Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 298. Fun promise


「Right…it’s better if we prepare for the worst」

Seki-san smiles

「Wait…calm down you all. Are you really sure with that?」

Yukino’s afraid.
Well, we would be putting ourselves in a dangerous situation until morning…without any escape route.

「Reika-oneesan, do it!」

Nei-san’s laughing

「Well…that would be the best solution」

Margo-san said.
Michi nods silently

「…It’s an order. Do it, Reika」


「…If it’s an order」

She holds up her cane made of special alloy



The tip of the metal rod crushes the electronic circuit of the elevator.

「Okay, let’s put back the wall hiding the elevator for the time being…」

Margo-san covers the operation unit using, the front of the elevator with a wall.

「Okay, Reika-oneesan…break this unit as well」
「…Roger, Haaaa!!」


With this, there’s no way to open the hidden elevator.
The route from the upper part of the hotel to the『emergency evacuation room』is completely closed
Yukino’s face is gloomy

「Well then…let’s go!」

Nei-san looks indifferent, then laughed.

   ◇ ◇ ◇

「We were talking earlier until you came…did you know, Seki-san has a cruiser!」

Margo-san says while confirming the route from here to the route where the executives are using tablet brought from the basement.

「Yes…it’s my hobby to go out to the sea by cruiser」

Seki-san smiles.

「Oh. That’s nice. Let’s ride it next time!」

Nei-san rubs against Seki-san.

「Sure. We’ll give you a ride to Hawaii」

Hawaii…that Hawaii?

「Mooring in Japan would take extraordinary money…even if you ask a contractor for maintenance, it’ll take many times over there. Therefore, the ship’s in Hawaii. If it’s over there, you can ride it all year round」

Haa…as expected of an elite of Kouzuki security service, Jii-chan’s full time guard.
Her scale is on a different level.

「Let’s go! Let’s go to Hawaii! Yo-chan, Mii-chan and Maru-chan too!」

Nei-san said happily.

「Right, I always went there alone…but it seems fun to go to the ocean with everyone」

Seki-san says, then goes to Reika.
Reika’s gloomy.

「…Fujimiya Reika, are you okay like this?」

Seki-san says looking down on Reika.

「If this continues…the sporty, outdoor, and active Onee-san of these girls will become me, are you okay with that?」
「Seki-san…do you have the resolve to enter the『family』?」
「…That’s not the problem」

Seki-san looks at me.

「Didn’t he say it a while ago? It’s wrong to attempt a strange decision and forcibly shape it. Isn’t it okay for you to start as the family’s friend’s elder sister, don’t you?」

Seki-san seems to have broken though various things.

「There are a lot of things I want to show these children a lot to teach. I think that there’s fun in running cars or motorcycles…I also want to show the sunset sea in Hawaii from the ship. Fishing with everyone sounds fun. Even if it’s on sea or lake…!」

Seki-san talks with fascinated eyes.

「If it’s older or the same age, I don’t think it’ll go well because I’m too conscious but if the other party is younger, I feel like I can do it properly. Or rather, even I feel like I can be an『Oneesan』of these children…!」

Reika looks at the ground, gloomy.

「I am a woman who lived by the sword so I have nothing to teach the younger people like Seki-san」
「…That’s just lies」

Seki-san smiles

「Didn’t you tell Mao-chan about Sherlock Holmes or Mother Goose…?」
「…That is」
「Teach this guy about your British Hobby…this guy would listen to your story seriously even for hours」

Seki-san said then looked at me.

「I-I’ll listen too, Reika-oneesan!」

Nei-san smiles at Reika.
She looks up startled.

「Anyway…when we’re going to take a ride in my cruiser in Hawaii, Fujimiya-san will be coming too」
「You’re also younger than me…!」

Reika’s expressed her participation in the『family』before her mind has settled down…
Seki-san spent time with us deepening our relationship before deciding to go with us.
But still, Seki-san who’s always isolated is pleased that we accepted her.

