Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 305 The man with the scent of Showa


「…Yes, hello, it’s me. Are you still close by?」

Chief Yazawa’s calling someone…

「I don’t care about being betrayed. I know how people like you move at those times so that’s fine」

Chief Yazawa took a breath then goes to the main subject.

「Could you come back for a bit?…Yes, it’s a job request. The pay would be twice than usual. When you withdrew from the hotel, your contract with those guys are done, isn’t it? Then earn a bit more」

A person who had withdrawn from the hotel…

「…The job specifics is reconnaissance. The troop that seems to be the main enemy group…is around 30 people, you jump in and reduce them to around 20. If you defeat the leaders then you’ll also have some bonus. That’s all. You don’t have to annihilate them「」

After a while.

「Okay, then I’ll triple the pay. What about that?…Okay, that’s a deal. Hah, I thought that you would give me a pleasant reply. Contact me when you arrive at the first floor lobby of the hotel. I’ll be securing you a direct route…」

Chief Yazawa grinned.

「Thanks…Dai Grepher!」

…Dai Grepher?
It’s Different dimension warrior Dai Grepher!
When he ended the call, chief Yazawa looked at us and said.

「Now then, I’ll invite you guys to my secret base」

…Secret base

「Come with me」

Chief Yazawa heads out of the conference room.
Huh…Director Yamaoka’s still depressed.

「What are you doing? Yamaoka…?」

Director Yamaoka looks up at chief powerlessly

「I’m no good…」
「Who cares…it’s just annoying if you’re going to be depressed right there. Do you get that?」
「You’re still on duty. Who cares whatever it is, do what you can. Move your body」
「But…I no longer have my men in this hotel」

Chief Yazawa looks at the two giant guards at the entrance and Kudou-mama

「…Don’t you still have three people left?」
「We can’t do nothing with three people」

Chief Yazawa leaks a sigh.

「Even though there’s going to be a free guard who’s going to plunge into the enemy main force and yet…are you an idiot?」
「I don’t know what I should do right now…」

Director Yamaoka’s hanging his head.

「I see. Then I’ll take the people you have with you」

Chief Yazawa looks at the two giants.

「You two go to the 25th floor with my men…you know the faces of the elites don’t you? Take Shindo’s guidance. Secure the people from Shirasaka house. Use the route 4B. Get it?」
「Then hurry up」

The two giants look down on director Yamaoka and exit in small steps

「Kudou Etsu-chan, come with me. I’ll have you work at the HQ」


「What? Worried about Yamaoka?」

Kudou-mama squats down and pats Director Yamaoka’s shoulders.

「Are you abandoning your work too?」
「I can’t leave him alone」
「I’ll stay by your side…okay?」

Yamaoka embraces Kudou-mama and cries

「I know…I know that you’re doing your best. I’m the only one who knows…!」

Yamaoka’s comforted by Kudou-mama

「Kudou, and now him…why are you always being attracted by useless guys?」

Chief Yazawa says in a tired tone.

「That guy…Kudou no longer need me. But, this person…he’s useless without me…」

Kudou-mama says and embraces Yamaoka…

「Is that really the case?」

Chief Yazawa said unsympathetically.

「Don’t you think that your attitude is what makes men more and more useless?」
「…That’s not true」
「I wonder? He actually doesn’t need anyone. If you’re a man then you make mistakes at work. There are times when you fail, have bad luck, or the turn of tides are just not good. But, a man who can’t stand up by himself at that time isn’t a man」
「I want to be by his side when he’s in a harsh situation!」

Kudou-mama looks up at Chief Yazawa.

「Isn’t that just your selfish desire? Doing that, you spoil a man again…and won’t he rot? Just like with Kudou」
「…Don’t speak about him!」
「No I will. When he became independent from you, that was Kudou’s first time becoming a full fledged man. Before…he was capable, but he’s naive, and a man who does uneven work」
「…That’s not true. He’s still useless even now」
「It’s different now. When I cancelled your duo…Kudou changed to be able to do anything alone. He got better」

Chief Yazawa said

「The two you…weren’t good at working together as a duo. It was the worst. Pampering each other…there’s no strictness at work. You do rough and coarse work. Therefore, I had you two separate」

Kudou-papa and Kudou-mama had been childhood friends.
Therefore…when they were novices, they are a duo as a couple.
And Chief Yazawa separated them?

