Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 293. His heart


「I, still don’t know you yet but…or rather, I don’t understand men well in general… But, I know it well that you’re not a bad guy. I want to know you more」

Seki-san said, Katsuko-nee;

「Seki-san, just tell him what you want to talk about with him. Right now, he’s fascinated and absorbing anything with his curiosity」
「Right, he’s always looking at me in the eyes and he’s listening seriously」

Nagisa smiles…

「All I can talk about are American cars and bikes, and history of American movies」
「Ah, teach me those. I don’t know that at all…!」

Seki-san looks at Katsuko-nee and others…

「I somehow understand why you chose this『boy』when you’re fed up with『men』 I sometimes meet a man with the same hobby…yet I only meet idiotic men who don’t even have that extensive knowledge and yet they have an arrogant attitude breaking themselves or an idiot who knows too much they try to poke every corner of the box tripping up somebody. It might be good to have someone listen to my talk as I teach my hobbies…」
「Therefore…I’m going to teach him how to make bread!」

Katsuko-nee laughs happily

「I wonder what should I teach him? A florist’s work and flower arrangement are a bit different. Oh, right…then I’ll teach him about sex!」
「Hey hey Nagisa!…I’ll do that too so don’t teach him alone!」
「That’s right! I’ll also teach Yo-chan about sex!!!!」

No, I’m tired of retorting already

「Stop that you three…!!」

Minaho-neesan scolds Nagisa, Katsuko-nee and Nei-san.
She comes close to me…

「…Just let me」

Minaho-neesan then embraces me tightly
Minaho-neesan’s body is thin, don’t have any meat attached…
A normal woman would have their body change to young『girl』or an adult『woman』…or a『mother』with their growth…
Minaho-neesan who has a body that never had sex since age 16…
The secondary characteristics of a『girl』has stopped…it didn’t become a soft feminine body.
Yes, this thin and bony body…
Is a『girl’s』body
Minaho-neesan kept adding her age while still having a figure of a『girl』
Although her height has gotten taller…this body has never changed to a『mother』, it’s still a『girl』

「…Entrust your body to me…take a deep breath」

Minaho-neesan whispers in my ears.




…Minaho, neesan…?!

「I…have forced you to do a lot of things」
「No…I just did what I had to do」

…Not at all.
I’m not forced by Minaho-neesan to do something…

「That’s not it…most that you think『I have to do it』is actually something you『don’t have to do』」
「…That’s not true」
「A normal child would’ve thrown it all and fled long ago」
「Well…there’s now way for me to escape」

Minaho-neesan kisses my forehead softly …

「Because you say that…we came this far. Thank you」
「No…I didn’t do anything. I don’t have a role for everyone…! I have no skill in martial arts nor computer skills. I haven’t done anything to help out with Minaho-neesan’s『revenge』」
「No…you’re doing well」

Minaho-neesan looks into my eyes…

「Therefore…don’t be so scared」


「…Katsuko, Nagisa, Nei」

Minaho-neesan calls the three.

「…Yes, Ojou-sama」
「Yes, Minaho-san」
「What’s up…Sensei?」

The three look at us with uneasy expressions.

「Do you know why this child is docile to us? Why does he never reject us? Why he accepts everything…?」


「This boy is broken. He thinks that we might abandon him. Therefore he’s doing all his best so he won’t be hated by us…」

Isn’t that like Mana?
Mana’s afraid of being abandoned by me so that’s why she’s coming to me in high tension.

「This boy is desperate」

Minaho-neesan stares into my eyes.
I’m the same as Mana?

「An ordinary high school boy…abandoned by his parents, became alone…in absence of the view of the future, he met us…」

That’s right.
I was abandoned by my parents…
Left alone in that dim house…
Only money I had was the passbook my father left behind…
Afterwards…I don’t know what’s going to happen, what to do…
There was no one to consult with…
I just look at Yukino everyday…escaped the reality by masturbating to Yukino.

「I have used him for my『revenge』 And yet, this boy believed me…and did his best for me…for our sake., I have always…forced him to do horrible things and yet…!」

Minaho-neesan’s plan had Yukino raped…
Raped her again and again…
Then, I met Katsuko-nee, Nei-san and Margo-san…the people of『Kuromori』…
Eventually, even Jii-chan joined in our『family』

「I’m not being forced…I’m having fun. Yeah, it was fun」

I answered

「It feels like everyone…everything is a dream」

Yeah…me having a『family』
it’s like a dream

「…It’s not a dream!」

Minaho-neesan tells me.

