Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 314. Prisoner


…Michi bends over.
She’s aiming for an opportunity to counterattack the enemy but…

「Stop that, Michi」

I said.
Our back’s completely blocked by a thick fire door.
The thee people on the other side are professionals.
Even if she could create an opportunity with『Shingetsu』…Michi won’t be able to protect the four of us.
Above all…I don’t think we should let them know about Michi’s『Qi』skills.

「Ojou-chan seems to be using some strange technique…!」

Miss Cordelia laughs fearlessly
…She knows it?

「…It seems that it was foolish to show it in front of father」

Michi mutters.
Right…Michi used『Shingetsu』to Kudou-papa
Were they watching the surveillance cameras?
In that case…Miss Cordelia’s already hacked into the system of the hotel.
No…if Chief Yazawa really betrayed us then it’s better to think that information about us are already given to Miss Cordelia.

「Don’t move, we don’t want you killed yet. We want you to live for a while longer. You’ve got an important role…yes, a hostage」

Miss Cordelia removes the googles and mask covering her face.
Yeah…there’s no doubt.
It’s the same face of the white woman coming to the theater this afternoon.
There’s earphone on her ears and a small microphone on her mouth.
She takes out the communication device from her pocket.

「That’s how it is…Margo Starlkweather, hurry up and recover them」

Miss Cordelia’s communication device is completely the same as ours.
The color, shape, size, and material…
Our devices were placed at the『emergency evacuation room』in the basement.
In short…these are originally equipment of Kouzuki security service.
Having a completely identical equipment means…
I can only think that someone from Kouzuki security service handed the device to miss Cordelia.
The possibility of Miss Cordelia and chief Yazawa’s connection is becoming thicker.

「Maru-chan…this is bad. We’ve got no choice but to be taken. Over」

Nei-san said frustratingly

『…I’ll definitely come to save you. I definitely will1

Margo-san’s voice comes from the other side of the communication device.

「Well, Good Luck.2 I’m expecting you…!」

Miss Cordelia speaks to the device.

「We’re going to the 21st floor as planned…come after us Over」

…21st floor?

「My, isn’t that your plan? Didn’t you broadcast a while ago that you’ll be confronting Cesario Viola on the 21st floor?」

Nei-san impersonated Kei-san and told Viola『I’ll wait on the 21st floor』
But, that’s where Kouzuki security service’s…no, chief Yazawa’s『absolute defense line』set up, it’s a line that can pull the enemy so it’s only declared as『temporary』
The purpose of that is to make Viola aim for the『21st floor』…yet it’s only an excuse to see through the main unit of Viola who’s pushing forward.
Actually, Nei-san isn’t planning to wait for Viola at the 21st floor.

「You need to execute it once decided…how do you say it in Japanese? Oh right『Shoshikantetsu』3…!」

Ah…Miss Cordelia’s…
She may be connected with chief Yazawa and have observed our past actions. The contents of what we said…
But, miss Cordelia is not us.

「I don’t know why are you so confident in your abilities but…you escaped from the isolated room and headed to the lower floor, right?」

Miss Cordelia interprets that we have broken the 2505 room door and go on the lower floor instead of the upper floors.
Of course, when we made the decision of going down…we were prepared for the possibility of confronting Viola, but…
The primary aim is to search for Jii-chan and Minaho-neesan…

「You see! There’s a woman I promised to protect!」

Nei-san lies on purpose.

「Then, we’ve got to wait on the 21st floor properly…!」

Wait, could this be…?

「Dammit, I’m thirsty…I want to drink tea」

I said.

「Yukino…aren’t you the same?」

Yukino shows a「?」face.
…Please, don’t say anything right now..
I beg you …!!

「I’ll let you drink tea if you want. That might be the last tea of your life however」

Miss Cordelia said.
…As suspected.
She doesn’t know that Yukino drank tea alone in room 2505.4
Miss Cordelia is also given limited information.
Perhaps…though she has the video and audio on the hotel corridor…
She doesn’t know the conversation in room 2505…

『Sorry miss Cordelia but I’ve got to consult Kouzuki『Kakka』in the basement about our future responses. Could you restore the line underground?』

Margo-san said.
She was listening to my conversation with Miss Cordelia…
Margo-san also asks a leading question…!

「No. Mr. Kouzuki Shigetaka and『Black Forest』are separate organizations, aren’t they? Judge and act on your own」

Miss Cordelia answered snorting her nose.