「It’s wrong…I’m the one who gave up on him. If I keep going with him…I will never have happiness」

But, Kudou-mama doesn’t admit it. She insists that it’s her will to leave Kudou-papa

「Who cares about that. Anyway, your habit of pampering men is no good. Whoever it is, men will only go rot with you」
「That’s for us to decide. I don’t need to be scolded by Chief Yazawa!」
「It is affecting Yamaoka’s work…so I’ll have to scold you hard」

The room becomes quiet.

「Ever since you started going out with Yamaoka…Yamaoka’s no longer working for me or『Kakka』 He’s not looking at his subordinates. He’s always been looking at you. That’s why he became like this!」
「That’s not true! We are doing our best!」
「Your hard work is for others to judge! Don’t evaluate yourself!」

Ah…this won’t end.
It’s just a waste of time.
Kudou-mama doesn’t feel like listening to others at all

「Uhm…Kudou-san. I don’t know about you…I don’t think this is something I should say, but…」

But still…I’ve got to say this…

「Don’t go justifying your own cheating calmly in front of your daughter. Do you understand how Michi feels when she’s shown her parent’s embarrassment?」

Kudou-mama looks at Michi in surprise.

「…Thank you for the concern. But, I’m fine」

Michi looks at her mother coldly

「I don’t think of her as my mother anymore」
「Michi! What are you saying to your parent!」

Kudou-mama throws her anger at Michi

「I don’t recognize people I don’t respect as my parent」
「…Even though you’re just a brat!」

The enraged Kudou-mama pulls Michi and tries to slap her.
Michi…didn’t try avoiding her mother’s slap.
It seems she’s okay being beaten by her mother.


The cane sank on the concrete floor in front of her feet…Kudou-mama stopped moving!
Reika glares at Kudou-mama

「…I won’t allow any further rudeness」
「What’s with you…don’t interfere with family business!」

Kudou-mama screams…Reika!

「What’s the family in there!!!」

Reika’s eyes glare straight at Kudou-mama.

「Don’t use…『woman』and『mother』at your own convenience!」

Seki-san breaks in between the two people

「Fujimiya-san, calm down. Kudou-san too」

Then, Seki-san looks at Director Yamaoka

「Yamaoka-san…listen. You’re obsessed with this woman…you’re possessed by her」
「Yes. It’s the most disgusting way of living for a man. I despise you」

Seki-san’s words are cold.

「Don’t you think it’s miserable for a man and woman of this age?」


「Fufufufu, ahahahaha」

Margo-san laughs.

「You’re all wrong. You shouldn’t get mad at adults with unsightly appearances like this. Laugh at them You should just laugh to ridicule them…that’s what they taught me!」
「Yeah, you’re right. If Kyouko-san was here she’d definitely say that!」

Nei-san laughs as well

「Wahahaha, so idiotic. It’s so shameful! Hey, Yo-chan laugh too!」


「Please laugh…I think I should laugh too」

Michi distorts her lips, her eyes are about to cry…she’s forcing herself to laugh

「This is…this person is not my mother. I’ll laugh…I will laugh…I have to laugh」

I embrace Michi

「Chief, leave them alone. It’s useless to talk to these people」

Seki-san said

「Umu, true」

Chief Yazawa looks at Director Yamaoka.

「…You can’t go down right now and escape. Use the evacuation room on 32nd floor. The route is 8A. Keep hiding there until the enemy’s eliminated」

The…he declares

「From today’s date…you are both fired. You’ve done violation and abandonment of orders. This is a disciplinary discharge…you’ve got to give up」

Director Yamaoka and Kudou-mama didn’t even try looking at Chief Yazawa.

「Sorry but…as you were employed by Kouzuki Security service before, it’ll be hard for you to find jobs. You can’t be recommended to the other companies. Therefore, disciplinary measures. Please think that you won’t be put into work of guarding people」

   ◇ ◇ ◇

Leaving director Yamaoka and Kudou-mama behind the conference room…
We walk into the hotel corridor.
The members from the『emergency evacuation room』along with Chief Yazawa and Kouzuki Kenshi, move around in large group.

「It’s this room」

Chief Yazawa stopped in front of a door.

「This is the primary defense line operations command room…the『Headquarters』」
「Was there a command room on this floor?」

Margo-san asks…Chief Yazawa

「No no…this whole room is an elevator room so you can move freely up and down in between 20th and 25th floor」

In short, if the enemy invades on the 20th floor, you can move to the room on the upper floor?