「All of this is reality…everyone really loves you! You’ll never be abandoned anymore!…Therefore」

Minaho-neesan’s eyes are moist.

「…I know it in my head too. But」


「But, this is just too dreamlike that I feel like it won’t last forever」


「Therefore, at least…for now, all I can do is to do my best, all my strength so I won’t have regrets remaining」

Minaho-neesan hugs me even tighter.

「Is it that scary? Do you not believe us?」
「No…I do. Rather, what I don’t believe in is myself…」
「Because…all the people around me are all charming women. I’m sure that everyone should be going out with a much more amazing man instead of me」
「…I wonider」

I look up at Minaho-neesan…

「Before…Minaho-neesan taught me something about Yukino. When women learn about sex…they would want to have sex with more men with good body」

Just like how men wants to try to have sex with many girls…
Women also like to choose various men…

「Yes…I did talk about that.」
「Misuzu’s raised to be a man-hater so I don’t know since she’s a lesbian but…Megu and Mana are surely interested in other men. Especially Mana who liked pop idols…I think she’d like a man with a better face and style than me… No, I even think that Megu would like a sportsman boy more … Even Misuzu, I think she’d be more attracted than a cooler and smarter guy than me…」
「You’re afraid that other men would take away your『women』」
「Because…I… I’m inferior to other men… I’m a useless guy so I’m no match…I can’t win」
「…Who told you that you’re a useless guy?」
「…That’s…my mother」

I remember the face that looks down on me.

「My mother always told me. My father’s genes were stronger…and mother’s genes weren’t passed at all, that I’m a useless human. A useless human like my father…I have no worth in living…」

My mother have always hurled insults to my father and me when she’s in bad mood.
She feels refreshed by continuously cursing father and me.
Ever since childhood…

「I’ll kill your mother!」
「Katsun, I’ll go too…!」

Katsuko-nee and Nei-san said…Minaho-neesan…

「Shut up you two…!」

Then she looks at me…

「Get yourself together!!!!」


「Do you still intend to be a Yoshida?! You’re a Kuromori! Do you not understand why we don’t call you Yoshida anymore?!!!」

After we escaped school…
Everyone’s no longer calling me『Yoshida』…
Is this Minaho-neesan’s order?

「You’re a Kuromori man! My brother! There’s no one here who thinks you’re a useless guy! You’re my prided brother! My pride! Have some confidence!」


「If you don’t have confidence in yourself then I’ll educate you until you’re confident! You’re my student aren’t you? Then believe in your teacher!!!!」

Minaho-neesan who’s hugging me…whispered

「I’m your Onee-chan too! you can talk to me about anything and be pampered by me!」


「We’re the same. aren’t we『family』…?」


「Talk to me if you can’t consult those three. Also, my house is yours so you can come and relax. Mao’s waiting for you too」


「By next week I’ll find your father…and we’ll formally welcome you in Kuromori house. I’m serious. You’ll be in my family register. You’ll really become a Kuromori…okay!」
「…I, uhm…Minaho-neesan」

Words don’t come out

「Once you’re in the register…you’ll be a Kuromori until you die. My brother. You don’t need to hold back anymore. You’re my brother after all…!」

Her thin arms embraces me.

「While at it, Nei will also enter my register. Then you’ll be real brother and sister!」
「Yay~ Love you Sensei!」

Nei-san’s overjoyed

「I want Nagisa and Katsuko to join too! While at it, let’s make everyone real『family』?!」
「Err…I’ll hold back」

Nagisa said

「I want to be lovers with him. I’ll leave the incest to Katsuko」
「I see, when we’re on the same family register then it’s incest…that’s, great!」

Wait, Katsuko-nee…

「Well, please let me think for a bit. But, there’s no need to worry. Nagisa and I are already yours. We don’t need other men」
「True…we have experienced a lot of horrible things during our times as prostitute…you’re the only one for us」

Nagisa smiles at me gently

「Anyway…we’re your『family』forever already. Even if you don’t like it, we’ll never leave you…we’ve already made our resolve!」

Katsuko-nee said.

「We’ll never abandon nor leave you…I promise」


「Therefore…don’t accumulate those emotions inside you. Let out all the pain to us」

Minaho-neesan pats my head as she speaks gently

「Also…you were worried about Misuzu-san, Megumi, or Mana-san getting away from you」


「If those girls want to have sex with another guy than you…What would Yo-chan do?」

Nei-san asks

「Well…I’m having sex with a lot of women too so…」
「You’d allow them to have an affair with another man? Is Yo-chan fine as long as they come back to you in the end?」
「…They won’t come back」

I said.

