Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 299. Father, Mother


「You bastard!…what did you do to my Michi-kun!!!!!!!」

Kudou-papa tries to attack me violently but…
Michi moved in front of me smoothly then parried all of Kudou-papa’s attacks!

「I am not father’s!」

Michi says blushing.

「My mind and body are already Master’s…!」

Kudou-papa tries to approach me from multiple angles but…
Michi also stops that.
…To top it off.


At the moment their eyes match…Michi’s hand scratches the air like a beckoning cat!


Kudou-papa’s strongly pulled and his posture got broken…!
At that moment, Michi swept Kudou-papa’s feet.
Kudou-papa falls down on the floor…

「Michi-kun…T-That’s technique?!」
「Kudou style ancient martial arts mystic art…『Shingetsu』 Father…!」

Kudou-papa rubs his hurt butt while looking up at his daughter in surprise…

「You said…Kudou style ancient martial arts mystic art…『Shingetsu』?!」

He glares at his daughter.
Tension runs on the place.

「The hell’s that? I didn’t know about that technique?」

I made a fool of myself.

「Yes. Grandfather said that he didn’t teach father about this」
「Dammit! That fucking bastard…he didn’t teach me that?!」

Kudou-papa stands up shouting.

「Well…isn’t it because father has abandoned training halfway and left the house…?!」


「Well you see…Etsuko was bearing Shinichi, and I was in a situation where I have to stop to earn money…Michi-kun」

Kudou-papa has been married young…
He ran out of the house and started underground business with his Kudou style.

「Wait…could it be that there are more techniques I don’t know of?」
「Perhaps…if you don’t know about 『Shingetsu』, then could it be that you also don’t know about『Uroyakinuma』,『Engetsu Daikaiten』, 『Denkou Raimei Kuzushi』, or『Inazuma Juuryoku Otoshi』?」
「Seriously?…I don’t know those at all, yes」

Kudou-papa’s crestfallen.

「Father…I think of labeling it as『Kudou style ancient martial arts ー Kuromori Faction』」
「Father have told me to『make my own Kudou style』…as of now, I belong to Kuromori family’s house」
「…Not Kouzuki house?」
「Misuzu-sama has already entered the Kuromori house. I also have become Kuromori house’s『woman』」

Michi bows to her father.

「Father, I’m very sorry」
「…About what?」
「I can’t show myself wearing a bridal dress to father」
「W-Why…Is it because of him…?!」

Kudou-papa looks at me and Michi

「I can’t tell the details for now. I will not formally marry him. However…I have dedicated my life to him already」

Michi is being considerate of my other『women』…
She doesn’t wish for an official marriage with me…
And…she’s worried that she can’t show her greatest appearance to her father.

「You just keep making me surprised」

Kudou-papa said

「I don’t know what’s what but…I’ve seen your resolve」
「You’ve already drifted far away from my reach」
「…I’m sorry」


「I’ll take care of her! I’ll cherish her…」

The words『please give me your daughter』comes to my throat, but…
I think that it’s inappropriate
Michi has already become my『woman』by her will.
It’s too late to ask for her father’s permission…it’ll only defile Michi’s resolve.

「I won’t let her cry. Never」

Those are the only words that come out of my mouth

「…I wont cry」

Michi looks at me.

「I will not cry so Master, use me as you wish」


「I will be by Master’s side for his own convenience. I’ll never part whatever happens so please do not worry about me, and please go on your own way, Master」

Michi said…Kudou-papa

「I see…for you he’s already a lifetime companion」
「Yes. He is my…lord. A man to serve with my whole life」
「I can understand what’s on Michi’s mind…you can’t marry your lord after all」

…Does this mean?

「Master will cherish me. That alone is enough for me」

Michi’s way of thinking…is a warrior’s.
She can never have an equal relationship with the lord she serves.
Therefore…even if she’s my『woman』she can’t be my『wife』

「Take care of her…if you do something irresponsible, I’ll kill you」

Kudou-papa tells me.