「Well, come in」

Entering the room…there’s about 10 people in a room of about 20 tatami mats.
The walls are covered with a lot of monitors.
It seems that the footage of the surveillance cameras on each floor are being analyzed in this room.

「What’s the situation?」

Chief asks a lady in glasses.
Wait…isn’t it Norma-san, Kudou-papa’s subordinate
Ah, Tony-san’s here too.
Speaking of which, these two were transferred from the information department of Kouzuki security service.
Then that means, most of the people in this room are from information department.

「Yes, the preceding troops are stopped at the 16th floor」
「The one that seems to be Viola’s main force?」
「They’re rapidly rising. They’re on the 9th floor right now」
「Dai Grepher would do a recon…build him a route」

Chief looks at us.

「Drop the fire doors and shutters so they can’t move in the hotel freely. Stop all of the elevators. Make all the controls possible only in this room」
「…Dai Grepher checked the surveillance camera at the entrance of the first floor」
「…He’s here. Where do you think is the best way to make the shortest contact with Viola?」
「In that case, let’s guide the enemy before the elevator hall on the 11th floor」

Norma-san said

「Then start up the elevator. Raise Dai Grepher-san upstairs from the first floor」

Isn’t that dangerous to go to the enemy using an elevator?

「Okay, let’s go with that…I’ll talk with Dai Grepher」

Chief Yazawa takes out his phone…

   ◇ ◇ ◇

The surveillance cameras show that Viola’s troops are in the 11th floor.
Yeah, as expected, they’re in order unlike the other units.
There’s no doubt that this is a unit under someone with a knowledge on military.
Passing through the corridors where the fire doors are closed…a rank of around 30 people arrived at a large elevator hall.


One of the men in black combat suit points at the elevator.
Out of the three elevators where all power should be turned off…
The one in the middle has its light turned on


The hidden microphone picks up the sound of the wire pulling up the elevator
The elevator’s active…and it’s rising up from the first floor…
The men in black combat clothes look at their commander…the one with the red armband, Giuliano Jenka.
Giuliano instruct the men with his hands.
The men set up their guns and spread out in front of the elevator.
Meanwhile…the elevators raise towards their floor.


The elevator door opens along with the sound.
The men in black combat clothes gaze inside…!
The one inside…!


That man is…
A man’s formal Japanese clothing made of gold and silver.
The head has a peculiar wig…
His face is whitewashed.
Could this be…?
Ma*ken Sanba…???!

『…Yeieeeii! Wao! Yeieeei! Wao!』

The old man in white painted face…suddenly speaks loudly…

『…Long ago, when I was 『Sunset Nyan nyan』…my lil brother was 『Sunset Ron-chan』』

W-What is he talking about?

『My father was『Sunset Banchou』and my mother was 『Sunset dandan』on the Tokyo Yanaka Ginza shopping area. Do you get it…you don’t get it I guess…Yeieeei! Wao! Yeieei! Wao!!』

What’s that…what’s his aim?

『Hey hey…don’t make that kind of face. Brother. World is friend, everyone’s a brother. Beware of the doors and fire. An old man’s saying…『Always burning in rosy fashion, this heart throbs. From bud to flower. I am Machiko. Yei, Yay』He said…! Isn’t Machiko-sensei good at this? 『The teacher for 25 years in his life…!』That’s not Machiko-sensei, it’s Machida-sensei…!!!!…Hey! Someone retort!…Back me up! Back me up! Gatsu Koku Matsu! Shoryuken! Shouryuken! Nisshouken!…Konchi Kushou! Goraaaa!!!』

I don’t get it anymore…!
But…all the enemies are Americans though…
What are you speaking in Japanese then?
Or rather, even though it’s Japanese, I don’t understand the meaning…

「…Now then, let’s go」

Then, the old man takes out a fan from his pocket then opens it…
And he slides out from inside the elevator…

『For the second time, I renew the design of both the costume and make up! I’m the different dimension warrior Dai Grepher, I come running when I hear that there’s a festival! Ah, if you call me then I will com,e right away…Subizubaa! Papapapapan!』

Then he jumped into the men armed with guns…!

『Now then, you guys are no human…I’ll slash you up…!!!!』

Old man Dai Grepher…how do you take them down without a sword?