Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 292. Will (Part 3)


「You were thinking about dying just now didn’t you?」

Minaho-neesan asks me.

「No, not in particular…It’s not about dying or wanting to die」

I answered

「It’s just that…I feel like it’ll be fine if I died right here now」
「…What do you mean by that. Onii-sama?」

Ruriko asks in surprise.

「No you see…Misuzu, Megu, and Mana…everyone’s concentrating their consciousness to strengthen their relationship with me, they’ve gotten a bit reckless you see」
「Right, I think those girls are too dependent on you」

Minaho-neesan agrees to what I said.

「Yeah…they’re not bad girls but they’re doing their best, desperately. But, I think that this shouldn’t go on」

I feel it desperately.

「It’s true that I made the junction and have gathered the【family】but… I think that the family should get along with each other without me from now on」

Actually…It’s getting into that direction.
Megu and Mana are now talking to people they haven’t talked much with before…
Misuzu will no longer stick out only herself anymore, I think.

「So…With everyone becoming a proper『family』supporting each other…I’m no longer needed」
「…No longer needed?」

Ruriko’s puzzled

「That’s right. Right now, when everyone’s lonely and have no one else to fill their heart, they come to my by chance you see. The family’s working properly, so if anyone wants someone to ease their minds, then instead of me, they should go with better people.」


「Y-You…you do know that you’re a defective person don’t you?」

Yukino smiles.

「I do. I have nothing after all」
「Great. If you don’t know even that I won’t be able hold back anymore」

Yeah…for Yukino who was raped by me and made her life miserable…
Whatever I say is useless.

「Of course you know that you’re a bastard beyond saving so you’d better die quickly!」

I’m someone who should die.

「For Misuzu, Megu, Mana…I think that I’d better die here now. Even if I die, I know that Minaho-neesan will help them out…Even Jii-chan won’t abandon his family as he made a promise.

I don’t know what’s in Jii-chan’s mind but…
Kouzuki Shigetaka is a person who would do as he promised…

「Rather, if I die here…those girls would be able to break through…I thought that it might be better. No, it’s not like I really want to die. But, I just think about it…」

Right now, I’m no longer needed in the『familiy』

Minaho-neesan speaks.

「What do you think about Michi-san?」

Katsuko-nee tells me.

「Michi’s already fine. She’ll live confidently as a martial artist. I don’t think that she needs to depend on Misuzu or me anymore. Even now, she’s standing on her feet right now」
「Reika…she wants people who can be her『family』it’s not that she wants to be my『woman』 If she’s accepted by everyone, I think it’ll be fine」
「What about Ruriko-san?」

Ruriko speaks up before I could answer.

「Onii-sama has spoken to me honestly so Ruriko will also talk. As I said earlier, I thought that I don’t mind it even if Misuzu-oneesama and I serve Onii-sama together. I think that it’s a good option to protect the Kouzuki house. But, deep inside my heart…there’s the feeling of『If Onii-sama dies here right now…』」


「In this case…I understood that Misuzu-oneesama’s heart well. I think that there will be no objection in the future where Misuzu-oneesama and I join up raising Kouzuki house. I’ll never be hostile. I love Misuzu-oneesama」

Up until now, they just distrust each other because they don’t know each other’s hearts well but…
Misuzu and Ruriko now have built a relationship of trust between their hearts.

「Therefore…Onii-sama is unnecessary for the relationship of Misuzu-oneesama and I. I know that Misuzu-oneesama loves Onii-sama from the bottom of her heart…I respect that however… If Onii-sama died at this stage…there will be another alternative, I thought」

That’s right.
Eliminating the men who has the ambition to dominate Kouzuki house…they will not allow partners who are participating in the management of the corporate group.
Kouzuki house is co-governed by Misuzu and Ruriko.
Going that far is good.
But, for Ruriko…it doesn’t have to be me.
Far from me who she doesn’t know…
She’d rather come looking for a man with good lineage and family…without ambition…
This plan is more robust and perfect.

「Yeah…you’re right. I get that」

As expected, I should die here.
If I die…it feels like the storms here and there will be able to settle peacefully

「What, Ruriko?」

Ruriko’s puzzled. Her face is pale.

