Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 289. Live action version


The fight in the screen…
The enemy troops are approximately twenty people.
Even if you say they’re fighting enemies…As usual, Banba-san’s the only one fighting.
Barbie-san and Ruby-san are sitting on the corridor of the hotel, taking a break eating anko bread.
There’s plenty of pottery dishes in front of Ruby-san for some reason.
Did she bring it from the kitchen of the hotel?

『Hey, Banba-chan, the enemy’s coming from behind』
『Do your best』

Banba-san jumps into the enemy crowd…so the enemy can’t use their guns carelessly, she takes down the enemy one by one with the flail.

『Okaay, oh there!』

The steel ball at the end of the long hard stick strikes down another man in black combat suit

『Oops, that’s dangerous!』

The enemy was trying to attack Banba-san from outside her vision…Ruby-san throws a Frisbee like plate to restrain him.


At the moment the plate hit the enemy and broke…the steel ball knocks down his head!


『Ruby-san thanks for the support!』
『Yeah, go all out on the fights!』

Banba-san feels like she’s the only one fighting but she’s not feeling any doubt from it.


Cheering herself up, Banba-san continues fighting.

『By the way…Banba-chaan』

Barbie-san calls Banba-san.

『Yes, what is it…Barbie-saaan?』

…Dokaa, bakiki!

Two enemies were taken down with one blow!

『Though we’re at this kind of situation…I’ve thought of casting the live action version of Science Ninja Corps Gatchaman!』
『Oh…Barbie-neesan, that sounds fun』

Ruby-san is up to it…

『Barbie-saaaan…what’s Gatchaman?』

…Dogan! Gatsun!!

Barbie-san ignores Banba-san’s question…

『Well then, presenting!』
『Oh, go go…!』

Barbie-san and Ruby-san are the only ones excited.

『First…G1 Eagle Ken…as for the main character, after all it’s gonna be Matsudaira Ken, a big star with dignity!』
『Fumu fumu, I see』


『Then…the prefered Joe this time is harsh so I think Joe Yamanaka is good』
『I see, I see』

Could this be?

『As for Swan Jun, a cute and sexy actress is fine…so Miho Jin will do!』

Uhm…you’re just looking for celebrities with same names…

『Then, Barbie-neesan…as for Owl Ryu…should we go with Ryu Lighter?』

Ruby-san said, Barbie-san…

『Right, I was pondering whether to pick Ryu Lighter or Ryu Chisu Look…both of them are visually perfect as Owl Ryu, right?』

Barbie-san answers confidently

『…Ryu Hosei!』


『Ah, true! The body is perfect and the face are completely alike!』
『Right right?! Ruby-chan!』

…Dokna, baki!

Banba-san takes down another enemy alone…

『Barbie-saaan…Who’s Ryu Hosei?』


『What?! Banba-chan, you don’t know Ryu Hosei!』
『Sorry! I don’t!』
『You’re lacking in study! You have until tomorrow to write a 30 pages 400 character manuscript on your research about Ryu Hosei!』
『Okaaay, got iiiit…!』

Banba-san takes down a few more enemies while doing such a foolish conversation.

『Then…Barbie-neesan, what about the remaining Swallow bird Jinpei?』

Ruby-san talks to Barbie-san

『Oh, as for Jinpei…how about Jean Claude Van Damme!』

There’s only『Ji』and『n』on there…

『AS expected, the live action Gachaman…needs at least one serious action star!』
『As expected of Barbie-san, that’s some deep thoughts』

No, that…Ruby-san?

『If it was me, I would go Ken Nuzzo, Joe Higuchi, Inouye Jun, Murakami Ryu…and Nozue Jinpei』
『Ruby-chan, it won’t be an action movie with those people』
『Well, for that…we can just use some CGs』
『Oh…there’s that too』
『Yes…but, because of the budget, the CG can only be used heavily in the opening scene』
『Then that means…the final scene』
『For that…we’ve got to strain with the body of the cast as expected!』
『You sure? Your cast are all people with great age. Ore rather, they’re deceased aren’t they?』
『If you say that, Barbie-san’s casting is the same』
『Well, the CG can do their best on that!』


『Then, Barbie-saaan. In the end, what’s Gatchaman?』

The story loops again.

『Who cares about that Banba-chan』

Barbie-san gently said

『Right…Nee-san. It’s now known』
『Yes…these guys aren’t Japanese!』


『If they’re a normal Japanese boy then there’s no way they won’t retort to our talk just now!』
『There’s no doubt…Neesan!』

T-They were doing that foolish talk for that reason…?

『Banba-chan, move aside…I want to warm up and sweat my body』
『Okaay, Barbie-neesan…!』

Banba-san moves away from the enemies…

『Now then…let’s go!』

Then…Barbie-san takes out a machine gun…


The enemy group in black combat suit collapses entirely…



In the midst of the powder smoke…
Barbie-san mutters as she shoot all the bullets of the machine gun.

『Nee-san…please be a bit more idiotic. Like Kaigan or Gaigan…!』
『Ruby-san…What does Kaigan, Gaigan mean?』
『Nothing. They’re just a maggie in the plateau…』

Ruby-san heads towards the fallen enemies

『…Nee-san, even if these are rubber bullets, they work』
『Well yeah. Even with a protector, it’s structured to give an impact on the inside of the body. If you hit their head, it’ll cause concussion over the helmet』
『That’s amazing!』
『Because the rubber bullet hitting directly feels sticky…the impact shakes the brain violently. Look, even in boxing, a big gloves has less penetrating power but the probability of causing a concussion will increase because the area to hit is larger. It’s the same reasoning as that』

Barbie-san explained.