「Once they had sex with another guy…they’d think that man is better than me. They won’t return to me」
「I wonder why you’re so pessimistic…」

Nei-san said.

「Answer honestly…do you want those girls to have sex with another man?」

Nagisa asks me.

「Well…I would hate it. But, I who have been in a relationship with a lot of『women』…It’s wrong for me to say that… It’s too selfish…」
「Isn’t it fine to be selfish」

Katsuko-nee said

「Or rather…be more selfish」
「I can’t do that」
「Hmm…I can understand Yo-chan’s feelings but, Humans aren’t theoretical」


「Because, Yo-chan don’t want those girls to cheat right? If they had an affair at least once then you’d think that they’d part from you, right?」

Yeah…it’s true.

「I’m such a small human」
「Just normal. Normal. Rather, it’s revolting to have such a huge caliber of a person. A person who’s philanthropy is too much is just an eccentric freak!」
「If so…then we should just make rules in advance!」

Nagisa proposes.

「Here’s the rule…if a girl cheats then she’d leave the family. Of course, she won’t be thrown out naked. They’re guaranteed to live how they want but anyway…they’d be evicted from the『family』 When that happens, you’d give up on that girl. You won’t have any relationship with that girl for the rest of your life」
「Nagisa-san, that’s a good idea! If even though we made a rule beforehand and still the woman had an affair with another man…then it’s not cheating but a serious thing. If so, then Even Yo-chan has no choice but to give up…!」

Well…if it’s serious love.
I have no choice but to back down.

「Okay, then let’s tell everyone about that rule」

Nagisa says.

「In the end, a woman who makes out with another man and leave won’t change Yo-chan. I think it’s better for Yo-chan’s resolute


「You want to keep all the girls right now but…you’re uneasy that some of them will leave you, right?」

Nagisa asks.

「Yeah…that’s true」

I answered.

「Then be ready that none would be left from the very beginning. Suppose that there’s a woman who leave…then it’ll make your heart feel better」
「That’s right, if Yo-chan can’t be『Selfish』…you can be『Resolute』right ?」

I see…it’s painful top think that I want to keep everything in my current state.
If I think that they would leave from the start…then I can endure it.

「Either way…Yo-chan’s scared of being hated by the girls so I think his service is ecessive, giving everything to the other party like now. If this continues, Yo-chan would suffer and fall. You’ve got to be irresolute to some extent」


「Uhm. I understand what Nei-san is saying but…I don’t know how do I do that specifically…」
「That’s easy…it’s fine to continue dealing with everything the girls wishes just like now but you see, when you think『Ah, I don’t like this』, then refuse. Just that is enough」
「But don’t girls hate it when they’re refused?」
「It’ll be fine as long as you say the reason. They’re not mean people. It’s also fine to say 『I don’t have time right now』or『I’m going to be tired if I do more than this so let’s do this next time』 Still, if there’s someone who speaks selfishly, Katsun an I would scold them. If Megumi-chan is the ‘Gakyuuiinchou'(Class Chairman) of the『family』then I’ll be the ‘Banchou'(Delinquent Boss) of the family」

…Nei-san, Banchou

「Or rather…women don’t think that things go 100% their way. For the time being they just want to be pampered by you using the momentum」

Katsuko-nee said.

「And yet, Yo-chan’s always doing his best to respond to the girl’s wants…」
「Thus, there are some girls who are somewhat nervous recently…」
「Yup, yup…there’s those」
「Should we scold them?…FukuーBanchou?」
「If that’s what Banchou is saying then I’ll go but」

Nei-san and Katsuko-nee…Banchou and fuku-banchou.

「No, uhm…please don’t be too reckless…」
「It’s fine! We’ll just roast them a bit…!」
「That’s right…just a bit…!」

No…the two of you are already scary

「There’s no need for that…」

Minaho-neesan said.

「Eh, Why Sensei?」
「Take a look at that」

Minaho-neesan activates the monitor.
Reflected on the screen…is the next room?!
The living room of the 『emergency evacuation room』is projected

「…Uhm, isn’t that?!」

Nei-san’s surprised…

「My…what a surprise」

Ruriko who’s been listening to the adults obediently all this time raises her voice.
In the screen is…
Misuzu, Megu and Mana…
All of them are kneeling on the floor naked…

「Could it be…Minaho-neesan?」

Minaho-neesan smiles gently

「That’s right, the other side has been listening to the conversation in this room since earlier…」

Misuzu, Megu, and Mana are all listening to us?
And now…they’re doing naked dogeza?!!!