Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 308. Kouzuki Kenshi



When I asked…Misuzu on the other side.

『Grandfather said he wants to talk with her alone, so he went with Kuromori-sama in the monitor room. Then, they haven’t come out all this time…』

Jii-chan and Minaho-neesan…

『I thought that it was strange, so I tried opening the door…then the two of them were gone!』

They escaped the emergency evacuation room from the basement with just the two of them????!!!

『Hello, it’s me…can you tell?』

The line changed from Misuzu to Katsuko-nee.

『Inside the panel of the wall of the room…there is a hidden lifting device that caters one person. Since it can only go from bottom to top, I think that the enemies can’t come down through this device』

Was there an escape room hidden?

『What to do? If you want, we can chase them with this lift, but』

I look at Margo-san.

「Katsuko-san, stay inthere. Even if you chase them now, you can’t reach to where Minaho and Kouzuki-san is right now. Besides, we don’t know the elevator leads it from the hotel. It’s just dangerous if you chase them unreasonably and encounter an enemy…!

…That’s right.
Jii-chan knows the structure of this hotel so he slipped out with an escape device, but.
It must be a secret route where he will go in the hotel after this.
But, Katsuko-nee doesn’t have that knowledge so she can’t chase them alone.

『But, I’m worried about Ojou-sama』

Katsuko-nee says worriedly

「I know how you feel but…Katsuko-san, take care of Nagisa-san and the other children’s mental health. I’m sure that everyone’s worried…」

Yeah. Misuzu, Megu, Mana, Ruriko, Yoshiko-san…are all afraid.

「Katsuko-nee…can you make everyone in the room hear my voice?」

Margo-san nods at my proposal
Anyway, those girls need someone who can say words to ease them

『Yes, wait a moment…!』

Katsuko-nee opens the line and after a while

『Okay, go on…!』
「Hello…it’s me. I’ve heard the situation from Misuzu and Katsuko-nee」
『Yoshi-kun, are you okay?』

The one microphone picks up the sound in the『emergency evacuation room』
Mana and Megu’s voice jumped into my ears at the same time.

『I’m sorry…Onii-sama』

The one grieving…Ruriko?

『Even though Onii-sama has given me orders…I took my eyes away from Grandfather』
「…It’s done so there’s no helping it. Don’t mind it」

It’s too late to talk and scold her about it.

「Jii-chan originally evacuated us to the『emergency evacuation room』and planned to return to the upper floors of the hotel. You do know that, right?」
『Yes, there were signs…so I should’ve never took my eyes off from Grandfather』
「Ruriko, that’s already done…Ruriko did her surveillance properly. Therefore, Jii-chan made an excuse to be alone with Minaho-neesan to escape Ruriko and other’s eyes, is that correct?」
『Yes, I would’ve never thought that he would escape together with Kuromori-sama』
「I think that Jii-chan explained his reason why he absolutely want to go to the upper floor to Minaho-neesan, instead of asking Minaho-neesan to overlook his escape. And, from what I’ve heard…Minaho-neesan decided to go upstairs with him」

That’s the only scenario I could think.

「Either way…Jii-chan and Minaho-neesan aren’t people who would silently abandon us. Am I right…Ruriko?」
『Yes, Onii-sama…I know that, but…』

The dark shadow of anxiety is covering Ruriko…

「Misuzu, deal with Ruriko…Yoshiko-san too」

Ruriko has grown up dependent on Jii-chan…
Even though she understand that there might be some reason…her mind can’t able to respond to the reality that Jii-chan left her silently

「Anyway…we’ll be looking for Jii-chan and Minaho-neesan’s whereabouts Once we discover somethin, we’ll contact you」
「Yeah. Megu and Mana, try to get along with everyone and wait for me…!」
『I know, Yoshi-kun』
「Nagisa too…take care of them」
『Yes. Leave this room to me…dear』

If Nagisa watches over the room then there’s no need to worry.
Ruriko’s anxiety should be eased with this.

