Pure Love x Insult Complex 290. Will


Michi…going up?

「The current combat personnel in here are I, Margo-oneesama, Reika-oneesama, and Seki-sama. If there’s only one left behind then it’s natural that the remaining three will sortie…」

Michi says calmly

「But…Michi, you’re still a middle school student」

Misuzu intervenes.

「Should it be better to leave it to everyone and Michi remains here?」

True…Reika and Seki-san are both elites of Kouzuki security service…
Margo-san is a pro trained by Kyouko-san.
Though Michi’s the successor of Kudou style ancient martial arts, her mission is to guard Misuzu since before…
Thinking about it normally, Michi should be left here

「…What do you think?」

Minaho-neesan asked…

「My opinion…?」
「That’s right, what are you thinking right now?…No, what do you feel?」

I feel?
I can understand the reason in my head but…
There’s an alarm ringing in my senses.

「When you’re a grown up like me…you’re often deceived by the difference of reason and sense. Thinking realistically it would be strange but…you think that it’s okay in your senses so you often fail to act. The sense gained from experience is often wrong. Therefore, when you grow up…it’s better to act by reason. If you go with common sense, you’d judge that it’s impossible…」

Minaho-neesan said

「But, you’re still young…and almost had no experience facing such a crisis, do you? If so…you better put our sense the priority. What is your survival instinct saying?」

Is it okay to talk about what I sense?

「Anything will do…just say what you’re feeling right now…!」

Minaho-neesan looks at me with eyes of trust…
Okay. Then…
Let’s say what’s making me uneasy.

「I think that a member who’s not tempered should go up」

Oh…It was a schoolboy’s expression
Mana doesn’t understand.

「Err…I think that those people whose mind are full with tension have their judgement unwise. Therefore, I think that we better form a unit with people who are calm and their judgement not dulled…」
「Speak specifically」

Minaho-neesan looks at me.

「It’s fine…you better say it clearly since it’s for everyone’s safety」


「Margo-san, Seki-san and Michi should go up. Reika should stay here…」
「Why? Lord…!」

Reika’s surprised.

「I don’t lose my judgement. I can fight enough…!」

The beautiful lady dressed like a man glares at me with strong eyes.

「I think that it’s Reika’s bad point to have a calm face on anything」
「I somehow understood why chief Yazawa didn’t choose Reika as the full time guard of Jii-chan」
「W-What do you mean?」

Reika asks me.

「Reika…you’re obsessed with『aesthetics』too much」

Everyone in the room pays attention to me and Reika.
Except Mao-chan who’s asleep…

「When you suddenly heard the story inside the Kouzuki house…there’s no problem being told『Continue to serve as the guard』but, when asked『Do you want to join in the family?』people normally would be confused with that. Just like Seki-san right now. Seki-san’s reaction is the natural, I think…」

I said.

「But Reika just said『Yes, understood. I accept』You thought that it’s the right action that suited your『aesthetics』, right? Therefore you did 」
「I am prepared for it! I have no regrets in the path I chose. I have joined the『family』after I understood everything!」

Reika says in a slightly strong tone.
She’s a bit agitated.
As expected…she’s not calm

「Yeah, I know that Reika is a person would protect me to death once she makes a promise. Therefore, I accepted Reika as『family』 But, I think that Reika’s mind is overdoing it」
「That is not true…!」
「I wonder? Reika’s speaking that she became our『family』to convince herself every time something happens Again and again」

She purposely speaks extreme to accept the current situation.
It’s unconscious so she herself isn’t aware of it.
But, Reika’s mind is suffering as she can’t keep up with the pace of the rapidly changing situation…

「At first…I thought that Reika’s a my pace and a slightly dull perso」
「No, Fujimiya-san’s just dull」

Seki-san speaks frankly

「No, she’s not. Reika’s true self is delicate and sensitive. Therefore, she purposely plays the rich and dignified personality…!」

Reika escapes from my glance.

「That British Gentleman crossdressing too…it’s relatively a person in form. By showing that『I’m like this』you can defend your own heart. There’s the ideal Reika inside Reika’s mind…as you try to approach the ideal, you hurl with your own self, the others can see as Reika having her own pace and a good personality I think」
「I-I…I have accepted all of it properly! Even becoming everyone’s『family』…!」
「No, like I said…I don’t doubt at Reika’s feelings, we still welcome Reika. But, you have to make a clear division in your mind and heart」
「Yes. Reika’s heart is puzzled about having sex with me and giving birth to my child. Therefore, you were interacting with Mao-chan with all your best…trying to stimulate yourself having a child… Haven’t you been talking about giving birth to a child since earlier?…」

That’s right…Reika is

「You don’t have to force yourself to have sex with me…you don’t have to think about having a baby」
「Ah, Lord…?! Am…am I disqualified from the『family』?」
「I’m not saying that…Reika’s already everyone’s『elder sister』 You can stay in the『family』」

That’s right…that’s not the problem.