『Our boss…Kuromori Minaho’s in the basment though?』
「Can’t you act without consulting your boss? You’re the commander on scene right? Make your own judgements. Margo Starlkweather」

That’s definite…
Miss Cordelia doesn’t know that Jii-chan and Minaho-neesan escaped from the basement.
Chief Yazawa’s manipulating the information intelligently…
We were at the room 2505 when we were notified about Jii-chan’s escape from the basement.
Afterwards, the consultation with our people…the situation in room 2505 wasn’t seen by miss Cordelia.
No, even our conversation in the corridor…there might be parts cut because he doesn’t want miss Cordelia to know.

「Anyway…I won’t allow you to communicate with the basement」

It’s also chief Yazawa that disconnected our communication with the basement.
It’s not miss Cordelia.
If we talk to Katsuko-nee or Misuzu…Miss Cordelia would notice Jii-chan’s absence.
He did it on purpose.
In short…chief Yazawa may have betrayed us, but…
He’s not completely cooperating with miss Cordelia.

「Rather than that, are you sure? You people can’t go to the 21st floor that easily…!」

Miss Cordelia said.
Chief Yazawa’s subordinates would be pursuing Margo-san?

『I know that…!』

Margo-san’s low voice echoes in the earphones.

『I want you to secure the hostage’s lives until we reach you』
「Very well, I promise. Margo Starkweather」

Miss Cordelia answered.

『…Michi-chan, take care of everyone』
「I’m here too…Margo-san」

I’m not useful for anything but…
But, I…

「I’ll be Nei-san’s shield」

I can at least use my life for her.

『Please…hold out until we reach you』
『We’ll be coming right away…Lord』
『Everyone, act calmly…okay?』

Margo-san, Reika, and Seki-san sends their messages.

『…Nei, don’t ever give up』

Lastly, Margo-san encourages Nei-san

「I know…I get it. I’m the eldest sister in here…Maru-chan」
『Yeah…take care of everyone like an onee-chan』
『See ya. I’ll come right away…Over』
「Yeah, I’ll wait…Over」

   ◇ ◇ ◇

Miss Cordelia’s two subordinates…
Perhaps, it’s the white female Viola and Rosalind…Both of them aren’t taking off their mask yet.
The three enemy points gun at us as we walk through the corridor.
The enemy’s formation is encircling our left right and back…
We can only escape through front…and they will definitely shoot if we do.
Every time we approach a corner…Miss Cordelia would instruct「Right」「Go left」
We could run with our best on a different direction at the moment we turn to a corner but…
Where should we proceed in this hotel’s maze?
Wherever we run…we would be visible on chief Yazawa’s surveillance cameras.

「Kenshi-san…could it be that you’re thinking of escaping alone?」

Kouzuki Kenshi’s priority for Miss Cordelia or even chief Yazawa is low.
Even if he escapes alone, they won’t send out a search party.
If he hides somewhere until morning…Kouzuki Kenshi’s survival chances would be high.

「That’s what I’ve been thinking since a while ago…」

Kouzuki Kenshi answered.

「Stop that, if one person runs away…everyone else would be killed!」

Yukino said

「I don’t think that’s the case. It seems that this girl…Najima-san was it?…Najima-san’s effectively used while she’s alive」

Kouzuki Kenshi looks at Nei-san.
Nei-san has never introduced herself to Kouzuki Kenshi…
He thinks that the name miss Cordelia said,『Najima Yasuko』is Nei-san’s name.

「It’s not Najima…it’s Natou Nei. It’s that’s woman’s name…!」

For Yukino, Nei-san’s a second year delinquent on the same school she’s attending.
Even Yukino was listening to Nei-san’s story last night…she knows that Nei-san’s real name is Najima Yasuko, but…
The image she recognized at first doesn’t quite fit in.

「Anyway, this woman might be allowed to live but…they don’t mind if they kill you, or me…don’t do anything stupid okay」

Nei-san’s past…her relationship with Cesario Viola.
Yukino knows that the male Viola’s aim is Nei-san.

「Or rather…you have a mark on your name. Shirasaka Yukino-san」

Miss Cordelia said.
Yukino’s shaken.
Right. Yukino’s listed as the name on the『Kill List』Shirasaka house has requested on Viola.

「I don’t mind disposing you but…I’ll leave it to the other Viola. It’s not a job I received…」

I turned on the commination device’s switch

「It’s not you who worked with Shirasaka house and received the request to destroy Shirasaka Sousuke’s family from the head?」
「That’s right. I’m the one who’s making the deals. “Deals” is an expression in Japanese isn’t it?」

Miss Cordelia answered with a smile.

「What I only did was to offer a business. The actual work is done by the other Viola. You see, we didn’t come to Japan for a regular work. It doesn’t mean that we have to do the work ourselves…isn’t it bad if we try to earn money on an area that has a person in business even though we’re only doing a business travel, is it?」

…What does that mean?

