Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 316. Headbutt.



「Oh…if I’m not mistaken, you’re people from a prostitution organization, right? Why don’t you play some sex show?」

Miss Cordelia seems to have investigated『Kuromori ー Black Forest』

「Sadly…there’s no prostitute in here!」

Nei-san said

「Or rather…I’m unrelated to Kuromori-san」

Kouzuki Kenshi says something unneeded.

「My, is that so? How about you die first then?」

Miss Cordelia said calmly

「No…I didn’t say that in that meaning. I-I’m a member of Kouzuki house」
「What’s your name…?」

Miss Cordelia glares at Kouzuki Kenshi

「K-Kouzuki Kenshi」
「Dunno…you’re not on the kill list, nor on the protect list」

…there’s a protect list?!

「In short…there’s nobody who would care if you die here!」
「That’s…I-It’s a problem!」
「Is that so? My girls are saying that it’s a waste of time if we came to Japan without even killing a person」

Miss Cordelia tells the two people in black combat clothes in English.
The two laughs out.
A female voice…as expected, it’s the female Viola.
The other combatant waiting in the room doesn’t talk.
She’s just pointing the gun at us calmly
Seriously…who’s this?
Compared to the friendly atmosphere miss Cordelia gives to the female Viola…it’s strangely nervous, but…

「Who cares. I’ll think later about how to deal with Kouzuki Kenshi-san…do a sex show. We’re bored to death」

Nei-san glares at miss Cordelia.

「…You intend to mock us don’t you!」
「Isn’t that obvious?! I hate you people…!」

Miss Cordelia laughs.

「You people from a prostitution organization don’t know what Kyouko’s worth that you made her a bouncer…!」
「Kyouko-san’s not a bouncer! She’s our ally!」
「…Even worse. I’ll never forgive Kyouko who became friends with the prostitutes. I’ve got to punish properly…!」

Miss Cordelia who was once a partner of Kyouko Dothnomechey-san…
It seems that she has a complicated love and hate towards Kyouko-san.

「Who cares, do it right now! Have sex like dogs in heat in front of me! I’ll watch and laugh at you…!」

Anyway…they want to beat usー
Breaking our hearts.

「If you don’t start I’ll kill this guy…well, he doesn’t seem to be an ally of yours, so you won’t be concerned if he dies anyway…!」

Miss Cordelia points the gun at Kouzuki Kenshi.

「I-I get it! I’ll do it…!」

Nei-san said.

「We just have to sex in front of you right?」

Then she looks at me.

「…Yo-chan, please」

…Nei-san’s still a virgin
For her first time on this place?

「Not you…Najima Yasuko」

Miss Cordelia said

「You’re Mr. Viola’s price. Mr. Viola’s struggling to search you. He came here to mess you up. Above all, he came with a platoon who loves perverted sex…」

Miss Cordelia laughs, looking coldly.

「He’ll rape you…Mr. Viola would get angry at me if someone made a move on you beforehand…!」

…I see.
For Miss Cordelia…Nei-san, Minaho-neesan and Margo-san have taken away Kyouko-san from herself.
Therefore…this sex show request is to torment to Nei-san.

「With that said…have someone else do the sex show」

The other girls…Michi and YUkino

「…Master, I don’t mind」

Michi said

「No, Mi-chan!」

Nei-san shouts…

「There’s nothing to worry about…I have dedicated my mind and body to Maste.r I will serve Master wherever it may be without losing my pride…!」

Michi said in a dignified voice.
I’m very glad about that but…
…But Michi
…That’s not okay
That’s not what Miss Cordelia is looking for.
Miss Cordelia wants to see us cry in despair…
If Michi continues to be dignified in the hardships…
I know that she’ll make more horrible demands on us.
She would kill Kouzuki Kenshi just to make us weep. That’s definite.

「…Michi, not now」

I said

「It’s not the time to show your power…!」

Our eyes met.

「What?…This girl’s『power』?」

Miss Cordelia jumps in between.