「There’s no need to be my『woman』…you’re already『family』」

I said…Misuzu

「Please wait…Danna-sama! We’re…family with no blood relations! Therefore, we need to be united by having sex with Danna-sama…」
「No, that’s wrong…Misuzu」

I said

「Well…at first, there’s a lot of girls who are tied to only me, it was just by chance… It’s not something that has to continue forever」
「That’s not true」

Misuzu looks at me.

「No…suppose I die… This family will continue. Already. Or rather…It has to」

I think.

「Minaho-neesan, Katsuko-nee, Nagisa, Margo-san, Nei-san…and, Jii-chan. If I were to die today…Megu and Mana, also, Misuzu, Ruriko, Michi and Reika…take care of our family. I want everyone to live happily」
「Danna-sama…what are you saying?」

Misuzu’s stuned.

「I know…」

Minaho-neesan tells me on behalf of the elders.

「Your『family』is my『family』…no matter what happens, I won’t abandon them. I’ll make everyone happy…」

I look at Misuzu and the younger girls.

「Everyone…get along with each other, I want you to help each other out like real sisters」
「…Yoshi-kun, what do you mean by that?」

Megu and Mana looks at me worriedly

「I’ll go up with Margo-san and others above」

Hearing that…the girls are stunned.

「P-Please wait…Danna-sama」
「That’s right, Yoshi-kun doesn’t need to go…」


「No, I will. I’ve got to」

Jii-chan looks at me.

「It’s not like you’re needed to go. I will go above」

…I thought he’d say that.

「We must judge who is the traitor among the executives…above all, they will only listen to my orders. Nothing will happen if I don’t go」
「…That’s not true」

I said.

「I’ll settle it the『Kuromori』way Right, Margo-san?」

Margo-san smiles.

「Right…we can just use our ability to silence once we know who the traitor is. In addition, we should just isolate them from the other executives and their children right?」

There’s no need to force them to listen to what we say violently.
There’s no need for Jii-chan to go out…

「It’ll end immediately if I order them however?」
「The enemy is aiming for Jii-chan. If you go up easily, then you’re just going as expected」

Jii-chan’s not convinced.

「Jii-chan…sorry but could you keep on living for Misuzu and Ruriko’s sake?」

I said

「Jii-chan, I don’t know why are you trying to put your life at risk but…no, I’m sure that Jii-chan has some intention behind」
「That’s right…I act according to my plans…」

He summoned Cesario Viola to this hotel…
It’s a daring action to sacrifice a hotel.
He easily accepted my relationship with Misuzu…
He even entered the『family』himself…the purpose is to entrust Misuzu and Ruriko to Minaho-neesan…
It’s still too early to declare Misuzu as the successor in front of those guys.
Jii-chan is hiding something.
He feels the danger in his life so he decided a lot of things for Misuzu and Ruriko in a hurry.

「But…Jii-chan is impatient now. You’re not calm. I think you shouldn’t go up in that state to confront the traitors and Viola」
「However…why are you going up?!」

Jii-chan shouts

「Well…because I will go up?」

The voice is…Nei-san…

「W-What does that mean?」

Jii-chan’s surprised…Nei-san…

「This『emergency evacuation room』is absolutely safe right? Kouzuki-san has evacuated Mii-chan and Ruri-chan in here…」

Yeah…if he didn’t have the confidence that neither the traitor nor Viola would notice this room…
Jii-chan won’t bring his two treasured granddaughters here.

「But, as long as I’m here…Viola would look around the hotel relentlessly. It’s possible that he might notice the existence of this room」
「Besides…the enemy target have all gathered in here」

Margo-san said.