「But, you have to wear swimsuit…I won’t let you in my cruiser if you’re going with your usual suit!」
「Seki-san, in the first place, it’s impossible to wear a suit under the scorching sun of Hawaii! It’s too hot!」
「Well, that’s true!」

Nei-san and Seki-san laughs.

「Reika-oneesan…you shouldn’t think『What can I do?』too much」

Margo-san says

「Instead…Think of『what everyone wants to do』」
「What everyone wants to do?」
「It’s fun that way…right?!」

Margo-san smiles refreshingly

「Are you people idiots…we’re in this kind of situation you know」

7Yukino said as if throwing up.

「It’s because we’re in this situation we are thinking of a fun future. Making various promises. It is to be sure that everyone’s safe, living」

Margo-san answers Yukino.

「Huh? By the way…Did anyone make a promise with Yukino-san?! What about Yo-chan…?」
「…Nothing at all」
「In short…nobody guarantees Yukino-san’s future right?」

Yukino trembles in fear.

「Well…it’s been said multiple times, Yukino-san is someone who doesn’t know her own standing so it can’t be helped!」
「…Now ten, the route’s been decided. Also, it seems the enemy hasn’t come up to the vicinity of this floor yet. Maybe…」

I reacted to what Margo-san said.

「The guys who attacked the hotel’s lobby with tear gas…there’s about 4 people that disappeared」

Right…there’s that.

「Where are those four right now? That’s what I’m most worried about」

Afterwards, the enemy came in with three large busses, split into team, invaded the upper floor, their movements are completely monitored but…
The four people who disappeared…have their locations unknown

「I know the first three but I can’t discover the identity of the last one」

…You know?

「They’re Miss Cordelia, and the white female Viola and Rosalind, right?」

Nei-san said.
Miss Cordelia and the other Viola couple that appeared in the theater.

「Before Viola’s men invaded with brute force…they snuck into the hotel earlier」

I see…after the scene where the male Viola’s group break into the scene, it’ll become a mess and hard to infiltrate.

「As Imagined…Miss Cordelia don’t have the same goal as the male Viola. There’s no doubt that they’re under the same organization as Viola but…」
「…Somehow, I bet that there’s a secret we don’t know about yet!」
「Yeah. There are multiple criminals claiming to be Cesario VIola and I think that there’s no doubt that there’s someone else instructing each Viola. And Miss Cordelia is also a foreman. But, at what role they have been ordered to for them to come to Japan this time?…I don’t know about that」
「Besides…there’s still the fourth intruder」

Margo-san and Nei-san are thinking deeper and deeper…
The two of them are smart and they’re used to this situation.

「Seki-san, is there no investigation folder on Cesario Viola on Kouzuki security service?」
「It may be on the research department but neither Fujimiya-san nor I are on that field so we can only disclose information related to the guards in charge. Kouzuki security service’s main task is security in Japan…and this case of a criminal organization coming from the foreign country is a unique one」

Seki-san answers.

「I think Chief Yazawa knows it but…we only have a general knowledge which extends to; that there’s a group of criminal named Cesario Viola in Los Angeles」
「But, didn’t you know that Cesario Viola would be coming in this case, right?」

Nei-san argues.
Right…director Yamaoka, of the security department should’ve been working on it for several days.

「…Unfortunately, I’m a member of the full time guards of『Kakka』…so I haven’t been following orders with exception of『Kakka』」
「Me too…I’ve only been ordered to guard Misuzu-sama and Ruriko-sama」

Reika answers.