「She’s not used to sex yet…that’s why she’s entering her own world. It won’t be a show-like sex even if we do it…」

If we have sex here…
It’s possible that Michi might synchronize her heart with me…
I don’t want to show the tuning of『Qi』to miss Cordelia.
They must not be aware of Michi’s『Qi』power.
The『Shingetsu』is our final card.

「With that said…it’s your turn, Yukino!」

Yukino answers with a grumpy face.

「…You get it don’t you? We can’t afford to drain Michi’s strength, who’s our combat personnel」

It’s already exposed to miss Cordelia that Michi a actual combat staff with the formation we had at the corridor.
Of course, it’s just absurd to declare it in front of Miss Cordelia…
But…there’s no other choice.
Yukino’s idiocy is abysmal…
She won’t understand unless I say it clearly…
She’s a woman who doesn’t read the atmosphere…!

「So what…why me!?」


「Nei-san can’t do it, it’s impossible with Michi…then you’re the only one remaining!」
「I don’t want that! In the first place, I’m not your ally!」
「We’ll put you in for now, as a special!」
「No thanks. I refuse! I’d rather die than become your allies!」
「Then how about you die first?…Huh, Shirasaka Yukino!」

At that moment…Yukino is reminded that she’s on the hit list.

「You’ve got a reason to be killed more than Kouzuki Kenshi-san! If you keep ranting then you’ll be disposed right away. You’re the one who has to appeal to these people with anything even sex show!」

That’s right…Yukino will be absolutely killed if this continues.
If nothing happens…she’ll die immediately

「I-I get it already」

Yukino answered.

「I just have to do it right?! Okay, I’ve already been seen by the school…it’s too late to be embarrassed with a sex show!」

Yukino says it with her mouth, but…
There’s already tears in her eyes.
The noble daughter with high pride…Shirasaka Yukino.
No matter how many times she experience cruelty…her heart will never yield.
In reality, she hates it.
In this place…showing our sex as a spectacle…
But…right now.
This is only her way to survive…!

◇ ◇ ◇

Yukino and I head to the rattan chair where Nei-san’s photo was taken.
The lights come from the front and directly above, shining on us. Dazzling.

「Now then…entertain us」

Nei-san and others are seated on the audience seats.
From the left and right of the stage…the white Viola are monitoring everyone.
Miss Cordelia orders another combatant in black clothes in Enlgish
Then…the combatant takes out a can of cola from the fridge on the stage and handed it to Miss Cordelia.
Why is there a fridge in that place?

「What’s this?…It’s different from the taste of American Cola!」

Opening the can, drinking a sip…Miss Cordelia complains.

「Even though they said that they were going to prepare everything we want…those people aren’t thoughtful. You can easily find American colas…!」

The refrigerator was placed as Miss Cordelia requested…
As expected…this small theater…
It’s prepared in advance waiting for miss Cordelia and her team.
This is the 21st floor.
This is the absolute defense line set by chief Yazawa.
Having a waiting place prepared here…they prepared too much
Miss Cordelia disappeared on the first floor and then acted freely inside the hotel afterwards…because there are poeople who overlook her.
In short, the people who control all of the monitor systems of the hotel…
Chief Yazawa…!
With this, the connection between chief Yazawa and miss Cordelia is confirmed…

Let’s rearrange it inside my head again…

First…the certain ones.
Chief Yazawa and Miss Cordelia seems to be connected behind the scenes.
On the other hand…Miss Cordelia and the male Viola are from the same organization but they’re fighting.
Therefore…chief Yazawa and the male Viola aren’t connected.
It’s a pity that chief Yazawa’s using Kudou-papa to fight the male Viola.
With that said…there’s no need to doubt Kudou-papa and his men.