「How’s Mao-chan?」
『Completely asleep. She met various people today so she’s too frolic and now tired 』

I see…there’s so many fuss about today.
For the small Mao-chan, the day is already over, but…
Our day isn’t done yet.
We’re in the brink of the game right now.

「Katsuko-san…is all the data from the hotel being sent to the『monitor room』?」

Margo-san asks.

『Well…not all of them are coming. Of course, the image date of the floor battling with the enemy are arriving. The data of the entire hotel aren’t sent, there are some floors that are completely hidden』
「…As expected」

Margo-san says while looking at the terminal borrowed from the headquarters earlie…

「It’s the same here…Chief Yazawa doesn’t intend to let us access the data except for those he want us to see」

…Does that mean?

「There are things they definitely don’t want us to see…!」

Margo-san smiles wryly.
There’s no doubt that Jii-chan has sent instructions to make Chief Yazawa restrict our access.
What are they trying to hide?

『But, this equipment is connected to the internet outside the hotel』

Katsuko-nee said

『I can’t write but we can see the information outside freely』
「Can you check if the press picked up the current situation of this hotel?」
『Wait…no, it’s not appearing on any news sites』

Katsuko-nee answers Margo-san’s question.

「It’s a news blackout…it must be the work of Kouzuki-san?」

Shirasaka house is the only press organization that this house can’t suppress.
Furthermore, I don’t think that the Japan media has the power to control Cesario Viola, an American Criminal

「What we know right now is that Kouzuki-san has plotted something to summon Cesario Viola to this hotel. Furthermore, he has his board and their children together」
「…Aren’t we the same?」

Yukino said.
Right…We were also invited by Jii-chan here.

「We’re the same but…Yukino’s different.」

Margo-san said.

「The fact that we brought Yukino-san is unexpected… Normally, you would be on the school’s confinement room」
「No way, that’s such a narrow room!」

Yukino remembers being trapped in the confinement room at the basement of the principal’s office…she makes a complaint

「…Anyway, Kouzuki-san is the one who gathered all the people in here. Then, purposely gathering us…we were isolated in a safe rom」

…Safe room?

「He left the guards and escaped by himself…Kouzuki-san has a lot of confidence in the defense of the emergency evacuation room in the basement. Otherwise, he won’t leave both of his precious granddaughters together there」

Yeah…that underground room should be completely defended.

「Then, we were『quarantined』in that room too. Nei…check the door」
「Got it, Maru-chan」

Nei-san touches the door knob of the room

「It’s not opening…locked」

…Does that mean?

「The key’s not working from inside?」

I asked just in case.

「Of course…it’s not doing anything」
「Or rather…this room, the normal hotel rooms are auto-licked so the door should open if you turn the knob from inside the room」

Margo-san said.
If you close the door, it’s locked automatically so it won’t open from the outside…
In order for the people to evacuate immediately when a fire or something similar happens in the hotel…
If you turn the knob from the inside, the door should open.
And yet…this room is locked.

「Does this mean, as expected, Jii-chan…?」
「Rather than Kouzuki-san, it’s Yazawa-san. He operated it from the『headquarters』and making us think that we’re using an electronic lock」

In short…we’re trapped?

Earlier, Yazawa-san said that the 21st floor should be the absolute defense line. This is the 25th floor. I think that we’re absolutely protected if we’re on this floor」
「Speaking of which…Yazawa-san tried to pull Seki-san and Reika-oneesan away from us!」


「Yeah…This room is an evacuation for us…no, I think it’s intended to lock us. Earlier, I noticed it when entering the room, the door of this room is sturdy that’s impossible for ordinary rooms. This is originally a room built assuming the restraint of an enemy. If Michi-chan and I were seriously refusing. It’s not just the doors, but also the walls and windows are strengthened than usual…」

Margo-san says.

「But you see…Seki-san and Reika-oneesan is with us…!」

Nei-san grinned.