「Before that…I’ll beat down father」

Michi said nonchalantly

「I see…you’re already a person from different house」
「Yes…even if you’re my father, I will not forgive those who stand in the way of our『family』」
「It’s farewell…father」

Michi parts with her father.
In order to continue to advance the road as Kuromori’s『family』

「Kudou-san…give Michi a one last hug」


「Michi…give your father a hug too」

I look at Michi…


Michi stands before Kudou-papa


Kudou-papa huge Michi tightly

「…You’ve grown, Michi」
「I’m still a child」
「Even though you were so small when you were a baby」
「I’d be troubled if you compared me to back then」
「I’m happy that you were born…Michi」

Michi and Kudou-papa…takes off the mask of their hearts.

「I should be the one sorry…I’ve left you to my father and didn’t play with you that much」
「I feel closer with my father through Kudou martial arts」

…I see
Michi on her childhood has her family poor…so she was kept in her grandfather’s house.
She desperately learned Kudou style under her grandfather…
She believed that it would become a bond with her father…

「Dammit…you’re now better in Kudou style than me」
「Father also received grandfather’s guidance…」
「I wonder if I can still bow my head to father this late…Nah, I’m fine with evil Kudou style. It’s okay that you inherit the legitimate martial art」
「It’s fine…be happy, Michi」
「I already am…I’m at the happiest point in my life right now. I’m in love. I’m being loved. I have a『lord』『family』『allies』to protect」
「I see…yeah」

Kudou-papa lets go of Michi.

「My youngest daughter is the first to be independent…you’re still 15. But, it can’t be helped. It’s not the age that decides your life…I was the same」

Then, he looked at Margo-san and me

「Take care of my daughter」

He bows his head deeply…


I bow my head.
I didn’t say anything further than that.

「…Bye then. Take care. This hotel is a battlefield」
「Father as well…take care」

The father daughter puts on their warrior mask again…

「Oh right…Etsuko’s in this hotel too」

Michi’s mother?
Did she move from the security of the theater to the security of hotel?
Then that means she’s under director Yamaoka.

「She’s dull-witted unlike me.」

Yeah…her mother won’t accept Michi’s independence.

「Yes. I think that mother will never understand」

Michi said

「Mother is a salary woman, not a warrior」

She asses her own mother

「Anyway…watch out for her」
「Yes, thank you very much…fortunes of war for father as well」
「Yes…excuse us」

Then, the father daughter parts.
The father went downstairs to repel the invading forces.
The daughter goes upstairs to identify the traitor and take them down.

「What is it, Master?」
「Want to walk holding hands?」

I suggested.

「Sorry…if one of my hand is held, my response against an enemy assault would be delayed」

Michi answers as the vanguard of our group

「I see…that’s true」
「Therefore…the hem of my uniform」


「Please hold into the hem」

Michi said with her cheeks blushing.
If I just hold into the hem of her clothes lightly, she can shake me off to respond when something happens.


I grab the back side of Michi’s uniform


Michi laughed.

「What’s up?」
「…I’m just happy. Just a while ago, I was making contact with Master but I…!」

This small warrior girl…just how cute can she get?

「Hey hey, let’s go with the tension in mind!」

Nei-san tells us from behind.
We then got out of the corridor and climbed up the stairs.

◇ ◇ ◇

After a while…we have arrived to the floor where the directors of Kouzuki group and the『private students』are evacuated without any troubles.

「Err…they should be in this room」

Nei-san checks the tablet…

「Let’s change the formation I’ll be the vanguard」

Seki-san said.
In order to face the people of Kouzui group…it’s better for Seki-san who’s known to be Jii-chan’s full time guard to be in the front of the group

「…Then please」

Formation change.
The front is Seki-san. Next is Reika…it’s like a two-top formation
Next, Michi and me.
Behind, Nei-san and Yukino.
Margo-san is the rear guard.

…Knock knock

Seki-san knocks the door.
The door opens.
It seems that Seki-san’s face is confirmed from the peephole.