Miss Cordelia said that she’s coming to audit for Viola but it’s unknown what that is exactly.
But, miss Cordelia personally wants to see Kyouko-san.
In addition to her love and hate with Kyouko-san…she hates us『Kuromori』

Following…the unknown
Chief Yazawa’s purpose is totally unclear.
Why did he betray Jii-chan?…Of course, it’s possible that all of chief Yazawa’s actions can be just following Jii-chan and Jii-chan himself betrayed us.
Personally, I believe in Jii-chan…
Jii-chan and Minaho-neesan’s whereabouts. Where are they right now?
Why did they suddenly disappear…?
I don’t know the reason why.

The male Viola’s mystery troop.
Why is Lorenzaccio Bandini taking command?
What is the male Viola’s role?

And…the identity of the fourth combatant.
I don’t think she’s a part of miss Cordelia’s team but she follows orders.
Who is this person?

The hopes…or, the parts I don’t have to worry.
The people in the『emergency evacuation room』in the basement should be safe.
Jii-chan escaped without leaving a guard so it’s protection is perfect.
Therefore, I don’t have to worry about Misuzu.

On the other hand…the things I have to worry about.
Right now, the people in this room…especially Nei-san.
Also, Margo-san and the other two who are supposed to be heading to this room to rescue us…
Won’t they be attacked by Kouzuki security service under chief Yazawa?
Also, Kudou-papa and his team fighting the male Viola’s army.
Miss Cordelia seems to believe that the male Viola would arrive in this room on the 21st floor.
If so…chief Yazawa is very likely to drop Kudou-papa

「What are you being absentminded for?! Hurry up and start!」

Miss Cordelia’s voice got me back.
Shit…I got absentminded.

「…Yo-chan, Yukino-chan…sorry!」

Nei-san tells us.
She must be thinking that it’s her fault that we’re going to be shamed in of them.

「Don’t mind it Nei-san. We love being watched…!」

I said wanting to soften Nei-san’s heart.

「You might be but I’m not!」

Yukino looks at me hatefully

「Who cares…just strip. It’s not a sex show but a rape show…!

I prepare myself and tell Yukino.

「Isn’t that your specialty!」


「I don’t mind it but…do you intend to walk around in the hotel with torn clothes after I rape you?!」
「I’m saying that if you don’t want it to be torn and broken then hurry up and strip…!!」

I threaten Yukino

「S-So he has that kind of personality?」

Kouzuki Kenshi’s surprised by my sudden transformation.

「Master is a person who does what he needs to do thoroughly…!」
「That’s right, Yo-chan’s a guy with a strong gut…!」

If you say that at this time, I’m a bit embarrassed.

「I-I’ll strip! I just have to strip right…!!」

Yukino who yelled loudly is already in half-crying state.
I’m really sorry but…that helps.
Yuknio who’s expressing her emotions immediately…
She’s an optimal heroine for a sex show.
She’s going by miss Cordelia’s wishes.
If it was Michi…
Michi would just endure the humiliation from the start to end…showing an expressionless face.
She’s got guts so it won’t be a『spectacle』

「I-I’m not interested in men so strip from behind…Shirasaka Yukino goes in front…and take off your clothes in the light so I can see it better…!」

Miss Cordelia orders Yukino to strip.

「Go, Yukino…」

Yukino goes forward.

「I-I get it!」

Yukino glares at me with her wet eyes.

「I want some music…ED!」

Miss Cordelia calls out the fourth combatant.
The fourt person is called ED?
She commands something in English.
ED, heads to the back of the audience seat of the theater.
Then, she operates the audio equipment…

「Now…strip while dancing to the music…!」

A strange music flows from the speaker

「Hurry up!」

Yukino takes off her clothes while spilling tears.
Yukino’s suffering expression has sex appeal.
Miss Cordelia watches Yukino’s stripping satisfied.

「Good. you have the talent! Should I introduce you to a shop in Vegas? No…you don’t suit Las Vegas. Let’s see, it’s better with more rundown district shops. Like Tifana…or the people near the Mexican border would be pleased. They would like a vulgar woman like you strip…!」

Miss Cordelia laughs at Yukino’s stripping.
She must like to look down on girls like this…
I can easily understand her character.
Miss Cordelia and her two subordinates…the white Viola and Rosalind look at Yukino happily.
They have the same hobby with their boss?
The problem is only ED…
Yukino’s not a person from the underground world.
Right now, she’s doing her best…furthermore, her emotions are about to explode from the anger and embarrassment.
Therefore…Miss Cordelia would be shown the best spectacle.
Hopefully…this would create an opportunity.