『…Now then』

Ruby-san peels the mask of the fallen men…

『So, how many? which country?』
『These guys looks Russian』2

Ruby-san answers Barbie-san.
Ruby-san turns the man’s clothing and looked at his abdomen…

『As expected…the tattoo’s letters are Russian』
『Yes. The letter R is flipped』


『When I was a child…I can’t imagine an American criminal invading Japan using Russian thugs』

Barbie-san sighs

『Perhaps…these came from Hokkaido or Niigata route. Could it be that Cesario Viola and others have landed in Japan by slipping through Russia?』

Ruby-san guesses.

『But…there’s not a single man in the army that seems to be under Viola in these 30 men』
『The attacking enemy have around 150 people in total, was it?』
『Yes, those who were riding the three large busses…the free guys that joined them, it’s that much』
『Old man Kudou flooded them on the first floor…and the upper level is divided into six routes, right?』
『That’s right. The enemies invading divided to groups of 20-30 people』
『Normally…Each of the group has Viola’s lackey with them』
『Right. He’ll let only his subordinates take command』
『Him not doing that means that…Viola’s direct subordinate don’t have that many people?』
『Could it be that he intended to let the Russian immigrants to die from the start?…Look, this guy has a camera』

Does the command communicate while watching through the cameras?
Therefore they’ve come up to the upper floor with only Russian forces

『Viola’s elite force won’t be lacking any person then. Are they still on the first floor? It’s unknown whether they’re already up on one of the six routes though』

Barbie-san analyzes.

『Anyway…should we contact old man Kudou?』
『Or rather…he’s watching our battle with the surveillance cameras anyway』

Barbie-san heads to the surveillance camera on the ceiling…

『Hello, old man Kudou! Can you see my nipples?! It’s slightly pink today!』
『Banba-chan…use your ass to write in front of the camera!』
『Eh, Barbie-san, butt letters?』
『That’s right! Okay ♫Banba, how do you write Ba? ♫』
『♫You write it like this♫』

Banba-san swings her ass towards the camera…
The Banbarubie ladies does as they please as usual

「…Were you watching too?」

The door opens and Jii-chan enters.
Minaho-neesan and Margo-san shows a gloomy face.

「Yes, we’ve been watching」

Misuzu answers

「We’ve only seen these people’s fight but…」

Seki supplements.

「The others are also the same…the three enemy units that came up from the first floor have already been defeated. All of them were Russian. A far east Russian mafia…no, it’s a hoodlum before mafias. Kudou is already interrogating using capable men. It seems that Viola called out Vladivostok when he came to Japan」

Barbie-san’s analysis is correct?

「They came aboard with a ferry, Russian merchant ship…and came from the Niigata port」

Minaho-neesan says

「In that case…The one with Niigata as his ground among my subordinates is Kouzuki Noboru」

Kouzuki Noboru…Kouzuki Kenshi’s father that didn’t arrive at the hotel, didn’t make any report either…

「Thinking about it normally…he’s the traitor. He ignored my summon…in addition to him not showing up, he can put pressure on Niigata customs and let the Russian people land without inspection」

The traitor of the Kouzuki group is Kouzuki Noboru?

「But…Kouzuki-san doesn’t think so?」

Margo-san said

「Yes…it’s too obvious that the traitor is Kouzuki Noboru. Won’t you be suspected for purposely summoning the enemy if you used the place under your influence?」

Jii-chan thinks deeply

「Even if we kill all the executives who are in this hotel…Kouzuki group still has representatives of other executives and affiliated companies. In a situation where Kouzuki Noboru is seen to have plotted to kill us…then the remaining people won’t forgive him」

In short…someone’s making us doubt Kouzuki Noboru?

「I think that Kouzuki Noboru can’t be called out because someone has already kidnaped him」

Jii-chan said

「Then…who’s the real traitor?」

Misuzu asks…Minaho-neesan answers.

「Perhaps…it’s an executive that’s already in this hotel」

Calmly responding to Jii-chan’s summons…
Someone among them is communicating with Viola from behind.

「All of the executives are now evacuated to the upper floor room together with their children…」

Margo-san said with a serious face.

「This is bad…if the traitor is among them and invited the enemies, the other executives and their children would be taken as hostages…!」

I-I see…

「They’re my important vassals…in addition, they don’t want to kill my students」

Jii-chan said in pain.

「Therefore, let’s hurry back to the upper floors and figure out the traitor and isolate them from the others. As fast as possible…」

Margo-san…does that mean?
We have to dispatch a special mission unit among us?

「Of course…we must keep this room in perfect condition. Or rather…we can’t let the enemy know the existence of this『emergency evacuation room』 Only a few number of people will go up quickly…do the mission and come back fast. That’s the only way」
「In that case…there has to be at least one person left to guard this room」

Reika said

「Also, in front of the elevator above. There should be someone who would watch the enemy so they won’t notice the existence of the elevator」

Margo-san said.

「If ever the elevator is going to be occupied…you can stop the elevator from this room. But, in that case, the person who came from above won’t be able to come back in this room」

Yeah…if it’s to protect the people in the evacuation room, then there’s no other choice…

「Now then…should we organize the team?」

Michi speaks to Margo-san who has a gloomy face.

「Of course I’ll come up!」


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