…take over bidding to purchase your newspaper company. The stock price of your newspaper company is crashing very low since the case yesterday. I’ve been buying cheap stocks already but…TOB means buying shares with a higher price than the market price…everyone will be selling me their shares』

The three people are listening to Jii-chan’s story trembling.

『I’m sure that everyone would be willing to sell me especially the stocks for each company. I’m Kouzuki Shigetaka you see. They want to sell me a favor and don’t want to be glared at』
『H-However…if I buy a 2 percent stock from the marker…Shirasaka house should be able to dominate and won’t be lost』

Shirasaka Hiromitsu wipes his head with a handkerchief…and said

『Buy?…From who? How?』

Jii-chan laughs.

『I’ve already directed the Shirasaka house’s main financing bank. No bank will be lending money to Shiraska house. Because the possession of share is an individual asset…you can’t possibly misappropriate it to company’s assets. The only one with personal funds on hand…Shiraska Moritsugu, how far do you think he can go?』

Jii-chan has already prepared his attack?

『What, if you know how serious I am…then I can have all of the shareholders apart from Shirasaka house stick to me. They know that Shirasaka Moritsugu has no future. There’s no way you’d come to suicide along with a man that’s falling down』

True…in this situation.
Even the other people from Shirasaka house will immediately surrender to Jii-chan.

『I will obtain the management rights to your newspaper company. The affiliate companies’ stocks will follow. Ultimately…I will secure all of your news networks』

Jii-chan smiles.

『I don’t need cooperation from the three of you…Sorry I troubled you to come here today. Now, go home…!』

The three non-mainstream faction members of Shirasaka house look at each other…

『P-Please wait…Kouzuki-san!』