「Seki-san has her pistol so she can just shoot the electronic lock circuit of the door, Reika-oneesan…」

Right…if we have Reika’s death cane, then we can easily take down the door

「…Should we break it?」

Reika looks at Margo-san and me

「Wait…we won’t have any clues what to do after even if we get out right now. Let’s gather information here for a while longer」

Margo-san heads to the comm device…

「Katsuko-san…check all the areas that can be accessed in that computer, then I think that the restricted areas would be coming out via reverse engineering」
『Sure…I’ll try』
「We’ll be doing the same thing on this terminal」

Margo-san heads to the computer terminal.
Yeah…if we know what Jii-chan is trying not to show us…
There’s nowhere for us to move to…
Over Margo-san’s shoulder…Nei-san, Seki-san, Reika, Kouzuki Kenshi looks into the monitor.
I…don’t know anything about it so I’m not butting in

「Hey, is there any tea here?」

Yukino asked.

「There’s a pot in there isn’t it?」

True, there’s a small pot for the guests.

「Does it have water?」
「Let’s see…oh, there is」

The attendant had put water thinking about the guests who’ll check in

「Then, put in some tea」

Yukino orders me

「No, but you see…this room is for two people originally…so there’s only two teacups, and the pot can’t boil water for everyone…besides」
「There’s only two packs of tea」
「There’s two isn’t there?…Then I’ll drink so brew me a cup」

This is what Yukino is about.
She doesn’t think about the atmosphere around her.

「Master, there’s no need to listen to her orders」

Michi who’s been beside me all the time speaks

「If you want to drink then do it yoursef」

Michi’s eyes are cold

「Right, then I’ll do so」

Yukino stands up…pushes the switch to boil the pot and puts the teabag in the cup.
Firmly…she drinks what she want to drink

「…it looks like we can see the hotel’s blueprint」

Margo-san said as she look at the monitor.

「This is where we are right now…the route going down to first floor is shown through the maze shaped hotel. In case of emergency, we can descend by ourselves to the first floor by following this blueprint」

Margo-san said

「Lend it to me…I’ll remember it all」

Seki-san comes forward.

「Memorize…that’s a different maze each floor isn’t it? Besides…this is the 25th floor…」

The maps you have to remember is 25 pieces.

「It’s not a big deal. I’m originally familiar with the internal structure of the hotel…it’s necessary to remember the pattern of the maze of each floor. Give me 5 minutes. I’ll put it all in my head…」

…I see.
Since it’s dangerous when it reaches the hand of the enemy so you can’t take the map…
You have to memorize it in your head.

「It’s fine. That’s what I’m good at」

As expected of a top elite guard.
Taking the terminal from Margo-san…Seki-san memorizes the map on the screen with a very fast momentum…

「Oh…so『Kakka』discloses this much information to you」

Kouzuki Kenshi says as he look at the image of the terminal from behind

「What do you mean by that?」

I asked instinctively…

「Well you see…the executives and the other students are at the floor above…but information isn’t disclosed to them. Well, if you show them the map inside the hotel, those people might just wander around」

True, Kouzuki Souji and the prince faction would do that.
Those guys don’t know what fear is.

「Really…everyone seems to be trusted by『Kakka』」

Kouzuki Kenshi grins.

「Trusted, yet…why are we trapped in this place?」

Yukino said
As she drink the hot tea from the cup…she eats one of the tea cakes that only have two prepared.
Somehow…aren’t you amazing?

「He’s trusting you people that’s why he’s treating you carefully」

Kouzuki Kenshi answers.

「Before…I’ve heard this from 『Kakka』…」

From Jii-chan…?

「The human world has a『surface』and『underground』 People who only know the『surface』are weak. Just like Kouzuki Souji-san. But…to say that you’re free from the worry of the sadness and suffering from the『underground』molds you into an upright man」

True…Kouzuki Souji only knows the『surface』of Kouzuki house.
He’s a fool, has a strong self-respect, annoying…but, an upright man. He’s not a twisted, disgusting man.