「The male Viola has an officially business orders from the organization and…Miss Cordelia isn’t?」

I said it aloud on purpose

「You came here to that Viola?」

Michi also speaks up.

「That’s how it is. It’s troublesome you see. Other than threatening, killing and destroying, you’ve got to do some troublesome things as well」

Miss Cordelia smiles wryly.

「Let me be clear…I’m not interested in the two boys. You can run if you want. We’ll definitely kill you though」
「I…would rather not」

Kouzuki Kenshi said

「I don’t have the stamina」
「Is that so?…What about you?」

Miss Cordelia looks at me.

「I won’t run. I won’t run leaving Nei-san behind…!」
「My, you’re a brave one」

She glares at me…!

「Who are you? You’re the only one I can’t identify wherever I look up…!」

Well of course.
I’m just a normal first year high school student.
It hasn’t been a week since I made contact with『Kuromori』

「He’s a member of Kuromori house」

Kouzuki Kenshi says but…

「Wrong. There’s no boy of his age at Kuromori. He has no connections with Kouzuki house nor Shirasaka house…」
「I do have a relationship with Shirasaka house…Yukino and I are classmates」

I answered smiling.

「…A classmate?」

Miss Cordelia shows a grumpy face.

「I don’t get it but I sure acknowledge your guts. For you to try to let Margo Starlkweather hear our conversation through that device…」

As expected…it’s exposed?

「You don’t mind it do you? You haven’t picked up the radio from us so don’t you want us to be able to contact them freely?」

Perhaps…Miss Cordelia wants information.
She’s trying to take out information from the contents of what we and Margo-san talk about.
Therefore…she’s not taking the radio.

「Hmm…should I kill you first?」

Miss Cordelia points the gun at me.

「S-Stop! If you want to kill then kill me first!」

…Nei-san shouts.

「It’s fine. Nei-san…this is a bluff」

I smile at Nei-san

「My…Why do you think so?」

Miss Cordelia’s expression doesn’t change.

「I’m the dullest among the people in here. I’m slow. Therefore…I can talk this much you see?」

That’s right…
If it’s Michi or Nei-san…they’d keep silent and prepare to sneak away.

「Therefore…you intend to pressure, threaten me and try to make me speak a lot of things, don’t you? I’m a guy who gets carried away easily so I might talk about everything right away…I must be careful!!!」

Therefore…I’m attracting miss Cordelia’s attention.

「You really got some nerve」

Miss Cordelia hits me with her fist that’s not holding the gun!
…I can’t avoid.
She beat me in the face and I was blown away!

「I’m fine Nei-san…!」

The taste of blood spreads in my mouth.

「Don’t make fool of me! You brat!」

Miss Cordelia insults me.

『…My my, Miss Cordelia is like that I see. Well, it looks like you’re not so composed』

I hear Margo-san’s voice from the earphone.
Michi seems to be sending the conversation over here to Margo-san and others just like me, it seems.

「Shut up! Margo Starkweather!」
『The miss Cordelia I heard from Kyouko-san was a more composed and cooler person. Could it be that Kyouko-san’s evaluation is too high? Or could it be that you deteriorated since you left Kyouko-san?』
「…Didn’t I tell you to shut up?」
『You promised the safety of the hostages until we come, didn’t you…?』
「This boy charged at me!」
『Doubt…I’ve been listening to your conversation properly. Miss Cordelia…!』

That’s right.
We’re not gonna get done easily.

「…That was my bad just now. Sorry」

Miss Cordelia apologized seriously for hitting me.

「It’s fine. It’s my fault for purposely provoking a person like you…!」

I said and laughed.

「I hate men. Therefore all of my subordinates are women. Especially young boys…Just looking at them fills me with disgust…!」

Miss Cordelia looks at me with eyes of hate…

「Margo Starkweather…hurry up and come. I’ll kill this boy in front of you. I’ll torment him to death…!」
『Sure. They won’t have a single scratch untl then…!』


『Of course…you’re going to promise it with your pride in the line, Miss Cordelia?!』
「…I promise that!」
『Then…we’ll hurry up so wait for me!…Over!』

That’s fine.
This is okay.
Nei-san and Michi are ten times smarter than me, but…
They’re mentally weak.
Therefore…I have to be the one taking all the pressure Miss Cordelia throws out.
By doing so…both of them can calm down and think of their future responses.
What the inferior in strength and intelligence me can do is…
To protect these two people’s nerves…

「…anyway, let’s go!」

I stand up

「…Are you okay, Yo-chan>」

I smile at Nei-san and Michi…

「…I’m fine. I’m completely okay!」


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  3. Carry out the original intention
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