「Therefore…I’ll go up, show myself in front of the enemy…I think we should disturb them」
「Yeah. When Nei shows up…we can divide the enemy further. The forces targetting Kouzuki-san and Shirasaka house, and troops chasing Nei-san…」

I thought that Nei-san would say that…
Nei-san has to leave this room in order to ensure the safety of the『little sisters』
I will also have to go on the upper floor with Nei-san.
To protect Nei-san…


Knowing my strong will…Misuzu speaks worriedly

「Misuzu…You did your best today. I think that’s amazing」
「You were prepared to be kicked out by Jii-chan from Kouzuki house…you confronted him with that preparedness…promised to undertake the whole Kouzuki house…contested against the『private school』」
「It’s all thanks to Danna-sama」
「No. It’s Misuzu’s power…I love you, Misuzu」

I embrace Misuzu’s body

「Therefore…you don’t have to work hard anymore for today」
「You’re not needed to be the leader of the family You can take it easy」

Misuzu’s body trembles.,

「Misuzu is my『woman』」
「Then…there’s no need to work hard for now」

Misuzu doesn’t understand what I mean with what I said…

「…Megu had the same symptoms as Misuzu right now」
「Able to have a relationship of trust with me to an extent…worried that the relationship won’t continue like this forever. Due to anxiousness, in Megu’s case, she tried to drown in sex with me. She tries to ease her anxiety with sex. In Misuzu’s case…」
「In my case…?」
「You try to strengthen your relationship with me by becoming the leader of the family’s younger group…unconsciously」

Right…it’s the same with Megu
Misuzu’s also uneasy


Misuzu who’s not an original member of『Kuromori』had an inferiority complex.
Therefore…the new members, Michi, Ruriko, and Reika close to her.
And even wanting to watch Ruriko’s sex with me…
Made Michi’s loss of virginity public.

「But you see…Michi and Ruriko won’t be under Misuzu’s rule. Both of them are strong women. Even Reika, she’s someone who follows anything if ordered」
「…………。 」

I look at Ruriko while embracing Misuzu.

「Ruriko…you still don’t trust me do you?」

Ruriko smiles…

「I do trust you. Ruriko loves Onii-sama who’s fair on everything」

…Yeah, that’s how it is
No matter how much Misuzu recommends me…a steady girl like Ruriko can’t accept me easily.

「At such times…you just have to take the time for the relationship to progress. Even Misuzu didn’t trust me at the very beginning, did you?」

That’s right.
Misuzu had really fun…when it was during our second time having sex.
It’s not the first time.

「I completely trust Master…!」

Michi said confidently

「Since our heart became completley in sync…I love Master as much as myself」

Well…Kuodou style mystic art is special case.
Normal people can’t make such a spiritual exchange like that

「Anyway…don’t rush, Misuzu. Right now, Misuzu’s rushing the other girls, they’d all struggle with me」
「Struggle with Danna-sama?」
「That’s right…Because everyone wants to make a stronger relationship with me than any other『women』…they’ll struggle for me and be exhausted」
「That…might be the case」
「If you have time for such things…then get along with the other girls. Who’s the laeder and who’s the member of the groups…take out those power relationships. Everyone’s『family』and『sisters』…」
「Become sisters who can help each other even if I die」

Misuzu looks up at me.

「…It’s just a what if. You don’t need to concentrate no strengthening the relationship with only me. Be more united as a『family』…」

Misuzu looks down.

「I’m not blaming Misuzu. There’s a lot of things that happened today for Misuzu so your nerves are rising. Misuzu really worked hard today」

I embrace Misuzu tightly

「…Thank you very much Danna-sama」
「Therefore…stay docile for a while and calm your heart down Okay?」
「…Yes. Uhm, Danna-sama」
「What is it Misuzu?」
「I…I’m sorry. I’ll become a good wife for Danna-sama for sure…」
「Misuzu is already a good wife for me」

I kiss Misuzu

「Hm…I got completely outdoine」

Jii-chan said

「It can’t be helped…I’ll let you do as you will」

Somehow, it looks like he’s given up on the plan going upstairs himself.

「Yes. Then , Ruriko. While I’m not here, consult Misuzu and Megu…and take care of everyone」

Ruriko’s surprised.

「Yeah, I think that maybe RUriko’s the most calm in the younger group right now」

Megu and Mana have been abandoned by Shirasaka house…so they’re already at their wits’ end.
Mana clings to me randomly because she’s afraid of being abandoned.
Attacking Yukino is her way of flipping her anxiety.
Somehow or another…I think that speaking with Yukino who’s connected by blood is the easiest.
What we need in the current situation is a calm nerve.

「I think that it’s better to try analyzing everything from Ruriko’s perspective. Everyone, pay attention to Ruriko’s opinion」

I tell everyone

「Anyway…Kouzuki-san, Misuzu-san, and Ruriko-san will stay in this room. If these three gets caught by the enemy then it’ll be game over」

Margo-san said.

「Then the ones going up are Me, nei, Seki-san and Michi-chan…and, you?」

Margo-san said…I

「…We’re taking Yukino」

Yukino looks at me in surprise.

「Yeah…Yukino’s eyes are needed…!」