「On the other hand…those who know the『underground』are strong, those who only knows the『underground』have a twisted character. They’re nasty, and sly people」

Well yeah.
If you can only see the world『underground』…that is painful on it’s own

「What’s the best is…you yourself are in the『surface』while you know the existence of the『underground.』 Have someone stand negotiating with the『underground』…and never coming to touch the『underground』 『Kakka』has always been telling us his students to become those kind of people」

Yeah…I get the idea.
You shouldn’t be involved with the『underground』as much as possible
I am a member of the underground which is『Kuromori』so that’s what I truly think.

「IN the end…what’s important is the sense of balance. You have to be well balanced accepting both the『surface』and『underground』according to where you belong」

The people in the 『surface』…as a person in『surface』
The person『underground』…as a person『underground』

Therefore…『Kakka』has divided the people he called into the hotel into three groups

…Kouzuki Kenshi?!

「For each group…it’s natural to make a difference in the information you want to tell. The ratio of the『surface』and『underground』is different…」

Kouzuki Kenshi points to the figure of the hotel presented in the monitor…

「On the top floor…where most of the executives and the students should be, have little to no information conveyed to them. They don’t even know the purpose of the enemies attacking this hotel right now. However, some of the battles on the lower floor are shown…making them horrified. Those people are; All people from the『surface』 It’s enough to let them know the horror of the world behind us…that’s what Kakka must be thinking」

Yeah…those on the upper floor doesn’t need to know the whole truth of this attack.
No, we don’t want them to know.
The continuation of Nei-san’s sad past, and it’s fate…

「Besides…from what I hear from everyone’s talk, it seems that Ruriko-sama and Misuzu-sama are evacuated to the basement of this hotel. These people know about the world『underground』more than those on the upper floors. Or, 『Kakka』has judged that it’s better for them to know… However,『Kakka』is worried that they might be completely dyed by the『underground』world…」

Right. In order for Misuzu and Ruriko to manage the Kouzuki house in the future…
They have to know about the world『underground』
But…that said, they don’t need to live in the world『underground』
That is true for Megu and Mana.
I don’t want them to work in the『underground』in『Kuromori』
I don’t want them to be dyed further…
Katsuko-nee and Nagisa who had retired as a prostitute already…

「Then…currently, the people in this room. Everyone’s closer to the people of the『underground』than those who are below…」

Kouzuki Kenshi looks at us.
Margo-san, Nei-san…and, Me…
We’re the execution unit who carry out the plan in『Kuromori』
Seki-san, Reika, Michi…
Though they’re named as guards…they don’t choose the means for the purpose.
We’re all lacking the sense of hesitation to break the law…we’re the same kind.
It is as Kouzuki Kenshi said…we’re people who are closer to the world of『underground』

「But…Everyone’s not a complete『underground』people You’re not people who are stained with evil. That’s what I thought after watching everyone’s actions for a while」


「I think that everyone here had been sent to the『underground』side in order to confront the『underground』 For『Kakka』he’s expecting everyone as a human resource to set up counter-attacks in the『underground』world」

We’re not like that

「Therefore…if the complete information is disclosed, you would be convinced that you had fallen to the『underground』 Therefore,『Kakka』has confined everyone here…trying to make sure that no further information is conveyed」

Kouzuki Kenshi says confidently

「It’s a very interesting opinion but…I don’t think so」

Margo-san answers.

「Rather than that…what’s your position to say those kind of things to us?」

Right…Kouzuki Kenshi is…
What group does he think he belongs to?

「I can’t go back to the upper floor. My father, has betrayed Kouzuki group. No…from the start, I don’t have ambition like the other students. Therefore, it’s an opportunity for me to be banished from the private school. I finally can reach the position I want to go to…!」

Kouzuki Kenshi smiles…

「I want to be a person from the『underground』side…!」