「I was speaking horrible things to Onii-sama with the purpose of making you angry」


「Onii-sama is really thinking about Misuzu-oneesama and I, even the entire Kouzuki house」
「Because…isn’t it meaningless if you’re not happy?」
「You also think of me as『family』don’t you?」
「Isn’t that obvious?」
「When…Since when?」


「Since when did you start thinking of me as your『family』?」
「No, I don’t clearly remember since when but, From when I started calling Ruriko without the『-san』I’ve already made the resolve」
「Made the resolve?」
「Yeah…’She already belongs in my『family』 I must make her happy’ I thought…!」

I’ve made my resolution

「In the end…your head always lacks of your own happiness…!」


「Now then, here’s the last question…what do you intend to do with us, Katsuko, Nagisa, Nei and me…」

The four ladies look at me.

「W-Well…but, Minaho-neesan and others are strong so you’re fine without me right?」

Minaho-neesan leaks a sigh.

「It’s a good opportunity so let me tell you. Didn’t I tell you before? Whatever happens, at least one woman won’t leave you」

True…I think she did say that

「It’s about that…when you weren’t here, I made a decision with Katsuko and Nagisa」


「If ever you died, the woman closest to you among us three, would die with you」


「We’ll never let you die alone…」

D-Does that mean?…

「It’s fine, the remaining two will do the rest. They’ll take care of Misuzu-san, Megumi-san and Mana-san. Michi-san, Reika-oneesan, and Ruriko-san and Yoshiko-san too」
「That’s right…Only the one closest to you will follow you to your death」
「That’s what we have decided on」


「But, Nagisa…What about Mao-chan」
「As for Mao…I can leave her to Minaho-san and Katsuko」
「That’s all under the assumption that you are dead…It won’t happen if you’re alive though…!」

Nagisa looks at me with tears in her eyes.

「I’ll follow too! If Yo-chan dies, I’m not included in the talk of those three…!」


「I don’t want to see my brother die first. If Yo-chan dies then I’ll die too. I’ve decided it long ago!」

Nei-san smiles.

「Therefore, you absolutely mustn’t die…!」

Katsuko-nee speaks to Ruriko.

「I confess…Nagisa and I and Ojou-sama were former prostitutes」

Ruriko has restricted sexual knowledge because of Jii-chan
She probably doesn’t know what a prostitute is.

「I was forcibly kidnapped by a bad guy…and made to work like a slave. For many years」

Ruriko’s surprised.

「I thought that my ordinary happiness won’t ever come anymore. It was my dream to make a bakery but…I thought that it was just an illusion, never possible to realize it」


「Because…my mind and body have been completely defiled…I wondered if this tattered me could continue living. I had no qualification to be loved by anyone, I even thought that I shouldn’t love anyone. I’m a defiled woman」
「…That’s not true」
「In those desperate days of mine…I managed to keep myself just because I wanted to make a bakery Until I met you…」


「You found the worth in this dirty woman. It’s only you. Without you, I’m no good. I’ll return to a despaired woman who’s heart is drowning」


「I’m the same. I was able to turn a new leaf and started a flower shop, I was still in despair. My past has been eating away my heart. Especially Mao’s existence…」


「Mao is my treasure. I can endure any hardships just for her. But…that girl isn’t someone I wish to bear. That has stuck in my heart…」

Mao-chan’s father is unknown.
Nagisa as a prostitute…she was raped by a lot of men without contraception, and got pregnant with a child.

「I’ve tried…worked hard multiple times to be in love. I also registered in marriage consultations. I even had matchmakings. But…no matter how lovely the person I met, I wasn’t able to talk everything about Mao. No…even myself」

Nagisa trembles

「Katsuko and I were kidnapped during our first year…turned to a prostitute. I have never experienced love. Therefore, I wanted to fall in love. But…I wasn’t able to talk about my past, Mao’s birth to ordinary men…」

Her past as a prostitute…a child born from being raped…

「Therefore…I wasn’t able to fall in love no matter what. Therefore I was living in desperation too」

Nagisa used the shop clerks as pets.
Unable to fall in love with a man…she seduced younger girls.

「But you see…I, am in love right now…with you」

Nagisa tells me.

「You are looking at me as a woman…not a former prostitute, not Mao’s mother… And loved me…」


「Do you remember? The other day…when we negotiated with the Yakuza who came to threaten my shop, didn’t you come to a small shop in the factory area?」
「…I do」
「Before you entered the shop…you were doing morning exercise」
「That was just me thinking that I should get my body used to it」
「That was really funny…I enjoyed it. Your all out feelings were conveyed…my chest got hot. At that time…I felt like I was back in high school」
「I feel exited when I’m with you…you never lie, everything you think shows on your face. And yet, you always make up your mind. I can’t stop feeling excited when I see you」

Am just a dumb, foolish man…

「I”m in love. I think this is a love once in a lifetime. It’s only you. I can truly be naked in front of you, mind and body. I won’t do it unless it’s you…!」

Nagisa spills tears in her eyes.