Michi on the audience seat nods at me.
Michi understands.
Of course, Nei-san too

「Sorry! Yukino-chan! Sorry!」

Nei-san who came to se where Yukino’s raped severely until now…
She’s apologizing to Yukino.
This is a fake.
This is to make miss Cordelia careless…
We didn’t come to the pandemonium halfheartedly.

「Yo-chan too…sorry!」

Nei-san’s eyes are appealing.
I know…I understand.
Michi holds Nei-san’s hand…
Michi is properly following up with Nei-san’s heart.
Ready for a counterattack anytime…
What’s left is for me and Yukino to create the『Opportunity』…
I take off my clothes in a hurry


Yukino throws her sailor uniform while crying.
Her skirt drops.
She’s now in her underwear only…
I got on my underwear quickly.

「My, your breasts are small but ain’t you got a cute body!」

Miss Cordelia said as she look at Yukino’s style

「Look…next is your underwear! Hurry!」

Yukino turns her hand on the bra hook in the music and light.
Yukino’s breasts burst out at the same time the hook comes off.
The last time I saw this pink nipple is this morning
The white Viola makes a flirty voice.
Really…they’re laughing at the naked Yukino like they’re watching a stripshow of a lady on a tourist spot…

「Hurry hurry…strip the panty too!」

Yukino glares at Miss Cordelia while spilling tears.

「What are you doing! Hurry!」

Yukino puts her hand on her white panty and take it off.

「What’s with that strange tattoo? Also, your pubic hair is shaved?」

I shaved Yukino’s pubic hair a few days ago.
And on her lower abdomen…there’s the indelible『吉田』tattoo engraved.

「What’s written in that…Yoshi,ta? What’s『Yoshita』? Is it the name of your lover…?!」

Miss Cordelia asks, Yukino;

「…It’s the name of my most hated man in the world!!!!」

She screams while spilling tears.

「Hmm, why did you carve that man’s name then?」
「So I won’t forget the feeling of hatred!!!」

Yukino puts her hand in her lower abdomen

「Is that so?…Who cares. The other guy is ready?」

Miss Cordelia looks at me.
I took off my underwear silently…and expose my erect penis.

「My…that’s energetic. As expected of a prostitution man」

I want to make miss Cordelia think of me just as dick slave of 『Kuromori』
If this is to loosen her guard…!


Miss Cordelia tells ED to change the music.
From the light dance music…to a moist ballad.

「…Then, begin!」

Miss Cordelia smiles
The white Viola are also watching us.


Naked, I go in front of Yukino.
Yukino hides her crotch and chest with her hand.
Her face is dyed in shame…her eyes are wet with tears.

「Yukino…let’s go」

At the moment I try to kiss Yukino’s face.



Yukino headbangs me!!!


The naked Yukino looks at me with eyes of hatred!

「No! I don’t want this after all!」
「Don’t give me that shit! You!」

I head-butt Yukino’s forehead.

「Ouuuuchhhh!!! What are you doing!!!」


Yukino head butts me again!!!
Beating down using hand or something…
If you take such obviously rebellious attitude, I know that it’ll make Miss Cordelia displeased.
Both Yukino and I…
Therefore…we can only beat each other’s foreahead.

「Ouch…Stop it already!」

While saying that, Yukino makes another serious head butt!

「You should stop!」

I also return a head-butt to Yukino. Seriously.
Miss Cordelia…
She’s laughing.
The white Viola too.
But, this won’t do…this won’t make an 『opportunity』

「Damn you…!!!」

I sweep Yukino’s feet and make her fall…!!
Then…I cover over her naked body…!!!