「Is there a problem…Seki-san?」

Showing up is Michi’s mother…Kudou Etsuko
She’s in charge of the security of this room?

「I’ve come under the orders of『Kakka』」

Seki-san answered with only that.

「Are the executives in this room?」
「…Yes, that’s right…oh, Michi? What’s the matter with you?」

Kudou Etsuko is surprised to see that her daughter is among the members following behind Seki-san

「Anyway, could we enter the room?」

Seki-san said, Kudou-mama…

「Ah, sorry…please come in」

Kudou-mama is far older than Seki-san…her duty in Kouzuki security service is longer than Seki-san and Reika.
And yet…she’s speaking to Seki-san formally means…
The position of Jii-chan’s full time guard and the top elite is a special thing.

「This way」

This room is the same room as where I’ve met Jii-chan.
A two space conference room.
The doom at the back is supposed to be a large room where around 30 people can hold a meeting.
The people evacuated should be gathered there.

「…What’s the matter? Who came?」

That voice is…
Kouzuki security service, security department…director Yamaoka?

「it’s me, director Yamaoka」

Seki-san tells director Yamaoka

「It seems they came from『Kakka’s』order」

Kudou-mama reports to her boss.

「An order?…What is it?」

Director Yamaoka stares at us.
Apart from Reika and Seki-san…
The other faces are just too abnormal
Nei-san, Yukino and I are high school students…Michi’s a middle school girl.
Furthermore, director Yamaoka knows that we’re form『Kuromori』

「I have no duty to explain to you…let us through the back room」

Seki-san speaks to director Yamaoka with the rude-polite tone like the first time they met.
I see, in order for the young women be able to argue with the elders of the organization…they need an arrogant attitude like this.

「I’m the director of the security department you know…!」

Director Yamaoka refuses but…

「Yes…why is a security director coming to this place? Shouldn’t you be in a position where you command the field?」

Seki-san laughs at director Yamaoka

「T-That is…」
「Oh…Kudou-san’s guard department is in charge with the battle with the enemy who attacked so director Yamaoka is free?」

Director Yamaoka endures Seki-san’s insulting words.

「Isn’t that great? The guards of security department are usually gorgeous, but they evacuate when it comes to a real emergency. I feel sorry for the guard department who always wipes your sorry asses…!」
「E-Even we are doing our best!」
「Doing your best…this?」

Seki-san corners director Yamaoka.

「The『enemy』came in with three large busses. Isn’t the checkpoint at the entrance of the hotel the work of security department?」
「…T-That is」
「What happened to the uniformed security guards at checkpoints? Have they all died from enemy shootout? I just think that it’s impossible to allow an invasion of the enemy without any resistance, what do you say?」

Seki-san asks…director Yamaoka

「The security guards who were patrolling at the perimeter of the hotel were out of contact. They’re all missing」

What’s with that?

「When Fujimiya-san and I were on the way of transferring Ruriko-sama and Misuzu-sama from the theater to this hotel…there were Kouzuki security service uniformed guards that attacked us」
「I received that report」

Director Yamaoka feels sorry.

「After the enemy attack…all of the security in their uniform were made to withdraw from the hotel」
「Yes…Chief Yazawa evacuated to outside instead of the underground parking lot, as ordered by『Kakka』 」
「It’s unknown how many of the enemies are mixed with the uniformed people…what about the security department in this hotel right now…?」
「There’s only a few people left in the management including the two of us.」

Director Yamaoka said mortified.
If he doesn’t have a subordinate then his job as a security officer disappears.
Director Yamaoka who’s the head of the uniformed security guards admits.

「I should be submitting a resignation letter to『Kakka』shouldn’t I…?」
「Please think about that after repelling all the『enemies』…!」

Seki-san said in a harsh tone.

「Right now, Kudou-san’s subordinates are fighting…!」
「I’m sorry」
「We came here under『Kakka’s』orders…the enemy isn’t allowed to go up further」

Seki-san said clearly