「So…don’t die. Live. You can make any number of『women』elsewhere. I’ll do anything for your sake. So please…live」
「Un, Yo-chan…live. You only need to live. If you die, then I can’t see you again. Please live, Yo-chan」


「Sorry, I didn’t understand everyone’s feelings at all」

I apologized honestly

「I thought that everyone would be fine even if I’m gone」
「…Everyone’s saved because you’re here」

Minaho-neesan said calmly

「Rather, we the older ones can’t live without you」


「Therefore…take care of yourself」
「That’s right, if Yo-chan dies then I will too!」
「Even I…right, Katsuko」


「Got it…I’ll live. No matter what happens, I will survive…!」

After saying this far…I can never die.

「…That’s a promise」

Seki-san who’s been listening to our talk silently until now opens her mouth.

「W-What’s wrong, Seki-san?」

I don’t get what Seki-san meant by that

「I’m『Kakka’s』full time guard so of course, I know everyone’s profile」

In short…the prostitution ring『Kuromori』…
Their members, Minaho-neesan and others…

「Therefore…I didn’t understand everyone’s feelings. Far from that…I looked down on everyone who was a prostitute in my mind…」
「It can’t be helped…it’s inevitable to think like that if you’re a normal person」

Minaho-neesan answers Seki-san with a smile

「…Were you really kidnapped?」
「When I was 12 years old, as for Katsuko and Nagisa, they were kidnapped when they were just high school students…and forced to become prostitutes」

Minaho-neesan’s answer made Seki-san tremble

「Yes, especially with it not being made public…!」

It’s probably not written in the investigations of Kouzuki security service.

「Shirasaka Sousuke is the one who turned us to prostitutes. Therefore…we spent so many years, escaped the prostitute world, aimed at the opportunity to take revenge on Shirasaka Sousuke」
「…So, that’s how it all went」

For Seki-san…it seems that this case and『Kuromori’s』movement is all connected.

「Apart from『Kakka’s』forecast…this is an execution of Kuromori-sama and other’s revenge?」
「…That’s how it is. In addition, the criminal who’s attacking the hotel right now, Cesario Viola has killed Nei’s parents, kidnapped Nei and her bother and made them slaves…Nei was saved by us from her slave environment but, Nei’s brother was killed by Viola’s subordinate. Viola’s attacking here is a request of Shirasaka’s head but…his purpose is also to take Nei」

Seki-san looks straight at Minaho-neesan

「Understood. That’s enough I’ll cooperate with all my best」
「Should we take that from the top elite of Kouzuki security service?」

Minaho-neesan asks…Seki-san

「As a woman…I sympathize with everyone’s feelings」

Seki-san smiles…

「I have never told everyone until now but…my father is frenzied when drunk, someone who always acts violently against my mother」


「Fortunately, my parents divorced when I was in third grade in elementary school…we were able to leave father but…my father has casted a deep shadow in my heart」

Seki-san sighs.

「I think that is the case why I didn’t come with any romantic relationship… Normally, a mild and timid man turns violent and rough when they drink alcohol… I can’t just trust men」
「We’re the same…we’ve had bitter experiences with men」

Minaho-neesan said

「Therefore…I fell in love with this boy」

Nagisa smiles

「Besides…this honest to fault boy can’t be found easily. Therefore, we can be honest in front of him」

Katsuko-nee looks at me with kind eyes…

「Yeah…Yo-chan’s silliness is what’s good with him!」


「It seems so…」

Seki-san looks at me.

「I like American cars but I also like motorcycles」
「Do you know Harley Davidson?」
「The name at least…」
「I’ll let you ride one next time…」

Seki-san said with a bright red face…

「It feels good you know…especially when you go against the wind」
「…Is that so?」
「It is…I’m driving at full speed at central highway when I feel frustrated. There are times when I feel like driving a car isn’t enough…」
「It’s fine, I won’t go overboard when you’re riding with me…」

I don’t get it somehow but…
Anyway, it seems that I’ve got to ride Seki-san’s Harley.

「Ah, sure…my best regards then」
「…That’s a promise!」