I see.
The two of them are the elite so they’re out from the usual Kouzuki security service line.
They’re not subordinates of Director Yamaoka…they’re not selected as interceptors of Viola.
Therefore…they don’t know any detailed information about Viola.
Jii-chan had us make contact with these two…
Is because they don’t have any detailed information?
Perhaps, Jii-chan’s full time guards…Ootoku-san and Choumoto-san have been given detailed information?
Therefore…the two men didn’t make any contact with us…
For Jii-chan…it’s a dangerous thing to leave his full time guards’ side.
Jii-chan won’t do such careless things…
Even Ootoku-san and the other can’t give up guarding Jii-chan.
…Perhaps, Ootoku-san and Choumoto-san are still protecting Jii-chan on places we can’t see.
Therefore…Jii-chan said that it’s okay even if there’s no guard left in the『emergency evacuation room』
Because he know that he’s protected by his strongest men…

「The information you know abotu Cesario Viola is what Miss Cordelia said? And, could you tell us about the white Viola people」

Seki-san tells Margo-san

「Then,, let’s talk while we head to the room where the executives are. Reika-oneesan, listen as well」

Margo-san hands the tablet to Nei-san

「I’ll be talking to these ladies so Nei will be navigating」

In the current hotel…the fire doors and shutters are lowered and all the routes to be passed are determined.

「The red line is the route to go」

Perhaps, this information is sent from the underground monitor room.

「Michi will be the vanguard…if there’s anything strange then stop everyone」
「Nei would be in the middle…we’ll be guarding from behind」

Though there’s four infiltrators missing…there’s no large『enemy』on the floor.
Therefore, Margo-san has judged to form a complete defense formation.
Michi as the vanguard…walking the corridor.
Behind her are Nei-san and me.

「Hey, Yukino…you’re clinging too much」

Yukino’s completely sticking on my back

「W-Who cares…I’m scared…」

Yuknio’s cowering…
Well fine.
Behind us…Margo-san and the two ladies continue their talk.

「Ah, Mi-chan.」 Go right on that corner…the stiars on the left is blocked」

We go on following Nei-san’s navigation.
When we arrived at the level above the stairs…we have to use another staircase to go further upstairs.
From stairs to stairs, we are taking huge detours instead of taking the shortest distance.,

「This is a mini dungeon」

Nei-san smiles.
No matter when, Nei-san always shows a happy face.
Of course…it’s a smile that makes us not worry about her but…
This beauty’s smile really heal one’s heart.
I feel like Nei-san’s consideration always helps me out

「What’s wrong…Yo-chan, staring at my face…/」
「Hm…Nei-san, I love you」
「Ehehe…I love you too Yo-chan」

I walk together with Nei-san.
I want to walk with this person for longer.


Just around the corner…Kudou-papa is on the other side of the corridor.
Kudou-papa is carrying some free guards.
That person, if I recall…
That’s『Takeshi Hunter』was it?

「Oh, Michi-kun…you look fine!」

Kudou-papa smiles at his daughter.

「Father…why are you in here?」

Yeah…the『Enemy』is still on the lower side of the hotel
The enemy and Kudou-papa’s subordinates should be divided and fighting.

「It’s prep for the next thing. Those guys will be coming up here sooner or later」

Kudou-papa assumes that the『enemy』would rise up to the 20th floor area?

「Currently, 40% of the enemy group were taken down. However, they’re only amateur thugs brought by the enemy from Russia. The unit brought by Cesario Viola from the US are still alive」

Kudou-papa speaks in loud voice…Margo-san and the two elites can hear it as well.

「We’re not letting our free guards die here. Shaving off the enemy number, they are instructed to withdraw in places they won’t get hurt. Bit by bit, we lure them to the upper floor…」

…I see

「In the first place, we have enough combat members to take turns and rest…we’re now pulling a defensive line on the 12th floor but I think that it’ll be broken soon」

The war of attrition will continue…?

「Hm…What’s wrong Michi-kun?」

Kudou-papa notices something unusual with his daughter.

「It looks like you’re covering something around your waist, are you injured?」


「Father…I’ve lost my virginity earlier」

Michi says dignified.

「So, there’s a discomfort in my lower abdomen but…there will be no problems in combat!」

Kudou-papa’s frozen.

「Since it’s a dangerous day today, I think that I’m definitely fertilized!」

Why do you have to say it that way, Michi

「Therefore, father…please think of the name of my child!」

Kudou-papa glares at me.

「I’ll give birth to a girl so please think of a girl’s name!」